I Hate No Gambian Tribe

Motafe, thank you for your contribution. First of all, I do not have any hatred for any Gambian tribe or citizen except Jammeh. I despise him. I even prefer feces more than Jammeh. We have stated the facts in our country. Jammeh has been given top positions to jolas since he came to power. He trusted them more than any tribe. Today majority the top leadership in the country’s security apparatus and many institutions are head by Jolas. Jolas are receiving preferential treatment and it is jola hegemony we have in The Gambia. The head of army, police force, NIA, ministry of finance, central bank, agriculture, interior minister, local government and lands, Gamcel, GIA and many others department are lead by Jolas. The dictators always used minority tribe to oppress the majority. This was what had happened in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and many other countries. All those dictators are from minority tribe and they used their tribe In the military to kill citizens. Saddam has killed Shirtes and Kurds in Iraq while majority of his top military leaders are Sunnis. Gaddafie was from minority tribe and he used his tribe in military to oppress Libyan for 40 years. Jammeh is also from minority tribe and he is using jolas in the military to oppress Gambians. This is why he continue to target UDP which is inclusive party. Jammeh has brought in tribalism in The Gambia. Jolas has responsibility to distance themselves From Jammeh’s tribal vitriol and stand up for unity of the country. Not all jolas are following Jammeh but majority are especially those in the military or security services. Jolas are also victimized in the process because jammeh is using them.Those jolas who stood up to him are real patriotic citizens and Gambian people are aware of their efforts.

Jammeh has enablers who are from all the tribes but it is fact that Jolas are the one receiving preferential treatment than other tribe. I am sure you are aware that Jammeh hates Mandinka more than any other tribe. He has demonstrated his hatred toward Mandinkas. Yes you are right he spare nobody but remember that even kidnappers favor some individuals more than others among their victims. Among Jammeh’s victims, he favors Jolas more than any tribe but he also hates Mandinkas more than any other tribe. This is the fact you cannot deny.




  1. The manifested hatred towards the mandinkas is purely historical grudge and most crucially the ultimate ascertainment on the part of this small cliché, that the singular most danger to their narrow minded dispensation, would be the collective resolve of the mandinkas to end this nonsense once and for all. Despite the malign directed at the mandinkas, they know more than anyone else that a mandinka engineered/motivated uprising is the nail on the coffin of this insanity already long condoned.
    Hence I don’t see the hatred as representative of any other tribe but a design of one man clinging on power at all cost. Even at the detriment of his “own” tribe. The sooner we all realise that the current way is the route to instability and no future for any one tribe -especially the smaller tribes- the better.

    • Kuyateh

      Mr Kinteh I agree with all you said. I as the 10th generation Gambian of Kissidou origin, I firmly believe that, Yahya Jammeh and his enablers are playing with fire. All the tribes in the Gambia are Manding. We came towards the coast before each other, and interacted with each other in a different ways for over 1500, part of the reason why we have different languages, tribal names and surnames. For centuries, surnames and tribal names have change continuously. Some Conatehs changed to Keita, Some Keitas changed to Njie and Jatta. These kind of changes happened many times in the Gambia. Many small tribes in Gambia including Jolas have their very close relatives in Guinea Bissau, Conakry, Mali and even in Burkina Fasso. Today we may see each other as distinctive tribes but if we go 500 years back, it is a very different story. The introduction and spread of Islam have constantly changed our settlement pattern for centuries. One Example, may sound new to many, but before Islam, there was no language or tribe call Wollof. The language and the identity developed in a land called Jallaf/Jollof/etc, after the arrival Islam. The interaction that developed between cultures and tribes that were close by each other, under one organised government and trade route, gave the ground for a language and culture call Wollof. Now this happened to many other languages before and after the arrival of Europeans too. Many names today were mispronounce by the Europeans, today we have no idea how they develop. Example the word Toubabo/Toubab a whiteman. The word came from Tibamo/Tibamogo/Tibamoko meaning hairy people in the original manden language. Now almost all the tribes use the same word. The interesting part of that story is, even other local languages in Mali, both Guineas, Seira Leone, Liberia, Wagadou, Wassoulu all use the same word for a white man. There is a strong visible bloodline connection among all of us but it is fading away. It is fading away because of power greedy leaders like Yahya Jammeh. He is there to silence those who he think are the enemy to his griped on power. He meant it, he is here to discredit, ridicule, silence, torture, and kill the majority. He is hunting the Mandinkas. This is a Gambian fight but Mandinkas this is your fight. Your fight that your ancestor fought and you live today to listen to the Yeli narrate. Down with Yahyah Jammeh! Enablers change before it is too late! This election coming! please vote for the restoration of the rule of Law. Vote for UDP!

