Dear Yahya Jammeh

jammehDear Yahya Jammeh,

We understand that you are unhappy with your Inspector General of Police, Yankuba Sonko, because of the unexpectedly large number of protesters, the majority of whom are women. You wanted the women stopped at the Denton Bridge.

What you fail to understand is that the climate of fear has dissipated among the Gambian citizenry and even among your rank and file servicemen. Some security service chiefs stand ready to disobey any illegal orders coming from you. I hope you realize that you are no longer in control of neither your troops nor the citizenry. You are losing grip on power in case you have not noticed.

We also understand that you have instructed Ousman Sonko, your Interior Minister, to use force against unarmed protest demonstrators, most of whom are women. We dare you or any of your men to use force against protesters.

With this challenge, we concurrently draw the attention of the United States, European Union, ECOWAS, the United Nations and the rest of the international community to your threats to use force against women and peaceful demonstrators.

Meanwhile, we are warning Ousman Sonko, Yankuba Sonko and any potential renegade member of your security forces to refrain from using illegal force against any protester, male or female. The consequences will be dire should you ever use force against citizens who are exercising their inherent and constitutional rights to express their opposition to your vile, corrupt and incompetent regime.

You will be doing the nation and the West Africa region a great favor if you should step down from the presidency. Gambians are telling you and manifested in various forms that 22-years of dictatorship is enough. Step down now so that the reconstruction of a New Gambia can commence.


Sidi Sanneh
On behalf of the Gambian People

Coutesy of


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