Why Halifa Should Act On His Letter

HalifaMy Brother Halifa Sallah, I would encourage you to go further and ACT on your letter.

The final paragraph of your letter to the INJUSTICE Minister Mama Singnateh speak volumes and I quote: “We should all become concerned and without any desire to play to the gallery, speak and act according to the dictates of conscience and the national interest. This is the way to ensure that we have a state which serves as an instrument of protection instead of an instrument of coercion.”

It was the above statement of conviction that made you go out and protest to defend the rights of the “Witches” that landed you in Yaya Jammeh’s net.

The same conviction should again drive you to give an ultimatum to the state that the arrest, remand and sham court case going on against Lawyer Darboe & Co. is illegal and should make you go out and protest to make your love for justice loud and clear. By doing so you will earn the respect of Gambians in general and the UDP in particular.

Brother Halifa, you are political scientist in your own right. As s such, you should take every political situation to score political points since you are a presidential aspirant. You are one of the oldest politicians in the Gambia. Therefore, no other politician including Yaya Jammeh should beat you in the field. I honestly urge you not to miss this historical chance of showing Gambians that you always care for all and sundry in the name of justice.

Writing this letter albeit its hesitant content is good but it is better to translate theory into practice.

Thank you for writing this piece to Mama Singnateh to discontinue the case but also remember that Madam Singnateh has a Boss who decides what she should do even if she is against it. You know very well that Jammeh is hellbent on convicting Lawyer Darboe & Co. for fear of having a strong opposition challenging him in the next elections.

By now we all know that Jammeh shut down all possible exit routes available to him and locked himself in a suicide mode and will not go down without taking with him all his real and perceived enemies both within and outside his government, his party and his political opponents.

Jammeh has declared war against Gambians and Gambians must brace up for war against Jammeh. There is no other way out of the clutches of Dictator Jammeh.

Thank you.

Deyda Haidara 



  1. Haidara, it is good that you remind him to stand up for justice but I doubt he will even read your article much more to act on it . Halifa is a man who is not a real politician because he is disconnected with the reality . He live in dreamworld . He took his eyes off the common fight which should have inspired and motivated all genuine and patriotic citizens and that is the fight for electoral reforms. Electoral reforms is the common fight which should unite all opposition leaders and their supporters but these narrow-minded leaders are thinking of their selfish ends . They consider it as udp and Mandinka fight. At the end of day , this man committed despicable political sucide by going after the victims ( Udp ) and diaspora. His eloquency doesn’t March with his deeds . Therefore he is a man of empty rhetoric and barking. Mr sallah has already put his foot in his mouth .

    • What are you doing to secure electoral reform…? Let’s hear it..

      • Deyda, this is a classical case of the wollof saying: you are sitting on the skin of an animal yet you want to disparage the meat that comes from the animal.

        You sincerely and desperately want this man to help you, yet you cannot spare him your insults and disdain. You cannot have it both ways.

    • Max, we have argued that electoral reform cannot happen six months before an election. You knew there isn’t going to be any electoral reform, yet you keep beating the drums of electoral reform. And you are still beating this drum. Hello!

      Get it over it, Max. There isn’t going to be any electoral reform. There is going to be an election.

      And look at what you people have done. Instead of focusing on a coalition agenda and the elections, you are now making demands and asking Halifa to “free” those that are going through this political turmoil.

      • Kamalo, electoral reforms are not on agenda of your party because you refuse to support those who are fighting for it; instead your party has prepared itself for the election even though you know that in free and fair elections you have no chance of winning presidential election against Jammeh. All your party is doing is legitimizing dictatorship.
        Yes there will be sham election between your party and the dictator which you proudly indicated but what is the essence of election which is already foregone conclusion for the dictator’s victory. You are going in for the election for the sake of it without any intention of winning. Or are you suggesting that pdois will win this election despite the fact that there is no electoral reforms and the conditions of election is worst than the previous elections Which ECOWAS refused to observe?

        • Max, the fact of the matter is there is a timeline for electoral reform. You can fight for it up to six months before the elections. The time for electoral reform expires in July. What is the Gambian opposition going to do?

          The way you sounded it looks like your party is going to boycott the elections. Who then would be legitimatizing the Dictatorship?

  2. Halifa has nothing to say go to the street like Darbo than writing letters u think that you are more educated than the whole Gambians we don’t need ur letters. BUT if the opposition NRP PDOIS etc thinks that if Darbo is lock u will win jammeh if gambians will vote for u , you will know we all knows that only UDP have the interest of the Gambia please Halifa we don’t need to letters go to the street .

