Mr. President, Your Sun Is Setting – Will You Take Heed?

President JammehBy Janko Camara

“There is a time when we should heed a certain cause
‘Cause the world, it seems is riding it’s line
‘Cause there’s a chance for taking
In needing our own lives
It seems we need nothing at all” from the song We Are The World

Like in the above song, there comes a time in our lives when necessity requires a dispassionate review of our past to chart the future. Without doubt, this is where we are today, as a nation. Mr. President, I am not sure in what state of mind you have been for the past two weeks. Anyhow, whatever is currently going on in your mind, I want to say that this is the time to get rid of those sycophants around you, who would only be telling you want they think you want to hear, and focus on resolving the issue at hand. The Magi of Manding, and I assume of other tribes too, have used signs and events to reflect on and interpret the cause of action to take at certain times. The issue at hand requires that you put aside all emotions and take a deep breath to reflect on the events of the past few days in order to make decisions that would save the integrity of The Gambia, the only place most of us have as home. I know for you, Mr. President, after 22 years in power, you are not short of places you can call home, besides The Gambia.

Mr. President, for avoidance of doubt, the events of the past few days, clearly indicate the following:-
Gambians have started to summon courage to challenge your leadership. They are tired of you and your style of leadership. Thus, the signal being passed to you is to leave. To me, you have remained on stage for so long that you have missed in taking advantage the proverbial saying that one must leave the stage when the ovation is high. Though you have missed that first opportunity, events of the past few days appear to be providing you a second such opportunity to leave before the curtains are drawn. Will you take heed or you will remain obdurate? Time will tell.

Mr. President, If you decide to leave without putting up any resistance, that would be the most noble thing for you even though I believe you have now lost all sense and capacity to think and act noble. If you decide to show pride and arrogance, you risk plunging the entire country into some kind of turmoil I do not even want to imagine. Mr. President, all patriotic and peace-loving Gambians (including your very self) should avoid the second option, as there is not going to be any winner.

The Events That Should Be a Forewarning for you to Leave
For the first time in exactly 16 years, Gambians peacefully took to the streets to claim for electoral reforms and basic freedoms. This was inconceivable just six years ago. The message that is being passed but which you have missed is that people have been pushed against the wall, with no more place to turn for sanctuary. You did not get this profound message because your ill-trained and undisciplined security forces responded with brute force. That means neither you nor your security forces have learnt any lessons from the events of April 2000.

For the very first time, the most peaceful and overly law-abiding Ousainou Darboe was forced by your actions to embark on a peaceful procession with his party executive. Instead of recognizing that this was a constitutionally guaranteed right, you again relied on your thugs in uniform to attack them as if they were criminals. If Ousainou Darboe, who is known for his civility, decorum and respect for the Rule of Law, could take to the streets, you should be very clear in your mind, Mr. President, that Gambians have had enough of you.

For women (your best friends as you claim) to come out en masse to show their anger and disgust with the symbolic calabash in their hands, in open defiance of your thugs in uniform, that should tell you the end is not far and a wise leader would take a wise decision to leave instead of going berserk as you are currently doing.

The emergence of Ousainou Darboe as the hero Gambians have been looking for. Don’t you notice Mr. President that all of a sudden, everyone, including Ousainou’s own political arch enemies in the Diaspora, have now turned to praise him as The Gambia’s Nelson Mandela. Even the prisoners in Mile II, we have been told, have seen the man as awesome. When a man’s time has come, none can stop him. This is a classic case of “JAL MU YALLAH JAL”. You can no longer douse the flames. All your attempts at humiliating the man by bringing him to the courts in handcuffs, have only succeeded in making him even more popular and well admired. That tells you something divine is unfolding before your very eyes, which, if you were wise, you would not attempt to stop.

At this stage, the honorable thing to do is:
Drop all charges against Ousainou Daboe and his co-accused. The charges brought against them are a terrible derision to the national legal system. Similarly, release all the political prisoners and detainees.

