Pharoah Of Gambia Has Spoken But…

JammehA crusade against the Mandinkas of Gambia

The pharaoh of Gambia has spoken, we don’t hear from Allah yet… Or should I say a President with a mission!!

Dictator Jammeh should resign as president of the Gambia with immediate effect.

The true accounts of what Gambian people have been going through for the past 22 years has begun to emerge from the horse’s mouth. It is indeed very sad and disappointing to hear a head of state address his people the manner in which dictator Jammeh does towards the Mandinkas whom in one way or the other help to keep him in power for this long. How degrading and pathetic can it be of a leader who calls himself a Muslim and goes around carrying the Holy Quran and prayer beads in his hands? I hereby have some humble words of enlightenment for Mr President, In case you don’t know, Allah the Almighty is watching you; your deeds and sayings are been recorded for the final day of recompense. No matter how many agendas you can have against a decent people, I am telling you Dictator Jammeh that, these people have laid a foundation in the Gambia upon which you achieve your dreams and became the president; though not a good one’.

Fellow Gambians, we must all understand that this is not a war against Mandinkas alone. This is a war on the Gambians as a people and our core values that keeps us together as a nation. It is a war against who we are as a nation. It is a war against what we believe in. So I am calling on all Gambians to reflect on the history of what makes us as a nation, cherish that bond and stay together as one people. Let us not allow our egos to override our sense of responsibilities towards each other as a nation, just in the name of satisfying a selfish Dictator. I think it is now clear that The President has lost his mandate to govern the Gambians people and must do the right thing and step down before it’s too late. The simple reason I say this is that, he is clearly not impartial towards his own people, he divide and rule them, discriminates against a particular tribe and black mail them. This is what we as Gambians have been going through all this brutal years of Dictator Jammeh’s regime to say the least. So why don’t we do the right thing and stay safe and enjoy our sovereignty by passing a vote of no confident and remove the bloody Dictator from office.

Fellow Gambians, What is good about it is that at least he came out of his shells and tell the Gambian people in a vivid and unambiguous terms why he pick the gun on July 22nd 1994 to topple the democratically elected government of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. He did not come to power to change the Gambia for the better, he did not come to power to develop Gambia for the people of the Gambia and he had never come to power to salvage the suffering of many Gambians whom he alleged are been marginalised. He came to power because he was angry, he came to power to revenge; he came to power because of his selfish interest. He came to power to enrich himself and make what is own by the Gambians his own. He did not come to power to serve the interest of the Gambian people.

What a pathetic and arrogant ideology this brutal dictator has from start. Did we Gambians not see that from day one? One thing I know is that if Dictator Jammeh wants to fight the Gambians just because he did not want to see a true and prosperous Gambia, let me remind him that truth shall always win over false hood and I am sure he knows that very well since he is very verse in Islam and the Quran. I bet he knows that better than anyone and that day shall come “Inshaa Allah”.

Fellow Gambians, If Dictator Jammeh thinks what he pours out of his mouth is true about Mandinkas then why did he leave it this long before he say it; in fact in a manner in which he did. Why is he working with those Mandinkas since he came to power? It is clear that the president lost the plot and should be ashamed to call himself president of the Gambia since he is not representing any Gambian, only himself and his selfish interest only. This is a clear indication that Dictator Jammeh is very ungrateful to the people he called Mandinkas who have stood by him from day one and have served the Gambia and the Gambian people far well with dignity, uprightness, fairness, rule of law and respect to human rights; well before he was even born. I really don’t care what Dictator Jammeh is saying to the Mandinkas since we have seen him arrest and kill his own people, what concerns me is that he is frustrated and desperate to cling on to power when he himself know he cannot deliver what is required to take Gambia forward. So one of his motives is to create a state of panic and pandemonium to unsettle the Gambians and divert our attention from the realities on the ground so he can remain in power. This tactic in warfare is called “Distraction”. It is also a tool to fight a war. Let’s not forget that Dictator Jammeh is fighting a war and he is fighting for his life at the moment so he will virtually pick any tool that he thinks will help him win. But I have a feeling he did not realise with all his knowledge in Islam and the Quran that the Power of Allah is Absolute and the only power that is Everlasting and Magnificent.

Fellow citizens let us not be blinded by Dictator Jammeh and his dirty tricks to stay in power. We all know our History except him Dictator Jammeh. We all know how Gambians strive to be an independent Nation and how our forefathers struggle to make possible for us the prosperity that they dream of during their days. Who can come out and tell me that there was tribalism on the table then? Who can come out and say that they were struggling for us to be divided on tribal lines today? No Right thinking Gambian will tell you that. I don’t think Dictator Jammeh knows the National Anthem of the Gambia and if he does, am not sure if he give himself time to reflect on it and inject some of its values in to the fabric of the Gambian society. Our forefathers fought hand in hand as brothers and sisters to get our beloved mother land on the world stage. Fellow Gambians, do you want to tell me that we should ruin all the fruits of that struggle and start fighting, hatred and bigotry amongst ourselves? Well if we do that, Jammeh will win but if we remain together as one people, patient and vigilant to his dirty tricks, we will surely be victorious as a nation.

I therefore call on all Gambians, young and old both at home and in the diaspora regardless of their tribal origin and language, to come together as one people, hold our hands together and match towards prosperity not disintegration. We as a nation are better than that since our constitution has never called for us to see each other as enemies. This is a challenge and I think our patient as a nation is tested to the limits once again by an arrogant and selfish Dictator. Let’s be matured enough to embrace each other as brothers and sisters and push for economic and social prosperity not the contrary as Dictator Jammeh thinks. It is high time every Gambian understand that, the words voiced by Dictator Jammeh do not represent any tribe or language. The words come out of his mouth and no tribe or people ask him to say it. The other tribes are as innocent as the Mandinkas whom he has been castigating. I am appealing directly to all Gambians not to have any grudges against each other. We all know our History as I mentioned earlier and there is a very strong bond between us as a people, so let’s strengthen that bond and hold each other hand in hand and be one people as it was stipulated in our national anthem from independence and beyond. Let’s us not allow ourselves to be fooled again by a selfish dictator who will do everything to remain in power. A word for a wise is enough!!!

Baba Jaiteh
United Kingdom


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