  3. Haidara, as far as protests and war are concerned in this issue, Gambians are waiting for you and Max and your like to act since you are the warmongers. Halifa is calling on the state to release the victims and not declaring war. Why do you have to call on Halifa to declare war and you sit on your big buttocks only to call him later a fool.

    • Yerro Ba , who is declaring war ?

    • Deyda Haidara

      You and Halifa can now dissolve your party and officially joined the APRC. As you said Gambians do not need leaders who sit on their buttocks and write letters to the President and his Ministers. Any ordinary person can do that.
      I will spare you the insults because your father Halifa have small buttocks.

  4. Daida Hydara

    1. Why do you think you can dictate what Halifa Sallah should do? Did UDP Leader lead any protest apart from showing leadership to courageously march peacefully with other UDP Executive leadership, ‘demanding release of Solo Sandeng’s body for a fitting burial ‘?

    2. Did you write directly to Halifa Sallah to share your thoughts on letter in question to Minister of Justice or you just want publicity from Kairo News to maliciously slander Halifa Sallah and/or peddle false propaganda information?

    3. Share your ideas or plan how Halifa Sallah should protest (either peacefully or otherwise); since you are demanding that it’s a necessity for him to go out to the streets?

    • Deyda Haidara

      Dawda if Halifa did not publish his letter no one will reply or comment on it.
      Secondly ask Halifa how did he protest for the WITCHES?

      • Deyda, there is what is called a national character. The case of the witches assumed a national character. It has no political basis. It has no partisan appeal.

        People from different backgrounds and political leanings were affected.

        The rest of the UDP executive that were not arrested, should have called a meeting of the G6 or GOFER immediately after the arrest, and this body should have commit to own the political situation that evolve from the arrest.

        This would have given the political situation a national character. The G6 or GOFER would have own it.

        • Kamalo , you have a very dangerous mindset . You have seen this protest as partisan issue . In your view , peaceful protesters were partisan which was why udp protested because you suggested it was not a national character . Did solo and others showed any party flag or symbol during their protest ? Did they called electoral reforms for udp only ? Solo and his group called for electoral reform for the benefit of entire country . Electoral reforms is a national character and this was why all the parties signed on it as a condition for level playing field .,electoral reforms is for the democratic process and progress of the country . It is going to benefits people of different backgrounds and political leaning if it succeed.
          If Halifa and pdois want to fight issues which has no political appeal then it is better he leaves politics and join non political organization . This is why I have been saying that he needs to go to university of Gambia or focus on something else because he is the worst politician in The Gambia .
          The mindset you have is the same mindset majority of parties have and this is why today a lot of people were victims . You are not affected because your party , family or your personal interests is not affected and you careless about those who are affected . Some of the people who share the same narrow mindset with you even consider this protest as Mandinka protest , udp protest , diaspora sponsored protest which are all wrong . You have truly stated your view why you and pdois refused to join or support peaceful protesters because of the above reasons , that is , it is udp protest, diaspora sponsored protest and Mandinkas protest. Bigotry mind can never be hinden . I hope you get some education .

          • Max, I am not talking about the protest. I am talking about the response to the arrests.

          • Kamalo, the protest for electoral reforms is a national issue and it has national character, it’s respond should be a national character. Udp leadership response was a national character and they have demonstrated that by going with Gambian flag instead of udp flag. Halifa was very aware of the protest , then why can’t he have the same judgement as udp which considered the protest as national issue with a national character. Halifa simply see this protest as tribal issue and partisan issue. This is his philosophy and character when it comes to response regarding such problems. Simply admit the truth rather than trying to come up with countless and ridiculous arguments which are meant to distort the truth . You will say anything to defend the misinformation being spread by pdois. You guys are so economical of truth and your ability to distort truth into a lies is so embarrassing. The protest was a national issue and its response from udp was a national character which you and your fellow disciples cannot distort. The timing of the protest was the right time because it would have force the government to sit down with the opposition had it been that pdois and other fringe oppositions join peaceful protest. But pdois is not interested in electoral reforms but they are interested to legitimize dictatorship. Your party and its leadership should be ashmed of themselves for failing to take their responsibilities which they falsely claimed in their empty rhetoric. Now that six months to election has reached , your party is so happy to be in the position to legitimize Jammeh with sham election. You should blame your leadership failure and lack of honesty for failure to achieve electoral reforms. Their barking as only proves their dishonesty to say the least .