Arrange a meeting with Ousainou Darboe and admit that on your orders, your thugs in uniform indeed slaughtered Solo Sandeng. And since neither of you can bring him back to life, tender an apology to Solo’s family and appeal to Darboe that in the interest of the country, both of you should find a way out of this crisis which has all the potential to explode into something more catastrophic. Mr. President, I know you always have a challenge overcoming your ego, but you would be better off if you prevail on that bloated ego of yours this time because there is a lot at stake should the contrary happen. The Gambia is ours, we must all preserve the peace.

The NIA/PIU or any other parallel force (the Jungulars) accused of involvement in the Solo Sandeng torture and murder should face justice with immediate effect. Similarly, the three ladies – Ms. Jawara, Njie and Camara – should not only be released, if they are still alive, but also, the state must take full responsibility in restoring their health and compensate them, including the family of Solo Sandeng. All those alleged to have participated in their torture must also be brought to justice with immediate effect. Impunity should now be a thing of the past in tiny Gambia.

Mr. President, I know some of your sycophants may suggest that you invoke your usual Solidarity March. However, I will tell you here and now that these marches are devoid of substance, as we all know the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. Do not fall for the trick. Most of the young men and women parading before you will be doing so either out of sheer pressure or just out of sycophancy. Gambians now mean business not distractions.

After 22 long years in power, you have now done and given your “best” and I believe there is no more value you can add to that country. In fact, in your case, the Law of Diminishing Returns, as they say in Economics, has set in since 2000. Therefore, the country should be better off without your leadership. Hand the “calabash” to someone else with fresh ideas. This is the message the women, your friends, are sending to you. The calabash those revolutionary women carry in their hands is symbolic. Therefore, please offer your resignation to avoid chaos. You do not have to wait for the December polls to do that.

Mr. President, the Presidential sun is setting and you must not allow the sycophants around you to becloud your judgment. Take leave of them all before they take leave of you because, sure they will take leave of you when the battle is won (by the people) and lost (by you and those who pretend to be behind you). Therefore, a stitch in time saves nine, Mr. President.



  1. Janko,

    You gladden my heart! Allaah be pleased with you! Unfortunately, Jammeh will never heed! I’ll be ecstatic and surprised if he does. Someone who solely relies on marabouts and their dark trade seldom heeds anything other than occult counseling. He’d rather sacrifice human blood to cling onto power. To understand Jammeh’s ways, ponder over Surat Naml, Surat Jinn, Surat Saffaat, and Surat Qasas. I wished I had time and space to explain these.

    You and I and many others have written similar ‘epistles’ for this president to peacefully relinquish a throne buoyed by sycophants and venal opportunists. He should have handed over power the very day Koro Cessay was murdered. But he remained heedless. Next came April 10th and many other deadly national encounters.

    You think Pharoah didn’t know he was wicked and murderous? I wonder how Pharoah used to sleep at night. But he surrounded himself with sycophants who would only tell him what he wanted to hear. Wollaahi, the Qur’aan is full of wisdom! Because GRTS or the Daily Observer would never tell Jammeh what he doesn’t want to hear, they’ve not written or reported about such a major incident as the case of Solo Sandeng, the arrest of Darboe and co., the protests, etc. I hope I’m wrong, and please let me be informed if they’ve reported anything of the above.

    Dua’a: For the sake of that woman who only relies on a thin fabric on which she spreads her tomatoes, dried fish, and other staples for a subsistence at markets in Serrekunda, Brikama, Jarra Soma etc, O Allaah, pour your mercy on The Gambia and Gambians! For the sake of that tired and weak farmer who tills the land in Farato, Kuntaur, or Gunjur all for nothing ever more than D3000.00, O Allaah, pour mercy on The Gambia and Gambians! For the sake of our mothers who would rise up at 6:00am to leave for the vegetable and rice farms, O Allaah help Gambia and Gambians!

  2. Word for the wise. Thanks

  3. Abdulkabir Jobe

    A touching and wonderful piece Mr Janko. I am deeply touched. Hope President Jammeh heeds.

