Illegality Bedevils Gambia As Protesters Case Heard Outside Jurisdiction

Fatoumata Jawara is a prisoner of conscience
Fatoumata Jawara has been tortured until she pees blood!

The unexplained transfer of the trail of April 14th protesters to Mansankonko is yet another clear manifestation of the Gambia government’s disregard for the rule of law. There is no justification of transferring the case to a jurisdiction different from where the alleged crime takes place.

Fatoumata Jawara and her co-accused today appeared before a magistrate in Mansakonko. This followed after the remanded detainees were transferred to Jan Jan Bureh prisons. Families were not put in the picture either.

The accused persons were mercilessly tortured soon after their arrest, resulting to the death of Solo Sandeng. Leakage of Mr. Sandeng’s callous and inhumane death forced the executive and supporters of the United Democratic Party to the streets.

Like the case of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and co, Mansakoko case was also greeted with defiance. All the accused persons refused to legitimise what is purely illegitimate and illegal trial.

The prosecution led its witnesses, sub-Inspector Pateh Baldeh and First Class Kebba M. Jallow, to testify in the sham trial before inviting accused persons to cross-examine the witnesses. The Accused persons who are without lawyers answered with long silence.

Despite the prompt nature of the trial, some opposition supporters have managed to travel to Mansakonko to offer solidarity to the remanded detainees.

Defendants lawyers have earlier rubbished the transfer of the trial to Mansakonko. The legal team, headed by Barrister Antouman Gaye, walked out of the court in protest against Justice Dada’s condoning of travesty of justice. President Yahya Jammeh’s mercenary Nigerian judge’s decision to slant justice in favour of the state caused anger and frustration among defence lawyers.



  1. Once again, there are brave Gambians putting their lives on line, on the ground to support change in the Gambia. I am reposting my earlier post requesting patriotic Gambians to double our efforts in providing all necessary support to these gallant citizens and ignore wordy distractions from Khalifa and his PDOIS disciples.

    “As we speak and write volumes here, people are still defying Jammeh and openly demonstrating their support for Darboe and co. We in the diaspora must continue to give them strong moral and financial support to ensure that Jammeh is removed from power by all and any means possible.

    Don’t give a hoot to the huff and puff of hot air from Khalifa and his PDOIS disciples. Their fate is intertwined with Jammeh’s and they know it. A bunch of pretentious intellectuals who only came into focus because of Jammeh’s mediocrity.

    Khalifa like Jammeh does not like Gambians in the Diaspora. In Jammeh’s case, we are out his reach of terror, and for Khalifa, he knows most of us are just as smart, and see hypocrisy behind the spurious intellectualism. He can go write a big fat book about the plight of sovereign people in Jammeh’s Gambia, and his dwindling disciples will peddle it as the new gospel”

  2. Modou, your suggestion is hereby seconded.
    Let each of us contributing in or/and reading this forum, convinced about the necessity for action, reach out to 5 Gambians in their community to convince them about the need to participate. Set-up chat groups in Viper/WhatsApp etc and spread the word.
    Financial support for those laying down their jobs and lives is a must. We can help and must help. The ordeal they are taking on themselves, is all about eradicating impunity. An impunity that will befall all of us sooner or later.

  3. True Gambian

    We should start doing something about these judges. If they are hired to lock up innocent people just to satisfy Yaya Jammeh, we should start finding ways to attck and even get rid of them.
    As long as we did not teach one of these judges a lesson, they will never stop what they are doing. They are condoning all these nonsenses because they are not facing any threat.
    Let’s set an example with justic Dada. Can some forward justic Dadas address for us on this site please?

    • True Gambian , you are right . so long as these people did not face any threat from Gambians they will continue to do their criminal activities . Gambians should start to kidnap or terrorize these idiots including jammeh’s thugs and their families .

      • The Nigeria government should start thinking about the meddling of its citizens as legal practitioners in the Gambia.

  4. Modou and your likes, I pray that God give you long life to increase your senses of reasoning and objectivity to say the truth. Even if people talk about the late rain, you go and hurl insults at Halifa as if he is the one who denied your Messiah from becoming what you intend him to be. For you Halifa, has no right to exist and should be wiped out from the face of Gambian politics. You are just suffering from inferioty complex brothers go get life for yourselves.

    • Bamba , I think you have a big problem . Why can’t you understand that Halifa is a Gambian who happen to be a leader of pdois party and he must be criticized when we see the evidence that he is spinning for Jammeh or he is an obstacle for Jammeh’s removal as far political means is concern . Free yourself from inferiority complex . You have inferiority complex which is why you think highly of mr sallah as if he is never wrong .

  5. Max of course I have a problem, and my problem is being unable to understand why you hate Halifa so much to the extent that you spew insults at him on every topic on this forum. Hamat Bah said he is not going to be part of any coalition that is led by the UDP and you have no problem with that. Henry Gomez is just from chastising the Mandinkas and you are okay with that. Halifa is spending his valuable time to attend udp’s trial in a show of solidarity and is using their newspaper to bring to light the travesty of justice in the trial of the UDP and you as a udp sympathiser is not comfortable with that. You need to tell this readership where your hatred emanates from, as is certainly not his conduct as a politician. Are you among those who wanted to use Halifa and Foroyaa against their principle and policy to get political asylum, as your criticism of him is devoid of logic and commonsense. We know about you and we read about and we came to the conclusion that we are not going to be swayed by your rubbish in our support for the principle and policy upon which Foroyaa is founded on. You are selfish beings interested only in your wellbeing.

