Genocide Looms Over Gambia

JammehFrom the Manifesto of the People

In the run-up to and during the Rwanda Genocide, elements in the Hutu-led government including the military, the ruling party and their youth thugs coined and propelled words such as cockroaches, vermins, rats, tall trees, long necks among other phrases to refer to the Tutsi. These words and phrases were the code words used to direct the youths to identify and kill the Tutsi in the world’s worst genocide since the 2nd World War. Within a space of three months, more than 800, 000 to 1 million people were massacred across the country.

The recent remarks by Yaya Jammeh in his rallies in the Gambia have brought back these same words and phrases as he refers to the majority ethnic Mandinka as enemies, foreigners, destroyers, ants, vermins and such other words and phrases. If the Rwanda Genocide is to serve as a useful lesson, then Gambians and the world must stop Yaya Jammeh right now as he has set himself on the path of genocide in that tiny country of 1.9 million people. All ethnic groups in the Gambia share the same life, relationships and destiny, and therefore genocide would be the annihilation of the entire country.

The only reason Yaya Jammeh is embarking on this genocidal project is simply because the man is corrupt and incompetent yet wants to remain forever the ruler of the Gambia. His tirade against the Mandinka is not because of what he says about the Mandinka. It is because he has seen clear and direct efforts and initiatives that seek to put a stop to his criminality and evilness. If the Wolof were the majority, or the Fula or the Aku were in the majority, he would have said the same thing about them. The fact remains that the very pillars of support for Jammeh since 1994 were the Mandinka people simply because the Mandinka are the majority group. More Mandinka support Jammeh than oppose him. In all the elections in the Gambia, he has won hands down in all Mandinka constituencies expect Kiang West. In all Jola constituencies in the Foni, he and his parliamentarians won the elections unopposed. Yaya Jammeh has gained unbridled and passionate support from Mandinka individuals, chiefs, imams, youths, professionals, soldiers and women. During Jawara’s era, the majority opposition were the Mandinka. Thus the idea that the Mandinka are against him stands against facts and figures.

Yaya Jammeh is not the Gambia. Those who oppose Yaya Jammeh cannot be equated with being an enemy of the Gambia. But he has been cleverly playing with facts and reality to confuse naïve-minded people and unconscious sections of the society just to entrench himself in power to continue to loot our treasury, personalize our lands and legitimize his atrocious misrule while projecting himself as a victim. Dictators have always employed brute violent and deception to fool the people. This is what Yaya Jammeh is exactly doing.

For example, the claim that the Mandinka came to the Gambia is not only false and criminal, but also irrelevant. By law, even if a Chinese assumes Gambian citizenship today, his non-Gambian history is no more relevant than any Mandinka or Fula or Jola Gambian for the past seven generations. Secondly, the Manding Empire stretched from the Gambia to Niger covering the majority of states in West Africa. Thus the Mandinka have been indigenous in all the nations in the region including the Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mauritania and Niger. Thus to claim that the Mandinka are not indigenous to the Gambia is criminally false and dishonest. The Mandinka or Jahanka are called other names such as Jula or Djula in Ivory Coast, Malinke in Guinea, Mandingo in Sierra Leone and Liberia or Bambara in Mali and Senegal are one people across the sub-region. To therefore claim that the Mandinka came from outside to the Gambia is to claim that the Wolof or the Jola are also foreigners in the Gambia. That is false. These are all indigenous peoples of the Gambia.

For any Gambian citizen to claim even in your bedroom that any particular tribe of the country is non-Gambian and describe them as vermins and enemies would constitute a severe violation of the constitution and the laws of the land. Such a remark would be unpatriotic and a threat to national security. If such statements become known, such a person would have been subjected to arrest and prosecution for hate speech, sedition and a violation of the constitution. Thus to have such a statement come out of the mouth of the head of state in a public event constitutes treason for which such a president must face impeachment proceedings immediately or outright arrest and prosecution.

