Dictator Jammeh Sets Gambia For Violent Change

jammehBy Max

After a careful study of political situation of the country , I have the belief that Gambians must prepare themselves that Yahya Jammeh will be removed violently from power . This is the last feasible option left for oppressed people . All signs indicate that Jammeh will not leave power peacefully as desire by many people . But for the truth to told , Yaya Jammeh’s violent removal depends on the several factors which are currently in play in The Gambia.

One of the most important factor is his refusal to allow reforms which includes constitutional reforms and electoral reforms to ensure free and Fair election and respect for fundamental rights of citizens. Jammeh’s refusal to even allow peaceful protesters to exercise their constitutional rights is the red line he has crossed and this will energize those who want to use violence means to prepare themselves for armed struggle , military intervention or any other violence means of regime change . Any call for the regime to follow democratic norms and standard always result to deafening silence or violence respond.

Since yaya Jammeh came to power , he has never respected the constitution of The Gambia which he was sworn to protect and uphold . His daily violations of constitution is another factor which justify the use of force as the only last resort for his removal from power . Like any other dictatorship , Yaya Jammeh has surround himself with people who didn’t care about the constitution of The Gambia and general welfare of citizenry . This is why even peaceful protest were crushed with maximum brutality.

Today , it is evidently clear to all decent and honest citizens that the only practical and feasible method which Jammeh will understand is the violence means. From historical perspective , there is no single dictator in modern age who voluntarily and peacefully leave power . This is because the dictators live on destruction of lives and properties of their fellow citizens. Such an insurmountable destruction they caused during the period they were in power has resulted to personal guilt, fear , paranoid and expectation of unknown negative consequences should they leave power, therefore they stay put as long as possible till the violence means arrived . This has the case for his former mentor Libyan dictator col Gaddafie, Iraq’s Saddan Huissain , Egypt’s Mubarak , Burkina fasso recent Dictator (who was forced out by popular uprising ) and other Dictators .

Yaya Jammeh is in this position . Gambians must understand that Yaya Jammeh is still middle-age adult who can rule for 20 years if we didn’t take drastic measures to end his rule in 2016. If Jammeh survive this year election , he would come up with a strategy that would make it even more difficult to remove him from power. His ultimate goal is to be crowned a king despite all odds against him. International community including ECOWAS has recognized that Yaya Jammeh is a threat to The Gambia’s national security as well as security threat to the subregion. Politically and economically , Yaya Jammeh and his regime are completely isolated and bankrupt . This is evidence in poor and worsening economic conditions in the country and worsening relationship with our immediate neighbor , Senegal.

Majority of Gambians have already experienced the worst economic condition of their lives thanks to irresponsible economic policies of the regime. Gambians of colonial days were better off than Gambians currently living under military dictatorship head by Yaya Jammeh . During colonial days and the first republic , Gambians were able to feed themselves because of sufficient farm produce in each farming season and there was little importation of basic commodities such as rice.

Today , Gambian population entirely depend on importation of food stuffs by the dictator for the country daily consumption Even though he claimed that his government made a strive in agricultural productivity. Yaya Jammeh’s cluelessness and lack of concern is even demonstrated by his political appointments of his tribemen majority of who are not qualify to fill key post in his government. Example, agriculture being the main contributor and backbone to the economy is head by Mr Ismaila Sanyang who has never studied agriculture in his life . The national security institutions such as the Gambia armed forces , national intelligence agency and The Gambia police force are all head by his tribesmen. Such an open discrimination and biasness is against our national security , fair treatment and integration.

Human resources of The Gambia which should have served as the only hope for our country’s development has been depleted . This also evidence in the massive exodus of youths through the backway to Europe due to high unemployment rate and abject poverty. Majority of these emigrants has no formal education or skills to improve their lives in The Gambia , as result they embarked on the most dangerous journey to Europe to look for economic and political security . Migration of Gambian expatriates or intellectuals to United States , U.K. and other western countries also causes serious depletion of intelligent minds needed for the country’s socioeconomic development.

Such a massive a massive brain-drain are mainly due to poor governance, poor economic policy and systemic discrimination and lack of employment opportunities in the country. Today , the number of Gambians living abroad is more than one hundred thousand according to various reports . Every Gambian has a choice to make to ensure that such a massive depletion of human resources come to an end. The only way we can reverse this trend is to change the regime so that we can achieve what Ghana has achieved after the return of democracy in their country.

