Re: Nokoi Explains Ordeal; Confirms Solo’s Torture Death

JammehBy Kinteh

Right here and right now is the time for us all to close ranks. Be it Njie, Jawara, Or Ngum, this latest revelations have shown that the broad section of the Gambian society is at risk of falling prey to these gangsters disguising as a gov’t. It is time to cease calling them a government.

Any one out there doubting the extent these people are ready to shed our blood in order to maintain their grip on the gambian state, I say you have not encountered them yet. We must stand firm in light of these brave revelations by Mrs. Ngoi Njie and demand for the total overhaul of the political dispensation in our country once and for all.

Solo Sandeng’s children deserve our unflinching closing of ranks to avenge their dad’s death. We owe them their define right to get their fathers dead body and beyond that ensure no other family lose their father in the hands of this bloody cowards killing us one by one.

We are a nation of diverse people who are condemned to live together side by side in mutual respect and support. In times like this, it is our solemn duty to give voice to the oppressed and not look away. If we turn away from this barbarism holding the country hostage, the mere summation of victims will come hunting us for generations to come. Apparently these thugs have no interest in the future of the Gambia and won’t care if civil strife breaks out as a result of frustration over the persecution of defenseless people going on unabated for years now. There are already so many victims and the more victims we neglect, the more likely that the country will descent into turmoil.

We can’t run away any more. We must face it. We must face the aggression and defeat it.



  1. Thank you kinteh for your wise words . We must all come together to get rid of military dictatorship . Today Those who are supporting or sitting on the fence will be victims of tomorrow. Yaya Jammeh will do anything to maintain his power because he knows the consequences of losing power . Yaya will kill as many people as he can . We have a criminal government in the Gambia. Yankuba Badjie , Saul Badjie and majority of those security heads are criminals . They will never give up their privilege without a fight .

    • Max, did you protest outside the court house where your heroes were sentenced and sent to prison..? Did you even attend any of the court hearings to show solidarity.? I did not see any post from you suggesting that you had.

      Over to you Max…

      • Bax , you must be a genius to know who I am and whether I attended the court hearings. I wanted to express my appreciation and solidarity with them but I realized that the comment section is not allowing any comments. I respect that decision by kaironews because we do not need any negative comment from people like you who are rejoicing about the case. This is why you brought it up. It is out of respect for these patriotic sons of our country that I refrain from talking about it. I would encourage you to follow their foot steps so that you will be a better citizen rather than be a deliberate distractor here. For your information I have given my moral and financial support. I will continue to do that. Where I live I always make sure I attend any protest or fund raising. Here is GDF link, please contribute

        The fight aganist military dictatorship is everyone fight. Today you are not the victim but tomorrow you and your family might be. Jammeh himself will be the last victim of the system he has created.

        • Simple questions…! Did you protest or not..? Do you know anyone who protested outside the courtroom.? …The rest of your response is what is called a “distraction”…

  2. Indeed our decent country have departed & reached the valley of no return, except TOTAL liberation which is a MUST without a shadow of doubt….

    [sometimes my handset, for some reason, don’t bring the full stories published; & whereas it does, doesn’t enable me to comment directly under the stories]

    I salute our December 30 noble gallant comrades (who are) just sentenced by US courts in norms of International Diplomacy as expected….

    Since the advent of July 1994, NOBODY must be ashamed to be subjugated (in anyways at all) in our Constitutional attempts to reinstate the judicious dispensations of our God-given rights as enshrined in the Constitution & in statutory provisions; whence the US can handicap these men in exercising their noble rights in our Salvage Reclaim Struggle, there’re many others (who are) free to pass the batons….

    As some have mortgaged souls to our killer-DEVIL making meals, feeding on our bloods & souls, whilst some will abdicate responsibilities in pursuant for selfish ends or nothing, this our fight individually & collectively; there’s NO stoppage UNTIL total liberation which isn’t farfetched & just round the corner; Insha Allah…..

  3. Quote…”I salute our December 30 noble gallant comrades (who are) just sentenced by US courts in norms of International Diplomacy as expected….”

    Comment : The story did not indicate whether any Gambians protested outside the court room to show solidarity with their heroes and express outrage at the indifference of the US to the excesses of the Jammeh regime.