Where such action is not possible as in the Gambia right now, all well meaning political leaders and parties must come out openly and in unison to condemn such a statement and its producer and demand that the president resigns. Thus this statement by Yaya Jammeh is a direct test to the leadership and patriotism of Hamat Bah and his party, Halifa Sallah and his party, Mai Fatty and his party, Mama Kandeh and his party, Henry Gomez and his party, OJ Jallow and his party and Ousainou Darboe and his party. If these individuals and parties will prove their patriotism and honesty with the Gambia, here is a classic and non-controversial challenge before them that requires an outright and direct attention. Failure to take such a stand is to abet tyranny and complicit in genocide that is to unfold in the Gambia.

At the same time, the ICC in an attempt to curtail impunity in the world has a responsibility to respond to the systematic history and practice of human rights violations and atrocities in the Gambia. While the ICC focuses on war crimes, crime against humanity and genocide, however the body bears responsibility to also deter the occurrence of these heinous crimes where it detects a trend that will produce them. The ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has made statements in other countries where these ICC crimes were not yet committed, but she gave a warning to stakeholders to bear in mind that they are being watched. Yet in the Gambia, the prosecutor is yet to make a statement when the Gambian leadership is the first in Africa since the Rwanda genocide to issue genocidal statements. If this were not enough to warrant an ICC warning statement, then the ICC would be complicit if genocide erupts in the Gambia. It is clear to all and sundry that Yaya Jammeh and his regime have a targeted policy of abuse against the ethnic Mandinka since 1994.

Not only the ICC, but also all African and European governments, ECOWAS, AU, EU, US and UN and indeed all stakeholders need to urgently address the uncontrolled vitriol of this despot. Africa, and indeed the world cannot afford to witness yet another genocide or senseless bloodbath. It is clear for all to see that there is a consistent trend of atrocities and human rights violations in the Gambia perpetuated by this regime since 1994. The number of Gambian victims of summary execution, torture, rape and enforced disappearance continue to rise. Currently tens of Gambians are languishing in jail for merely staging a peaceful protest. These people have been refused bail for more than a month in detention. Already no one can account for how many have been killed. In the ongoing court appearances, two elderly women Nogoi Njie and Fatoumata Jawara gave details of their detention during which they were subjected to severe torture and rape.

For all Gambians, no one should brush aside these violent statements as ranting of a deranged and paranoid tyrant. Only tyrants in their imbecility cause genocides. No Gambian must perceive this matter as an issue for the Mandinka people. No Gambian must seek to detach oneself from this terrible issue because it is about politics. All Gambians must realize that the country faces an existential threat that will not spare anyone. Thus all Gambians regardless of ethnicity and religion and region must become alert and vigilant to ensure that the Yaya Jammeh regime is removed from the country because it is a direct threat to our existence and all we stand for. All efforts and initiatives must speak to each other to ensure that this regime is kicked out so that a new Gambia could be built on the foundations of respect, tolerance, democracy and human rights.

All Gambians need to ask themselves if this is the kind of leader and government they deserve. How would you feel if Nogoi or Fatoumatta were your mother, sister, wife or aunt? Should any human being be subjected to such inhumanity?

Forward to the Gambia.

Kambi Bolong



  1. Jammeh’s hatred for Mandinkas should motivate all Gambians to work hard to replace him as soon as possible . Now more than ever , Mandinkas has responsibility for their survival and security to get rid of him . Jammeh has declare a war on Mandinkas and Mandinkas should also declare a war on him and his family . He knows what await him post presidency . His living condition will be worst than captain Valentine Strasser who is homeless . we should get rid of this barbarian and illegitimate son of bitch .

  2. Suntoumana, human conscience always naturally ‘see (view, understand/realise) dictates & seek (speaks, pursues & endeavours for)’ the truth but the ‘devilish-selfish-intent(ion)’ (tend to) manipulates, fabricates & dictates, to (active & passive) collusion, participation & commitments of (the) humanity crimes (for materialistic gains above human lives, dignity & decencies) against fellow human beings…..

    Momodou Shynggle Nyassi (a Jola) of blessed memories, may God bless & reward him & us all, when kidnapped, tortured, threatened with death & confronted by yaya jammeh in person, have given the truth regardless of attempts to kill & silence (Shynggle) him; “Why do you side with Mandinkas against me as your own fellow Jola….?” Yaya jammeh criminally asked; “there’s none against & opposing you based on tribal affiliations, inclinations &/ animosities; all decent Gambians & human beings, including myself are rather concerned with the restoration of freedom, rules of law, justice & sanity back in the Gambia for humanity ONLY…” Shynggle vehemently replied (as he recounted to me in a conversation in presence of another friend)…….