    • Bamba , first of all your allegation that I hate Halifa is just ignorance comment and it is completely baseless because I do not have any hatred or I’ll-will against mr sallah but I do not like his hypocrisy and dishonesty in politics . Another silly , ridiculous and funny assertion that you made ; I quote “You want to use halifa and foroyaa against their principle and policy to get political asylum ” is indeed another igonrance statement . If you have nothing else to say , keep your mouth shut and do not disgrace yourself. Those who are only interested in seeking Asylum do not spend their valuable time to expose the regime and continue to educate Gambians about Jammeh’s human rights violations , corruption , mismanagement and sexual terrorism . If I wanted to get asylum as you falsey stated, I would have written one or two articles about Jammeh’s regime and put my full picture so that immigration officials of any country will be able to identify me and grant me asylum when I apply but to criticize or use Halifa who is not part of any leadership of the regime as a way to get asylum is just low IQ reasoning. You need to educate yourself about seeking asylum. In fact , I do not like the hypocrisy of some Gambians who used our country name to seek asylum and once they get their asylum they never care about political and human rights situation in The Gambia. I respect those Gambians who genuinely were victims of Jammeh’s terror machine and once they get their asylum they continue to fight and care about the Gambians situation both privately and publicly. I am not criticizing Halifa or Jammeh for any personal benefits . My efforts in terms of financial contribution , education and demonstrations or protest is meant to change the regime so that democracy and rule of law will be restored in The Gambia .Stop exposing your igonrance for the Gambians . The reason why I criticize Halifa is because of his refusal to work with any one, his obstruction to unity , leadership failure and he continue to castigate diaspora as well as used coded language aganist udp . Ahmed bah didn’t castigate diaspora . Ahmad had attended many meetings in diaspora and he hasn’t stated his unwillingness to work with udp . So stop making things up in your head . Henry Gomez is irrelevant individual so I do not waste my time on him . If Halifa has been willing to work with diaspora , show true effort in regime change and openly condemn Jammeh by calling him what he is then I will consider him genuine . Halifa showing up at UDP trial as an observer or spectator doesn’t make any impact on the outcome of the trial . A true freedom fighter didn’t go to a trial and act as an observer or neutral person , a true freedom fighter will be at a trial to show support and demand unconditional release of his fellow fighters just like every day those patriotic Gambians are doing . Halifa’s or Ahmad bah presence at this trial is complete hypocrisy and photo-up . They should have mobilized their supporters to demand unconditional release of all peaceful protesters and also demand electoral reforms . Tell me if they did any of those important points . Use your brain to connect the dots and stop being obsessive about Halifa .

      • Bamba seem to bear that particular type of a naive Gambian mindset who thinks you hate or you’re jealous of public figures for criticising their ideologies.
        Come on Bamba, stop being dumb like @Yerro!

      • Max Halifa has gained his freedom and has no freedom to fight for. He said cowards test death many times before they die and that he will test death only once. Seedia said nobody is yet born, who will deprive him from his freedom. I was in court and saw how some Udp supporters rushed to greet Halifa with sobriety. I called your name to draw your attention to how Halifa is being revered by the UDP, but you must have been probably in the toilet. If you did not know Hamat’s stance on coalition as far as udp is concern, that exposes your ignorance in Gambian politics. By the way which several meetings organized by the diaspora did Hamat attend? Halifa will never attend any meeting organized by the cyber warriors. You can take that to the Oval Office. Was he not at Atlanta meeting which gave rise to the formation of NADD?

        • Bamba , stop lying . Halifa cannot even say whether solo was dead or not when he knew solo was actually killed . He is a dishonest politician who refused to call a spade a spade . Why is he writing a foolish letter when he knew solo Sanderg was killed ? He has no respect from any udp supporters except you ignorance folks who are indocrinated. Your inferiority complex is exposing your ignorance. Halifa will never attend diaspora meeting because he know diaspora will not allow him to lead freely without any accountability. He spin for Jammeh using foroyaa . Halifa should be grateful for diaspora who initiated Nadd which he later hijacked for his selfish interest. If he is not interested in leadership as you dishonest people implied many times , why he did declared himself presidential candidate? You are all sitting in your headquarters in serekunda and coaching each other what stupid respond to make here . Why is foroyaa newspaper is the only newspaper which has never been attacked, banned but independent, standard , point newspaper and others were banned , attacked in last 22 years ? Can you give answer to that question? Halifa is an agent who is spinning for Jammeh and to legitimize dictatorship for his selfish interest. Udp leadership has recognized that Halifa is a selfish politician and this is why in the last congress , udp leadership has stated that they will not waste their time with fringe politicians who are not interested in unity . Pdois has very stupid political strategy which is why in 40 years they are not making any progress. Now that udp leadership is in political motivated court cases , pdois has positioned itself as a mediator instead of joining the fight to rescue the country . Bamba , you are a despicable individual with low IQ . What a stupid claims you continue make here .

