Sukai Dahaba: Gambia’s Winnie Mandela

The middle-aged woman in this picture has become a major center of attention during the weeks of the Gambia’s opposition protests sparked by arrest and disappearance. Sukai Dahaba is now paying the price of her peaceful protest. She was arrested, detained and slapped with bogus charges. But one fellow woman who characterises Sukai perfectly is Tukulor Sey. Read below what she writes about the Gambia’s Winnie Makazela Mandela on Facebook.


I named her Gambia’s Winnie Mandela when I first saw this picture of Sukai Dahaba. Sukai, a 41 year old protester joined the Mbaatu/Kalamaa revolution of Gambians on May 9, 2016 and decided to rise up and protest the detention of protesters and demanded the release of UDP executive Solo Sandeng.

In a normal democracy, Sukai would have protested and gone home to be with her children. However, in a country where the President has been listed among the world’s top 10 worst dictators, she was charged for “unlawful assembly.” President Yahya Jammeh’s party (APRC) supporters can assemble without fear of persecution, torture, or death. These actions are only decreed for the likes of Ms Dahaba who was armed with nothing but a traditional spoon called Mbaatu/Kalamaa.

If you hold divergent views against President Yahya Jammeh, you risk harm being done to you. Sukai has children who are not enjoying the nurturing and caring of her young family. Her detention has also created a financial burden for her family. We demand the unconditional release of Sukai Dahaba right now! ‪#‎Gambia‬ ‪#‎GambiaRising‬ ‪#‎GambiaWomenRising‬ ‪#‎TouchOneTouchAll‬ ‪#‎EnoughIsEnough



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  1. Ms Dahaba is a patriotic citizen who must be freed now . Shame on Jammeh for arresting women who are more decent and productive than his immoral wife . Dictator is a coward and a liar . I hope someone put a bullet in his ass during this so called nation tour .

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