Oppressed Gambian Opposition Goes Abroad With Its Case

pixlr_20160703020216142The Gambia’s oppressed opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) is not ignoring any slightest chance to strengthen its international campaign, aimed at soliciting support and solidarity as well as paint a true picture of the Gambia’s self-styled dictator. The party members see this as very crucial, especially at a time when 12 of their leaders are illegally locked up for exercising their constitutional right to protest. For the party, gone are the days when invitation letters to attend international conferences will be left in the drawers unattended. It is now more than necessary for the party to make its presence felt internationally. This is why the UDP sent a delegation to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, to take part in Socialist International conference. The party delegated Jainaba Bah, Yahya Darboe and Suntou Touray to sell its message at the Geneva conference.

The party’s choice of the delegation makes sense, particularly Jainaba Bah who made a very touching presentation on the Gambia’s brutal dictatorship whose goal is to rule forever even if it means burying innocent Gambians alive. Jainaba, whose presentation was relayed live on Facebook, had given delegates a perfect understanding of the seriousness of the Gambia’s rotten governance system. In the end, the conference issued a resolution, expressing support and solidarity with Gambians in general, particularly the detaineed UDP freedom fighters.

Suntou Touray, who coordinates the UDP in the United Kingdom, was thrilled with a flurry of support being showered on his party. “Very early on Senegalese delegates came to affirm their support and solidarity to the Gambian people and Lawyer Darboe in particular, for his heroic stance,” Mr. Touray said. “Condolence messages to the family of Ebrima Solo Sandeng and all tortured victims of barbarism and oppression also started pouring. Everyone agrees that what is happening in the Gambia is wrong and must come to an end.”

Suntou said another biggest take home is that “the Geneva event brought us in touch with all calibre of politicians.” Gambian delegates took pictures with a Belarusian opposition leader who was jailed for nearly five years. Mr Mikalai Statkevich, who expresses solidarity with Lawyer Darboe, said the Gambian struggle must continue because there will be light at the end of the tunnel, despite some hurdles on the road to freedom. “No hurdle will be an obstacle,” Belarus opposition leader told the UDP delegates.

A youth leader from Burkina Faso ruling party was also at the Geneva. The young leader knew the late Solo Sandeng, describing his cold-blooded murder as “a great loss to the entire Africa.” He offered some important tips on youth revolution.



  1. A noble effort by these fellows.

    We must now anticipate that the UDP may be outlawed in the Gambia. In that case, the UDP like the ANC , must begin making plans for such a scenario. I think the diaspora UDP is indeed right to pursue the avenues of influence in order to be prepared should that eventuality arise. Membership Expansion in all meaningful countries worldwide must be a priority – urgently going forward.

  2. A very good move. UDP must campaign across the world to get the messages of democracy, justice and rule of law to all peace loving people. In the process, the Jammeh regime must be exposed to the highest level. Whenever the regime sends its representatives, UDP must also send its representatives to counter regime’s lies and expose their dictatorship.