The Schemes Of Halifa Sallah


By Bajaw

Fellows, I think the issue is as clear as midday in Gambia; Halifa could never be president after formation of PDOiS this is why Sedia was used as first leadership candidate to clear the ground to do the foundation laying for establishment; after the bandit junta’s illegitimate overthrow of the democratic government banning the PPP politicians, Delusional-Halifa pompously saw it as a blessing for him on silver-plata, that he would be the next president after the presumed Junta’s handover which never came to be; on referendum Halifa dictated the PDOiS stance to hastily campaign complacently for the 1997 toilet paper afprc constitution which was gravely distorted from the Handiwork of decent Gambians chaired by Dr Lenrie Peters of blessed memories, may God be pleased with him & us all; otherwise the rubbish constitution would’ve been rejected outright & sent back for rightful rectifications had Halifa’s real intentions were manifested & clearly understood by Gambians like has now been; by now the criminal junta realised & found a collusive opponent in Halifa & PDOiS; this explains why Halifa & PDOis are spared & enjoys controlled preferential treatments for the fact that they pose NO imminent threats whatsoever to the kanilai KILLER the Bandit with exception of the temporal arrest for the witch hunt protest demonstration which directly crossed path with Coward yaya jammeh’s fear to arose massive demonstrations against if not hurriedly arrested;….?

Why is it constitutionally acceptable for aprc & devilish enablers can demonstrate in yaya jammeh’s criminal favours & interests when necessary & never arrested or gunned down & killed but others CAN’T demonstrate on the same Constitutionally enshrined rights to ALL Gambians regardless of affiliations….??

Then after the referendum Halifa become baffled when faced with political realities, contrary to his expectations as to his presumed aura or self-pomposity that another unknown force emerged to be reckoned with in the person of lawyer Ousainou Darboe & UDP which seems to dash & banish any hopes for his expected ascension to the most cherish aspired throne; since then it is one manipulative manoeuvres after the other, resisting all decent calls of conscience for sanity to prevail, up to the collusive sabotage of the collective efforts wherever he isn’t at liberty to manipulate, in favours of the status quo continuity at all costs if not for his take entirely…

According to Sedia’s interview on a trip to Sweden, the “parliamentary election boycott” was unanimous by all collective opposition parties except NRP, for they “don’t want to be seen in participation of kangaroo elections to legitimise” the Criminal junta; whilst Hamat Bah sold his soul to the kanilai DEVIL with our blood money in arrangements to be participating in all kangaroo elections to legitimise & validate the murderous dictatorship; this refutes the claim blaming the boycott on UDP; it’s the same (memorandum of understanding) MoU that worked & Halifa can now claim to have ever won anything which was not for his political standing but entirely because of the tactical contests where UDP had to withdraw a candidate from the Sere Kunda East Constituency which gave Halifa the only victory ever….

It was purely by the selflessness of lawyer Lamin Kebba Mboge the judge who resisted all coercive manipulations & judiciously ruled in Foroyaa’s favour when the Criminal Junta attempted to ban them; since then Mboge has been pursued by the junta, implicitly soiled, stained & jailed for defiance; & from then on, nothing else was ever left to chance in courts & in pursuance of others where mercenary judges becomes the order & norm of the day…..

Constitutionally it’s the oppositions leaders’ responsibilities to stand up for the molested oppressed masses & confront any incumbent criminals for the liberation of the people; this is why both the diaspora & the locally resident on the ground including the trio (Jallow, Fofana & Keita) being molested in court all calling upon, & demanding the opposition leaders to assumed their mandated responsibilities just like in their MoU cited earlier which can always bear fruit & liberate us all without more lives being perished; but currently we have all the other oppositions selfishly silent, to some extent tribalising issue at times, because of their perceived hatred of UDP for what the party have tirelessly worked for, & rightfully earned in their political standing throughout the country; the same reason explained why Halifa isn’t much interested in diaspora’s election rights, assuming there isn’t much for his political interest due to the diaspora’s awareness on issues at stake; him & disciples resorting calling us all sorts of names & dismissing us as insignificant internet sharks, cyber warriors & war mongers, etc jut to detract stifle & sabotage any collective efforts which aren’t in PDOiS & Halifa’s Favours; if Halifa can demonstrate for the witch hunt saga truly based on genuine liberation & not for political manoeuvres only, why not for the blatant repressions, despicable rape of women & pungent murder of the innocents? but instead someone like Halifa can manipulatively distort explanations in the legal Constitutional truthful stipulations of the sovereign powers of the masses into his so-called powers of state & the people cavorting political favours; are the people not the masters & employers of the state & the criminal parading as the head of state & the mercenary elements….???

