Why I Still Think About This Man

Imam Cherno Gassama
Imam Gassama still being held 

By Karamba Touray

I have not been able to take this good man out of my mind from Friday July 1st when a friend of mine visited his family and reported a distressed and sad situation. He is Cherno Gassama, imam of the village of Dasilameh in Upper Fulladu District, The Gambia. He was picked from his home on November 2nd 2015 by officers of National Intelligence Agency, taken to Brikamaba police station for a brief moment before being taken to jangjangbureh prisons where he has been held for the last 8 months. Throughout this period he has not been told why he was arrested, he has not been charged with any offense, he has not been allowed any family visit, he has not been allowed any legal representation and he has not been given medical attention. As he languishes in the hands of a wicked and unjust government, his large family are left to wonder the fate of their patriarch and having to contend with the emotional stress of not knowing why their own government would set upon a completely innocent religious leader insist on imprisoning him for no earthly reason, and refuse to even allow them to set eyes on him. They are left to fend for themselves in the hard village life into the definite future. The imam as a strong man of faith has endured with patience and elevated emaan and we pray for Allah to guide him in his time of trial in the hands of an unbridled tyranny. I humbly ask my friends and men and women of conscience wherever they may be to pray for this good man and all the victims of the dictator and tyrant of Gambia  Yahya JAMMEH. I also ask those who can to help support the family of the imam as he remains captive of an evil regime for the sake of Allah. If you want to help in the upkeep of his family , please inbox me and inshallah I can direct you his family. BarakAllah.



  1. And so we say Gambia is a peaceful country. What anybody calls peace in the Gambia’s status quo today, must be peace granted by the demons. Perhaps these are the types of brutal acts with impunity that some opposition academics do try to refer to as, ‘Gambians getting politically sophisticated’. To such politicians, the regimes political destruction of families, torture and oppression of citizens means to them, ”Gambian citizen’s Enlightenment Process” down their hollow brains as they abondantly demonstrate complacency to state crimes with so called intellectualism..

  2. Thank you Karamba, for sharing this profoundly important story. May Allah continue to strengthen Imam Gassama and further elevate his emaan. And may Allah continue to bless and support him and his family abundantly. I am comforted by the thought of Imam Gassama’s absolute certainty that All Power belongs to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.