  6. Bamba Lie

    Halifa claimed the PDOIS leadership status on his own accord, & was given; hence as (a) politician (& ANYBODY else for that matter are all) liable to criticism & diagnosis for selfless intentions & contributions to COMMUNAL (NOT selfish/partisan) interests above; Hamat Bah have chosen sides after the first election & mortgaged his sole with our blood money in contract to legitimize dictatorship; Henry Gomez manifested the same low-level yaya KILLER DEVIL ethnic chastise profiling who fell short to threaten war on Mandinkas; Henry is lying to his teeth (otherwise), in the democratic process (WOLLOF – Jawara sosseh la, waii nyepp la sausal….); despite the corruption there were NO wanton murders, rapes, torture, kidnaps, disappears & molestations WHATSOEVER; so chastising Mandinkas & any other tribe(s) never in Gambia communal interests ever…..

    Politics should (must) evolve around collective common communal interests beneficial to majority & communities generally; in democracy & humanity in decency, everyone are subjective & liable to scrutiny & tests geared towards the common good as humans to each others’ keepers; the so-called politicians manipulatively lying to hoodwink in calculated prioritized political gains inclusive in the very litmus test(s) for DECENT leadership qualities amongst others.

    Halifa haven’t been entirely honest with his manipulative manoeuvres, particularly of lately, hence the criticisms; the same scrutinising holds for anybody else (politicians or none)….

    Kamalo acknowledged the constitutionality in the sovereign (& ONLY) power of the people as articulated by article no. 2 of Gambian constitution; attempts has been manipulated by Halifa & disciples (in arguments in defense) to misinterpret & misinform as to where the ultimate power lines in reclaim confrontations for liberation; the mandatory reclaim of the subordinate temporary servant privileges (otherwise referred to as power) vested in incumbency when flagrantly flawed as in Gambia for past 22 years is OBLIGATED responsibilities of ALL Gambians & otherwise, including those purposely in exploitations….

    Halifa presents himself genuine but with dubious questionable manifestations; while Halifa & some of you pretentiously sound well in your sayings & acknowledgements, your actions speak louder as continued to manifest; just like yaya KILLER DEVIL Witchcraft pretentious “preaches” for humanity safety whilst having human leg in mouth as chew-stick….

    In this a struggle, the Gambian masses are determinedly mandated by birthright, supported by friends & international community to ensure peaceful coexistence continuity regardless of at whatsoever worthy costs; the political parties & leaderships have sides to choose, for the suffering masses (vs) against the MURDEROUS OPPRESSIVE kanilai KILLER DEVIL; UDP alone have so far fulfilled the litmus political test, genuinely leaning generally in the oppressed masses favours as constitutionally stipulated, required & demanded, as to the rest of the so-called political parties & selfish leaderships….

    NO amount of twisted intimidating manipulations, insults & what got you, from the MURDEROUS yaya KILLER DEVIL, agents, elements, enablers & disciples will EVER deter determined Gambians from overcoming the obstacles strewn on our path to liberation NO matter what….

    We are getting better, closing on & will be there sooner; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia….

  7. Bamba, i cannot thank you enough. Do not scrtach your head too much thinking about the motive behind Max’s and Deyda’s expressed hatred of Halifa and PDOIS. You have answered your lamentation at the end of your writeup. Maxs and co’s interest which runs counter to the national interest is the overridding motive behind all their endless ranting in cyberspace which has no effect at all. You cannot redeem such people because their personal interest is so paramount to them that it surpassess all other interests to the point of sickening them mentally.
    As a ardent Foroyaa reader, there is not a single day that Foroyaa does not say something helpful towards the solution to the problems besetting the victims of this demos. Halifa and Sidia are either at the courts to give solidarity, or working at the Inter Party Committee to make sure they are free or at best condemning or pressurising the regime to free them. How many times did the PDOIS said they are not competing anyone for the leadership of the country. The pdois is leaving its work and doing everything to help in solving this impasse in the political scene. I do hope that reasonable and sensible supporters of the udp will see these few out of place as negative characters who are not representing the UDP in anyway.

    • Maliyamungu and co. are you and the Pdois. You who want people’s real identities disclosed. You are a shameless and greedy hypocrite who knows writing lots of rubbish.

    • Yero Ba , stop lying here . For past two months you have been saying pdois is working on the release of peaceful protesters then why are they not release if pdois has such an influence ? Why is taking so long ? I know you will support Bamba liar claimed that we hate Halifa because of personal interest which is just plain stupid and demented statement. Bamba is another liar like you who will say anything to please your soul about Halifa . If I am interested in personal benefit , don’t you think it will be useful to use my full identity in this forum rather use pseudonym in my postings or articles . I cannot understand why you will support a lie in broad day light but I shouldn’t be surprised because that is the hallmark of your character or contributions . So I wasn’t criticizing Jammeh to seek an asylum but I am criticizing pdois for personal interest . What a sick thought . All your efforts is to know my identify . you are an agent of dictatorship .

      • Watch them cold bloodedness @Max. They are very dangerous deep throats. Who knows if @Yerro is a Nasty Idiots Agent in person……… It won’t surprise me however reading and feeling the horror in between his lines. They never feel the shame because they are all psycopaths.