    I want to be sure before I express my views on the sentencing of these gentlemen, the serious implications for each (other than serving jail terms) and the lessons to be learnt.

    • Bax , please for God sake , try to be positive and realize that every actions has some negative consequences . These heroes knew the consequences which was why they embarked on the mission to The Gambia . So please spare us with your negative propaganda . This will not prevent or deter Gambians from fighting their freedom . It will serve as an eye opener that this fight is our fight but not any foreign country . Each and every one of these heroes have better life than majority of Gambians but they decided to put that aside and put the interest of Gambian people . This was what solo Sanderg , Nogoi Njie and the rest did whilst you are cowardly sitting in your little apartment in UK badmouthing them . What you failed to realize is that the peace and security you are now enjoying in uk is the same peace , security and freedom our people are fighting to achieve . I believe one of your closed relative must be closed to Jammeh or you have strong affiliation with him in some ways which is why you are not bother about the brutality and corrupt nature of this regime .

      • Max…

        Why are you “running away” from simple questions..? I am asking very simple and straightforward questions…

        Isn’t it obvious that my subject of query here is not the participants of the 30th December incident… ?

        They have chosen their route and have pursued it to the end and whether I agree with them or not is irrelevant now, but I respect their rights to that choice.

        What I am querying here is your behaviour, attitudes and reactions ( all of you who support military action) to the prosecution and sentencing of the surviving actors in the USA.

        Did you go out and protest in front of this court house, daily, whilst your heroes were prosecuted, because if you didn’t ( and.I doubt if you did because the media would have reported it), then your hypocrisy and cowardice would have been further exposed.

        How could you not be exposed as hypocrites, when you insult and libel opposition leaders for not protesting in The Gambia, whilst you did not bother to protest in the USA, for the same reasons..?

        I don’t know what live in, but in the world that I live in, those who abandon their comrades in battle and flee, are not regarded as heroes, nor does those who spread false information that can lead to the death of others, and that is what a segment of the diaspora has been guilty of when they kept lying about how dissatisfied the GNA was, and how they will join any armed incursion to remove Jammeh. That false information is what lead to December 30th.

        Unfortunately, it is the same lies that lead to April 14. Soon after the UDP concluded its Basse Congress, the same groups with access to the media, began spreading the flash information that the people were ready for a revolution, basing that erroneous judgement on the tumultuous and grand entry of the UDP into the Kombos and S/Kunda.

        Infact, some were already claiming that a revolution was underway, making it necessary for some UDP diaspora members to come on.this very Kaironews, to debunk those claims and put the records straight.

        No wonder the youths bypassed their party leaders to go onto the streets, thus creating a total distraction to what the opposition should have been doing at this stage of our political calender.

        For your information, I am neither related to Yaya Jammeh, nor is any member of my family occupying high office in The Gambia. I.see every Gambian as my “relative” and I feel their pain, sorrow, ill/unfair treatment ànd humiliation, regardless of tribe, gender, religion or lifestyle.

        I reject Yaya Jammeh and his APRC for the lawless governance they introduced in our country and the suffering that has led to, but I WILL NOT support any actions by anybody, under whatever guise, that seek to use force to achieve change of government, as long as we have other options open to us…

        I am convinced that despite the unfairness of the electoral system and environment, the democratic route is viable (as independent victories have shown) and the opposition can achieve electoral victory if all work towards a common, acceptable arrangement, taking all factors affecting Gambia’s political scene.

        Whilst the diaspora should accept its equal partnership with, but inferior role to, the official opposition, due to current constitutional restrictions affecting its full participation in our politics. Together, we can achieve change, without jeopardising our very existence as a nation state, which is the case for.many states, where violent change has not gone according to plan.

        Is that too much to ask from you guys.?

        • Bax said ” no wonder the youths bypassed their party leaders to go onto the street , thus creating a total distraction to what the opposition should have been doing at this stage of our political calender “.

