Exposing Jammeh’s Real Enablers

The active and passive enablers and the yaya Killer DEVIL all know no one takes them seriously anymore except for the ‘Shameless-Jokes’ that they really are….

Take Nyakassi Sanyang, the so-called Gambia Bureau of Statistics statistician general for example, on the daily observer pages on presenting for the so-called public account and enterprises committee claiming the Gambia is a population of 1.9 million people out of which obly 100, 000 are foreigners. But after a meeting with the Guinean President Alpha Condé Devil Yaya Jammeh declared that “over 950,000 Senegalese living in Gambia.” Jammeh contradicted his chief without providing proofs. One of his aprc Bakau active devilish enabling cum-MP flatly denid the cooked up forged statiscal data to the face of the lying statistical stooges. Kalifa Jammeh insisted that the data were indeed wrong (sexed-up) because the “foreigner population in KMC alone is indeed far more than the 100, 000” (lied to by Nyassi) much more in other parts of the country (including Foni and other areas).

Shamelessly Nyakassi climbed down in face-saving manoeuvres claiming they  too (involved in polishing and cooking up the data under his Devilish Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL master’s orders) do (themselves) indeed have doubted the very figures they sell to misinform. Their goal is to destroy the Gambia to satisfy the insatiable wicked ego and selfish interest gains of Yaya Jammeh.

It’s through this lies the Gambia have been deliberately swamped and flooded with Cassamace nationals who are illegally and illegitimately being given Gambian nationalities for Yaya Jammeh’s gains only; it’s these same cooked up data and false statistics that the so-called developments & economic projections in our country are based on.

Anyone can now guess how deliberately ruptured and infectiously rotten our country is, socially economically and morally.



One Comment

  1. This is a big fat lie.Where are their illegal Casamance people,are they not foreigners? Let’s not forget that the so-called general is part of Jammeh’s enablers.They are all birds of the same feathers.