    The manipulative reference to the Foday Kaba Dumbuya eventy in particular at the said Tallinding Kunjang rally amongst a jola heartland settlement in the cosmopolitan town of Serre Kunda was just another of the ill-fated tyrannical LIES-MONGERING autocracy, to instigate civil war which will affect ALL & SUNDRY including Jolas & other tribes associating, colluding, aid abetting & partaking in the criminal treasons against Gambians & humanity at large…..

    Yes, you (are) ABSOLUTELY right; everyone (Gambian, African & worldly for the matter) are (all) affected, threatened & responsible to close ranks regardless of affiliations, be (you) aprc, opposition or nonpartisan supporter, to get rid of yaya KILLER DEVIL at all costs soon; to ensure continuity of the ever peaceful coexistence which the Gambia have ever been known of before the illegitimate illegal coup d’état, oppressions, kidnappings, tortures, murders since July 1994 unending….

    What’s evidently clear to all & sundry including yaya KILLER DEVIL itself & aid abetting enablers is that, concerned Gambians of conscience will NEVER leave any stones unturned, to see to the back of yaya jammeh & the DEVILISH BARBARITIES that gripped our innocent harmless collective Gambian Community as a people; NO prices paid for achieving the liberation & regaining of our God-given freedoms will outweigh the benefits; thence the struggle continues unabated UNTIL successfully restoration of truth, freedom, justices & normalcy back in the Gambia NO matter HOW it takes….

    Long live the Gambia……;

  3. Another big problem with him (Yaya Jammeh) is his lack of knowledge in many things. He didn’t know about the Manding empire and most African history. He is all that his face tells you in his pictures. This is though Gambia’s sad situation.

  4. This speak must be taken seriously by the directly affected tribe and all Gambians interested in a future for all.

    For the directly affected by nature of surnames (which in our case is totally blurred over the centuries through co-habitation). Nevertheless , those with this ethnic association through birth or marriage, friendship or kind must take the threat seriously. As he said he will “wipe you out one by one” so count how many mandinkas have died in his hands simply because of their ethnic background? The answer is: do not dismiss it as another big mouthing. Take interest and chronicle disappearance and their ethnic connectivity. Thirdly show solidarity and device means to counter these threats. Denial is very dangerous in such a situation. Let us accept that the threat is real and the man is ready to unleash his armies of indoctrinated fellow gambians (even members of the ethnic group targeted ), ready and willing to execute his command. Which is ethnic cleansing and the obvious intent of creating new facts mainly creating new majorities, in order to guarantee his aspired Kingdom.

    All Gambians must be alerted and take steps to avert the pending catastrophe. Why?
    -Danger being posed affects everyone. To “wipe out the mandinka” and affiliates , tantamount to annihilating half of the Gambia’s population. Meaning up to 1 million must be slaughtered to erase any foot print. Rwanda of 1994 comes to mind and a not very distant past.
    -What would be a Gambia without the mandinkas, offsprings of intermarriage with mandinkas and affiliate tribes? A huge lost to the remaining tribes. Customs, rich tradition interwoven, centuries in the making etc.
    – Annihilation of the mandinkas in the Gambia is in no man’s interest. The same struggle after the “Babili Mansa”as achieved his goals will continue. The Fulas will be next (although only two participated in the current protest ). The Wollofs will be declared aliens because they cooperate with macky sall the president of the big satan senegal (sworn enemy because of their domination of casamance). The Aku’s are not gambians because they have taken up the white man’s religion. They collaborated with the British to take the land of the jolas and give it to the mandinkas who were driven out by the Bambaras from mali.
    – Annihilation of the mandinkas will never happen. Just as the disenfranchised northern Ivorians have reclaimed their citizenship back from Gbagbo. Together with the rest of the country installed ouwatara as their president and disbanded Gbagbo to the courts. This is the future that lies ahead for the Gambia.

    That is the only future possible. Any other outcome is the dismemberment of the country as we know it today. Therefore it is in the interest of all of us to close ranks and avoid the loss of innocent lives. The wiping out of a race, tribe or colour has never succeeded anywhere and will not succeed in the Gambia.

