Madikay Faal, Another Forgotten Detainee

Madikay formerly works at the NIA administrative department!
Madikay Faal formerly works at the NIA administrative department!

Madikay Faal has since February this year joined a list of forgotten illegal Gambian detainees. The dismissed former National Intelligence Agency officer was arrested on February 16th, 2016. Like most illegal detainees, Madikay has neither been charged, nor appeared before the court, which violates his constitutional rights. He remained detained at the NIA cells in Banjul until recently when he was moved to Mile II Central Prisons.

He has been denied access to family and lawyers.

Mr. Fall had previous brush with the law culminating in his conviction. He served nine months and released. However, Faal’s current arrest and subsequent detention which resulted after he had reported to the NIA headquarters in Banjul, left his desperate family searching for answers. The family doesn’t understand why Madikay was invited to the NIA only to remain in detention yet no one explains the reasons for holding a family man. As a former NIA officer, Madikay knew any could have happened to him once he landed at the agency. It was for this reason that he had alerted some friends and family members before leaving for Banjul.

After hours of not seeing or hearing from him, Madikay’s wife walked to the agency’s office demanding to know the whereabouts of her husband. At first she was told her husband was held at the NIA but spy agents blinked when Mrs. Faal insisted that her husband had responded to NIA’s phone invitation and that he had not returned or reached by phone. It was then that secret agents on duty confirmed Madikay’s detention at the NIA.

Madikay Faal, an ex-soldier of the original Gambia National Army, joined the NIA in 1995. He was detained for three months and dismissed from the NIA. Faal regained his freedom after his family paid over two hundred thousand Dalasis.

Gambian prisons and detention centers are filled with many forgotten detainees like Madikay.



  1. Muhammad sanyang

    If he used to torture innocent Gambians let him remain in custody cos he’s in the right place.

    • Muhammmed you are 100 percent right . If he was part of the group who tortured innocent citizens I would Iike him to have personal experience how it feel like . If he is innocent victim I condemn Jammeh and his henchmen for their terrorism. I have no sympathy for those who tortured innocent citizens unlike Bax who sympathize with the torturers by blaming the victims for disturbing the peace or what he called their threat to national security.

      • ” ….unlike Bax who sympathize with the torturers by blaming the victims for disturbing the peace or what he called their threat to national security.”

        Wow, your are incredibly imaginative….And your ability to concoct stories and attribute them to others is very troubling…

        I will defer with views here and state that whatever Madikay’s crimes were, he doesn’t deserve incommunicado detention. He certainly doesn’t deserve torture. Nobody deserves that and no civilised person should wish that for anyone.

        Detention beyond the legal limit, as well as torture and other forms of inhuman treatments constitute IMPUNITY, regardless of who was the victim.

        I am not surprised that people are justifying detention without trial, because as Fatu Camara once said, Jammeh is your ordinary Gambian and unfortunately, many ordinary Gambians will have no problem inflicting pain on others because they can do so.

        You see this attitude in public places, in schools and in the homes and the victims range from innocent people to family members, especially children and wives.

        Yaya Jammeh and a lot of his henchmen are not foreigners. They are Gambians who have suddenly found themselves in positions of immense power and are doing what many Gambians like Max will do, when they are in the same position. That is why I said Max has Jammeh’s mentality because:

        -Max does not respect freedom of choice if it doesn’t match what he believes;

        -Max insults those who don’t believe in his approach to political change: he’s called the entire Gambian population (including his parents, I guess) as a nation of cowards;

        -Max engages in propaganda of turning lies into truth to make points;

        -Max justifies collective punishment and targeting of innocent people because of their relationship to his opponents;

        -Max justifies incommunicado detention, torture and the rule of impunity.