      • Kuyateh e kuyateh…

        Indeed we all one in many ways. Thanks for the piece of history too. Please if you know more about our collective history, tell us more. Interesting.


    • Deportee


  2. Kuyateh, indeed you are a library; please say more; please keep on saying more & more as much as you can; we all can learn & drink from your humble fountain of knowledge….

    Thank you very much for the immensurable contributions!

  3. Kuyateh

    I believe your contributions in recount & relay of our common ancestry as a people is vitally essential to the liberation struggle for facilitating quick successful accomplishment….

    Gambians would understand & realise how & why this Manipulative kanilai Idol Worshipper yaya KILLER DEVIL cannot succeed in embroils us in it’s evil plan for tribal strife which isn’t in anyone’s interest; (if yaya jammeh is at all worthy of any accumulated “titles”, it is always in anyways evil to the core)…..

    Yaya jammeh knows based on (its) evil intentions from day one that the end won’t be kind to it at all whenever it comes; so it (yaya jammeh) decided to play the tribal card which must destroy everybody else, to take as many innocent human lives along its path, & finally when it will depart to join Ibliza in HELL….

    UDP just like other political parties have various Gambian ethnicities in their party hierarchy; the “Mandinka” label is purely for tribal induced incitement, only on yaya’s EVIL intentions; for based on all the past stolen kangaroo elections figures, there are more Mandinkas in aprc than UDP & all other political parties combined; why doesn’t that make aprc a Mandinka party but Jola one for that matter…???

    The people of Manding collectively referred as “Mandingo” contains all ethnicities including Fula, Wollof, Serer, Jola, Manjago, Aku, Mandika, etc etc; (different ethnicities might refer to in various names as well in their languages); there’s NOTHING Gambian where one won’t find Mandinkas & other Gambia tribes intertwined; Mandikas may be in majority but Gambia belongs every other tribes; during PPP era & hitherto, Mandinkas & every tribes were notable & vocal in the opposition as in the ruling party; every tribe including Mandinka & others will all continue to engage on collective national issues in Gambia alongside everybody even after yaya’s demise which just matters of time but not much far away….??

    Based on the same evil plan manipulations Cassamace nationals were induced to migrate amass to settle in Gambia & given illegal citizenship; just to soar the demographic distortion of the population; nyakassi sanyang who is an informer to yaya jammeh is placed in charge at the so-called Gambia bureau of statistics (GBoS) to manipulate & polish the statistical data & information on yaya’s orders; these false (demographic, economic & social) are the data being used for plans & executions of economic, social, education & other activities of our country for the past 22 years….

    In this age of globalization nobody is against migration as Gambia is part of the “global village”; every tribe in Gambia, & subregions, to rest of International Community ( be Jola, Mandinka, etc) are ALL at the receiving end of yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh’s brutal evilness…..?

    No one must be deceived or doubt that the Gambia will remain after yaya jammeh NO matter what; the sooner we all realise that, stick together & get rid of our cancerous devilish yaya jammeh, to continue to live in habitual peace & harmony as the Gambia is ever known for before, the better for us all.

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