Details Emerging On Solo’s Murder

pixlrDetails are emerging on the cold-blooded murder of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, although in bits and pieces. Contrary to the widely held belief that the former United Democratic Party Organising Secretary was tortured to death by agents of the feared national spy agents. Most Gambians believe that Mr. Sandeng, whose only crime was to lead more than two dozen youths to stage a peaceful protest trumpeting for electoral reforms ahead of December general elections, was murdered by President Yahya Jammeh’s hit squad. The Junglers have their hands cleaned this time around.

It took the Gambia government two months to confirm that Sandeng died in state custody.  The confession was contained in the government’s reply to protesters lawyer’s habeas corpus application, requesting Solo to be produced. An affidavit signed by the Director of Operation at the National Intelligence Agency, Saihou Jeng, fell short of how the opposition activist died. There was no mention of efforts being made to ascertain the cause of the death. This contravenes the Constitution that the state establish a Coroner’s Inquest to investigate how and why a detainee dies in state custody.

In their bid to put the public in the dark, Sandeng’s remains were buried as Lawyer Ousainou Darboe put it “like a dog.”

As the coordinator of Sandeng’s brutal torture session at the NIA on April 15th, Saihou Jeng was not brave enough to tell the truth. Despite doing their best to bury facts on Solo’s murder, the story is being uncovered.

Another important aspect of the story is that the killer agents “hastily buried Solo Sandeng under a cashew tree at the Tanji NIA camp.” Solo’s spirits seem to be haunting the killer agents who have started spilling the beans.

Kairo News has been digging into Solo Sandeng’s gruesome murder. Frantic effects are being made to unveil the coward masked men who tortured Sandeng to death.


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