Nogoi’s Ordeal Leaves Me In Tears

NIA DG Yankuba Badjie
NIA DG Yankuba Badjie

As I read Nogoi Njie’s testimony, I can’t control continous tears rolling down from my eyes. The torture in the form of beating and attempted rape of Nogoi Njie is an evil crime that must be punished. Those animals under the orders of Dictator Jammeh must pay the price of this senseless inhuman and degrading treatments. The constitutional violation of the rights of these detainees is immoral and callous. They have totally failed in their objective and today the whole world is aware of their cowardice and brutal treatment of women who could be their mothers.
Nogoi Njie has shown us that in the midst of her suffering and the most difficult time of her life she cared about Solo Sanderg and others in her testimony below:

“Solo Sanderg’s body was all swollen and he was in severe pain. I then asked him to come closer to me away from the urinated area and as he laid flat on the ground I bent down and started to massage his head and body. His body was bleeding all over. He then started to sleep and I sat up.”

The above statements send chills to my spine as it demonstrates the best of humanity which is love and care for your fellow human being in the most difficult circumstances.
The statements also indicated a character of a woman who showed selflessness, love and care for her fellow human being despite the fact that she had faced similar brutal treatment in the hands of Yaya Jammeh’s thugs. Throughout her ordeal, Nogoi Njie has shown us motherly love and care by constantly looking after her fellow inmates, especially Solo Sanderg who she ensured that he was alive and showed incredible concern about his welbeing. As she called out the name of God, the immoral beasts continued their despicable and horrendous acts.

The incredible bravery and resilience of Nogoi Njie during the darkest hour of her life was manifested in her roles as therapeutic supporter and motivator to both of these patriotic ladies. Nogoi Njie told her fellow inmates to “be brave” as they will overcome their ordeal. It is her character that we must admire and love.

Nogoi Njie stood up to the bullies and thugs when she questioned their conscience and asked why she deserved to be beaten and they later asked her to switched her political support to the party of a tyrant and merciless Dictator.  She has succeeded in questioning the morality of NIA and their responsibilities. She indicated to Sheikh Omar Jeng that he is a useless human being who did not belong and not qualified to lead the NIA. This was indeed a sense of patriotism and decency.

All her testimony, Nogoi Njie’s bravery, love, care and resilience were displayed fof for the world to see while the cowards who hide their faces were exposed. The sad and low life of these thugs was further exposed in her testimony when she stated that they were rewarded with meat and alcohol as the payment for their horrific and barbaric act. As these thugs celebrated the torture session meted out to these decent and patriotic ladies, they refused to remind themselves that they too had mothers who would not like to be in similar conditions. But that kind of personal reflection is not in the mind of evil and worthless human being. Those meat and alcohol they have consumed, have been excreted as waste product of metabolic process while the physical and psychological trauma they inflicted on their fellow citizens will forever be remained. When they finally get their conscience, their brutal actions will constantly remind them about the horrific and evil treatments they have done to their fellow citizens. They live with this guilt for the rest of their lives.




  1. The entire UDP leadership & membership have indeed manifested the selfless commitments & determinations required & expected, alongside all decent & genuine Gambians of moral conscience for the total liberation of Gambia even under the duress butchering in the hands of a Murderous killer DEVIL & mercenary elements….


    Yet some pretentious masquerading elements identifying with our decent struggle for selfish ends, inferred it’s their poor judgements (& therefor deserves) to be what they went (& are going) through….??

    This shows the despicable pathetic cruelty Satanic elements in human flesh can subject the decent human beings of moral conscience to, in attempts to subjugate for selfish ends…???

    These noble selfless sacrifices of the UDP & decent genuine Gambians will NEVER go in vain; Insha Allah…..

    • Bajaw you have put your finger on the main issue. The problem with the struggle is multi faceted. we have insincere politicians and those in the struggle have ulterior motives that are contrary to the interest of The Gambia. If Jammeh alone is the problem he would have been gone long time.