Halifa’s maltreatment of the aggrieved Foroyaa employees sometime back, the silencing of PDOiS independently minded alternative voices like Modou Njie & Malick Kah who never hesitated to express genuine views contrary to the supreme-leader’s blind-following indoctrination, & refusals to all other decent collective callings for sanity & genuine inclinations for our collective predicatments can give us all a type of selfish leader he is; it’s time we divert our collective invaluable attentions to the real issues & stakes at hand to see our liberation struggle through; meanwhile we all must stand steadfast collectively behind UDP who are our true liberators…..

Long live the Gambia….


  1. Bajaw, your rant does not deserve a response.

    Responding to you will only darken your heart and encrave Halifa’s hatred in your dark heart.

    Am only sorry for you and your likes.

  2. You are a mad man or you might have been drunk when writing this ugly piece of shit. Keep dreaming old boy of your strange hateful issues far removed from reality.

  3. Bajaw you leave no room for editing. You nail it.

  4. I won’t consider him an inspired politician or the Pdois as any serious political party by now. Even the Pdois’ skyscraper of @words themselves can’t help them with this ‘cyber warrior’ situation.
    I learnt their was a civic education and an ABC of democracy weekly programs on the young Grts then but both faded in thin air accordingly.
    Thankyou @Bajaw for your indepth observations and reasonings with regards to the Pdois’s stance within the prevalent emergency political crisis in the Gambia, if at all they consider it to be a country in political crisis. The most unfettered right of a people is the freedom to demonstrate and demand constitutional reforms much more an electoral one. threatening life can’t change that.

  5. Bajaw, I would rather bring up the mandinka bashing at the Talinding rally than go for Sallah. He is not waging war on the mandinkas.

    I urge kaironews to publish the full length of that speak, so that we all can debate the deliberate outburst in context and the consequences to inter-ethnic relations in the country. We should take it seriously and not downplay the threat.

  6. Bajaw , I always count on your reasoning and how well you explain things . Thank you for speaking up the truth .

  7. Thank you all very much fellows, for all the various comments for & against but that’s Halifa as “politician” for us all…..

    Kinteh, “Halifa isn’t waging war on Mandinkas” but he’s collusively aid abetting the Murderous kanilai Lunatic Killer in almost everything that he (Halifa) otherwise pretend to oppose; & have never heard him openly condemned the tribal flames yaya DEVIL jammeh is fanning..?

    If yaya KILLER jammeh is quoted rightly as saying “Mandinkas are from Manding but not from Gambia”, the kanilai ALLIGATOR’s lies is for all to see for Gambia & other countries were integrally part of the great Manding Empire; but yaya’s stupidity & deliberate lies mongering for DEVILISH ends manifests always, as it described the current colonial demarcated boundaries of present day country of Mali as the home of Mandingo & not Gambia, when Mandingo are spread in all modern day countries that collectively comprised of the Manding Empire & beyond worldwide…??

    If yaya Killer DEVIL has “smelled the coffee”, want to lie for sowing war in Gambia (as everyone including yaya itself knows its time is nearing fast) & blame the ‘ills of the past’ which affected everybody else decades ago, by singularly blaming Mandikas for Foday kaba Dumbuya’s religious war against the non-Islamic believers which affected some Jolas too, & being collusively supported by the politically selfish in setting our only home afire, let it rain for the Mandinkas won’t do a runner but defend themselves; & the Gambia being bigger than anybody else will survive the inferno NO MATTER WHAT….