  5. I think every Mandinka in The Gambia today must be proud to show their identify and heritage . This is because when the tyrant is gone , they can proudly say they have defeated an evil man who hates and insult every one . Jammeh has insulted other tribes in The Gambia because he indicated that they are supportive of his criminal regime despite the fact that he killed members of other tribes . Wolof , jolas , fulas and others must realize that Jammeh’s criminality has no tribal boundaries . Jammeh killed his own family members for his selfish interest ..
    Yaya Jammeh is full of hatred and anger despite his claim of wealth . With all his wealth and pomposity , he still feel inferior to Mandinkas . One of the symbol of this protest is the use of broom to clean the mess he has created for the past 22 years .
    Jammeh is ungrateful man who will die with hatred and jealousy . He forget that it was the generousity of a Mandinka man that Asombi Bojang was not a homeless woman in Bakau . A baddibuka Mandinka man gave shelter to his poor mother when she has no place to live . Yaya Jammeh will be homeless when he leave the presidency . What a sick and evil man he is . A man of no moral compass . Mandinkas must continue to put pressure on him and go after his head . Yaya Jammeh is wanted by Mandinkas dead or alive .

  6. There is absolutely no doubt that if the trend of ethno-linguistic politics continues to rear and manifest its ugly head in The Gambia, whether on the political platforms, on national/quasi-national media or on our various discussion fora, even the most homogeneous society like ours can be seriously affected negatively by it.

    This is an eventuality that no Gambian should remotely wish for the country, never mind actively propagate it. We know all about Yaya Jammeh and his ways and we must not allow ourselves to “walk down the lane” he is headed. We should refuse to be drawn into this perceived tribal conflict or uneasy relationship he is trying very hard to foist on The Gambian nation, but whether we know it or not, sometimes our views may pander to Jammeh’s evil machinations than counter them.

    I, personally, think that The Gambian People are far too sensible; far too interrelated and far too conscious of each other as citizens and fellow human beings to take Jammeh’s criminal plan of genocide so seriously that they will execute it . I may be wrong but I cannot see any Gambian tribe rising up against Mandinkas or vice visa, as happened in Rwanda and Burundi. That history of rivalry, animosity, suspicion and hatred just is not there in The Gambia.

    I am not worried about such a genocide happening in the Gambia, any time soon, and despite his threats, I believe he will hesitate to take any action that could lead to the deaths of hundreds of people, because the potential tsunami, will most certainly not leave him “standing”.

    What I cannot understand is the fact that he still has an audience to speak to and rant at, at all. How can self respecting people sit and listen to such hate filled ranting, especially, if you are a Mandinka or a husband (he insults husbands) or a youth (he insults youths) or a man (he insults Gambian men) or a religious leader (he insults those too).

    The position, in my view, should be: “I cannot stop you from your hate mongering but I will not be listening to you…” He is talking because he has an audience and unfortunately, it’s the very people he insults incessantly that lend him their ears and that, like the votes he gets, is very baffling to me.

    Let all be careful and vigilant and refuse to play his silly, but very dangerous ethno-linguistic game, which benefits no one; not even the swollen headed fool, with the oversized ego..But most importantly, let all who have their “bows loaded”, point their “arrows” in the right direction because that is where they belong.

  7. Bax, you are too ignorant and naive. You have a very lazy and dangerous mindset. Those who killed Solo Sanderg, tortured Nogoi Njie and raped Fatoumata JAWARA, are they not Gambians? For your information, they are Gambians like you and me, so stop thinking like you have brain injury or you are demented. Sometime I wonder whether you honestly meant what you write here. So you think Jammeh will not implement his threat. You are out of your mind. Jammeh has hatred in his heart, this man killed his own family who are related to him much more Mandinkas who he truly hates and are not related to him. I took his words very very seriously because he is dangerous and has killed many people under his watch. I had wished December attackers blew up his motorcade or Kanillia. Jammeh is a crazy man who must be removed by any Means necessary.

    • Max…

      I urge you to read my comments again because you missed what I stated.

      Whether Jammeh will execute his plan or not, or how that plan will be executed is unknown to me, but what I stated was that I cannot see the Gambian People executing his plans.