      • The most constructive way to address Halifa with your view points, is to have a direct conversation with him, either verbally or written.

        Halifa is a politician who requires a public audience, hence the open letters. You are not a politician and therefore, in addition to reacting to his public statements, you can either speak or write to him directly, as a citizen to express your concern with his approach to the current situation.

        • Bax, how can everyone have direct conversation with halifa if you want to respond to him? That doesn’t make any sense. What you are suggesting indicate that Halifa should be asked or challenge in person. Open letters, media article or stories are the best ways to seek challenge, ask or encourage Halifa’s opinion on issues. The most frustrating thing about you is that you never support truth and you will use every conceivable way to distort the truth and come up with your lies which in your myopic mind is the right ideas or action. Going by your suggestion, why Halifa never sat down with Jammeh to discuss many of his irrelevant letters before publishing it on media? Haidara’s did the right thing to publish his open letter or article to encourage Halifa to follow up his words with actions. Writing too many long and confusing letters will not solve any of our problems. I have noticed long time that your goals and efforts is to continue to defend Halifa while you refused to use your brain to think for yourself about how to make Gambia great again. The time you spend to defend Halifa could have been used to make research about Jammeh’s regime corruption, mismanagement and human rights violations so that you can educate Gambians. All of you disciples are here to defend a dishonest politician. None of you have written an article to directly expose Jammeh but your comments or few articles you published here are to defend Halifa. Haidara’s and I continue to write and educate Gambians about the regime brutality, corruption and other important issues . None of our articles centered on udp in particular but it is about The Gambia and what we the people needs to do to change the regime. Haidara has clean heart and he is genuine citizen who care about our country. He has demonstrated his selflessness and patriotism by his numerous articles or contributions here and I consider him as honest and formidable ally in this fight. I look forward to know him in person. I cannot say the same about you because you are running your mouth for Halifa as if you have no brain to think that Gambia is bigger than Halifa sallah. Even your in-law, Dida have left you in your lonely and confusing dreamworld and he has recently started to speak up in favor of our views. Stop being Jammeh’s or Halifa’s chief propagandist.

        • Bax, you said that Max need to talk to Halifa. What a waste of time. First, you have to call first to make an appointment then he is going to ask you to write a letter explaining what you want to talk him about. The executive committee of PDOIS has to meet and discourse our the issues before replying to your letter for the meeting date. I have tried it before with Halifa but the man is confused and arrogant.
          Bax, the whole issue started because Solo Sandeng and others were asking for electoral reform and nothing more. The UDP executive leadership got up to demonstrate only to demand for Solo’s body dead or alive with the others release without harm. Please Bax stop twisting the facts because we all know what happened.

      • DH, I don’t know what your reasons are for wanting to know how Halifa protested during the witch hunt, but there are lessons for your side to learn from.

        Mr Sallah took the decision to confront the witch hunters and find the facts, in the manner he did, because he believed it to be the right course of action. His arrest, detention and trial did not bring his supporters on line, calling and insulting other opposition leaders for not joining him.

        It was a decision he took, and an action he pursued to the end, without anyone being asked to join him or blamed for not doing so, and that is a lesson your side must learn from.

        The UDP Leadership took the decision to go out and demand the release of those arrested for the 14th April protest because they believed that to be the right course of action. They did not consult anyone because they probably didn’t see the need.

        It needs to be pointed out here that the claim that the UDP Leadership went out to protest for electoral reform is nothing but a BIG FAT LIE, that can only be “real” in the deluded minds of those who make this claim. That protest was very clear : release the detainees including Solo, dead or alive. Nothing else…

        • Bax , the best thing Halifa should have done is to keep quiet since he is not helping anyone but himself. This is why his talking received a lot of condemnation, repudiation and criticism across the board . It is hazardous for him to talk or write any garbage because it only generate reaction for his attention seeking political maneuver, hence I would suggest that let him take a political holiday for sometime or simply keep quiet till the case is resolved if he is not going to join the fight .,

        • Deyda Haidara

          Bax, UDP or Darboe NEVER ask Halifa for help, it is us the general public asking Halifa to join the fight if he wants our votes.
          I know Halifa is dining and wining with Jammeh and he hates Darboe and the UDP. So I stop expecting Halifa to fight for freedom and justice.