  8. Max the difference between Udp and Aprc is like six and half a dozen, they all want dominance of Gambian politics and had shown the traits of dictatorship in their conducts and utterances. The Aprc said they are the ruling party and they will not work with any opposition party critical of their governance. The Udp said they are the leading opposition party and all other opposition parties should rally behind them without any pre – conditions or questions.The Aprc refers to the opposition parties as coackroaches and the UDP refers to other opposition parties as fringe and insignificant. Nothing is stupid more than an educated person if you get him off the subject he is educated at, is an Indian proverb. Darboe’s is a lawyer in every sense if the word, but in politics he can take a cue from others that he refers to as insignificant and fringe.

    • Bamba , when it comes to coalition , udp stated what is the most sensible , feasible and practical and proven method across the world , that is a party with bigger support should lead any coalition . This was what happened in almost all countries where opposition parties won election . This is the common sense udp was telling you and your fellow confused people .

      • Max the issue of the party with bigger support to lead a coalition, is not automatic and is not a hard and fast rule. The udp is trying to come to terms with being unable to select a flag bearer after Darboe has been illegible to contest. Behind who is the other opposition parties going to rally behind in udp, who are yet to identify a flag bearer?

  9. Max may come later to shed light in your Pdois shack of confucation but what I would like to urge you is reach your inner crib to see for yourself, that actions like demonstrations are inevitable where a countries constitution is disabled and invalidated by despots to service in the entrenchment of their dictatorships.Darboe may categorically refer to minor political parties as ‘fringe’; I’m not sure but if he did, ain’t no big deal about it because all mickles make muckles. We know the Gambia is a small country where it is very difficult for its people to converge on anything common in sense and stately mostly due to the fact that we have put a lot of importance and values to our abstract cultural heritages and identities.This is a reason why I think the tribe thing should be X’ed and dumped to decay.
    Every Gambian can think and see it the way we want but one thing for sure is that, there is a truth about every situation and otherwise in the Gambia’s political resolve is doom on all of us.

  10. Yerro sorry for not acknowledging your thanks.I am humbled but it is time to take these bigots and incorrigible liars head – on. Civility is out of their vocabularies and we will take them on the language that they can decipher. They hide under the facade of being udp supporter, but their sincerity is questionable as they don’t see the good in people associating themselves or should I say Halifa with the concerns of Udp. They peddle and trade lies against this descent citizen of our land and expects genuine citizen to be mute about it. No not as long as I breathe.

    • Bamba , I think you are just ignorant bigot who careless about The Gambia . If your mother was sexually abused by the Jammeh’s thugs , would you claimed that he has his positive or would you still claimed that pdois shouldn’t protest for what is morally and constitutionally right ? Why can’t you put yourself in the position of these peaceful protesters who were severely tortured , raped or killed as they expressed their constitutional right for electoral reforms? Remember, it was somebody else’s mother , father or sister who were tortured , raped or killed . You are worthless son which is why you refused to stand up for the peaceful protesters . If your problem is why we criticise Halifa for his dishonesty, hypocrisy and lack of leadership, I am educating your silly and ignorant mind that Halifa is a leader of pdois who must be criticized for what he is . Halifa called us warmongers when he refused to condemn Jammeh . I am a full supporter of udp because they stand for what is morally and constitutionally right. I bet if your father was killed like solo Sanderg , would you still claimed that pdois shouldn’t support peaceful protesters . What a selfish individual you are. I bet you have the same mindset as those thugs and rapists who tortured those decent ladies .
      As for Yero Ba or alpha Ba or whatever you called yourself , you are eating crumbs after Halifa which is why you cannot see the light . Your corrupt mind is blind to the truth . You are Halifa’s errand boy so I expect you to continue your outlandish claims and ridiculous allegations. Every time you are quick to quote foroyaa because of your association with the mouthpiece of pdois .Shame on you for refusing to stand for the truth . You claimed last week that you were in diaspora but today you stated you are waiting for me in The Gambia. Your lies are catching up with you . You have been exposed. I know your last week posting was not your English language but it was one of the people at your bureau who coached you . Shame on you .

      • Max the reason/s why the Foroyaa newspaper has never and will never be attacked unlike other newspapers you mentioned has been provided Supra. Or put it another way they have stood their ground since at the heat of the moment. No newspaper in The Gambia is presently more critical of the Aprc than Foroyaa. You will not read in newspapers any editorial of an opinion against the Government’s decision to prosecute the UDP executive apart from Foroyaa. Stop peddling lies that Halifa selected himself as flag bearer.

        • Foroyaa and pdois are agents of legitimizing dictatorship which is why they are given opportunity to write Vague and general statements in their editorial. A dictator need some form of legitimacy which foroyaa and pdois is providing. A stupid mind or brainwashed person like you will never understand that .

  11. Max your problem is that you are so full of yourself. You think living in the USA and earning your living through unskilled jobs is an insurance to have monopoly over writing good English than those in the country. This is pomposity of the highest order. Your are a dummy.