      I stated that “unless I am wrong, I cannot see any tribes rising up against the Mandinkas or vice viser..”

      Which tribes do you forsee rising up against each other, Max…?

      You mentioned death within state custody and asked if those killers were not Gambians, and of course they are Gambians, but you know very well that when reference is made to “the people”, those under state employment, especially the security, are often excluded…So, when I stated that “the people will not execute his plan”, I do not include the security apparatus and agencies.

      The irony though, is that it is you who is now claiming that those who kill within the armed forces are actually Gambians, when (if I remember right) you used to blame foreign youths, Cassamance in particular, who have been.drafted into the armed forces for the purpose .

      So welcome aboard my “ship” because I have always been adamant that these are.Gambians.

      • You are blueprinting methods for his sick dreams. This is exactly the type of piece he would like to read in order to burp out his foul gases.

      • Bax , you are very deceptive to speak the truth . Of course Jammeh has jolas from cassamance who are also protecting him . He also has Gambians who committed horrific crime on his behalf .

  8. Max stop peddling lies on this forum. Who told you that Fatoumatta Jawara was raped?

    • If I have followed the issue properly, she and Nogoi njie’s affidavit before the court contain this facts. They were the first to confirm Solo’s gruesome killing which was subsequently corroborated by the killers themselves.

      Hence every indication points to rape. Except you have a convincing contrary evidence at your disposal -much better if you can provide supporting documents or the protocol of your physical presence during her interrogation.

      • Kinteh, you should simply quote from the two statements to show where they said Solo is killed. That would help a lot. Don’t you think so? WAITING!

        • Pdois disciples do not have intelligent reasoning . Your president say only one person has died in custody and that people die all the time in custody . Yero Ba , please use your brain .

          • Kinteh, we are waiting to hear the QUOTE from you where it is said by Fatoumata and Nogoi that Solo has died. That will be quite revealing. Please don’t be carried away by Maxs who said ethics are not important to him IN JOURNALISM; that whichever lies they could peddle in kairo should be done as long as it is against Jammeh.You know he is the same as Jammeh kicking each other.

    • Lie, you lack the intellect to distinguish truth and reality of any given situation. Fatoumata JAWARA is a Gambian woman who respects herself and values her dignity. From Gambian cultural perspective, and many places, victims of rape and sexual assault do not come forward to say they were raped especially Fatoumata who is in the hands of terrorists. All she can say was she was told to be raped by ten men but the fact of the matter is she was raped. In The Gambia, we have so many victims who were raped by Jammeh and all these women are not coming forward because of shame and stigma associated with being raped. They also fear the consequences that their families and themselves will face from the regime. Rape is horrific crime against the dignity of women and it has both physical and psychological implications on the well-being of women. If you understand these explanations then you should believe that rape is a weapon used by Jammeh’s security forces. Nogoi Njie testimony’s also indicated that she was sexually harassed. Fatoumata even indicated that she was bleeding blood when she urinated. Clearly she was assaulted by NIA thugs. Please read the testimony.
      To be honest, I am not mad at you because I realize you are very ignorant individual who needs education.
      NIA has been raping women in their detention centers for a long time. Remember, there was a crackdown on lesbians in the Gambia few years ago, during the process some girls were arrested and detained at the NIA. These girls were raped on a daily basis until few of them were pregnant. They had to take these girls to the NIA clinic where they carried out abortion. So sexual assault and rape is routine practice by Jammeh’s thugs because Jammeh himself has raped so many girls and women. There are so many stories which most Gambians like you won’t believe. Remember also when Nigeria’s first daughter tweeted that “Jammeh was a child fucker “. She heard that information from her father who is the current president of Nigeria because at the time, ECOWAS heads of state were notified by sexual assault case and rape by president Jammeh. If president and his pimp Jimbey are reading this post, they know exactly what I mean here. Jammeh knows what he did… So I will say please be open minded and know that there are a lot of evil crimes committed in The Gambia which are beyond the thinking of ordinary Gambians like you. This is why I don’t take offense with your ignorance statement.