        These are all also applicable to Yaya Jammeh. The only difference between Max and Yaya Jammeh is that in power and the other is not…

        • Bax , the main difference between you and I is that I like to use empathy and sympathy in any context as far as human rights violations and rule of law is concerned. This is why I said I have no sympathy for those who tortured innocent citizens because the laws should be applied to them . I made reference about you because you are on the record when you offered your sympathy to Jammeh and his officials and you are also on record when you castigated peaceful protesters by indication that they are a threat to national security and peace . In the early days of the protest you were more concerned about national security and peace than the constitutional Rights of peaceful protesters and rights to have justice and rule of law in the country . As I have said many times , my issue with you is your continue bad mouthing of peaceful protesters, your use of national security card to discourage any efforts for change , your refusal to stand for truth and ability to distort the truth to suit your advocacy to maintain the status quo . I have never advocated for collective punishment or justify indefinite detention. I respect your choice as long as you do not use such freedom to castigate others while you refused to participate. I have never considered the entire population as cowards because I know we have few patriotic citizens who put their lives on the line for the interest of every one . Therefore it is malicious and dishonesty to say that I support such human rights violations . My family has never supported Jammeh’s regime but I can’t say that about you considering your opposition to every geniune efforts to change the status quo . I know you are mad about me because I exposed the medical history of Muhammmed Jammeh. You have more sympathy for Jammeh and his family than innocent peaceful protesters who you continue to castigate for what you called their efforts was disturbing peace and a threat to national security. You have no problem inflicting pain on others because you failed to support peaceful protesters who are living in pain . Your problem is that you always advocates for perpetrators while you refused to defend and advocates for the victims. When people criticize human rights violators you are quick to advocates for their rights but when peaceful protesters were violated you criticized their efforts . Your loyalty lies with Jammeh and his henchmen and you should consider yourself as Jammeh supporter .

          • Since I am on record, you should be able to produce the evidence to back up your claims and I challenge you to do that. Until you do that, I will not bother myself with any responses to these allegations.

            You insulted us as : @Max : “We are indeed a nation of cowards…..”

            Why did you insult all of us as cowards…?

            In your own words : “….because majority failed to take up their constitutional responsibilities as citizens to fight and defend what is morally and constitutionally right .”

            You accused me of malice and dishonesty for saying you support human rights violations.. Do you support human rights violations..? You don’t only support, you take part in it…

            Here are examples :

            (1)…What do you think you have done to Muhammed Jammeh by revealing his medical condition and information on social media…? Have you not violated his rights to privacy and confidentiality related to his medical condition…? You are a human rights violator and I have no doubt that you will do far more worse if you were in power.

            On Madikay Faal, this is what you said :

            @Max…”If he was part of the group who tortured innocent citizens I would Iike him to have personal experience how it feel like.”

            In order words, you are agreeing and supporting the idea that Madikay should be tortured, if he had taken part in any torture. Torture is a violation of the Human Rights Charter, which protects all and sundry, without any “ifs” and “buts”.

            Talk about dishonesty, you can’t find a better example to expose your dishonesty than your vague attempt to change what you said :

            @Max…”This is why I said I have no sympathy for those who tortured innocent citizens because the laws should be applied to them . ”

            That is not what you said. The law does not entertain torture. You said he should “experience how it feels like”.

            I will wait for your evidence from the records.

          • As I said we are “a nation of cowards because majority failed in their constitutional responsibilities as citizens to do what is morally and constitutionally right”.
            This is a true statement which you foolishly tried to distort to suit your deception. Cowards are those who are afraid to do what is morally and constitutionally right. It is our constitutional expectations to do what is right for our fellow citizens and for ourselves. If majority failed to do the right thing to speak up, fight and defend the rights of others who are violated then those majority are simply cowards. The tyrant has instilled fear in the majority which is why they are afraid to do what is right as our constitution expected. If the majority are brave they would never allowed atrocities to go on in their backyard without saying a word. You and your party are cowards because you refused to do the right thing to stand up for the right of others. Military dictatorship has made majority of Gambians as “a nation of cowards “because majority truly knows that killing of Solo Sanderg, torture of all peaceful protesters and other countless human rights abuses are all wrong but still because of fear or they are afraid to speak up, fight or defend the rights of those victims. Only a small section are brave enough to fight and defend the right thing. A “nation of cowards “are majority who don’t care about human rights of other citizens. This is why majority of our religious and political leaders refused to stand up for what is morally and constitutionally right to speak up and defend their rights of innocent citizens whose rights are violated. It is because your silly political correctness and hypocrisy that you refused to call a spade a spade. Halifa is a coward because all his political rhetoric is directed at Yaya Jammeh but he cowardly refused to say his name and that is totally in contrast with udp who called Yaya Jammeh who he is. You need to look up the meaning of being a coward before you spin your lies. I do express myself with clarity and hit the nail on the head. We are indeed a “nation of cowards “because majority are afraid to do what is morally and constitutionally right or expected as indicated above. I hope you get that in your myopic mind.
            If we are not a nation of cowards, why do the majority allowed human rights violations for the past 22 years without any confrontation with the tyrant. The minority who are brave are always confronting the tyrant and they are still castigated by a coward like you with ignorance mindset. Get some education. The reason why you and pdois are not successful in your politics is because of your lack of clarity and your cowardice in refusing to speak the truth. You are indeed a coward just like Jammeh is a coward in his failure to do the right thing on behalf of Gambian people.