    • Bamba, I am very sure you guys sit down in your bureau and coach each other about how to respond to me. I know how Yero ba write because I have been debating him here for long time. Pdois is so worry about my writings that you are employing every kind of tactics to respond to me.
      Bamba, whether people make their living through what you called “unskilled jobs” doesn’t matter. What matter is that they have decency to work harder for their lives and to help their families. So the so-called unskilled jobs is what helping thousands of Gambians in the diaspora to make decent living free from corruption. It is a pride we take in providing for our families and ourselves. I can tell 100 percent that I got paid for the hours I worked, when I go to work, I clock- in by using my fingerprint and when it is time to go home, I clock -out by the same fingerprint. Nobody will be able to clock in and clock out for me and I make sure I never get late at work. At the end of the week, I get paid based on the hours I worked. Absolutely no cheating at all. If I am late for example, I have to have good reason why I am late. So I am personally responsible for my life and how much money I make in a decent and honest way. This is the life majority of Gambians in diaspora live in USA and many western countries. What I described above, do majority of people in your office live their lives in that manner? I doubt they do. I think your goal is to know my profession which is why you called me “unskilled” worker . So you name calling did not matter because I have a decent job which by the standard of any religion, I am making a honest living. This is what matters to me and I am very proud of it. You have your skilled jobs if that is what is going to help you to make a living.

  12. Max the fact that your mother had been sexual abused cannot invalidate Jammeh ‘ positives.You have every right to support any party of your choice, but that does not extend to the right to compel others to support the party of your choice. Pdois will not protest just because udp is protesting. I don’t know how many times we have to repeat this to get into your obstinate brain. The Udp’s protest has not paid any dividend and some have started subduing before the IGP, by signing an undertaken never to involve in future protest and hence their bail.If udp’s hard core supporters deposed to affidavits that they will never take part in any future protests, why should Pdois whose policies, programs and objectives are diametrically opposed to those of the UDP join in udp’s protest? That would be self defeatism. Stop lying that you are a full udp supporter because you don’t know anything about their policies, programs and objectives. You are probably just one of those who might have put Amado Sanneh in trouble.

    • Bamba , clearly you have no moral compass and decency in you . You have demonstrated that since you started your posting . If Yaya Jammeh has sexually abused your mother or sisters as he has done to other’s people’s mothers and sisters , I am very sure you will still go around and praise him just like you are bad mouthing those who stood up for their rights . I know if any human being insulted anyone’s parents I will never support, advocate or go near that person but I will support and stand for the victims , in this case the peaceful protesters . This is why I asked you , if your mother was sexually assaulted and abused just like those decent ladies or our mother Nogoi Njie , would you still claimed that udp protest didn’t pay dividends and pdois shouldn’t support what is right ? I have no doubt in my mind that you have no moral values because your parents did not teach you good moral values which is why you refused to support decent women who are violated and they can be your mother . You are the type of people who would sexually abused your own mother for the sake of injustice and yet it will not make any negative perception in your mind . What a despicable human being and moral decay person you are .
      Any right thinking human being will always put themselves in the position of those who are abused and victimized . This is why udp leadership and all protesters put themselves in the positions of solo Sanderg and those arrested . They showed empathy and sympathy and put themselves in the positions of these people. Lawyer Darboe even said that his conscience cannot allowed him to stay home when they brutally killed solo and tortured his fellow citizens. It is the same reason that Halifa and pdois should put themselves in the positions of these peaceful protesters so that right thing will be done .
      Your claim that udp supporters pledged that they will never protest again is another lie . Stop your lies. You are coming up with lies after lies to satisfy your heartless soul . Your lied that I wanted to use pdois and foroyaa to look for asylum when you know nothing about me , secondly you lied that I am unskilled worker and thirdly you lied again I am one of those people who put Amadou Sanneh in trouble. When are you going to stop your lies and be decent in your presentation. I told you if I am looking for an asylum I won’t waste my time to write hundreds of comments and many articles without putting my full picture and identity but your thick skull and ignorance mind won’t let you to understand that . Immigration officials of any country would need my full identity if I am looking for political asylum, therefore your stupid claimed is as rotten as yourself . You can continue to make your stupid and foolish allegations about me but decent people who have been reading my comments over the years knows that I am a real patriotic Gambian who care about my country and humanity . Each of your stupid allegations without any evidence makes you look like a despicable person with full intentions to silence me against the criticism of mr sallah , pdois and Jammeh’s regime . You have no iota of who you are dealing with . I will tell you to have empathy and sympathy so that you will finally understand what your fellow citizens are going through . I am grateful for having moral values which teach me about empathy and sympathy for fellow human beings . You need to go back to all my comments , you will understand that I am here to advocate and defend what is morally and constitutionally right .

      • It is that species of the Gambian we have been calling sycophants which is not just an adequate title for such men if @Bamba is a man after all. I will bet, one like @Bamba is indifferent where his own mother and sisters are sexually abused while he watches as far as he is promised food and beverages. To some people in the Gambia, every woman is a mother and they all deserve respect whilst some are out their to abuse and sell out the dignity of our women.
        We need a family of our own and that way we will learn how to respect women and not abuse and demoralise them. Sloths don’t want a family!

  13. WOW WOW This is what PDOIS has been reduced to. Max on behalf of all decent Gambians I apologize to you. I have followed your debates and never once did you insult anyone in such a manner.

    • Thank you Hammer , Bamba has no moral values and he is like those thugs who tortured our sisters , mothers and fathers who are currently detained . I believe that the way i respect and love my parents is the same way i should love and respect other people’s parents. It make me sick to see these people treat other people parents in horrific and cruel manner . Bamba and his likes are type of people who carry out these crimes . this is why he has no concern about the rights of his fellow citizens . It is time we ask these criminals personal questions whether they would treat their mothers and fathers the way and manner they have cruelly treated their fellow citizens especially the elder people and women. we should ask if their loved ones are in this situation whether they would castigate them . Bamba’s insult is the reflection of who he is. Nogoi Njie and others did not deserve this horrific treatment . I empathized these people which is why i imagine the pain and the violations of their rights . Let Bamba keep up his insult .