  4. Deyda Haidara

    In fact brother Janko, what you said is what the 11 presidents of ECOWAS told him, in particular the Presidents of Mali and Burkina Faso. They first warned him of the passive genocide against his Mandinka people and the second gave Blaise Compaore as an example of a leader who did not take heed.
    I frankly believe Yaya Jammeh is on a suicide mode because he has nowhere to go.

  5. Hydara, you are very right. Jammeh has no where to go. His secret underground has been identified. He never sleep at night. He is going to have the same fate as his mentor, former Libyan Dictator.

  6. Good advice, Janko…I think he has seen the “writing on the wall”, but time will tell whether he will take note, learn from history and avoid a personal tragedy..

    The fact that crowds are gathering outside and around the court house, without interference from his thugs, by itself, is an indication that he has recognised the seriousness of the situation.

    Personally, I think Yaya Jammeh is finished and it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens..The outcome of this court case, especially if a custodial sentence is imposed, could expedite his exit from power..

    The people of The Gambia, it seems, are ready for change and like every struggle for freedom against injustice of government, there comes along a single incident which is marked as a defining and turning moment for the cause.

    In America, it was Rosa Parks; inTunisia, it was Mohammed Bouazizi; in South Africa (perhaps) it was the Sharpeville massacre; etc.

    Perhaps, when Gambia’s history of the struggle against Jammeh’s dictatorship and terror regime is narrated, it is that peaceful procession led by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe that will be marked as the turning point.. Only time will tell.

    • Bax , if you recognize this then why not you and fellow your pdois supporters support the geniune peaceful protesters . Or is it because of hypocrisy and lack of conscience ? You sound very different today and this is why I wonder whether you sometime think for yourself . Recognition of what you have stated is the reason why we have indicated that pdois and every geniune Gambians should join the peaceful protesters and UDP so that they can collectively bring change . Bax , truth cannot be hidden because in your heart it is always there even though you might pretend to ignore it by writing dishonesty and lies .
      What you have indicated , it is exactly what I have told yerro Ba when he stated that UDP should have called for a meeting to discuss demonstration . If Halifa and OJ join early on and demanded Jammeh to step down , it would have been different story today but they have selfishly signed suicidal agreement with the devil who for the past 22 have not even invited them even to statehouse during national event much more to discuss political issue . That was travesty and despicable act . It was lack of political maturity and selfishness . Going by your statement , it means when there is regime change , UDP and all it’s supporters will be remembered as true heroes of The Gambia .
      Please let us continue to be honest and truthful because Gambia belong to all of us . It is only dishonesty , lies and hypocrisy which will destroy it . I hope you re-read your comments and act on what it really mean .
      Thank you

      • Stop making unfactual, absurd and silly comments. I will you in.a separate posting.

      • @Max…”If Halifa and OJ join early on and demanded Jammeh to step down , it would have been different story today…”

        Comment….I don’t know what world you live in, but it is quite plain that you completely misunderstand the nature of events in The Gambia, from day one to this point.

        Are you suggesting that OJ and Halifa should have high-jacked and derailed Darboe’s peaceful procession and instead, lead a revolution to force Jammeh out…? If that happens and they failed (as they probably would), I am 199% confident that you will be among those who will accuse them for one thing or the other.

  7. Max..

    I sound different to you today because you hardly take time to digest and understand what others are saying, thus the tendency to misunderstand and misconstrue what has been said.

    We may be on the same side but there is no doubt that we approach things differently. I may agree with an agenda, but that does not mean that I cannot object to the strategy used to pursue it….unlike you who does not seem to
    care about strategy, as long as the agenda is pursued.

    Therefore, we should agree that we are different and agree to disagree. There is no need to call people names because they see things differently from you. That attitude: the belief that anyone who sees things differently from you deserve to be labelled, is what constitutes “self righteousness”, more than anything else.