    Meanwhile all Gambians of genuine conscience must stand together regardless of tribal, political or religious affiliations; & realise the DEVILISH threat in Murderous Oppressive kanilai Killer DEVIL & active & collusive passive enablers pose to all Gambians & the region as a whole for their selfish ends ONLY & do everything within our means to get rid of yaya KILLER jammeh by all & any means necessary before more innocent lives continue to get bludgeoned; for this madness will only continue, getting worse as it proceeds, UNTIL stopped…..

    Yaya KILLER DEVIL has admittedly been quoted to confirm that Mandinkas have been opposing Sir Dawda Jawara (who is himself Mandinka) & PPP too which is everybody’s rights as constitutionally enshrined choices of political affiliations; so that alone can debunk any lies being sold blaming Mandinkas for opposing on tribal grounds; what about the other tribes in all the opposition parties, are they all Mandinlas too….???

    Long live the Gambia…..

    • Bejaw,

      Halifa and his PDOIS gangs will soon come out with a statement on Yahya’s tribal bashing of Mandinkas. As always they will pretend to be opposing and condemning it. But I will never be impressed! Everyone knows where they stand with regards to the current status quo… if not them then no one else and for that matter Yahya’s reign must continue…. Just imagine, in their last election campaigns they concentrated more on the opposition (particularly UDP) than Yahya’s regime.

      I personally think that we should forget about PDOIS completely. But the problem is that if a cancer is not removed completely and successfully from the body or at least contained, it spreads to other parts and becomes even more fatal. So I applaud the efforts in exposing them and I hope the message is reaching the ordinary people in The Gambia and that they are taking note.

      • Bajaw, PDOIS will definitely come out with a profound statement as always distancing itself from this dangerous and misguided and divisive tactic done for the sole purpose of keeping himself at the helm of affairs.PDOIS cannot tolerate tribal politics no matter where it emanates from. So all those elites out to use tribe to fight for their selfish interest should know that PDOIS is standing vigil and will for sure expose you. There is no hidden tuff for tribalists of all sorts. Be rest assured.
        You are also spot on for stating that “I personally think that we should forget about PDOIS completely”. You are now thinking quite straight and i urge you to maintain that stance. You have said this several times but could not convince yourselves to desist from it cause you know that it is impossible because PDOIS is the guiding light in the country and since you said that you prefer ignorance and darkness to enlightenment and light, you automatically have zero tolerance for PDOIS. I can only but urge you to try and forget PDOIS as you cannot discipline your minds to engage in refined politics of principles and for what is good for our motherland. The quieter you manage yourself to stick to that the better.

  8. Kinteh, you are more serious as you know where the cause of the problem is. Your colleagues are misguided people who are transferring their aggression to the wrong person while leaving the very culprit to go scot free. They are wasting the time of the opposition who are together working to free Jammeh’s captives. Insulting someone who is working day in and day out to rescue the victims tantamount to stupidity.

    • Kinteh is been sincere in his comment I think and that is something Mr. Sallah and the Pdois won’t do. This is the real democracy taking over the Gambian mindsets.The Pdois are the freakiest political party in the Gambia by now. They will tell you ‘black’ is ‘white’ and would wish the whole country suscribe to their crankiness. I prefer to remain unenlightened than be enlightened by the Pdois because in reality they indoctrinate and never reason. Ask a simple question like, ‘how much do you rate Mandela?’

      • To write; Ask them a simple question like, ‘how much do you rate one like Mandela, Muhammad Ali or Mahatma Ghandi’ and they will feel the comic in such questions rather than put a journalistic importance to it.

      • Ggapm :”I prefer to remain unenlightened than be enlightened by the Pdois because in reality they indoctrinate and never reason”
        Ggapm, your desire to remain ignorant is crystal clear. It is your interest which clouds your horizon.

