Of Jammeh’s Immoral Nigerian Judges

Nigerian JudBy Unbiased Prince

Immoral Nigerian Judges employed by Yaya Jammeh to deface Probity, are Rudiments of Satanic Cataclysm on the Gambian Judiciary System and, on People of badly needing Statutory Ratification and that is without doubt!!!

It’s now beyond the unfolding reality but well gone through the gable of not expected today that, all Nigerian Corrupt Judges acquiring employment for Yaya Jammeh (to serve none but his ruthless regime and callous being for pouring more harm than already done on people), are elements of satanic parasite on the Gambian Judiciary system of which, is already awful but way full of miscarriages of justice, criminality conclusions for keepsake of the same Dictatorship and brutal regime in Banjul. Help is badly needed while at toll calls of loudly but at frantically yearned by people’s earnestly and cannot be hurried to come any quicker than expected hence people are already running out of patience.

The so-called Justice Dada’s weak character in aiding and abetting for injustice to prolong its hostile conditions within the walls of her courtroom, yet proving her lack of neutrality, judicial autonomy and moral conventional meaning for prudence to override abstinence with regards to Mr Ousainou Darboe & Co case, and out of many others are the proofs and detailing lines of reasons to my argument fellows.

Given that, the state of affairs on many Gambians is still appalling indeed due to those selfish judges, while the same people are also at the helms of detrimental political existence of doing the work of more evil on them hence Yaya Jammeh is the only person to blame for all that. I believe such adversities on human-beings must not carry on going unduly or be ignored as well as we all know they are against all ethics and please believe in nothing else my fellows.

Not by those who believe in moral diligence as an alternative to any cruelty forms on people, but have the powers to do something positive should we expect any weakness from them either. And for such reasons fellows, they should not also be complacent with Yaya Jammeh’s errant characters of very disturbing in general hence way woven by our credible media of today for an endorsement.

If the nagging situation of only necessitude by Yaya Jammeh’s callousness on our human civilisation should carry on without being treated with the correct method of obliteration and got off much wicked than now and without being dealt with accordingly fellows, the world communal leaders’ blameworthy (of any escalating cruelty on Gambians by the murderous regime APRC leadership) would also not be taken as their withstand for tolerance and they should be named and shamed in such regards.

It’s about time that our social obligations were put to the test of badly needed while in decorous meaning of now fellows. But also indispensable for utter conventional waves of totality to prove that, the terrifying trench of bearded by those Nigerian evil judges are not welcome at all, and no more than they should know we are done with it all, and would not be tolerating the kind in our Gambian societal epics and not at the slightest of anything.

Their contingent of illegal and evil judicial proceedings and way taking the micky out helpless Gambians and of which, they keep polishing like new for their cowardice attitudes to linger even more but, for far executing their poisonous court dealings with sever heartlessness on our people, should be met with penalties enough to teach them a good lesson without fail.

We cannot and must not let our compulsions of understanding humanity, societal orders and ethical distinction be wavered anymore or get outweighed with political parsimony of any kind again fellows. And nor should they be jilted for political stinginess due to those evil judges lacking the infinite and standing fidelity, conformity and traditionalism for the victims of Yaya Jammeh’s atrocity and uncontrolled political segregational acts of pure but well dominant of demoralisation.

We must by now, yet stand to defy every stubbornness and all stupidest moves of Yaya Jammeh’s inclination and all that stood to deform our moral conventional reasoning on firmer allegiance for our fundamental naturalism to make ends meet. And anything bad but way evil about Yaya Jammeh and his immoral regime, yet craving to have us all needing a betterment and convincing environment at the expenses of nothing we can be prepared for, must be dealt with accordingly and before moving any further.

If we should fail to do what is just in the eyes of all goodness by exposing the so much dirt, naming and shaming but also eradicate those very Nigerian Villain of our natural objectivity and the Criminal Judges (like the pest) they are within the judicial system of the Gambia for good and sooner rather than later, Gambians would never be off Yaya Jammeh’s maladministration, misrule, exploitation and maltreatment of people’s affairs, and whereas also feeding vulnerable people to the gutters of his disregards, infidelity, indifferences, begottedness and for his colossal greed of more political dominance.




  1. What is left now to deal with the tyrant is armed struggle . Gambians all over the world must take up arms and be ready to confront the criminal regime . Jammeh must be confronted militarily as it is the only viable option left . Yaya Jammeh will never change his ways and the military will not abandon him because most of the leaders are not qualify to be in the army in the first place. Gambians must not let him see the end of 2016 .

  2. In post dictatorship the few mercenary agents & judges engaged in participation, aid & abet persecutions in oppressive torture, women rape & murder of Gambians will all be sought out in local & international criminal courts for the evil miscarriages & injustices meted out with their collusive deliberations with intent….

    The long arms of the rules of law transcending boundaries for prosecution of all evilness committed against humanity is the most effective to deal with such criminals anywhere they may be after liberating Gambia which ISN’T faraway soon….

    Fatu Camara alone singlehandedly thwarted the lies in this controversial political kangaroo persecutions, when she busted the first mercenary judge who when confronted without under yaya-criminal pressure uncontrollably spoken truthfully contrarily to what he enacted under murderous dictates during the proceedings; the human conscience is perfected (by God) in way that the truth is clear & prominent for all to see BUT the devilish criminal intentional (exhibited by DEVILS) devises the traversing injustices, oppressions, tortures, rapes & murders….

    Just like Hassan Habre of Chad, Gambians will be seeking ANYONE (additional to yaya jammeh) no matter anywhere one may be, for judicious prosecutions for participations in collusive aid abetting of humanity crimes under yaya DEVIL jammeh misrule; this includes the mercenary agents, elements & judiciary in any capacities, shapes or forms whatsoever….

    We will surely get to such a day; Insha Allah soon….

    Long live the Gambia….

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