  5. Injustices for one is injustices for all; political reforms demonstrations & witches hunting brutality sanctioned by yaya KILLER jammeh with State machinery are obligated constitutionally stipulated to be fought against by all decent people particularly the opposition leaderships by virtues of their respective positions; this is why any of them are being asked to live up to their constitutionally tasked mandates….

    Just like the witches hunting which cuts across the population the political reforms demonstrations too were comprised of diverse nonpartisan citizens who are all rather (now) being persecuted alongside UDP leaderships who stood up before all the rest of them would be murdered in cold blood just like Ebrima Sandeng….

    I for one would’ve blamed & criticized Ousainou Darboe & rest of other leaderships if Halifa was equally manhandled & incarcerated much longer in his witches hunt protest like the political reforms demonstrators & UDP leaderships are being through currently…..

    By virtue of his letter Halifa acknowledged to be following issues as incumbent upon him constitutionally; whether he lives up to expectations to any sacrifices required as to constitutionally demanded upon him & rest leave to be seen…

    Gambians will refuse to be taken politically for riding anymore; we won’t be taken to ransom either by mere words & pronouncements alone but with required selfless sacrifices too; we have a collective common enemy in yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh, rather than the individual usual political differences between political parties which are the norm in healthy political climates for alternatives in mature societies world over…..

    The UDP leadership are on the side of the oppressed peasantry population historically; the rest of the opposition parties are expected to join honestly in the liberation struggle selflessly….

    Long live the Gambia…

  6. Deyda Haidara

    Marx thank you so much for the compliments and I extend same to you Brother. Inshallah we shall get to know each other in due course.
    As for PDOIS and Talibehs, I have given up on them. They have shown their TRUE colors in this forum. I will not waste more time in addressing their individual postings, I will continue addressing Halifa’s press releases and LOVE letters to JK and his “Driankes”.

  7. Bax, Kamalo thank you! You see people who would never accept truth when they see it will never learn their lessons. If Max and Deyda are truly UDP they would have been searching for ways and means to salvage the leaders. But nay, they expressed belief that Halifa could help the situation but their problem also is that they do not want him to have any credit for doing so, hence the insults and slander.
    Look, it is now time to tell them that Halifa will not take to the street, if any its going to be the youths to do so. If they continue to insult Halifa, how then can they encourage the youths to take the streets?
    How many times have they been told that their executive is working with all other parties at the Inter party level to resolve the political problem and they were asked to ask those people as to whether that is true or not which they refused to do.
    They have been told that their leaders did not recommend any such measures as demos to free Darboe and co and Halifa and them are using other measures to help the situation. If Halifa’s writing will not do any help, why do they think their writing to Halifa will help them to take Halifa to the street.
    Insisting that the demos are a national character and is for electoral reform is far fetched. They refused to see the other slogans such as ‘we want change!’, Jammeh must go! Etc.
    If the UDP leadership is demonstrating for electoral reform, why didnt Darboe who is the coordinator of the GOFER not convene a meeting and discuss the matter instead of plunging impromptly into a demo? I want them to answer that but they will not but dwindle into ‘Halifa this Halifa that’, turning Halifa into a myth. Before you search into someone’s closet, why not check yours first?
    A mistake has been made but myopic people like Max and deyda will not accept it but want to push others to muddle themselves in that same mistake.
    I have said before that this issue is a political one and Darboe should use it as such. If i were Max and deyda who himself ran away from the demos, i would take that suggestion to my leaders to look into that instead of just keeping mute in court which is dangerous. These are constructive suggestions but no, they are preoccupied with Halifa this Halifa that as if that is the solution to the predicament they are facing as a party. I have never seen useless party militants like max and deyda.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Yero Ba, I know you and Bax are the ring leaders in this forum and I will respond to you for the last time. 1- On several occasions I told you that I am NOT a UDP member but you refuse to acknowledge this FACT. So be it. 2- I am in this forum to state the facts without distortions. 3- Since April 14th one could sense the happiness in PDOIS pronouncements that the UDP is in a BIG fight with Jammeh. Beside the PDOIS disciples no other Gambian perceive this fight as a partisan fight. All of us see it as national fight worth engaging in except PDOIS, NRP and few other opposition leaders. PDOIS cannot brainwash us into a believe of their 20th century ideology gone south long time ago after the end of the cold war. Even Cuba is now moving slowly into the 21st century realities but helas, PDOIS remain stagnant in the old mental state and refuse to join the rest of the world in modern thinking.
      One fundamental reason why Halifa is reluctant to join the freedom struggle for democratic change is because this is his last change to be a presidential candidate, Amath Bah is also in the same situation. Therefor they see the present precarious scenario as an opportunity for them and not a national issue requiring a national effort. So be it, but still, you know you cannot win Jammeh in an election with the present electoral conditions. It would have been wise of you to SINCERELY join the national fight and earn the possible choice of a flag bearer but because HATE overshadows your reasoning, you cannot see beyond your nose and you are blinded by your desire for virtual revenge against the UDP. PDOIS never digested the existence of the UPD from day one as a result they are totally offside of the realities shared by all patriotic Gambians today.
      With these and other facts I do not want to raise here, I am convince that PDOIS love Jammeh more than their opposition brothers in arms. Since you are good and quick at distorting facts and words, I mean human ARM and not Arm machine gun, cowards. LoL.
      Halifa will never be president of the Gambia unless electoral reforms are made into law including removing the age limit.