  14. Deyda Haidara

    Marx, my brother, sorry I am coming to this debate very late. All I can say to describe PDOIS, its leadership and disciples is that they will NEVER enjoy power in the Gambia. The freedom that Bamba is boasting about and satisfied with is the same shameful freedom that 1.5 millions have in the Gambia which simply put is “mind your business and never CROSS Jammeh’s line”. By doing so you will enjoy the FAKE freedom that is more than ENOUGH for PDOIS membership. One should NEVER expect PDOIS to go after Jammeh and his regime except writing letters to play with the gallery and maintaining the Faroyaa paper SOFTLY and SOFTLY not to suffer closure, arson as the other papers did. Well let them stay there since other basic democratic FREEDOMS such as enjoyed by Senegalese which the Gambians are fighting for the past 22 years is not their beef.
    Secondly Bamba has cleared said they will NEVER join the UDP as their ideologies, programs and way of life is diametrically oppose to those of the UDP.
    Since they will NEVER rule the Gambia I have no need to argue with with HATERS.

  15. Max when Darboe set out with his executive to go and demand the body of Solo dead or alive, what he cautioned his supporters was against using abusive and provoking language on any person. He was not talking to an uninitiated brat like you. Who the he’ll do you think you are that you can make reference to people’s parents and succeed it abusive language and yet feign that you did not insult anybody’s parents? If that is the way you have been brought, let me tell you that in the Gambian context, it is an insult which anybody having relevant characteristics of a sane person will take offense at. If you have no respect for your parents which I know you don’t, people have.

    • Bamba , the problem in the Gambia is that people like you did not put themselves in the position of the victims which is why we have so many atrocities in the country .The essence of having an empathy and sympathy is to put yourself in the position of other people whether they are your parents , relatives , friends neighbors or fellow citizens . You are here to criticize those who protested and those who support the peaceful protesters and this was why i asked you if your mother was sexually abused or your father was sexually abused or killed , would you still claimed that we should not support peaceful protesters who are fighting for their rights. in other words , if your father was solo sanderg , would you till claimed that pdois shouldnt protest to fight for the right thing. remember someone else parents , brother , sisters or aunt were tortured , raped and killed . As i said , if any of my family were victims just like these people , i would protest , express my outrage and demand justice just like i am doing for the peaceful protesters . would you do the same thing ? do you think if sheikh omar jeng mother was sexually abused or killed , would he not protest or express his outrage ? He would . This is why i made reference to your parents since you are defending the pdois for not protesting . do you see the logic of my reference to your parents . it is like a golden rule . treat others the way you want to be treated . It is the same reason our constitution call for fair treatment and equality before the law. so next time something horrific happen to other people , try to put yourself or your parents in the positions of the victims . this is the lesson for you and all the pdois disciples. it is a lesson which will help our citizens to live in peace , harmony and respect for each others rights . i hope you get this in your immoral mind. , i bet your parents did not instill these basic characters of humanity in you. Lawyer Darboe have empathy and sympathy that was reason why he led his people to put themselves in the position of the victims. I am very very initiated because i learn empathy and sympathy early in my life. the question i asked you is the same question i will ask those who bad mouth these peaceful protesters . PLEASE have empathy .
      empathy , empathy empathy .

  16. I too won’t advise @Max to clean the tip of his pencil either, atleast for now. More horrible rudeness is surfacing from under the Pdois tables and so theirs will be met with spunky rudeness as well.

  17. Max why when you made reference to your family you did not succeed it with the phrase sexual abused but you instead chose the word victim? Your choice of words is disingenuous to say the least. No matter what coded language you use in this forum it will be decoded. I reiterate my point that Pdois will not protest when Baba Ceesay, Bubacarr Gitteh, Ebrima Janko Ceesay, Lamin Camara, Alagie Jammeh, Lamin Jatta, Ebrima Jadama, Pa Osman Njie, Kekuta Yarbo, Bubacarr Jah, Muhammed Janneh, Babucarr Touray and Sadeer Secka have written to the IGP stating that they shall never take part in future protest and hence in fact their discharge from the Mansakonko high court presided over by Justice Abi. In legal terms the word shall is binding and when udp signed stating they shall never take part in future protest, is mandatory. In fact their discharge is not a bar against future proceedings been brought against them on account of the same facts. This is founded on the legal maxim null um tempus occurit regi, that time does not run against the king and criminal proceeding can be brought any time after the commission of an offense as no evidence has yet been led.If they were acquitted it would have been different as they can rely on the plea of “autrefois acquit” and “autrefois convict” In light of the metamorphosis in the attitude of these udp supporters who has the moral authority to lampoon others for not joining the protest?

    • You are a stupid affectionate of legal terms and impressions. Looks like you are seeing a constitutionally fair trial in process and that you careless or perhaps ordered the regimes killing and torture of peaceful protesters. You are really impressed because some demonstrators wrote to the IG whatever that they shall not take part in future protests. @Bamba, you locked up in a cell and powerless for instance and I am that wicked Gambian who tortures Gambians citizens for it criminal state, don’t you think I can torture you until you declare by yourself that you are no more called Bamba if that is what I want from you? How comes you are using all the legal terms as if our constitution is valuably functioning?
      All court proceeding of the Udp protesters is nothing but an authentic sham and you still chose to represent Jammeh in these forums however. I have never followed @Max in any coded language of his if not Bamba and Pdois’ legal Latin lessons.