          • I quoted exactly what you said and yet you accused me of spinning lies. You said we are a nation of cowards because of what the majority failed to do and that is what I pointed out to show how you insulted Gambians because they will not do what you want them to do : confront Yaya Jammeh.. How is that spinning lies…?

            The more you prattle, the more you actually show the same colours and mindset as Yaya Jammeh. You have once said, if I remember right, that “in politics, it is numbers that count”…Excuse me if I wrongly attributed that quote to you.

            In any case, your position on coalition is that the UDP, being the party with the numbers, should lead. Therefore, I can say that you hold the view that numbers count in politics, even if I misquoted you.

            Well, here is the thing : In the case of the Gambian struggle against impunity, the majority who failed to confront Jammeh, for which you called them cowards, have the numbers on their side and since numbers count in politics, it is them who should be followed, rather than the minority you support, because they have the numbers on their side. Does that make sense to you…?

            Your failure to respect their conscious, democratic choice not to confront Yaya Jammeh, and your continued use of insulting language against them, is also another pointer to the kind of mindset you have, which is the same as Yaya Jammeh. You have no respect for democracy or freedom of choice. For you and Yaya Jammeh (and the many like you) democracy is only respected if it conforms to your views and position, otherwise, your attitude is to “stick two fingers to Democracy. ”

            What can be said of a person who lives in a distant land, far from the reaches of Yaya Jammeh, but still is so scared that he hides behind anonymity to say what he says, calling another, who is on the ground and openly saying what wants to say, as a coward…? Strange and twisted mind, indeed.

          • Also, Max, I observed that you have Jammeh’s mindset for very good reasons and here again, you have vindicated me in your idea of respect for Freedom of expression and choice.

            @Max : “. I respect your choice as long as you do not use such freedom to castigate others while you refused to participate. ”

            That is a very narrow and constricted respect for my rights to express myself and make my choices. So, I am only free to express myself if I don’t castigate those that I disagree with…Is this not restricting and curtailing my rights…? Is this not what Yaya Jammeh is doing in The Gambia…?

            I can only imagine what you will do to me, if you were in command of the Army, Police, Prisons and other state security agencies, and I was within your reach.

            You have definitely convinced me now, more than ever before, that you belong to that group of average Gambians, as Yaya Jammeh, who will not hesitate to inflict pain and suffering on others and have the audacity to justify it, and I hope and pray that none of you ever walk past Marina Parade again, never mind into State House.

          • Bax , you are indeed very good in spreading lies and there is no doubt you are careless about those who are violated. In your distorted mind , you continue to expose your hypocrisy and deception for every one . Don’t you understand that those who violate the laws are require to be punished so that they would feel ” personal experience how it feels like ” . So in essence you do not care if mr madikay has previously tortured innocent civilians. I wonder if your father was killed by NIA , would still claimed that Nia operative who participated in torture should not have ” personal experience how it feels like “. I have given mr madikay a benefit of doubt which is why i indicated that I condemn Jammeh’s regime if he is innocent victim but I have no sympathy for those who tortured innocent victims. You are on the record bad mouthing those who are tortured by Jammeh’s Nia . You are indeed a very dishonest person because you foolishly refused to take my full quotation but you chose to take part of my quote which suit your lies and deception.