    That aside, here is my own observations on recent events in The Gambia, in response to your unfactual, absurd and sometimes, outright silly claims.

    Firstly, contrary to your insinuations, it is quite clear, according to the information we received, that the demonstration demanding electoral reform was carried out by a youth group comprising youths from the opposition parties, rather than the UDP alone.

    Secondly, there is no indication that the crowds that gather outside the court room or make their way to Banjul, do not comprise militants, supporters, sympathisers and fans of any other parties, except the UDP. If you disagree, then show us how you arrived at such a conclusion that no PDOIS, NRP, PPP, GMC or GPDP people are in those crowds.

    So to continue giving the impression that the other parties’ militants have played no part in what is unfolding in The Gambia, in total disregard to the above facts, is misleading and false and when seen from your endless attempts to credit only the UDP for the current situation, it exposes political opportunism at its best and that is shameful, under the circumstances.

    Thirdly, your calls for the other opposition leaders to support and show solidarity to Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, by coming out onto the streets with their supporters, is both misguided and pointless, and here is why :

    (a)…Lawyer Ousainou Darboe did not expect an “all opposition” procession or even, an “all UDP” procession and that was why he neither consulted the opposition, nor called his own supporters onto the streets;

    (b)…Even the dumbest of people would have known that Lawyer Ousainou Darboe did not go out on that day, believing that he was going to come home with Solo Sandeng, dead or alive. He knows Jammeh too well to have harboured such a thought on that day.

    Lawyer Darboe took the decision, “there and then”, because he was provided with information about the gruesome treatment of the arrested youths (information that no other opposition leader had) that forced him to act instantly, in a way and manner that contradicted everything we know about him.

    It is therefore misguided for anyone to expect the political leadership, who are collectively on record (including Lawyer Darboe) that they do not subscribe to demonstrations and putting their supporters at risk, to jump out into the streets, just like that, without prior consultations and agreements on what actions to take..


  8. Before I show the pointlessness of your calls to the opposition, I want to ask you lot whether “support” and “solidarity” for Lawyer Darboe, by the other opposition leaders, cannot be expressed in any other way except by coming out onto the streets with their supporters.

    The poitlessness of your calls can be seen when we reflect on the observations made so far, that is:

    (1)…Lawyer Darboe did not expect a mass all opposition uprising to remove Jammeh;
    (2)…Lawyer Darboe did not expect to come home with Solo Sandeng, dead or alive, though that was the slogan or one of the slogans.

    Given the above observations, one can conclude that Lawyer Darboe, either conciously or unconciously, went out to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT and he succeeded because the statement he made (politically speaking) was so loud that it reverberated into the four corners of our country and far and wide beyond its borders.

    One is thus tempted to ask you lot, what would the arrest, detention and prosecution of the other opposition leaders ( as they surely would if they go out onto the streets) add to the struggle that has not already been achieved by the political statement made by Lawyer Darboe..? Or would you rather they too be in.the same situation, just for its sake.?

    Moreover, despite the successful political statement by Lawyer Darboe’s actions, he is now restricted and limited in what he can do because he is under custody and hence he needs people outside (prison) and free to act to use his statement to exert maximum pressure on the regime on all fronts. In that regard, what use would the other opposition leaders be to Lawyer Darboe if they were also locked up and helpless to act.

    There is no credible and internationally recognised group for this job, than the official opposition and I don’t mean this in any disrespectful way. The diaspora groups are doing a wonderful job but they are only seen as civil society organisations that have a role to play, but when push comes to shove, foreign governments and continental/international bodies will be.dealing with the official opposition, as they are the government in waiting.

    Therefore, calls for them to demonstrate so that they can be arrested and detained too, serves no purpose except for its own sake. They can play a far more effective role outside than inside, unless we want them out of the political scene altogether, which is not a far fetched observation to make, given the ubiquitous nature of the diaspora struggle.