      • Junior Kelly

        You are absolutely right. The problem is very much multifaceted. No decent human being should associate yourself with Yahya Jammeh. We have all witnessed how Yahya has been humiliating his civil servants for decades. If Yahya alone is the problem, I suggest all civil servants to refrain from going to work for months hence working for the government is tantamount to working for an evil empire. Yahya Jammeh and anyone working under him are nothing but animals. No monetary or material reward from Jammeh should make anyone work for him. As the saying goes “it takes two to tangle” Most of these detainees happen to be at the wrong place in the wrong time, I hope one day the relatives of these torturers will be wrongly arrested and subject to similar ordeals just like those political prisoners. As I am writing this article, my heart is bleeding with anger. If I have to be arrested in the streets by any of these animals, I swear I will cling on his bollocks until my last breath but not to be taken into custody. This is what every Gambian should adopt. Before they raise their hands to hit you, cling on to their testicles until you die.

  2. Exactly The Hammer; the so-called “two major powers in a State” are in fact ONE major power which ONLY belongs to the peasantry population, with the other (state’s) being subordinate; but (being) manipulatively fabricated in twisted deceitful preachings, in attempts to absolve & cover-up the double-elements’ selfish aggrandizement intentions & apportion blames…..

    The Constitutional Statutory Provisions always have the citizens as the masters in the country, & heads of State as subordinated servants entrusted with the custodianship of the Constitution; with both human & state resources placed at their for the upkeep utilisation for the day to day running of affairs for securities & advancements of a people, in humility, total dedication, without fear, favours & or ill-will…..

    Whereas the supposed entrusted Constitutional custodian, who illegally self-imposed up the people by usurpation of legitimate powers from a democratically elected government like in Gambia, continues to oppress, torture, kill & squander resources, it’s CONSTITUTIONALLY the responsibilities of the opposition leader’s who are the shadow-heads of State & governments in waiting, assisted by the citizens, as prerequisite in politics, to stand up to ensure to the constitutional observance of the enshrined rights of citizens of the country as being demonstrated by genuine Gambians & UDP as our liberators in the forefront…..

    We can never have our cakes & expect to eat it both ways; in order to successfully liberate our country for our collective freedom, we must be prepared for the necessary sacrifices involved….

    When a Murderous Autocratic BANDIT deprived a people of God-given rights; starved off all avenues in observing & exercising the (our) judicious constitutional provisions, how does one still preaches & expects to be taken genuine & serious about still pursuing the same constitutional way which are blatantly denied to us; & continuously being flawed & tempered with, to serve the oppressive appetite for our continuous collective sufferings & killings…..???

    The sooner we realised the pretentious devilish double-elements in our midst, the sooner we can narrow our focuses & challenges down, for our successful liberation accomplishments……

  3. Bajaw , I respect and admire the entire UDP executive for their resilience , love and outstanding patriotism throughout the 22 years of military dictatorship .
    UDP as a political party has suffered more than any political party in terms of murders , arrest , harassment , intimidation , imprisonment , exile , lack of employment and many countless maltreatments and discrimination . But these experiences were not acknowledge by those dishonest politicians and citizens . These dishonest individuals and their untruthful alliance become an obstacle for any geniune effort to bring change in our country .
    Nogoi Njie’s character is something they should admire and emulate .

    • The blame game will not solve anything. It will only complicate matters. The sooner you realise this and continue to offer your positive inputs towards what you agree with, the better for you.

      • Tell us what you and your party will do . Do you want to continue on acting as a mediator in this crisis ? Please Let take a stand .

        • I don’t possess a membership card to any party, but if you mean PDOIS, I am sure it will be taking what it thinks is the appropriate measures in reaction to happenings on the ground, under the circumstances.

          You may disagree with their position but you should respect their inalienable right to a position during a national crisis (political or not), as an independent political party.

          BTW, what power changed hands on July 22nd 1994, since you think the idea of two ultimate powers is “absurd stupidity.”

  4. God guide and protect Nogoi, her young and entire family. God bless the mothers and the entire Udp leadership and militancy and all those it may concern @ Junior Kelly, express anger and lets put away with all desires of revenge. Revenge on an enemy like Jammeh need not be as that only proves you have learned his ways.

    Hope the future’s Gambia turns into a world class democracy that even the maturing ones of recent times will need to double up strides to catch up with.

  5. Maxs, this is the time for all genuine Gambians to rise up, aspire & stick together & standby lawyer Ousainou Darboe & UDP who always selflessly sacrifice & stand-up for our collective undeniable rights, through thick & thin, to the end….

