Gambia’s Crowned Pathological Liar At It Again

By Max

Samsudine Sarr is a crowned pathological liar who has neither shame nor moral. This bigot, fraud , phony, misogyny and ignorant fool will continue to masturbate for Yaya Jammeh. Sam is a despicable human being who lacks proper upbringing. A man without conscience and moral compass. It is a tragedy to have such a despicable man as the Gambia’s deputy Ambassador to the United Nations. He is a product of a system without moral compass. As a pathological political prostitute, Sam can sexually abuse his own mother to satisfy Yaya Jammeh. Therefore he is a despicable and worthless piece of shit who should be ignored. We must focus on the bigger prize which is Yaya Jammeh.

Sam Sarr’s call for killing of peaceful protesters is the most dangerous call Gambians has ever heard in history. Dishonesty and lack of conscience are the hallmarks of Sam’s Character. He was nationally crowned as greatest pathological liar by his chief master, the most evil dictator Africa has ever known.

Sam Sarr is a threat to national security because he has the most dangerous and ridiculous ideas in his campaign for the Dictator. His call is not only against our constitution but it is also against every international protocol, law or convention which respect fundamental human rights such as right to political freedom, associations, affiliation and sovereign rights of world citizenry. Sam Sarr has no temperament and judgement to represent the general welfare of Gambian people. Sam Sarr’s anger and call for killing of innocent peaceful protesters can lead our nation into abyss.
Sam Sarr blamed peaceful protesters describing them as”foreign sponsored thugs” who he believed should be tortured and killed. This is the worst character of a despicable human being. Sam’s admiration for Dictator Yaya Jammeh and his hate for peaceful protesters is an example of an evil-infected man who celebrates evil over good. In his disgusting and nauseating response, the so-called retired military officer failed to take personal responsibility for his hateful comments. His description of video recorder as a conman is the displacement of blame to justify his vitriol and hateful comments.

Sam is not a smart human being. He is nothing but an ignorant person who will do and say anything to maintain his selfish personal interest. Sam is a loser and failure who cannot be a better example for his own family. One thing you will notice about decent human being their ability to empathize, sympathize and respect the rights of his fellow human being. This is what Sam Sarr lacks in his character.

Therefore, Sam Sarr is the worst person to represent the interest of Gambian people. He must be recalled back to Gambia.



  1. His anti-American rhethorics and his hollywood designer’s suit don’t par. Once again, ‘gluttony’ is derogative NOT to a sycophant. What better can such people think for their children and children too. To be able to write legible words is not a total indication of one’s intelligence. Sam Sarr has the intelligence of stone.

  2. Thank you. Well said .

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