      • Max you are very crafty and this is how you twist facts to suit your rubbish. When Fatoumatta deposed to that affidavit she was at liberty to speak her mind and she said exactly what happened to her whilst under custody. Assuming without conceding that she was raped and her fear of not exposing her rape is to avoid being stigmatized and all the social consequences that go along with it, why are you on this forum emphasizing that she was raped? Are you not defeating the purpose of her silence of being rape. Am not sure you are on any gainful employment because you have lot of time to post your rubbish on any topic on this forum.

        • Lie the burden of providing contrary evidence is on you. You defeat yourself if you resort to insults just as the thugs resorted to after losing all moral purview. So come out with the facts!

          • Kinteh you cannot hold brief for Max as he is more active than you on this forum. In case you wish to, my evidence is embedded in the sworn affidavit of Fatoumatta Jawara from where you and any other person including Max got their source. When have you become a selective moral referee, and why did you not caution Max to refrain from throwing invectives at political leaders?

        • Lie , for the first time I want tell you little about myself , that I have a decent and well paid profession here in the United States . As an immigrant , I put myself to college and went to university without any financial help or loan . I have full time job and part time job in case you are wondering why I Spend so much time to post my thoughts . I have an access to my smart phone which I can easily use to post my thoughts in few minutes . This explanation is irrelevant to the topic but just to educate you that I am not a useless citizen .
          Yes , Fatoumata was raped , I want you to do more research about victims of rape and sexual violence then you will understand my points .
          please be open minded .

          • I think the last thing any woman will want is a photo of herself published as being raped. It is a heartless hypocritical mind that wouldn’t understand a simple thing like this. Kind of the wicked dumb Gambian laziness that makes some of us bloody psycophants or distroyers to anything good for the land of the Gambia and its people. Imagine I am her brother or sister and you are asking such a question in my presence. Just reason why civil wars become brutal and senseless.

        • Lie , it is funny that my contribution here worried you so much that you are wondering if I have a job, I was laughing out loud whenever I read your statement . Are you going to pay my bills if I don’t have a job , is there any job better than educating fellow citizens about human right violations , corruption , sexual terrorism and excessive abusive nature of Jammeh’s regime which is supported by pdois. In case you want to contribute , please see Gambia democratic fund so that we can together make Gambia great again .
          Why are you arguing whether Fatoumata was raped ? Are you trying to defend the regime human right violation . So now you are fighting to deny the human right violations on peaceful protesters . Your effort is not inline with genuine opposition . This is why we have been saying pdois is an agent of dictatorship . I have never seen another opposition who defended the human right violations of citizens except pdois members . Truly speaking pdois is an extension of Jammeh’s regime .

  9. Cannibalism may be really true among possible sercret societies in the Gambia. I must kill people because they are opposed to my criminal ruling of a country is just not all the reason for Yaya’s blood thirst.
    Ethnic cleansing in the sub-region will not put the region’s predominantly Mandinka population to any risk of extinction if not a minority tribe of the region. Jammeh has absolutely no idea what he is playing at. He is a game hunter and some of our games cause mental diseases that he is suffering from now. Even in the west, some of their games are considered rabid and dangerous for human consumption. Eating certain food in childhood, especially certain wild games, can make children mentally retarded. Such tiny info will be a mere peculiarity for the owl.

  10. Kinteh & Maxs please redirect your invaluable energies; both of you can realise mercenary agents & elements within & without who will always be devilling against (fellow) humanity they (s/he) claims to belong…

    Leave this devilish incarnate & the likes to represent, serve & indulge in sins & criminal humanity travesties; alternatively (Lie) you would’ve said truthfully had your parent, sibling, relative or friend been the victim instead….

    Lie you will be disappointed if you & your lot including your master KILLER yaya DEVIL & all other enablers think & believe your devilish tricks, insults &/ physical attacks will permanently deter determined Gambians from pursue & achieving liberation which is a MUST; Fatoumata Jawara have physical evidences of rape & torture; God won’t let such crimes & others against Gambians & humanity go unpunished, (either) here on earth &/ in hereafter (when dead); & all the culprit committers’ & the person sanctioning as well as all aid abetting enablers, will ALL get accounted & dealt with accordingly…

    By now Gambians have realised the types of multifaceted autocratic tyrannical criminals we’re faced with in your lot; you must be kidding your very selves if you & all your likes think the determined Gambians will fail to match down to the wire for total liberation, which is unstoppable, no matter how it takes; just matters of time…