The Most Dangerous Jammeh Enablers

jammehBy Foday Jawla

Enablers of Jammeh are in various kinds. We have active enablers who are either directly or indirectly working for Jammeh. They are benefiting from him directly. We see him with them and they would do everything for him. They are not our problem because we know them. We also know how to deal with them.

Passive enablers are however the most dangerous ones. They are openly opposing Jammeh but citing out sentiments to make people passive. This could be either tribal or partisan remarks.

With passive enablers either knowing or unknowingly, many people are acting dormantly by taking the backseat or neutral position.

Passive Enablers almost succeedingly neutralise the revolution by consistently calling it Mandinka or UDP revolution.

This tribal or partisan labelling of the revolution brings even more confusion in the struggle because you could be UDP but may not be a Mandinka or Mandinka but not UDP.

A successful revolution requires a full scope combination of all forces by throwing away all the divisions that could undermine the success of the revolution. Our national interest must be jealously guarded.

This is no UDP or Mandinka thing. This is Gambian matter. Let’s shun and condemn all those who want to bring such sentiments and divisions within the struggle. This is Gambian matter. Gambian life matters.




  1. Junior Kelly

    Jammeh has been opressing the Gambians because of these evil and selfish enablers. They know very well that Jammeh is evil and still continue to support him just because of their own selfish gains. I urge all online newspapers to start naming and shaming anyone close to Jammeh. These people are the greatest enemy of the Gambia and society needs to know who they are and therefore distant themselves from such evil people. From Isatou Njie Saidy, Ousman Sonko to the illitrate mayor of KMC, Yankuba Colley all needs to be named and shamed week in week out so people will hear their evil names every single day.

    The strugle for freedom should be more comprehensive, targeting these evil enablers. They are far worst and more dangerous than Jammeh. Jammeh is a moron without a doubt but these people know very much what they are doing. Who in his right mind would support and condone Jammeh and his barberic acts on the population of your own country? It wouldn’t take a 10 year old more than 5 minutes listening to Jammeh’s speech to realise how stupid and angry monster Yahya Jammeh is. I always say that Gambians are partly to be blamed for following Jammeh around during political rallies. People in the diaspora needs to sensitise their families in the Gambia to not set foot at Jammeh’s stupid rallies only to listen to him insult them.

    I believe this is the only way forward. Name all the idiots every single week in newspapers. Even though they have no shame in them, we need to make their lives as unconfortable as possible.

    • Thank you junior kelly. It is simply dishonesty and hypocrisy which is why they are following him and it is also hypocrisy and dishonesty that PDOIS and NRP careless about the suffering of Gambians. They are two parties which legitimize dictatorship in the Gambia.

  2. Foday, in as much as I can commend your call for solidarity across the broad range of our society, I must also underscore that the revolution underway is not being seen as a mandinka endeavour by the majority of gambians.
    My local organization taking part in the fund raising is being led by a non-mandinka. He is fervently aware from the beginning that this is a national problem.
    Indeed you have the regime portraying it as a mandinka uprising which is not surprising at all. Hitler also portrayed the allied invasion as the doom for Germany, there by masquerading the eminent fall of his dictatorship.

    I think the uprising is alive and unbroken. Today Dembo Bojang disclosed that 36 UDP are still unaccounted for after showing solidarity with Darboe at the last hearing (courtesy Foroyaa).

    What is inhibiting the uprising, is the brutality. However, all such events have provoked regimes void of legitimacy to resort to force. This behaviour is the catalyst for change. The road will be long. But the signs of exhaustions and crumbling on the part of regime is self evident.

    • Kinteh, it cannot much more obvious now the revolution was mandinka only revolution. Everybody knows that and as writers we just have to be cautious about what we write and time will reveal the rest.

      This revolution was mandinka revolution and even some media groups were not exceptional. The media houses killed the revolution and gave jammeh now the power to insult all mandinkas.

  3. Can’t agree more with you Mr Jawla; you indeed stated the real deal at hand which is in fact mainly responsible for sustaining the continuity of our communal predicaments all along till today….

    With the active enabling, most of them are known either by one person or another who can be identified & bring to book in post dictatorship; the passive enablers are the cancerous elements who opposes the dictatorship & identifies with the opposition, participate in our communal endeavours to know the sensitive information or data to be utilized for selfish ends only; & exploit the loopholes, & sometimes even sell information to undermine & sabotage the collective efforts to enable the continuation of our predicaments since it’s not for their direct personal or partisan aggrandizements only…..

    We have indeed been dealing with them right here in this forum, & will continue to encounter & engage them throughout, until the successful liberation of Gambia….

    Every liberation struggle have encountered & dealt with them; it’ll be naive for us to think & believe every pretending opposing voice indeed meant & wish us well….

    Media & information are the tools these DEVIL & devilish active & passive enablers fear most; these are the tools which they exercise no controls or influences over that counters their lies being spewed about; hence we have the “cyber warrior & internet sharks” terms coined for some of us who pride ourselves to counter the lies deliberately spewed to misinform & exploit for selfish ends; somebody must be ready to take on these liars who pretentiously identify with the masses to infiltrate, hijack or sabotage our noble liberation efforts for selfish ends only or nothing….

    All Gambians of genuine conscience must switch our sixth-senses on; be ready to close our ranks to deal with anyone of the devilish elements for mother Gambia, ourselves, our children & future generations; if not, we’ll continue running round in circles unending….

  4. The demonstrations could be given every kind of title from ‘Mandinka revolution’ to ‘Udp revolution’ but that won’t change anything in the transcendence of the stately events. The Ecowas, the A.U, the U.N and the whole international community are aware of the horrible and terrible going downs in the Gambia. No gluttonous hypocrite can twist that reality around, though you may be right that it may be the intention of some tired wayward politicians and perhaps some ordinary Gambia citizens to enable and entrench a state of horror in a country like the Gambia.