  8. “Kamalo, the protest for electoral reforms is a national issue and it has national character, it’s respond should be a national character. Udp leadership response was a national character and they have demonstrated that by going with Gambian flag instead of udp flag.”

    Max, you have the luxury of a swift response which passes moderation with the twinkle of an eye. I do not have that luxury. Do you realize that there is no reply option at the end of your long ranting? This is your domain.

    I prepared a long response yesterday explaining to you what constitute or form the basis of a national character. It is still somewhere in Lalaland. Hence a short response that will deal with the core issue. Hopefully, that will be swift.

  9. kamalo , are you trying to suggest that kaironews is favoring me in this debate .please grow up my friend. I told you i have a smart phone and am so quick to give my response on any topic without being coach. I use my own ideas and i am not a staff at kaironews. you have to get your approval from your boss before you reply. .please answer to statement rather than blaming kaironews .

    • .

      Max, Kaironews will understand my frustration. I am generally very careful with words.

      As I said, I am not talking about the protests. I am talking about the response to the arrests.

      Electoral reform is an agenda of the Gambian opposition. The reason why GOFER, the Gambia Opposition For Electoral Reform is formed so that the opposition political parties can talk to each with respect to electoral reform. All issues that pertain to electoral reform should have been channeled through this body.

      In the case of the protest this has not been the case. The leadership of the Gambian opposition have nothing to do with the protest for electoral reform. It is not representative of their stand on the issue neither does the action speak for them.

      And this is evident from the statements that those who staged the protest acted on their own.

      Regardless of the nature of the protest and how it happened, it has set the stage for everything that happened afterwards.

      Now enter the actors. Only that there is one actor, the UDP.

      The actors should have been the Gambian opposition. A protest has been staged that take issue of one of their primary objectives: electoral reform. From this point on the Gambian opposition should have owned the staged.

      Since the protest was about electoral reform, the response to the arrest should also have been about electoral reform. And who better to take up this response than GOFER, whose primary objective was the basis of the protest. Their issue, electoral reform, was at the center of a political crises.

      The immediate thing that should have happened is a meeting convened by GOFER. An emergency meeting. And from this point onward GOFER should have owned the evolving political situation and react to it accordingly. But this is not what happened.

      When news of the arrest of the protesters broke it was not GOFER that was organizing and coordinating the response to the arrest.

      When news of the arrest of the UDP leadership broke it was not GOFER that was organizing and coordinating the response to the arrest.

      I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that had GOFER owned this process from the initial arrest of the protesters, the response would have been remarkable different.

      It is a political problem. It would have been given a political response.

  10. Ajarama Marx. These brain washed PDOIS disciples will never admit the truth even if they are cornered but now the true patriotic Gambia know the right color of PDOIS. The party is a cult designed by Halifa and approved by Sedia to indoctrinate young Gambians in believing that they care about them and ready to free the country from abuse of power. While their interest has alway being to make money by using these kids selling newspapers for them and building their status as the spiritual leaders of cult without challenge from any one. PDOIS don’t care about winning elections in The Gambia therefore messing up everything so that nobody can win Dictator Yaya and the status code can continue. These people are very selfish group of people and hypocrites who have no interest in electoral reforms because there chance of winning any election is zero to three percent. Just forget about them.