        • You keep quoting @Yerro. I won’t be offended at all being called ignorant by a Pdois affliate or whatever. That was your endeavour over the years; telling lies and deceiving Gambians. Hope you be waken in your benightedness yourself. ‘Lord of his mercy’, should the Pdois be the ones to enlighten Gambians. Are you not cold blooded and complacent to state atrocities…….
          The word ignorance only praise the Pdois because it means the have a chance to be enlightened.

    • Yero. Your leader never condemn Yaya Asombi Bojang Jammeh for his tribal vitriol . Tell him to condemn Jammeh and stop castigating diaspora .

      • Go back, as far back in time as you can, and may struggle to find an instance where Halifa condemned anyone. PDOIS does not do “condemnations”. They approach issues with calm, cool heads, and present their position, including the way forward and often, with a piece of advice and lessons to be learnt.

        That is their preferred way, so don’t try to impose your way on PDOIS. You will not succeed. As always, PDOIS will release a statement on the presidential tour in general or one to address a specific issue.

        • Quote me…., while I cry hohohohooooooo. Another trash purged from in within their scrupulous hearts.
          [the Pdois does not do condemnations] The Pdois is not even aware of their commitment and responsibility as politicians that, the need to condemn wrong doings like killings of political activists, and even of armed robbers and ritual killers themselves, for the wrongs they did cannot be justified if not condemnable.

          • Keep “crying” because it is a good therapy for diseased hearts and minds, and to God, yours seem to be riddled with a peculiar type.

            My prayers are with you (lol)

  9. Bajaw, just for the interest of the forum’s continuous functioning debate I will still beg the editor and continue the debate
    . Kinteh is damn right, you have missed to point your arrow in the wrong direction. I don’t know how long it will take you and Max to realize the folly of your fruitless efforts. I couldn’t but be sympathetic to you too for all the time you are wasting on frivolous endeavor in your quest to derail the work of HALIFA SALLAH when you could have been engaging in something much more rewarding.
    PDOIS and Halifa are on record as the stingiest critics of the Jammeh regime since 1994. All of you have ran to exile to save your lives and Halifa and PDOIS are still in the country criticizing and restraining the regime you feared most.
    Can you be honest just a minute and accept your limitation instead of heaping blame on the wrong people who are the salvation of our dear birth land.
    The clarity shed by PDOIS and Foroyaa cannot be compared to what you are daily engage in, misinformation, defamation, slander,lies and mis-education. I cannot understand how or why some people considered intellectuals can make the above their preoccupation and still believe that they are engage in more profound activities.
    See what Foroyaa Editorial said on the below headline for today and see for yourself the difference in approach and you would notice the professionalism.
    Events of April 14 and 16 are being interpreted in diverse ways. What happened led to many arrests, detentions and trials. The people arrested are Gambian citizens who have diverse political interests. They, irrespective of their political affiliation or ethno linguistic background, are sovereign citizens of The Gambia. Each is entitled for only one vote and does not cast that vote on the basis of the language they speak. They vote in secret so that no one would know how they voted.
    Taxes are collected from them and put in government coffers and no one tells them to pay taxes on the basis of ethno linguistic origin. They could possess national ID cards or national passports.
    It is important for Gambians to bear in mind that ethno linguistic profiling is the beginning of promoting ethno linguistic hatred which eventually leads to ethno linguistic conflicts.
    Hence when conflicts occur or a government perpetrates certain actions it is either the authority or the individual who bears responsibility for the action. Gender, ethno linguistic background or religion has no bearing to the action and should not be relied on to interpret the behavior of the person.
    No one is elected or appointed to represent an ethno-linguistic group. Belonging to them is a matter of historical accident and not historical design.
    If Gambians are to live as Gambians, then ethno linguistic differences should be seen as by product of origin and heritage which do not affect one’s rights and duties as a sovereign Gambian citizen. The ethno linguistic profiling should be stopped if civil strife is to be prevented.

