Where Is The Oblivious Bun Sanneh?

bun-sanneh-sbun-sannehAll went so quiet about Ebrima Bun Sanneh since his unceremonious exit from the Gambia Police Force and subsequently as the former director of the National Drug Enforcement Agency. Bun Sanneh as was commonly called used to live in Tallinding where he was so arrogant to us the neigbours and quietly terrorized us psychologically as tool to get us into supporting his political party.

A half-baked educated former police officer never hid his support for the dictator whom he supported so well, thus almost much feared in Tallinding, not because he used to carry a pistol in the neighborhood, but he was in a position to report anyone to the authorities or even arrest you because he had the “human power” as a former police officer and an APRC loyalist and was so oblivious of the fact that he won’t remain in his position forever.

While Bun had/has the constitutional right to support any political party/leader of his choice of which was the APRC/dictator Yahya Jammeh, he did it wrongly in Tallinding where as neigbours who lived together side by side peacefully before the coming of Yaya Jammeh into politics had no such political issues between us to an extent of creating suspicion. This support by Bun was done with arrogance and total distain for the good neigbourliness and mutual respect we have been having in Tallinding.

Bun was in the habit of carrying his official pistol tucked in between his underwear and his trouser anytime he is taking a walk in the neighbourhood. He used to do it in a way that if he was passing you or meeting him in the streets; you must see the pistol. Also, he made sure he greeted you in order to draw your attention to the hand-gun he was carrying. Bun was also without respect for our Tallinding Muslim worshippers as he used to carry the pistol into the mosque and would pretend to have forgotten the pistol in the mosque. This would later be taken to him at his home by some worshippers who thought he forgot the pistol by mistake. This was an intimidation tactic he employed thinking it would force some of us to cross-carpet into APRC.

Interestingly, Bun confided into someone in the neighborhood that he made a mistake and is so embarrassed to now visit Tallinding because of his past sycophancy with the neighbours since he moved out to his new compound in Yundum (I think).

Ebrima Bun Sanneh was indeed oblivious that dictator Yahya Jammeh does not have friends; he forgot that neigbours came first before Yahya Jammeh; he forgot that any position on this earth and especially in the government of Yahya Jammeh is very temporal; he forgot that he can’t intimidate people with a gun; he forgot that Yahya Jammeh will go sooner or later and that our relationship and good neighborliness shall always remain forever.

This is just a reminder and a simple message for Bun Sanneh that he owes an apology to his former neighbours in Tallinding for his careless attitude he demonstrated while he was at his peak. May Allah help Bun with a better mindset and a good thinking faculty.

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  1. Bun has seen nothing yet. Allah said in the Quran what he hates the most is pride and arrogance which consider the lowest in his list. We all have to be careful not end up like Bun Sanneh. Ameen

  2. I have persistently boobed in spelling ‘sycophant’ as ‘psycophant’. SYCHOPATH could have been a much better spelling mistake.
    These are the sickest type of people in our society.