The attitude of Gambian opposition parties in terms of lack of unity and common goal to fight for what is morally and constitutionally right is recipe for violence means of change .Some opposition leaders lack of concern and indifference to the rights of their fellow citizens will serve as a motivational factor for those citizens who are genuinely interest to save our country from civil war. Jammeh’s open tribal vitriol against Mandinkas and his instigation of tribal animosity is another recipe for civil war if sufficient and drastic , urgent measures are not taken to remove him from power . Hence Yaya Jammeh is a threat to our peaceful co-existence as people of one nation.

It is also further evidence in the attitude of majority Gambians who are also not showing their concern openly and are keeping quite about injustice in our country due to fear and intimidation , that a small patriotic citizens will take it upon themselves to violently remove the tyrant who is making life miserable for everyone. Gambians will recall that such violence means have been tried before but clearly and confidently history has been learned from past mistakes. Next time around it is either to cut of the head of snake or total destruction of its hiding place. This is the situation of our country .


  1. Elections are only to legitimize Yaya Jammeh’s criminal regime period.

    We all know that their would never be regime change through ballot box without free & fair election, and with YaYa Jammeh in power everybody knows that Their would never be genuine reforms .

    it bagged you to ask this question what other alternative do we really have for peaceful change??

    I don’t believe their is any , but I do believe that if peaceful change is impossible then violent change is inevitable.

  2. All avenues for peaceful change has being violently shut down symbolized in the cowardly killing of Solo Sandeng.
    We should have no doubt by now that the regime is setting the stage for the elimination of the UDP as a political party on the ground and thus crippling any formidable adversary on the ground in run up to the election.
    We must be steadfast and stand by Darboe till to the bitter end. Their continued incarceration means suspension of all peaceful means of bringing change to country.
    If the other parties go ahead and take part in any future farce elections under these circumstances, then they must be held responsible for legitimising an illegitimate gov’t.
    We the people must do everything in our power to reach out to fellow Gambians and ensure that collectively we put up a formidable resistance to make life difficult for this regime pretending to be in charge.
    We cannot expect all Gambian a la mass to be equally engaging. The critical number is on our side. We must engage more and collectively we shall bring about change.
    We must at all times remember that the impunity is continuing because the regime is banking on the notion that we are hopelessly at odds within ourselves and wouldn’t be in the position to agree to a strategy going forward.
    Our strategy must be :release Solo’s body for proper burial and bring to court all persons responsible for his death, release Darboe &Co, a creditable electoral reform with a commission comprising of all political parties with equal representation among other qualified conditions prerequisite for a free and fair election.
    That is why I conjure with your aforementioned conclusion that all avenues for peaceful change has been closed and hence a divine right of the citizenry to effect change by all means necessary. It is our right to remain defiant.

    • I believe that Yaya Jammeh has set the conditions for his violent removal . The palace coup , some kind of military takeover or diaspora collaboration military intervention will result to end his regime and it is not going to be pretty , I hope I am very wrong so that history didn’t repeat itself about brutal executions after the takeover . Yaya Jammeh needs to resign now and simply ask for forgiveness but he will never do that . He is making the same mistake like other dictators before him .
      Jammeh cannot eliminate udp leadership . His attempt to eliminate udp will result to his demise .
      During the course of his regime, Jammeh has killed so many innocent citizens without any consequences but any harm to udp leadership is a declaration of war and civil strife in the country.

  3. Maxs, I don’t know what you want. I know that you are angry with everybody and blame everybody for keeping Jammeh here. If that is the case why don’t you just rest in peace if no one is cooperating with you. The snake you are referring to is in the country but you and your cutlass are in far away distant territory or is it that you want those who reside in country and did not share your sentiments to carry out your commands? We are waiting and will be happy if Jammeh can be removed by any means necessary but do spell out what is also necessary to allow people to know it otherwise you will be acting in isolation from those who should have otherwise act with you. Wish you well.