    • Yero Ba , the foroyaa piece you just posted above is just a garbage because it is general statement which never blame or condemn the regime directly . This is the kind of stupid editorial I pointed out about their style jorunalism . They never condemn Jammeh outright just like pdois never condemn Jammeh.
      Bax , at least you are right to point out the hypocrisy of pdois for not condemning Jammeh for his human right violations . Every organization such as UN , amnesty international , ECOWAS , European Union and others all condemn Jammeh’s human right violations and forcefully spoke aganist it . If an agent of dictatorship refuse to condemn Jammeh because that is not what they do , it show their indifference , lack of concern , hypocrisy and igonrance of international norms , protocols and standard of practice . It is truly disgraceful to call them opposition party . Anywhere in the world , the role of opposition is to criticize , condemn , provide alternative or even approve policy where it is appropriate of the ruling party but if pdois fail in their role to condemn or criticize Jammeh’s regime , then they have absolutely failed themselves and are not fit to be called opposition party . What a disgraceful party .

      • Are you sure you understand the difference between CRITICISM and CONDEMNATION. …? PDOIS is amongst the fiercest critics, if not the fiercest critic, of the regime, but their criticism is devoid of personality attacks, and since you lot are obsessed with personalities, you struggle to understand this approach to politics.

        Actions of the executive, for example, are scrutinised and criticised but the individual, though the occupant of the office, does not become the focus. You may not like it, and that is fine because we are supposed to be democratic minded, even if we don’t live in a democracy, but you got to show respect for the choices that PDOIS make, unless you have a mind like Yaya Jammeh. And I see plenty of that in display here : The Yaya Jammeh mindset.

        • Bax , the problem you have and all your fellow disciples is the ability to falsely show that you are more intelligent than people who are reading your comments. This is why all of you continue to ask if we are smart enough to understand your comments. It is arrogant and display of self-righteousness, it is the same behavior Halifa continue to display. The only people who think like Jammeh is pdois disciples because you support him .If you believe in democracy you hypocritically stated, why cant you support peaceful protest which is part of democratic process? Do you see your hypocrisy in that comments? Hypocrisy ,double standard and dishonesty is the hallmark of Dictator Jammeh and you the share philosophy.
          We do not care for personality because it is useless thing to consider, you and your fellow are obsessed with a man who you think is the best educated in the Gambia, man with an outdated politics. I don;t blame you because you are closed minded.

    • Yerro, I feel flattered of course – but in all sincerity believe that Sallah doesn’t deserve the brunt of our frustration with the non-visible show of solidarity on the part of the other opposition leadership.

      Having said that , I think there is another aspect to the Gambia political crossroad today.
      If we catapult back to 1933 Germany, you find similarities. The establishment in then Berlin believed that Hitler will tame the SPD (Weimar Republic ) who they saw as agent of the resurgent communist(soviet union). They gave him free way, Even after he start persecuting the Jews- until thitherto their comrades in commerce, culture and science.

      The result is clear. HOLOCAUST ending in the defeat of Germany and the invasion of Berlin by soviet forces. Exactly by the resurgent communist the establishment wanted to inhibit.

      I see it in that light. My colleagues here in the forum want to illustrate that the fight at hand must not be seen as a chance to tame the resurgent mandinkas disguised as UDP as the “Babili mansa” wishes to portray it. It is a fight to restore sanity and cohesion in our midst. A country that can be proud of its cultural mix analog Sine/Saloum. Participants in the forum have a point, if they demand visible show of solidarity from the other opposition heads.

      The small historical juxtaposing, is there to remind us that such leaders inevitably lead their countries to ruin. However the establishment or call it intelligentsia, are also culpable to blame for the inevitable calamity.

    • Yerro, I feel flattered of course – but in all sincerity believe that Sallah doesn’t deserve the brunt of our frustration with the non-visible show of solidarity on the part of the other opposition leadership.

      Having said that , I think there is another aspect to the Gambia political crossroad today.
      If we catapult back to 1933 Germany, you find similarities. The establishment in then Berlin believed that Hitler will tame the SPD (Weimar Republic ) who they saw as agent of the resurgent communist(soviet union). They gave him free way, Even after he start persecuting the Jews- until thitherto their comrades in commerce, culture and science.

