Bensouda Serves And Pleases Ibliss

denigrating mind games of Mrs Bensoda’s culpable with the status quo of awfully felt beyond Banjul and its surrounding Towns and Villages

while indeed she was using the occasion of the said interview to suffocate all goodness with her frugality and absolutely but  indirectly insulting our ethos of intelligences

and no matter how hard I actually tried to ignore her attention seeking phraseology of her distancing herself away and from the reason as to why she was appointed to serve none but God-Almighty Allah and His creation whereas in the position of operating as the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC today

it seems my persistence with the truth would finally be heard here as seemingly but well expected to steamroll our Gambianism of Freedominality from any strife of misconceptions.

She does not really have what it takes to be counted upon as beyond valuable and understanding. There is no need also to remain hopeful in that regard as she seriously lacks any perception and sincerity in herself.

I think Mrs Bensoda has drastically failed Gambians on an awful scale and of not expected of her as she should have just checked with herself, with reality cadence first, and see if there could be any way out of her dishonesty with basic Fundamental Eminence of the ICC that she is meant to serve with utter independence from any influence or manipulation by any party or individual and should thereby, but fully adhere to the dependency of those who would fully relay on the ICC to deliver them justice of badly craved without failure before hitting the airwaves with her most canning talks enough to anger nature all on Itself and until doomed finally visits her and becomes her lasting fate of lately.

There is something that she seriously need in her every presences (faith, fidelity, fealty, allegiance and uncowardliness) fellows. Yes, but sadly she hasn’t got it while always faking it with gimmicks of unnaturally though people are so eager within frustration to not only see her in actions of modesty, but as well of being naturally inspired by and within bond affairs of far shared through our natural instincts and in truth alone thus to have her as fully dependable.

I believe that was long gone though as she ditched it only to serve and please none but Iblis the devil. She had already long replaced it as well with disregards and total deliberants and keeping a blind eye on facts to defend her emptiness that we all keep seeing in her many presence of detaching herself from her moral obligation. And what could be more obvious of her being unregretful of the situation in the Gambia than telling people that the ICC is not a court of Human Rights whereas the edifice and erection of that the same ICC and in it entire self was way built and fostered on the Rights of the same people that she is now taking for a dirty and a stupid rid-on her selfishness? I believe it’s none as this is just a simple explanation as to why I could no longer remain mute and should not.

Time and time again my fellows, Africans and their habitats simply gets misrepresented badly but also taken to represents as walls of sacrilegious people and place for those in higher position, of both Africa and likewise of none Africans, to abuse their positions and powers with loose concerns and for much longer than what anyone can remember.

Little have been done if any at all to rectify the situation by those of whom we surely believe should dedicate part of their powers and if not all, but to somehow liberates us from the clutches of political squalor and the enough of negligence that keeps bashing and abasing our morality contents and must be regarded as part of the World’s procreated entity.

Mrs Bensoda is of no difference if you ask me and I have no desire to believe that she would dare brave the obstacles that now stand to define her weak character of referencing from those ready to trouble our human civilisation.

Many desires of the most vulnerable people in the Gambia today might have a different opinion to Mrs Bensoda’s waste of space and time. But in any given difference of circumstance and aspirational needing to reshape moral obedience and should stand to stunt up morality deems for betterment of well dedicated in Gambian people’s earnest forms but as already got dash out of their reach by the regime in power of only to certify the greed and most arrogant leader in their natural space, she is none other than the failure to rescue them in time and nothing can be more precise than her saying it in her interview.

If keeping the awful and unlawful regime in Banjul in public offices and places for the interest of dictatorship to prolong even much further than now, yet keeping the leadership of APRC party rich and more comfortable in his gluttony of ill-concerns or to keep enriching those in power regardless of how bad or mad the situation stands to contradict our moral conquest, obligation, our humanism of well construed through values to fight for what is right, for our God Given Human Rights, for what is in meek distinction, for a better environment, for all to live in peace and utterly modest ways, Mr Bensoda have by far succeeded in conclusive evidence given at her interview and proving her targets of disregards on Gambians beyond what we have already gathered in details.

Political bigotry have since mellow with frugality at petrifying state of immense difficulty to digest indeed. Our humanitarianism of well dejection by the regime in the Gambia and its leadership have also, but since becomes the marvels of the day and what many simply thinks had systematically thrown away the many things valued at implicit of moral biddings by democratic ascertainment of well needed to improve the situation of Gambia and of far craved by its people for far too long now. And I don’t believe such matters could or have even moved Mrs Bensoda from her quest to pour more negligence on the Gambians’ awful situation.

Wasalama and Ramadan Mubarak


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