            Here is my another quote ” we are indeed nation of cowards because majority failed to take up their constitutional responsibilities as citizens to fight and defend what is morally and constitutionally right ”
            Bax , this quote above did not qualify your lies that I referred to the whole population because I referred to the majority who failed in their responsibilities as citizens to fight and defend what is morally and constitutionally right. Therefore your statement that I was referring to every citizen ( all of us ) is a lie , malicious and dishonest statement. You are indeed a coward because you are part of the majority who refused to fight and defend what is morally and constitutionally rights . Lawyer Darboe , peaceful protesters and all those who continue to fight and defend what is morally and constitutionally rights are not cowards . You and your types are all cowards . Cowards are those who are afriad to speak , fight and defend what is Morally and constitutionally right . So you think the killing of solo And tortured of peaceful protesters was morally right and this was why you cowardly refused to support their efforts and continue to castigate them even when they are imprison .

            Bax , I recognize your freedom of expression as long as your freedom doesn’t infringe on my freedom and this is why your castigation of peaceful protesters has no respect from me and many who consider these people as Heroes. Therefore I do not respect your distorted and silly view you expressed but I do recognize that you are entitled to such myopic and ignorance view as established in our constitution. The democracy we are fighting to achieve in our country will enable igonrance folks like you to express your outrageous and I’ll-informed view but such ignorance views may not be respected by others . This is my point . You may continue to spin and lies but such lies expose who you are . You are right that I an average Gambian but you ignorance and self-righteous folks do not considered yourself as an average Gambian. Your pomposity and arrogance clearly manifest your standing and that of your party . Your classical deceptive behavior is manifestation of systematic effort to lie and side with false agenda . You and Jammeh have the same character because both of you are liars , deceptive and you are Doctored pathological liar who continue to spin in your heartless endeavor to deceive the population.,
            As your Muhammmed Jammeh’s medical history, it is only ignorance and dishonest folks like you who pretend that you are not aware of his medical report. I have every right to expose his medical history because his father continue his hypocrisy to deceive Gambians about his fake medical cure when he cannot even cure his own son who has never been seen in the public view . Why is Yaya Jammeh hiding Muhammmed Jammeh and we didn’t see him running around as normal kids but even Mariam Jammeh was seen . Muhammmed Jammeh is a sick and retarded child and I would encourage his father to treat him on national tv so that we can see how effective Jammeh’s medical breakthrough work . You are so concerned about Muhammmed Jammeh but you never care about those innocent victims your boss has exposed on national tv . You are pathetic to say the least .

  2. Yes Sir, u are right. They were all in the same umbrella, let him also taste the salt.

  3. Banjulian

    Madikay, no need to worry you know what you are doing before been in custody. This is the best place for you. Bulfalleh. Stay there and test what you are doing to people. Yen denken alaku. Aye doom haram nken…I what you want is to satisfy this basterd, just go ahead, you will all have your shear. Do not simpatise any NIA personal who is taken to custody.

    • Madikay Faal

      Banjulian as you call yourself Madikay Faal do not have the time to response to insults. I am now save and back to my family who consider me dearly. If I had committed any crime that warranted my illigal detention i will then not be free from the hands of the law by now. My hands are clean as a loyal citizen who served his nation with professionalism and dedication to duty. I know you have personal agenda for me but a curseless curse will never happen. I am more God fearing and discipline than you for I will never ascertain an information base on allegations.
      Trials and tribulations do not exempt any human being on the face of the earth. But they are test for their victims. May you be bless to know and cherish the truth. Amen

  4. Muhammad sanyang

    No nia officer is ever innocent in my opinion. Nia is a torture squad and only merciless people are employed there. So this madikay and other nia officers are victims of their own trade.

  5. Max….I am once again forced to respond to you and try to put some sense in your confused head..But first things, first…

    (1)..”On Madikay Faal, this is what you said :

    @Max…”If he was part of the group who tortured innocent citizens I would Iike him to have personal experience how it feel like.”