      The result is clear. HOLOCAUST ending in the defeat of Germany and the invasion of Berlin by soviet forces. Exactly by the resurgent communist the establishment wanted to inhibit.

      I see it in that light. My colleagues here in the forum want to illustrate that the fight at hand must not be seen as a chance to tame the resurgent mandinkas disguised as UDP as the “Babili mansa” wishes to portray it. It is a fight to restore sanity and cohesion in our midst. A country that can be proud of its cultural mix analog Sine/Saloum. Participants in the forum have a point, if they demand visible show of solidarity from the other opposition heads.

      The small historical juxtaposing, is there to remind us that such leaders inevitably lead their countries to ruin. However the establishment or call it intelligentsia, are also culpable to blame for the inevitable calamity.

  10. Max, there are no two newspapers that operate in exactly the same way and have their editorial style exactly the same way. You should know that Foroyaa cannot operate the same way as the Kairo nor can the kairo do the same, just an example. Commonsense will also tell you that the two are not only operating in the same plain but are also not binded by the same laws and ethics. You do not have to go to journalism school to know that.
    I don’t know what you term as condemnation but for every sensible reader Foroyaa is always condemning what Jammeh says and do. If you mean that Foroyaa or PDOIS should call Jammeh a dictator, well that does not have any effect since Jammeh has already crowned himself that title and announced it before the whole world.
    The role of Foroyaa is to demystify that and to help each other to understand the motive behind this unusual behaviour so that we will together learn and better prepare ourselves when the time comes to do something about it since we alone as a collective have the power to do what is necessary.
    Unlike you, PDOIS is a party which is an alternative to what exists and therefore cannot act and speak in any way like the one it is aiming to replace. It must act maturely and must be seen at all times as a better alternative that would not be vindictive and would not engage in witch hunting and all those negative behavious when in power. It must give confidence and assurance to the people that it knows what it is doing and saying on whatever given issue so as to boost the morale and unity of the people.
    You are free to go ahead with your style of non ethical journalism as seen above which is acceptable at your level but know that such an inferior practice devoid of any value or ethic is not applicable to quality journals like the Foroyaa. I hope you spot the difference.

    • Yero Ba , tell me where foroyaa or pdois ever condemn Jammeh . Your fellow confused disciple Bax has even indicated that pdois or foroyaa do not do condemnation . So stop your misinformation and dishonesty .
      In The Gambia , your newspaper foroyaa is simply in the business to legitimize dictatorship and it is an organ of an agent of dictatorship.
      Let me make it clear to you I do not work for kaironews and I am not a journalist . I read extensively daily about both Gambian news and international news , so I know what is ethical and conduct of journalist or journalism in civilized and open society . Your limited exposure has derived you to understand what is the role of journalist in national development . Foroyaa is simply an agent of legitimization of dictatorship while point newspaper is a worthless paper which is on self – censorship . Daily observer is the mouthpiece of the regime . At least , I understand the self-censorship of point newspaper because they face terror daily which is why they do not report on issues which matters most to majority Gambians .
      Foroyaa didn’t play any role to demystify Jammeh . Diaspora media is the one which are demystifying Jammeh by exposing his abnormal behaviors such as rape or sexual terrorism , corruption and mismanagement . Foroyaa never ask question about those kind of behaviors which are immoral and aganist the moral values of Gambian people and office of presidency . There is no news paper which question the character and temperament of Jammeh in The Gambia . The key quality you look for in any leader is their character and temperament . Pdois and foroyaa refused to look into those qualities which is why they refused to condemn Jammeh’s illegal and immoral behaviors .

  11. “…..ethno linguistic profiling should be stopped if civil strife is to be prevented.”

    Moro the above quote alone (strife prevention) demanded the unanimous action urgently needed to free Gambia from the clutches of a psychiatric Devilish Maniac forthwith, before our only country & ‘collective-house as a community of Gambians in oneness’ is blatantly destroyed by the overall selfishness & greed of yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh alone, above Gambians & humanity as whole, including the (our) very own aid abetting mercenary agents & active & passive enablers & their very own families too…..?


