EU Drums Up Ban On Gambian Officials

JammehThe European Parliament has passed a resolution expressing concern over the “rapidly-worsening security and human rights situation in the Gambia.” It called on EU and its member states to consider freezing all non-humanitarian assistance to the Gambia government and imposing travel bans or other targeted sanctions on officials responsible for serious human rights abuses.

Find below a full text of the European Parliament’s resolution:

Parliament expresses its deep concern about the rapidly-worsening security and human rights situation in The Gambia, deplores the attacks of 14 and 16 April 2016 against peaceful demonstrators, and calls for the immediate release of all protestors arrested during this demonstration for electoral reform ahead of presidential elections scheduled for December 2016. It also calls for swift and independent investigations into these events, and into the reported death in custody of opposition activist Solo Sandeng, a prominent leader in the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP).

Parliament firmly condemns the forced disappearances, arbitrary detention, torture, and other human rights violations targeting dissenting voices against the government of President Yahya Jammeh, such as journalists, human rights defenders, political opponents and critics, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

While the international community should actively monitor the December elections, the EU and its member states should consider freezing all non-humanitarian assistance to the government of The Gambia and imposing travel bans or other targeted sanctions on officials responsible for serious human rights abuses, adds the resolution.



  1. Slowly but surely; the noose is tightening….

    Since the murderous elements in the military are now being used directly to oppress, torture & kill peaceful protesters; along side this EU proposed bans, I will add my voice to those who are calling for temporary UN peace-keeping ban on Gambian soldiers until the ‘demise’ of yaya EVIL jammeh; this is the only motivation keeping the soldiers together; especially those obeying & engaged in humanity crimes; though a significant chunk of their remunerations earned from peace keeping are being forcefully deducted directly from their payments which they are committed to sign to, without consent or choice, for DEVIL yaya jammeh’s use….

    Though I believe not all the soldiers might be engaged in persecution, oppressions, torture & blatant killing of human beings; this temporary Peace Keeping ban will serve as eyes opening deterrent, for all the genuine soldiers to refuse illegal illegitimate orders to partake in the oppressive torture, kidnaps & cold blood murder of human beings; such corruptly indoctrinated soldiers have no places in humanity, much more in decent peace keeping; except for the remunerative payments involved only….

    This move will serve as deterrent & forcing the soldiers to digest & understand the implications for siding & partaking in Murderous Oppressive aid abetting, & assume their Constitutional responsibilities; thereby opening more fronts in confronting the Murderous Oppressive kanilai Killer DEVIL….

  2. Travel bans and asset freeze of Jammeh and his top officials, will probably be.far more effective than withholding non humanitarian assistance.

    Yaya Jammeh does not care much about the withholding of aid, because he will have access to whatever funds come into the country : loans, grants, aids, state and local government revenue, etc.

    Freezing his assets and placing a ban on him and his top officials, which will seriously impact their own family lives, is a threat that will be taken far more seriously than any others, except foreign military intervention..

    There isn’t much ground for me and Bajaw to agree on, but I agree with him that the noose will begin to tighten, if the EU goes ahead with this threat. We might see real results then.

  3. Gambia.

    I agree with Bax that freezing of personal assets of the dictator, his wife and officials will be more effective than the withholding of aid. Even though that is another tool they can use to weaken him. Travel Ban should be considered immediately though.

    As a security officer and a former peacekeeper, I know how important the peacekeeping renumeration is both to the officers, their families and the country in foreign exchange earnings. Suspending their involvement in those missions will only make live more miserable for the helpless officers and their families.

    99% of the officers have nothing whatsoever to do with these senseless things going on in the country, and they have no means to stopping them. They are serving the country rather than the dictator. Even if the dictator goes today, those institutions will remain along with the majority of the good ones.

    I have witnessed though that since around 2002, the dictator had been having the greatest share of their MSA allowance without their will. Each serving officer contributes 10% of their pay to the police command which is handed over straight to him. This, unknown to many citizens, is his primary source of revenue.

    I hope to see a commission of enquiry into this MSA saga one day when the officers would be told how and on what their hard earned dollar is spent and why it is taken away from them.

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