    It is quite plain that the “personal experience” you are talking about here is the feeling of torture…It is dishonest to try and give the impression that you were talking about punishment under the law. The law has no room for torture as a form of punishment.

    (2)…@Max “… So in essence you do not care if mr madikay has previously tortured innocent civilians.”

    How the hell did you arrive at this conclusion, if you are not a confused person guilty of distortion….? I do care very much and I am concerned at the number of people willing to justify torture, but unlike you, I want those suspected of torture to be properly investigated and if enough evidence is established, then they should be prosecuted and be punished, as the law deems fit..I don’t want them to have “personal experience of what it feels like ” to be tortured.

    (3)…Did I cherry pick your quotation….? No, absolutely not…I provided your quotation in two parts : the first part was the insult that we are a “nation of cowards” and the second part was the reason you gave for insulting us…”majority don’t” blah, blah, blah…You really have no reasons to have any issues on that…

    (4)…@Max ” So you think the killing of solo And tortured of peaceful protesters was morally right and this was why you cowardly refused to support their efforts and continue to castigate them even when they are imprison .”

    Again, evidence of an incredibly imaginative mind that specialises in concocting fiction and attributing it to others..Don’t deserve any response.

    (5)…Did you insult all of us as cowards or not..? It is important that you understand the context and use of a phrase in a language before you use it, otherwise, you could be using a phrase that does not transmit your true feelings and if that is what you have done here, then I am ready to understand that, but don’t call me a liar for my understanding of what you said..

    The phrase “a nation of ” is an inclusive one used by people, often homorphorbic folks, who have no wish to make any distinctions, to make derogatory remarks about an entire nation. When such people refer to a nation as “a nation of drunkards” (for example), they don’t care if there are people who don’t even touch alcohol. As far as they are concerned, everyone is the same.

    The phrase is not always associated with negativity but it is always inclusive. A nation can be praised as “a nation of warriors “, and whoever uses that phrase doesn’t care whether there are cowards. As far as he/she is concerned, the nation (everyone) is a warrior..

    So, I understand your statement for what it is but if that was not what you meant, you should say so and I will then advice you to be careful of how you express your feelings.

    Now to the serious stuff…

  6. @Max : “Bax , I recognize your freedom of expression as long as your freedom doesn’t infringe on my freedom…..”

    Firstly, let me ask you a question: How does the expression of my views infringe on your freedom..? Is it infringing on your “freedom” to hear/read only what pleases your ears/eyes, like Yaya Jammeh…? You never stop “incriminating” yourself.. (lol)

    Let me help you to see what constitutes infringement of rights, in the exercise of rights..Take the rights to demonstrate or hold peaceful processions.

    Suppose you have a group of between 100-200 people holding a peaceful protest along Kariaba Avenue, one of the busiest roads in the country. The natural consequence of that action is to disrupt traffic and perhaps, bring it to a standstill, preventing commuters from moving freely, to and fro, along that road.

    So, if I was a commuter stuck in that traffic and unable to move, that group of protesters would have infringed upon my constitutionally guaranteed rights to free movement on that road, whilst they were exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights to hold a peaceful procession.

    And if I was a sick person needing urgent medical attention, then my rights to access timely medical help when I need it would also have been infringed. That is the rationale for the acquisition of Police Permits, under the Public Order Act.

    In an ideal situation (mark you: I said IDEAL SITUATION) where the law is not abused by the authorities, acquiring a Police Permit to demonstrate or hold a peaceful procession, not only allows the Police to coordinate and direct the route, but it also gives them ample time to identify alternative routes for other members of the public, so that the impact of the demo or procession is not too disruptive to the lives of citizens and residents, and thus, infringe upon their rights to move freely.

    @Max :”….and this is why your castigation of peaceful protesters has no respect from me and many who consider these people as Heroes.”

    Look, I am not mad to insist that you respect my views. You are entirely free to either respect or not respect my views and vise viser. What I insist upon is for the respect of my RIGHTS and the rights of others, to hold views and to make choices that are different from you.

    If you respect people’s rights to hold the views they hold and make the choices they make, you will NEVER insult them when they differ from/with you. The only reason you insult people is because you do not respect their rights to those views or choices.