    PDOIS remained mute since yaya jammeh started open campaign based on tribalism, & particular hatred on Mandinka ethnicity; as if Halifa could’ve have been silent all this long if he were himself Mandinka & felt personally & directly threatened; whilst Sedia as well as majority of PDOIS “memberships & supporters” all have got threatened too as Mandinkas…??

    Everyone following will understand my constructive criticism, or (are entitled to) chose to make anything else out of it; I’m here to contribute my constitutional quotas truthfully to best of ability; though I’m very fallible as any human being; my criticism goes against all when I deem fit including UDP….???

    For the struggle to yield fruition to accomplish entails all issues facing & derailing our collective liberation efforts to be thoroughly scrutinized; the challenges faced to be tackled included both yaya jammeh our common enemy (on one hand) & the pretentious opposition moles & selfish introverts bent on manipulations to hijack for domination &/ sabotage for failures & continuation of status quo when (they) can’t & (are) unable to manipulate….

    Yaya jammeh is abusing the privilege subordinate state powers as our employee & servants including the mercenary elements, as to the suffering oppressed masses’ superior power, as the peasantry population & employers; when (in actual fact) yaya have usurped power illegally, enforcing itself upon us, on promises of redress from the corrupt systems that it (yaya) is the worst culprit at to points of women rape & blatant killing of human beings….

    We all know leadership aspirants all get into politics for realisations of cherished dreams but these dreams can (must) be solicited & realised in genuine conformities to human values in humanity, driven by one’s selfless contributions towards humanity & greater community in general rather than corruptive inwardly which always germinates injustices everywhere leading into “strife” as rightly stated…..

    Halifa, PDOIS & disciples all knows this; in pretentious masquerading they will manipulatively relay the truth uncontrollably out their very own mouths contradictorily, whilst insistently in denial at same time which are the very signs of hypocrites taken by any definitions……

    All Constitutional provisions, including the first & second topmost important articles (secularity of State & peasantry population masses’ power) have all been violated; but Halifa attempted to distort the constitution stating the “two powers, of State & people”; I commended Halifa at the time on his witches protest; nobody can say the assaults, kidnaps, torture, women rape & killings aren’t grave as the witches sagas; why the Lukewarm indifference attitudes because Solo is from UDP; all politicians (including Halifa, Ousainou) mustn’t expect to be consulted all the times when people have to momentously demonstrate our constitutionally enshrined God-given rights; by virtue of their responsibilities they are assigned & tasked to stand up for the peasantry population represented in their constitutional mandates; both locally resident & diaspora Gambians, friends & International Community will continue condemn yaya’s Murderous barbarities & act in response, whilst continue calls upon opposition to assume their mandated responsibilities as required or “get out of kitchen if (when) can’t stand heat”….

    Political leaders in this days & age of humanity got to realise macro management approach are the keys to collective development procedures, not micro dictation tendencies like with Halifa & yaya to larger extents which corrupts absolutely & always ending to strife when not averted or rectified timely…..

    It’s the collective approach of this days including incorporations of divergent views & actions required & undertaken which naturally leads to Solo Sandeng & diverse nonpartisan citizens political reforms demonstrations as in any liberation struggle world over but not to “diaspora instigated” suggestions; if yaya jammeh can willingly replace wordings & breaches the statutory constitutional stipulations intentionally at liberty, to its favours why can’t others demand the same changes & reserved rights to demonstrate peacefully if not; instead the state guns & resources ceased, controlled & temporarily maintained illegitimately on the illegal coup d’état are being turned devilishly against the very owners who provided contrarily for our securities; the constitutionally responsible collectively are the opposition leaderships to stand up & lead from the front for the rights of the people being represented; UDP alone have proven it’s mandate constitutionally required, demanded & expected of all of them as the political parties seeking to take charge, rule & judiciously manage our affairs of State as politicians but which is being abused autocratically by the Murderous Oppressive kanilai yaya KILLER DEVIL, actively & passively aid abetted by the selfishly corrupt hypocrites…..