  11. Do one still need be convinced that Pdois are cyber-stalking participants in the forums…..They are investigators. They want to know your identity, your job and they want to know too whether you have a skilled job or not, forgetting that one of the most respected people in many parts of the west are binmen.
    I wouldn’t waste the long hours by their loudspeakers in my tender age if I know of them what I know now. A democratic civil society politicians to be are not to be as cold-blooded and heartless like the Pdois.

  12. True Marx. These UDP executives got up for every one including PDOIS and NRP so their will be electoral reform which will involve everyone equally in the electoral process. This is what is expected in a democracy where the process will be fair and the voters will decide the faiths of the parties. PDOIS feels that there is no need for reforms because the majority of Gambians do not support them and their chance of winning in free and fair elections is very minimal. Their biggest problem is UDP just like Dictator Yaya Jammeh. We will win and free our country for this lunatic and his collaborators like PDOIS Inshallah Sabiruna. May Allah bless The Gambia.

  13. Janjanbureh, thank you . It is shameful, disgusting and dishonesty for pdois to call itself an opposition. Halifa and his confused and dishonest people stand for their selfish interest as indicated the story below in which they deny their own reporter the truth . These people stand for lies and hypocrisy. Please read the link


    • Max, your allegations are not true. You have not been able to prove any of the shameful, disgusting and dishonest propaganda nonsense you have been peddling all along.

      You are fighting a losing battle. You cannot cover the sun with the palm of your hands.

      Who was/is organizing and coordinating the response to the arrest of the protesters?

      Who organized and coordinated the “kalama revolution?”

      Who was/is organizing and coordinating the response to the arrests of the UDP executives?

      • Kamalo, the problem you disciples have is that you are not truthful in your debate or political propaganda. The campaign of lies and dishonesty has metastasized to every cells of your being to the extend that no one care to listen to you . It is indeed very nauseating to see you guys continue to spin even though it is clear to you and fellow disciples that udp efforts is totally what the majority of citizens aspires to achieve, that is electoral reforms. Udp is doing everything possible to get the kidnapped members to have their freedom as soon as possible. This is what the leadership is doing and pdois is not doing anything about it .

        • You have not answered any of the questions I asked. You are just beating about the bush. You have not said anything.

  14. Kamalo

    You the hypocrites & your likes engaged in selfish aggrandizement regardless of sacrosanct human dignity & peaceful coexistence will always manipulate facts to distort; political parties individually & collectively all got constitutional responsibilities to defend the constitution & people; equally individual Gambian citizens & friends in the international community too have same constitutional authority & responsibilities to ensure to peaceful coexistence in Gambia; Solo Sandeng knows his constitutionally enshrined responsibilities incumbent upon him individually as peasantry citizens & collectively as politicians; electoral reforms demonstrators, prominent amongst them Solo were comprised of selfless citizens genuinely for all Gambians & friends across political divides; necessitated by the pungent murderous political climate enforced upon us for the past 22 years; nobody must expect to be consulted on all political issues necessary for the dignity of humanity in Gambia; the constitution has tasked all citizens & the politicians in particular as to “what” “if” whenever & wherever necessary when the need arises……

    UDP as politicians & anyone of us all for the matter, expected any citizens including Solo to be politically prosecuted when broken any laws in Gambia but NOT KIDNAPS, TORTURE, RAPE & MURDER; UDP acted armed with information of barbarism meted out to the gallant comrades & citizenry at the forefront of the political reforms demonstrations to minimize lost of more human lives at the hands of the very culprits provided with the resources meant to safeguard the very defenseless lives ironically…?

    If not for his hypocrisy Halifa excised the same constitutional rights at his commendable witches hunt protest, least we knew his was only political cosmetics manoeuvres & NOT genuine intentions for sacrosanct humanity pretended; otherwise we can’t have Halifa & some of you heartless apologists shamelessly pretend you are fooling anyone here but only yourselves only…??

    This demonstrations & the general struggle for freedom & peaceful coexistence in Gambia transcends political division as a people; UDP politically as always individually in their capacities as citizens & collectively as party continue to assume their constitutional mandated responsibilities as expected of us all….???

    You the devilish elements & enablers can choose whatever lies you want; siding with the MURDEROUS kanilai KILLER DEVIL against the peasantry population represented by the noble UDP leadership; whilst yours are for materialistic endeavours ours are for dignified humanity welfare; all liberation committed Gambians & friends & international community are all with UDP until total liberation & nothing less…..

    Long live the Gambia….