    I cannot change the way you are and if you think it is morally OK to use a minor to fight your political battles, then I can only express my disagreement with you and point to the similarities between you and Yaya Jammeh, who detained Yusupha Lowe for a long period for the “crimes” of his father, Bye Lowe.

    Whether I have knowledge of Muhammed Jammeh’s medical conditions or not is irrelevant because possession of knowledge alone is not a violation of his rights. It is when you start disclosing that information to non essential users without authority that violation and possibly a crime takes place..

    I don’t want you to reproduce the figment of your imagination to proof what I have said or not. Since I am on record, I challenge you to go back to the records and produce the quotations that lend credit to your accusations that :

    (1)…I sympathised with Jammeh and his officials;
    (2)…I showed more concern for national security than the welfare of demonstrators during the start of the demonstrations;

    If you post another comment here without providing these proofs, I would urge the forum to take note of your failure to produce the evidence and therefore see you as the liar and fabricator that you are. The ball is now in your court.

  7. Bax, I will once again give you evidences which show your sympathy lies with APRC government officials in high positions as well as their families. This includes your sympathy to the First Lady, her children and Yaya himself.
    According to your comments on September, 2015, you have indicated that “I do sympathize with families, friends and relatives of all officials and those who occupy high places in this Aprc government and are seen in one negative light or the other.”

    At the time, I confronted you why you refused to offer your sympathy to the victims of Aprc government but instead you offered your sympathy to families and officials of those in high places in the government. Your statement does indicated that your concern were for the Aprc officials including dictator Jammeh and his families despite the fact you knew that some of those families and officials were aware of atrocities and human right violations to their fellow citizens. I told you the people who need your sympathy are the real victims of the regime but not the families and officials who are enjoying at detriment of the victims. Therefore your sympathy is misplaced and hypocritical. The First Lady of The Gambia is aware of the various human rights violations in The Gambia but she never come forward to express her sympathy and denunciation of those human right violations in the country but you are still sympathetic to her and children to the extend you are defending her and children in the eyes of the public.
    In term of your propaganda to use national security and peace as pretext to criticize and bad mouth the efforts of genuine citizens who supported and advocated for the regime change. Here is what you said about diaspora and peaceful protesters.

    “These people who have long abandoned the country and are calling for tit-for-tat strategy do not seem to realize that The Gambia cannot afford conflict without total destruction. It is ridiculous that Gambians can wish what happened for countries that have millions of citizens to happen to our country of less than 2.5 million, April 28, 2016.”

    In the above quote your emphasis was on national security and peace. The above comment was made in response to call why opposition leaders failed to join peaceful protesters. You were concerned that bigger protest could lead to the destruction of the country while you failed to acknowledge that peaceful protest for electoral reform is indeed constitutional rights. You care more about so called negative peace than justice. You even suggested that we are warmongers and we are out there to destroy our country as Halifa sallah also indicated . What a silly view.
    In your continue bad mouthing of peaceful protesters, you stated that “those who are meeting on the ground (pdois and other opposition leaders) to study and collectively respond to what is obviously a very messy and poorly planned mass action” April 18, 2016.

    On April 16, 2016, you also castigated the peaceful protesters by this statement below:

    “no wonder the youths bypassed their party leaders to go onto the street, thus creating a total distraction to what the opposition should have been doing at this stage of our political calendar.”

    In the above quote, you do not even have respect for the peaceful protesters and you have described their efforts as distraction when they actually fought for the most important thing in our democratic process, that is electoral reforms.
    In the quotes above , you have indicated your desire for the status quo to continue its oppression by offering your sympathy to Aprc government, your denunciation of peaceful protesters and ridiculing of their efforts as distraction. Bax , clearly those who have respect for the rights of others who expressed their constitutional rights did not sound and behave like how you sound in each of these instances. Your support and sympathy lies with Jammeh and his regime. All the above quotes are from your mouth and I hope you won’t lie again to deny them. I know you are very good in lying as you are doctored pathological liar. This forum knows that you do not care for regime change or proper electoral process.