  12. Max….

    Calm down…I only asked a simple question and it’s a rhetorical one. It does not mean that you don’t know the difference..So don’t get agitated bro. Your response though, is very revealing.

    Democracy and Demonstrations :

    Indeed, peaceful demonstrations are part and parcel of the democratic process, and it is best exercised under dispensations where both the government and civil society are fully conversant with, and up to this task.

    However, even in the most advanced democracies, civil society and/or others, convince the public to participate in their mass actions, and in most cases, participating or not is down to individual choices. That is the beauty of democracy.

    When you coerce and bully people into taking part in your mass actions, you lose that most important quality of democracy that is embedded in choice, which also defines the character of any actions, as democratic or not.

    Furthermore, respecting the choices that other citizens make, whether in agreement with yours or not, is also an essential ingredient of democracy, but as is evident, you and many have shown that you do not respect the choices that Halifa, OJ and Hamat made, and thus, you have displayed the mindset of Yaya Jammeh, who labels, stereotypes, threatens, insults, misinform and lie against those who oppose him and his views or simply express disagreement with him.

    Let’s be clear about “condemnation” as it is used by you and others.

    To begin with, it is necessary to point out that when you criticise someone’s actions, you are effectively and simultaneously, condemning the person’s actions too and that is what Yero Ba meant.

    That by criticising the regime, PDOIS is effectively condemning the regime, because after all, “CONDEMN” is a synonym of “CRITICIZE”, but since you have failed to accept the fact that PDOIS criticises (and condemns at the same time) the regime, I have a fairly good idea of your understanding of “condemnation” and this has been strengthened by subsequent claims you made about what PDOIS and Foroyaa are not doing. That is why I stated that PDOIS does not do “condemnations” (as understood by you)..

    It is obvious that unless PDOIS adopts “gutter politics”, and through Foroyaa, begins to behave like a tabloid paper, releasing statements and making pronouncements based on unprovable, unsubstantiated and almost impossible to prove allegations, you will not be satisfied with them.

    Like I always say, you are entitled to your positions but you should not waste your life on a wild goose chase, because PDOIS and Foroyaa will never be what you want them to be. Imagine what would have happened to PDOIS’ credibility had they relied on tabloid paper claims, that Imam Baba Leigh was dead during his long incommunicado detention, to make statements and pronouncements. So there is wisdom in Foroyaa’s established facts based reporting.

    Lastly, I have never claimed to be “righteous” and don’t see myself as the “self righteous” person you alleged, which is a figment of your imagination. I only express my views, as best as I can, and respond to anything I feel I should respond to and if that is “self righteousness”, then so be it.

    I am now heading to London to plunge into the cold waters of the Thames and let the tide sweep me away because you, of all people, called me ARROGANT (Lol)..

  13. My cry is not of pain and sorrow but a brave call on to you @Bax and your likes to stop messing around with the minds of Gambians because your ill state of minds are by now clear to all good reasoning citizens and this is very serious and not just to bust your chops.
    You think I need therapy……………..? You guys need some real healing of your hearts. Just look at the deadly glare in the eyes of some of your Pdois bigwigs and ask yourself if they were at some kind of a bloody feast overnight or something like it….. Its absolutely Pdois’s laughing time. You can laugh your guts out. God is always with me and this doesn’t mean when I say,”God oh please grant me a solution for Gambia’s despicable state of affairs”,so God is going to send down a solution on spot……No its not like that. He will prevail in time. You need to know some Tawheed.

    • Go on preacher man…I’m listening.

      • You be the preacher man. I am not even as devoted as you think but I have an idea of the religion I belong to and also of other religions.
        You said your prayers are with me and I wander if that is a threat to my life and health. My prayers are for Solo Sandeng, Ousman Koro Ceesay, Mr. Ousainou Darboe, Nogoi Njie, Fatoumata Jawara and all the rest that I didn’t mention here, from way back two decades. Truth is that, the forums recently, became a busted store of revelations that are hard to be fancied by many sound minded Gambians.