    • Yerro Ba , you can call me an angry man or whatever you want . I am angry because what happened to solo Sanderg was inhuman and injustice . I am angry because if one of my family member was tortured , raped or killed , I would be very sad , angry and live in sorrow . I am angry because I put my family or myself in the position of thousand of Gambian families whose relatives were victims of this regime . Yero Ba , I can tell you every day when I get up in the morning , I think about what I need to contribute for regime change . What is happening in The Gambia is injustice and human right violations . I think it is only heartless people like you who is not angry because you spend your entire time to defend a lie while you refused to even acknowledge the victims in the first place . There is none of your posting where you even care to condemn human right violations in The Gambia . All you do here is to defend only one person who is Halifa . I am angry because you refuse to recognize the truth . Any Gambian who is not angry about senseless killings and human rights violations in the country for the past 22 years must be a heartless human being who careless about humanity . So I have every right to be angry . I image if my dad was killed like solo Sanderg , I will be angry . So my anger is justifiable because I put my parents or loved ones in the position of those victims . You are not angry because if Jammeh kill your dad , you would still go around and praise him or his agents like your master . That is the difference between you and I . You are not angry because you failed to have empathy or sympathy for victims and their families . You are not angry because you do not have decency in you to stand for what is morally and constitutionally right which is why you even did not recognize that there are victims of human right volations In The Gambia .. I am angry because I imagine baby Aisha has to be detained and put behind bars for simply being the daughter of peaceful protester . I am angry because Yaya Jammeh himself has raped hundred of young vulnerable girls at gun point and those girls dignity and rights has been violated with total impunity . I am angry Yero because I see thousand of Gambians children being fatherless thanks to Jammeh’s terror machine . I am angry because I imagine children of Fatoumata jawara and Fanta Darboe and many others were without their mothers during birthday celebrations ,Mother’s Day or graduation day . I have millions of reasons to be angry about and my anger is especially directed at those who refuse to speak the truth , stand for the truth or are an agents of evil and untruthfulness . This is why I am angry . Tell me why you are not angry ?

      • Max…To be angry is human, but people manage their anger differently, and just because people are not “puffing” and “panting” like you, does not mean that they are not angry at the way the country is being run, especially with the abuses that result to fatalities. Don’t try to make such a claim because that would be false and disingenuous.

        Also, anger is of the heart but any sensible person would tell you that it is dangerous to allow your “heart”, instead of your head, to lead at times of distress, anger or challenging circumstances because most often than not, the decision(s) taken would be unwise, rash and could have effects that tend to worsen, rather than solve, the problem.

        I am certain that a good number of Gambians are not happy with the present state of things in the country, but they prefer to use their “heads” to achieve their goals of “taking back the country” from Jammeh’s criminal regime, and God willing, it will happen.

        I know you only invoke God when it suits you but object when others do the same, but I will invoke Allan’s (swt) Command to believers to be “Patient” and “Steadfast”. With patience and steadfastness, victory will eventually come to the people, Insha Allah.

        • Bax , why are you not angry ? You are not angry because you are happy with current situation . You are not angry because you do not have empathy and sympathy for the victims and their families instead you have sympathy for Jammeh and his officials as you said here before . Don’t misquote what God said about patience . It is our responsibility to change the situation as God himself said in the Quran and this is why personal responsibility and accountability comes to play . So you are telling Gambians to sit down and wait to be patience .

          • (1)…Sometimes, you talk absolute garbage…Why would I be happy with the current situation…? What is in it for me…? You tell this audience.

            (2)…And at other times, just outright lies…Where did I show sympathy for Jammeh and his officials..? Produce the evidence.

            What I said very clearly (sometime ago) was that I have sympathy for innocent family members of these (Jammeh) officials, who get targeted for no other reason than being his relatives.

            I remember your reaction to my statement that I did not show sympathy for the victims, which was nothing but lies.

            Let me make it very clear to you that I am not a callous human being like you and Yaya Jammeh, who shamelessly and without any remorse, target children for the wrongs of their parents; I do not consider Muhammed Jammeh “fair game” because of his father’s wrongs.

            Equally, I consider the detention of Yusupha Lowe (Bai Lowe’s son) and Meta Njie (Lamin Sanneh’s mum) and all innocent victims, as inhuman and a great injustice. I make no distinction between innocent family members of Jammeh officials or opposition officials.

            How about you…? Do you consider your exposure of Muhammed Jammeh’s medical conditions as an injustice against an innocent child…? Do you consider the harassment of Miriam Jammeh as an injustice against an innocent child. Do you consider these as injustices the same way you consider the killing of innocent children by Jammeh’s motorcade..?

