Will Yaya Jammeh Insult Senegalese President Again?

JammehCoward as he is, since the border closure, Yaya Jammeh never open his big stinky mouth to say one single misplace word on Senegal and her Presidents. If Yaya Jammeh is so brave as he portrays himself in front innocent Gambians, he does not have the guts and the balls to issue the slightest threats to Senegal. He foolishly hails threats and insults at the Gambian opposition and innocent unarmed citizens and the West who are 10000 miles away but he will never do the same to President Macky Sall and the Senegalese government. This is exactly what cowards are made of, chicken heart. A coward can only show his bullying nature to innocent unarmed citizens. If Yaya Jammeh is man enough let him challenge or insult President Macky Sall one more time. The buffoonery knows he will not survive 20mns after committing such suicidal threats on Senegal. Instead, the coward preys only on small and innocent people, what a shame for a pompous man. Yaya Jammeh is at war with the opposition and innocent citizens but never with another country. A coward who has never been to a battlefront can open his big stinky mouth and brag about and hail threats to unarmed citizens whiles being surrounded by machine guns and drug-ridden soldiers.

Yaya Jammeh if you are a brave man, go to GRTS and insult Senegal one more time. You will be six feet deep within 20 seconds. Also bear in mind that now the US-AFRICOM military base is in Senegal. Just keep insulting the US, the UK and France.

You want us to burn the country to ashes, destroy its infrastructures and businesses for you to finally run away on exile just like Blaise Compaore but we will never destroy our country because of you. We will get you out in a manner you have never thought of. We will surprise you. We will deal with you just like you did to our innocent citizens.

You brag that no opposition will witness the next elections, but little do you know where you will be before elections. Soon, you will not issue any more death threats to anyone any more in the Gambia.

Just keep barking like a dog; little do you know what awaits you. Coward.

Deyda Haidara



  1. If you see him talking like a schizophrenic person in farafenni then you will know that he is on drug . That is how he behaves when he takes drug . It is unfortunate that we still have such a lunatic as president . Jammeh talked like his mentor col Gaddafie who also behaved in similar way , they both insult the opposition , ridicule the west and claimed to have brought unprecedented development in their countries . Jammeh is fooled by the crowd he has right now . By watching that video, I showed a lot of similarity with his mentor . He threaten every body and every one was wrong. Hey some human being forget so easily. History will be the judge. Time will tell. For one thing I know Jammeh is not planning to leave without a fight. This is why every necessary means must be used to save our country from this evil and selfish human being.

  2. The only funny part of video which might not be even funny is how Momodou joof even compete with Jammeh in his interpretation . Oh boy , Gambia is in deep trouble . It is now become cultural and societal value for Gambians to accept insult , ridicule , arrogance , daily threat , empty bluster and bluff from their leader . All these are happening because those who are the leaders in our communities failed to carry out their responsibilities to speak the truth .

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