          Bax , once again in above statements you shown your total dissatisfaction , blame and opposition to the peaceful protesters who protested and called for electoral reform . Your suggestion that their action was ” total distraction ” is indeed hypocritical , igonrance , dishonesty and unpatriotic . In your silly argument , you dismissed the constitutional rights of these peaceful protesters as distraction . What is more important in the electoral process than calling for level playing field which is needed to ensure free and fair election . So in your myopic and naive mind , you believe that there is level playing field which enable the oppositions to have effective electoral victory to ensure peaceful change of regime . That assumption is indeed a clear and absurd stupidity considering the current unfair political environment . You will be happy to see the status quo to continue is the bottom line . As you write your illogical and word salad presentation , your true color is exposed for every one to see . It is disingenuous and hypocritical to offer your outrage and crocodile tears to the very protesters who were brutally tortured , raped and killed . This is why I always tell you to be honest and stop hiding behind pdois name to distract us here . You are never in support of any effort which will lead to change of regime , Whether it is military coup , popular uprising , peaceful demonstration which call for electoral reforms or any method . If you are truly in support of regime change you should have supported the peaceful protesters who are only seeking electoral reform without any violent . It is their God given rights and constitutional rights to determine the manner of their government . This was exactly why they demand electoral reform . You continue to blame and badmouth geniune Gambians whose efforts are peaceful and in line with all international democratic standards , protocol , laws and convention . Democracy is not only mere voting process , it has to involve all the basic ingredients such as free press , equal access to media , proper registration of voters , avoidance of state machinery such as use of security forces to intimidate and harrass the opposition , avoidance of exorbitant fees on the opposition to contest as in election act 2015 and denial of opposition to campaign . All the above basic ingredients are an obstacles for free and fair elections in The Gambia . What is even more upsetting and unpatriotic is your continuous blame of peaceful protesters as ” total distraction , poorly planned process and messy ” while at the same time you claimed to admire , support , appreciate and respect their efforts . What a hypocritical and dishonest position you took .
          You have no respect for the rights of ordinary Gambians who are tortured , killed and imprisoned which is why you continue to dismiss any geniune effort to bring about change .
          I have told you that I did my moral and financial support to December heroes . We showed our solidarity with them in every step of the way . I participated in fund raising when the event occurred in 2014 and continue to do that , I wrote extensively in forum or any where to support them . In court room we have gathered and supported them . We wrote letters and made phone calls to our various representatives , state department , White House , court house and every efforts were made to ensure fair trial and acquittal. This is why the outcome today is very favorable compare to what most of you critics are anticipating and wish . For your information , none of them is going to prison for long time , and longest jail time might be six month because mr Njie is qualify for less sentence while mr Faal have no jail time at all . This is very different from the dictatorial and tyrannical regime you advocate , support and propaganda on behalf of . The outcome would have been very different if it was in The Gambia where you claimed there is peace, justice and human rights .
          Please stop your hypocrisy and come out clean to declare your support of the regime .

  4. @Max…”….if it was in The Gambia where you claimed there is peace, justice and human rights .”

    Is this a “slip of the tongue “, Or do you really mean this : That I have made these claims above..?

    It can be seen that after all your huffing and panting, you have failed to answer a very simple, straightforward question and preferred to indulge in your own little fantasies of what is, and what is not. I will take that as a “NO” and move on, without dignifying those childish thoughts, with a response.

    I will assume that like most Western
    countries, prison term is the least of a convict’s worries in the USA. The biggest worry, for a working man, is the criminal records that come with conviction, which can seriously impact a person’s life.

    Not that you seem to care, as long as you are contributing to the cause..

    • BTW. ..December is election month and we have the major opposition party embroiled in a court battle, rather than building on the momentum it was generating throughout its nationwide tour.

      How else could that be described but a distraction from what it should have been doing at this stage of the elections/political calender..? You are so obsessed with your revolution that you can’t think any other way..That is not bad mouthing…That is stating a fact…And you must be out of your mind to think I am a Jammeh supporter who is happy with the status quo…

      I am happy that you are now disassociating me from PDOIS…I have said all along, that I am not PDOIS but you are the very one who made me PDOIS..Knowing you, it won’t be long before I am no longer “hiding behind PDOIS” but a real PDOIS militant. Whichever way, I am not bothered..