  18. Bamba, my family is not better than yours or anyone’s family in terms of the laws or the constitution of the Gambia. Every family is equal in the eye of the laws or the constitution which is why the constitution call for equal and fair treatment . Any family can be victims of jammeh’s and his thugs sexual abused, torture, atrocities or sexual terrorism whether they are peaceful protesters or not. This is why i asked you to put your family in the positions of these victims. If we all show concern , support and fight together as one people in the case of injustices or violations of human rights , jammeh and his thugs will be defeated but we fail to do that like in this case , jammeh and criminals will be victorious . You have to admit that those who refused to support the peaceful protesters did not put their families in the positions of the victims. We are a country because we are people of collective interest which includes justice and respect for the rights of everyone. You will also agree that peaceful protest is guarantee in the constitution and this was why these people have every right to protest. Your indication that those who were released from mansakonko have signed a document agreement that they will never participate in future protest , i want to tell you that whatever criminal document the IGP has coaxed these people to sign or written to him , is a violation of their rights . It is intimidation and division tactics and strategy by jammeh to ease the tension. Darboe was given similar opportunity but he refused , so it is ignorance for you to mention that you and pdois refused to participate because of such letters . You should also remember , dictatorship survive on division , fear and intimidation and that is exactly what is going on in the Gambia . why peaceful protest become a crime in the first place ? It is because the regime is fearful about its downfall which is inevitable. The mindset you have is the same ignorance mindset majority of these thugs who participated in criminal violations have . Do you think if you and PDOIS youths plus Halifa participate in protest in support of this electoral reforms protest ,jammeh will order the killings of all of you or even arrest as he has done to these people. ? the answer is no. He cannot arrest the entire opposition parties and leaderships , therefore your argument is indeed malicious and misinformation . The truth is that PDOIS is an agent of military dictatorship and without the military dictatorship , foroyaa and pdois will be irrelevant in the Gambia’s politics and newspaper business. Just think outside the box for a moment and throw away your sycophancy hat then you will realize what i mean. I know Halifa like to pretentiously emulate what happened in senegal and usa but he failed to follow the practical steps taken in those places when there was human rights violations or constitutional violations. In senegal in particular when president Wadda wanted go against the interest of the citizens , it was senegal citizens and politicians who came together to ensure that he was gone , there was huge demonstration and closed to 13 people were killed in the process but today senegal is beacon of democracy in Africa , Recently in Burkina faso , citizens and political leaders stoop up against 27 years military dictatorship which wanted to entrench themselves in power by changing the constitution , when people rise up the tyrant is gone and the process around 15 people were killed.. Do you think in those countries if opposition leaders keep writing foolish and dishonest letters , there will be changes in those countries? No there wont be any changes . Halfa is engage in foolish and irrelevant letter writing business as if he cannot think of any other method of fighting dictatorship or as if he is writing letters to an imaginary girlfriend in some utopia place. No doubt , you are obsessive of him because he dishonestly confused your little brain and you cannot think outside the box. just think about those examples above and let me know if those political leaders and citizens did the right thing .

  19. Max your problem is you approbate and reprobate reducing yourself to the proverbial ostrich. In one instance you deny the existence of any constitution in the gambia, in the next minute you admit that there is of course a constitution in which your family and other’s family is equal before the law. Secondly you are very evasive, I was not talking about your family’s equality. What I asked was why when you mentioned your family you did not follow it with the phrase “were sexually abused” but you used the phrase “were victims”? Atleast you have now admitted that some of the udp supporters have undertaken never to protest again. Whether it is out of their volition or they were coerced into doing so, is a story for another day, what is of relevance is that they have acted in a typical “udpinka” style. As I write Sukai Dahaba the architect of the Kalama revolution has taken to her heels, joining the Wassa Jannehs and cos. You see why it is difficult to convince people to join the udp protest.You are spending the holy month in your “cozy” home while you want others to spend this holy month in the mosquito infested Mile2. Dr. Baaba Jah the Gambian comedian base in the USA has answered your heartless request.

  20. Bamba , here is the statement from UDP which clearly dispel your lies and deception about peaceful protesters who were released from Mansakonko. I have extracted the paragraph below from the general statement:

    “It was reported that the charges against thirteen others were dropped as a result of their petition to the IGP which they denied. Subsequently, on Thursday 16th June 2016, they were released on bail on condition that they should not part take in any demonstration and should keep the peace”.

    The paragraph above has indicated that you and PDOIS will continue to lie just to keep face. It is people like you who spin for the regime that continue to make false propaganda while you cowardly refused to stand up for justice. foroyaa and pdois are working for their selfish interest which is clear to everyone . If Halifa is truly a honest politician , why did he sit on the editorial board of foroyaa? He simply sit there to dictate what favor his narrow view but not the general interest of the country . This is why he refused to allow story which are critical of the regime. There is no honest presidential candidate and political party leader who sit on editorial board of supposedly independent newspaper which operate as professional media outlet. Political party can have their own affiliated newspaper but a political leader cannot sit on the editorial board on the newspaper which he claimed to be truly independent . Sam Sarr and Halifa are both founding members of PDOIS, their bias or conflict of interest with regard to business and political interest are always at the center of their activities . This is why they don’t even care to report the welfare of their reporters as long as their business and political interest are concerned. PDOIS is the most corrupt and rigid organization in the Gambia and they are in political scene for their personal interest . The track record of their employees maltreatment and lack of concern have indicated their selfishness.. Gambian are not stupid to allow self-centered individual like Halifa to be in charge of the country.