  8. Max….

    You were challenged to produce evidence that support your accusations that :

    (1)…I offered my sympathy to Yaya Jammeh and his officials ;
    (2)…I showed more concern for national security than the rights of demonstrators to exercise their rights to peaceful demonstrations..

    You have provided, what you claimed, is evidence to proof that I was guilty of what you charged me…According to you, the quotation below is the evidence to proof the first charge : that I offered my sympathy to Jammeh and his officials :

    ” I do sympathise with families, friends and relatives of all officials and those who occupy high places in this APRC Government and are seen in one negative light or the other..”

    I cannot believe that you have chosen this statement to back your accusations…Who are the recipients of my “sympathy” in the above statement…? Is it the “families, friends and relatives” (of officials) or the “officials” themselves…? There is no doubt that you lack basic the skills to read and understand simple English.. What the statement show is that my sympathy is for “FAMILIES, FRIENDS AND RELATIVES; not for JAMMEH and HIS OFFICIALS..

    In fact, to deny people like you from pouncing on my statement to misrepresent my views, as you attempted to do with the “First Lady”, I have made it very clear who, amongst the families, friends and relatives, have my sympathies, as follows :

    @Bax (18th September 2015) : ” Any relatives, who directly or indirectly partake in the regime’s misrule is responsible to the extent of their participation only, and not because of their relationship…….” In other words, my sympathies are only with the innocent ones who are targeted for merely being related to these bandits in office..

    The second quotation, you claimed, proved that I was more concerned for national security than the rights and welfare of peaceful demonstrators. I do not want to use unnecessary space but it is obvious that the statement is referring to agitators for a tit-for-tat strategy. There is no mention of peaceful protesters and how you have managed to connect this to peaceful protesters is beyond me.

    Unfortunately, I could not find this particular statement in the archives, so I am not sure of the context, but I think it may have been in response to calls from some warmongers in the diaspora, for weapons and other disruptive tactics to be used to induce a break down of law and order in the country, so that Yaya Jammeh can be toppled…In any case, the statement does not proof your false claims because it made no mention of demonstrators.

    What I stated was that people like you do not seem to realise what the consequence of your calls for anarchy could be for the ordinary people whom you claim you want to free. Nor do you even seem to care about what happens to the people, as evidenced by your attitudes of incitement, even when it is obvious that it is counterproductive.

    That’s it…I’m done with you..Can’t indulge and entertain your IGNORANCE anymore…My brotherly advice to you is to try and equip yourself with the right skills to be a useful contributor.

    • Perhaps a few simple and straight forward questions from @Max and a few sincere, simple and straight forward answers from you, is capable of producing evidence that utmost, you don’t sympathise the UDP leader and his executive’s kidnapping and incarceration, as proceedings have proven it to be in every good reasoning citizen’s reasoning capacity regardless of their intellectual/so-called capacities.

  9. Bax, one thing I will tell you is that I have good memory and I always like to present my case with evidence. Now that I presented my case with evidence, you claimed that you are not sure or you cannot find the quotes when in fact I have provided the dates for each quote . That said , if you want to have credibility and respect in this forum , you have to have personal responsibility for your mistake and acknowledge that you made a mistake. Acknowledgement of mistake will give you respect in my view but your continous efforts to defend every single point wrongly is a sign of being a closed minded person . As I said , in the above quote you considered us to hate our country because in your view “we wish to totally destroy “it and we have even abandoned it . As for the peaceful protesters, you have clearly called their actions ” distraction ” and ” messy poorly planned actions “.
    You always accused me of misinterpretation and misrepresentation but you never write with clarity and take responsibility. So please write with clarity and be honest in your presentation. You do not want to debate me now because you are being exposed and caught red handed in lying about your different positions. You have nothing more to say which is truthful to back your claim . Until I hear from you again , remember to work hard to be part of truth squad and don’t be a pin-head .

  10. Ggapm, thank you very much for standing up for the truth . Bax thought that I lied about him and therefore he challenged me to provide evidence which I did . It is now clear to everyone that he has offered his sympathy to Jammeh and his officials while he continue to castigate peaceful protesters and has considered diaspora as enemies of the country .

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