            The Gambian People don’t need me to tell them to be patient. They have already shown tremendous patience during a most trying period of their country’s history, and I am confident that they will continue to show patience until they get what they want…

            You can indulge in your idle talk, for as long as you choose. That is your prerogative. And whilst you live in your fantasy world of coups or armed invasions without any concrete plans, those who live in the real world will continue to work on the ground for the change that we all seek.

          • Bax , you are indeed a happy man as far as Jammeh’s regime is concern. You are happy because you are against every effort which can result to regime change . You condemned December statehouse attackers, you castigated and ridiculed peaceful protesters by calling their efforts as messy and unplanned and even liken them as trouble makers and threat to peace , you are against udp lead coalition, you do sympathize with Jammeh and his family and his officials , you liken classification of diaspora as warmongers ,you are against any means that would cut off the head of snake . You are more in line with Jammeh who want the status quo to continue than me who want to end it by any means necessary. You are sympathetic to Muhammmed and Mariam Jammeh but you refused to support peaceful protesters. Mariama Jammeh is attending a board school at Manhattan, New York City at a tune of $ 80, 000 . ( eighty thousand dollars per year ) and you are still sympathetic to her while you failed to register your sympathy to baby Aisha who was detained for being the daughter of peaceful protester, you never expressed your outrage for detention of this little baby . Even when baby Aisha was released on bail , you never offered your support or sympathy to her but you can proudly advocates for Muhammmed Jammeh who has the best medical care , eating best food in the world and sleep on the best bed while his father continue to kill our fellow citizens. You think about that .

  4. Everything shows on his grotesque images from day one. His blood thirst and warmongering is not a secret at all. I believe he’s always got a blood spilling plan in his dangerously jealous leers. I have not seen an ill hearted person like Yaya in all my life being it in the Gambia or abroad.
    God have mercy on the Gambia please.

  5. Max if you think your this bigotry is your daily contribution to regime change, you must be daydreaming. Your anger will explode you as the person you should direct your anger at, does not know that you exist. The Multi million dollar question is, who will lead the violent regime change that you are propagating for? Is certainly not those in the USA who with their military trainings and expectations were taught a bitter lesson in their lives. You idiot will not leave your comfort zone for even a family visit, talk less of a protest.

    • Resorting to insult as you are doing bamba, is a vivid sign of moral bankruptcy and an admission of defeat. Please counter with argument instead of ill will.

    • Bamba, you may not like my contribution but please don’t disgrace yourself and expose your ignorance here. Why are you reading my postings or contribution if they are directed to the person who did not know I exist or they did not matter? Go tell that Jammeh and his Nia who spend countless hours online to figure what we said here.
      Gambians in USA and around the world will continue to make adjustments, plans and learn from past mistakes. Mistakes should serve as motivational factor to achieve our goal. In your narrow and igonrance mind, you do not understand that a mistake is use as a learning curve to make improvement in future goals. I am not going to tell you whether I will be part of any future plans if that is what you want. Castigating the brave heroes and patriotic citizens who sacrificed their lives for The Gambia in order to free the country from dictatorship is an evil comment. Each of those heroes had better lives than you filthy thing. All of them could have stayed in USA and enjoy their wealth and opportunities but they decided to put country first than their personal interest. Majority of people in diaspora are not selfish like you who careless about Gambian situation.

  6. Max there is no iota of evidence that those who wanted to take over the country in December were to salvage the country from the clutches of tyranny. In fact every sign indicates that they would have been more dictatorial than Jammeh. It was a matter of get rich quick at the expense of Gambians and no wonder it failed miserably. Call me names i don’t give a hoot about, but is the fact. Stop giving the false impression that these are heroes who sacrificed their lives for Gambians.Kinteh and Bourne I have classified in the same position as Max and I will not dwell any further. It is time to face the facts and tell them as they are as is part of the struggle. Jammeh is bad but he has his positives which is incomparable with the contributions of some bigots and loudmouths in this “so called” struggle. You can take that to the bank for all I care.

