I’m Not Blaming OJ Jallow But…

Open spoken critic, mellowed during political crisis

By Pata PJ (Senegal)

I got the chance to listen to #OJ Jallow’s interview on Gainako. Here is my take: GAAARRBBBAAAGGGEEE! GARBAGE. And here is why: Nobody is forcing OJ to take to the streets. HE promised it. OJ was single-handedly the only opposition party leader to have promoted and promised peaceful procession/protest. When Darboe was sternly refusing to ‘lead others’ children in the streets to be massacred’, OJ was trumpeting around making him look like weak, spineless leader. In one interview, he said ‘I think they claim they are the biggest opposition party, let them call and we will answer.’ WELL… after more than two weeks of political crisis with their compatriot and his colleagues in detention, OJ was nowhere to be found and/heard except on some Interparty BS.

I am NOT asking OJ to be reckless and irresponsible, and I will be silly to question his commitment. But like they do to all politicians, they hold your feet to the fire when push comes to shove and your words do not match your actions. OJ was the most accessible to the diaspora and our radios. He was the one person we all celebrate for keeping us in the loop about any developments the opposition parties register or are about to meet, but today He does not want the enemy to know their plans/secrets? He is a politician. That is the fact. We are not asking for details. We want to see, know that something was going on. Is that a tough ask?

About his daughter Neneh? Welp! In a serious and normal political climate, she would have cost her dad a political fortune. Her tone and utterances right after her father hung up the phone was a dead giveaway to OJ’s possible mindset during this period: ‘Dad, this is everybody’s fight. If they all do not, you will not!’ She has a right to her opinion and voice as a Gambian on Gambian matters, but Mr Jallow should and would pay for the damage (if any) she must have caused.

This tribulation is and will be a testament to our political times. Clouts will dwindle and others lit. This is and must not be a UDP fight but from my silly and perhaps inaccurate observation, it is becoming theirs to lose. Politically. Perhaps had any of the other leaders been arrested, Darboe would have been wearing their shoes and not come out in protest. The thing is, we would now never know. Therefore, thus far, HE IS WALKING THE WALK. I still do believe though, that this is the common man’s revolution and will be won by them. The affluent and political leadership may help but may not be necessary.

GAMBIANS, do go out in numbers to support and show solidarity at the courts. These detainees being persecuted for their conscience would need it.

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  1. karamo

    OJ is the Sam sarr, ebou Jallow, falai baldeh etc like Gambians- waste of time and space. Games and excuses all the way.

    It is even amazing that OJ has the nerves to seek for president in a nation Where he was part of this gang of ungrateful public officials who misused and abused public trust in so many ways during the first republic.

    The likes of OJ should retire and save the nation from their games.

  2. Talking Talking and more Talking, The way to start something is to stop talking and begin doing.

    Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating we are tired of talking we need action, we have biggest opportunity yet , let open our wallets to support soldiers on the ground and close our mouth for a minute.

  3. OJ’s interview can be best described as disgraceful , displacement of blame on diaspora , self exoneration , and hypocrisy . He is the very one who has advocated and called for peaceful protest and claimed to be willing to lead one . When the opportunity presented he disappeared in thin air . OJ and Fatoumata Tambajang are two politicians who have falsely showcased their willingness to lead peaceful protest before and now they have been silenced . Before this protest , they were the darling of diaspora and some media outlets and they succeeded to use the media to promote their selfish political interest . Today UDP and its supporters have been vindicated . These politicians will go behind Yaya Jammeh than to support UDP . This is why they have never agree to support UDP in any alliance or coalition despite the fact that their combined support based is less than UDP support . It is only hypocrisy and dishonesty which is why there cannot be any meaningful progress . Their indifference , lack of conscience and dishonesty is currently manifesting itself . We need to focus on those who are geniune and honest about their intention and have shown us their willingness to fight .

  4. Janjanbureh

    True, true and true Max. We have all seen that the fake politicians are all selfish. We should not listen to them anymore. OJ has a loud mouth, Halifa is a letter writer who is trying to be somebody he is not and Hamat Bah is a fool and a comedian who is just trying to make money from the suffering masses. Gambian people must stand and fight for their freedom and liberty from Yaya Jammeh.

  5. Change in The Gambia does not mean that it only has to be effected by UDP. OJ also have risked more than all his critics combined. He does not need to come out now to prove that he is genuine. Many people have lost their lives under Jammeh but these critics were not insisting that Darboe should be out on the streets protesting. The only evident thing in these critics is the fact that OJ is not out fighting for their man Darboe.

  6. Many Gambians are very well educated but lack honesty and statesmanship simply because of affection to traditional cultural identities and bounding praise singing. We prove to be a people without prospects in science and tecnology. There is a big percentage of liberal arts academism amongst Gambians but evidently most lack skills and honesty that is needed in uplifting a political standard forward.

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