    The Gambia seems to be casted into an “ominous curse” (karma or bad luck) in the image of a MURDEROUS kanilai EVIL KILLER since July 1994; all Gambians must stick together & rally behind Ousainou & UDP to cleanse our country of the unfortunate filthy-scum that muddy us all, which our selfless gallant women symbolically attempts to sweep-clean us free, with the legendary traditional brooms away from, to break the spell; I suppose….

    Every single day(pass) by, EVIL yaya DEVIL through aid abetting mercenary elements tries to devise more ways to entrench our collective enslavements more & more…..

    The next plan after elections was to enact an evil planned law through the mercenary cum-youths minister alieu jammeh, to make it mandatorily compulsory for all citizens to be conscripted into the so-called president awards scheme, after completion of secondary school, which is prerequisite (preconditions) for any employments in the country….

    The planned devised curricula for their trainings were to brainwash these young citizens of the (our) future generations, into Libyan-style unquestionable allegiances to the Murderous supreme kanilai Killer DEVIL; just like in North Korea & any autocratic fiefdoms…..

    Now is the time to stick together to salvage reclaim our country, or be left to be butchered individually & perish more lives, until the (our) inevitable calls too actions subsequently, when too late, which we’ll eventually resort to in anyways in the end, for our inevitable salvation….

    • Bajaw, Any evil plan design by Alieu Jammeh will fail woefully. It is a disgrace to see Alieu Jammeh who is the grandson of Ex chief Mama Tamba Jammeh of Baddibu Illiassa to conspire with the Dictator to oppress Gambians. Dictator Jammeh has brought division and distrust among the Jammeh kunda family clan in Illiassa and rest of their extended family in The Gambia . He has appointed Alieu Jammeh as youth minister and also the current chief Kebba Jammeh in the area. Jammeh has also exiled Alieu Jammeh’s brothers while others were fired from their positions. One of his brother who was one time the permanent secretary was prosecuted for given false information to office of the president and he was later discharged by court. That said brother went on exiled for three years at Senegal before finally returned home and he now live low profile -private life . One of Alieu Jammeh’s brothers was a close protection police officer to sir Dawda Jawara during the coup in 1994 and he went too left Gambia with Jawara for Uk and he never returned home . He was one of few security officers who accompanied Jawara as the military advanced to statehouse . That brother passed away last year in UK.
      When I look at Alieu Jammeh , I know that he and Momodou sabally have similar characters . Alieu is only after his personal interest . Many of his immediate family members are not supporting Jammeh . Dictator Jammeh has succeeded to destroy the legacy and family of Mama Tamba Jammeh . Today that Jammeh kunda family clan is in total disarray and are disunited. The effects of dictatorship is to create division, hatred and distrust among the family members . Dictator Yaya Jammeh has succeeded to create division among many families across the country . He will appoint one family member and exile or inprison another . This cause enemity among family members . This was what Yaya Jammeh did to his own extended family in KanillIa . Today he is at war with his brother Ansumana Jammeh based on hate .
      Yaya Jammeh lied to Gambian people that his grandparents were from Illiassa . The Dictator has done that to get recognition and support from the people of Baddibu especially upper Baddibu . Even today he is doing the same strategy to divide people and gain political support . Yaya Asombi Bojang Jammeh is a master divider and chief manipulator .
      Jammeh has send NIAs to Europe where these agents acted like they are from Baddibu Illiasa and they usually took the surname of Jammeh to spy on unsuspecting Gambians.
      Yaya Jammeh is evil and he must be removed sooner or else he will continue to destroy Gambian families.

  6. Maxs, this isn’t new; due to selfish greed, Murderous dictatorships are never short of willing accomplices….

    Some will serve directly under the murderers to oppress & murder humans just like in Nogoi’s testimony & Hitler’s gas chambers, etc, etc; whilst others are loosely detached but engage in hijack & sabotage of the oppressed masses’ efforts they pretentiously identified with for selfish ends or enable facilitating the oppressive predicaments for not being able to manipulate for selfish aggrandizements…..

    Adolf Hitler had his murderous servants, Paul Pott, Idi Amin, Bokassa, etc, whilst apartheid South Africa too additionally had the Mongazulu Buthelezis; the Gambia too isn’t short of these devilish elements that plague any liberation struggles….

    We must be prepared to break aware from the naive arbitrational (maslaha) attitudes, when & where necessary, to be able to achieve the desired end effects or produce eventually….

    Slowly but surely, just like other places before, Gambia too will get there soon; Insha Allah…..