    • Bamba , the December statehouse attackers all had decent careers and successful business in their own ways . They have lived in USA for long time with great opportunities . Look at mr Njie who financed the coup , he was real estate developer with tremendous financial success . Papa Faal was Air Force veteran with two master degrees , col Lamim Sanneh had a Master degree , captain jagne was a commander at Kentucky national guard and Iraq war veteran with all benefits he could have enjoyed and the list goes on. Each of these people could have careless about The Gambia but they put the country first . If They wanted to destroy the country , they could have done that in a Twinkle of eye because they had capabilities to do so but their interest was not to harm any one .,these are patriot who sacfriced their lives for The Gambia . What evidence you do have to indicate that they wanted to get rich quick ? You are indeed ignorance individual . Last time you Made stupid allegation that I wanted to use Foroyaa and pdois to seek asylum and you are now coming up with another foolish allegation that statehouse attackers wanted to get rich quick . If you want to support jammeh that is your right but you have no right to lie about people without any evidence . I am sure if jammeh killed your father , you won’t come here to say he has his positive . Can you tell us what positive things he has done for your little brain . If your sister was raped or tortured , would you still claimed jammeh has his positive .

  7. Deyda Haidara

    Marx, your heart has spoken and we hear you loud and clear. Inshallah Yaya Jammeh will be violently remove from power. It is either the soldiers doing it or the civilians doing it but it will be done.
    Yaya Jammeh used force to get to state house, the same force will be used to remove him from state house.
    Thank you.

  8. Please fellows we need political maturity here. Jammeh is angry too that’s why he killed SOLO. A small country of less than 2millions still cannot find a common ground against a common enemy?? Pathetic that’s what it is!! With all these chicken political parties springing up everywhere. Something is wrong with us and international community knew this a long time ago, that’s why they just sat and watch us with Yahya.

    • Yelli, you are right that something is fundamentally wrong with us . I think it is all about selfishness, hypocrisy and dishonesty. Look at pdois for example, they represent only their selfish political and business interests. If they are truly interested In regime change they would have joined a common fight for electoral reforms but their leader is blaming the udp for what it called a mistake of spontaneous protest . Halifa continue to spin and even attacked Disapora for speaking up against injustice in the country. Even today he refused to acknowledge that solo Sanderg was killed which is just hypocrisy and dishonesty. Even solo killers confirmed that he was killed then why Halifa of all people will write a foolish and dishonest letter as if he demented or he brain is incapacitated .,
      Recent revival of NCP by Dr Bojang is another indication of selfishness. Instead of joining forces with udp , they are going to create divisions among opposition.
      What happened to sanni abacha should happen to Jammeh , we should get some very beautiful light-skinned big butt ladies and recruit them and few others to get rid of this sexual pervert in statehouse. This is easy method we can get rid of this evil .,

  9. Yelli take your sermons to where it comes from. You have no moral authority to preach about maturity when you refer to others as chicken political parties. That is absurd to say the least.

    • Just like everyone else. I have the right to my opinion. My opinion after reading all the personal attacks here, we need political maturity very badly. We all in this together.

      • Sorry for late coming @Bamba. Indeed you think you have some moral authority to preach about maturity here by expressing contempt for the death of dead people. Those guys will be everybody’s national hero everywhere in the world except the small Gambia with its varieties of bad mindsets. The U.S special forces always suffer casualities in almost all rescue operations. That why they are always considered heroes whether dead or live.

  10. Max…

    My advice to you is to concentrate your energy on how to get Lawyer Darboe and his executive out of this messy situation, rather than what Mr Sallah, PDOIS and the other opposition leaders should do. None of those people are taking any notice of you, in case you didn’t notice.

    As for me, I think I have now been convinced that what I mistakenly recognised in you, as a “spur of the moment” flaw, is actually a character trait and this realisation will indeed be very helpful to me in future discussions.

    Perhaps, you should be informed that I don’t lie, even against my opponents and will not begin now. My position on the targeting of innocent people, including children, for no other reasons than their relationship to our opponents, is very clear. I will not waste any more time on that..

    I am aware of the involvement of baby Aisha in this mess, but only as a consequence of the detention of her mum, rather than for her own detention and it will be unethical of me to make any claims to the contrary. Correct me if I am wrong, but baby Aisha is not among the list of detainees/accused persons that appeared before the courts or are reported missing.

    Of course, detaining a lactating mother is an act of beastiality that only those that have no qualms at targeting children are capable of, but that doesn’t warrant the concoction of lies to expose such cruelty of such low life people.

    My question to you, with regards to the NIA affidavit before the court, is whether you trust it to be the truth, and if yes, why…?

    Would you also consider the report, from the same sources, that Daba Marenah and co. have indeed escaped whilst being transported to Jangjanbureh, to be the truth…? If yes, why..? And if No, why the double standards : because both reports are coming from the same source..?