      • you are a fraud and you just want to have an election without level playing field so that you can legitimize dictatorship . No wonder you blamed the peaceful protesters and you considered their efforts as “distraction ” . You just want to have an election for the sake of it .
        You dont have anything meaningful to say but to worry about the life of these heroes. They have better life and they are all successful people. Worry about your own life . They dont need crocodile tears and pretentious sympathy. Remember someone sacrificed his life and that is why you are able to have freedom and peace in your little apartment in UK. You should be grateful to those people and all those peaceful protesters in the Gambia fighting for freedom. When are you going to stop spinning for jammeh . please crosscarpet before it is too late . Jammeh is only surrounded by jolas from cassamance , did you see his picture today ? He is so lonely and cowardice that he was hiding among his militia . His NIA are cowards and they are so scare to show their faces when they arrest their victims. Please tell your boss to step down . I know you are working for him because you sympathize with him and all his officials.

  5. Max you must have been operating a dictionary compile by bigots and been brought-up in a very hostile environment the resultant of which you cannot argue without using vulgar languages and invectives. The pdois faithfuls have been taught to dump invectives and insults into the dustbin of arrogance and ignorance so you will never find them exchanging such with you.

  6. Bamba , Pdois policies and propaganda by mr Sallah are bigotry and selfish becuase he didn’t care about the suffering of Gambians . This is why mr sallah continue to be obstacle and legitimize dictatorship. For years mr sallah has been fooling Gambians including myself and now we know he is dishonest and never care about the regime change . His business interest at stake . He is eloquent but not well educated person . He studied sociology which is usually done by undecided students at college level . You will never see any intelligent human being with only a bachelor’s degree in sociology and that is what mr sallah got . Sociology is usually selected by students as requirement to other areas of speciality . With all his noise , what is his education level ?
    You may categorized my statements as an insult because I say the truth as it is . I don’t involve in political correctness and lack of telling truth to each other is the reason we have horrible human rights violations , corruption and mismanagement in our country .
    Mr sallah and pdois are very dishonest because their polical strategy are based on untruthfulness and selfish interest . Their followers like you never think for yourself for a minute . Whatever mr sallah say to you and his confused disciples , you always believe him .
    How can 3% support-based of a party want to lead and control the political narrative of the opposition. It is just plain bigotry . Mr sallah refused to condemn Jammeh’s tribal vitriol because he is in agreement with him . His history and record indicated that he never condemn any political events in the country . Mr sallah want to use any political event to showcase his agenda . This is why he recently released his so called alternative approaches when this peaceful protest started and it was pure distraction . Since then he is been quite .

  7. Max i now know that your contemp for pdois and Halifa in particular is misconceived, out of context and a figment of your imaginatvive opinion. Halifa is the father of the modern day Gambia politics and you can take that to the bank. Apart from sociology, he had also lectured Economics, Advance Maths and Political Science at the University of The Gambia from its embryonic to its matured stage.A Ghanian lecturer use to quote him as Prof. Sallah and when students tells him that in the Gambia he is just Mr.Sallah he would not listen to them. He is a member of the Association for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa Headquartered in Dakar responsible for looking into to the academic work of students across africa. He was the special rapporteur for the Ecowas parliament in Darfur. These and host of others are halifa’s contribution which no politician can match.

    • Bamba , Stop telling lies here and making outlandish claim . If Mr sallah can teach all kind of courses from Mathematics department, economics to social science department then something is fundamentally wrong with that university . For your information , there is no course in the university which is called advanced maths . All the courses are pretty much advanced maths . You have calculus first year level , you proceed to do the second level , third level , and branch into linear algebra , differential equations , you have statistics and other courses which I cannot list all here before you get your degree , the same thing apply to political science and economics. So your claim that mr sallah teaches advanced maths , economics and political science is a ridiculous statement . Which economics course did he teach at UTG ? Which political science course did he teach ? What is his qualifications in each of these areas and are you suggesting that he has at least a masters degree in each area for him to be able to teach those courses at bear minimum of his qualifications ? Please don’t give him professorship tittle even though he like to have one . Come use your brain to connect the dots .
      No wonder in The Gambia you called orderlies or Nurse aide as Doctors lol . It is the same reason every person who happen to open a drugstore they steal from public hospital is called a pharmacist when most of those idiots never step their foot in any university in the world . All they do is to give wrong medications to people contributing to their death . I am glad that American university in The Gambia will soon start three year pharmacy technician course to help prevent necessary deaths as a result of , ignorance , negligence and malpractice by these unscrupulous citizens . I commend American university and their pharmacy department for their great initiative.