    Here below is the rest of UDP statement .

    “The executive committee of the United Democratic Party (UDP), once more wishes to bring to the attention of the general public and the international community on the manner and sequence of events in the ongoing protracted and truncated trials involving the UDP party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and other party members.

    It could be recalled that 24 supporters of the opposition UDP Who were arrested in connection with the 14th April 2016 peaceful march held demanding for genuine electoral reforms that would create the environment for the conduct of credible, free and fair elections were brought before the High Court after more than the 72 hours constitutional deadline for any person detained to be brought before a court or Law or released.

    On two occasions it was reported that the case would not be taken to Mansakonsko High Court but neither the detainees nor the judge did appear on the first day. The second day, it was mentioned in the court but the detainees were not produced.

    The third sitting on Wednesday 15th June 2016, eleven of them appeared in court and were tried without counsels representing them. After the sitting, they were transferred to a more notorious Janjanbureh prison in the Central River Region where they were and are still been deprived of their prison rights. The defense opposed the transfer of the case to Mansakonko on the basis of lack of jurisdiction.

    It is the belief of the UDP that this act by the state is a deliberate strategy to frustrate and deny the family members, the lawyers and party supporters as well as other concerned citizens, not only, from attending the court sittings but also having access to them, which is very unfair, inhumane and therefore and totally uncalled for.

    It was reported that the charges against thirteen others were dropped as a result of their petition to the IGP which they denied. Subsequently, on Thursday 16th June 2016, they were released on bail on condition that they should not part take in any demonstration and should keep the peace.

    The defense filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the case of Ebrima Solo Sandeng one of the detainees of the 14th arrest, who was reportedly tortured to death while under NIA custody. Although it is noted with concern the recent interview of President Jammeh with a French magazine in connection with the issue, we firmly look forward to the court to judiciary and judiciously act on the matter.

    The Secretary General and Party Leader UDP, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and nineteen other party executive members and supporters have also been on a trial for about two months now in connection with the 16th April 2016 peaceful march that was staged demanding for the release of Solo Sandeng death or alive.

    Lawyer Darboe and Co were denied bail, put in solitary confinement of the remand wing of Mile 2 for some time and denied their prison rights. Even the lawyers were denied private discussion with them by the security agents. All applications before the court were refused including stay of proceedings pending the outcome of the matter before the Supreme Court. As a result blatant bias, the defense team withdrew from the case. As if that was not enough, the presiding judge went further to impose on to the detainees to rather defend themselves and they are been tried without legal representation.

    On an equally serious issue is the fact that for more than a month, over thirty party members and supporters of UDP (the male folks) who were arrested, tortured and detained in an undisclosed destination on the 9th May 2016 on their way from attending the court sitting of Darboe and Co, have still not appeared before any court, their families and lawyers do not have access to them. They have not had change of clothes since then. Their conditions and whereabouts remain a great concern and mystery to the party to date.

    The continuous detention without trial of UDP supporter Dembo S. Darboe (also known as Touray Darboe) still remains a great concern to the party. He is from Kafuta village Kombo East and was picked up by plain cloth security officers on Saturday evening 16th April 2016 in the same village on his way from the mosque. His whereabouts are still not known.

    Another party supporter, Sanusi Sanyang who was also picked up by NIA operatives on Tuesday the 10th May 2016 outside his home in the Kanifing Municipal area. His whereabouts are also unknown.

    In the light of the above, coupled with the president’s recent pronouncements in relation to the issue and the forth coming presidential elections, the UDP has reasons to believe that the trials are politically motivated and the detainees will not be accorded a fair trial. The president shall be held fully responsible for anything that happens to the said detainees.

    The UDP unreservedly demands:

    The immediate and unconditional release of the Party Leader and Secretary General Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and all other political detainees;
    An independent enquiry to investigate the brutal murder of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, and the culprits are brought to face the full force of the law;
    An investigation on the reported severe torture of other detainees and the culprits be brought to book;
    That the security force put an immediate and total stop to the practice of denying and preventing the citizens from exercising their constitutional rights to peaceful demonstration and using unparalleled force in doing so;
    That the security of Party Officials and Members be guaranteed.

    Written By Mariam B. Secka

    Deputy Secretary General and Deputy Party Leader

    23rd June 2016
    courtesy of freedom newspaper .

  21. Max what is of relevance is that the udp protesters will never take part in any future protests. You and the Deputy Secretary General are in your comfort zones, but the protesters knew what they have undergone prior to their release.I was in court and when Lele Bojang fainted, her brother was asked by lawyer Yassin Senhores whether that was normal and he said this occurs to her anytime she is under stressful condition. You can hear him murmuring, “what is worth this”? “The people that you die for, are not even aware that you exist”.Only a relationship base on truth will last and this is why while the Waa Juwaras, the Ganye Tourays, the Rambo Jattas and many more have since changed ship,while PDOIS is still intact.

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