    I am aware of your exchanges with Yero Ba and can see the have in understanding what others are saying. What Yero Ba stated was that anyone who wants group action must meet and consult with all stake holders (or something in.that line) jumped to.mention Rosa Parks and Bouazizi and asked if they had organised a meeting with anyone. Your problem is quite obvious and it is CONTEXT..

    Both Rosa Parks and Bouazizi acted, “there and then”, as individuals and did not need to meet anyone. If they had wanted group action, then it will make no sense if they took individual action and then criticise others for not joining them. That was the point Yero Ba was making to you. That Lawyer Darboe took an individual action with his executive and that no one should blame the other opposition leaders because they were not consulted for a mass action.

    But obviously, since the diaspora’s favoured tune has always been a demonstration to oust Jammeh, even a peaceful procession generated so much euphoria that one would be excused to think that “Babili Mansa” had fallen on that day, if you only relied on the online media. And the anger and frustration that Jammeh is still there and in control, had to be taken out somehow and who better to take it out on than the other opposition leaders.

    But with patience and collective efforts, both visible and not so visible, Jammeh will go and our country will once again be for all its citizens..


    • Bax, you always amaze me about how you are able to change the truth to a lie or dishonesty by giving every justification to your silly argument. There is nothing like logical explanation in your book. Wow a typical pdois style. To summarize your nonsense, it simply means there is no point for other opposition leaders to join peaceful protest because they too will be arrested and hence they will be helpless to Gambian people.
      Clearly you are either too ignorance of liberation struggle or you are simply in denial or deliberate distraction here. How many times Nelson Mandela or Dr King with executives were arrested and thrown in jail for fighting for freedom? Lawyer Darboe as individual didn’t call other opposition leaders to join him because he felt that it is left to every patriotic citizen to make their own decision but as a leader of UDP, he had consulted his party executive members and they made a decision that they should asked for solo Sanderg dead or alive. According to Halifa Sallah, he had received a call about youth demonstration at Westfield but when he heard about the death of solo Sanderg and arrest of others, did he ever call a emergency meeting with his party executive members to discuss the way forward and come to the same conclusion that lawyer Darboe And UDP made, to ask for solo dead or alive since solo and others were not representing any party at the time ? No Halifa sallah did not do anything except after few days later, he wrote a meaningless and pointless letter to the idiotic dictator. Lawyer Darboe has shown leadership and patriotism.
      Now tell us what Efforts is pdois doing which will make Jammeh to release UDP members and Darboe? Are you implying that a tyrant will listen to Mr Sallah or other opposition leaders for him to release these protesters? Bax, stop dishonesty and living in a dream world. You are indeed living in a dream world if you think pdois efforts is going to help these protesters to be released. These protesters will be released due to pressure from ordinary Gambian’s who are protesting daily in The Gambia, the international pressure and diaspora Gambians who protested across the world. It is shameful that you want to credit pdois for any thing currently going on when they refused to show leadership to Gambian people. We are sick and tired of your lies and deception.
      The silliest and ignorance statement you made was Lawyer Darboe wanted to make only “political statement “and nothing else. This statement is as stupid and despicable as the one you made about blaming the protesters in which your narrow-demented mind indicated that the protest was poorly planned and messy. When are you going to graduate from given delusional and demented statement in this forum. One thing I observed is that you act as a typical bipolar/schizophrenic
      patient who sometimes Is delusional and exhibit signs and symptoms of psychosis. you need to be back on your medications such Librium, seroquel, Ativan or haldol because after reading your postings I believe you are off these necessary medications. Please remember to take these medications as prescribed and don’t forget about those which are simply Called PRN medications ( as needed) among these medications. You only take PRN medications when you feel that the scheduled medications are not working. Thanks.

  9. Deyda Haidara

    Hello Bax, in all your comments I found two points that I do not agree with you. You said “Lawyer Darboe took the decision, “there and then”, because he was provided with information about the gruesome treatment of the arrested youths (information that no other opposition leader had) that forced him to act instantly, in a way and manner that contradicted everything we know about him.”
    Put yourself in Darboe’s shoes and you will feel the same thing that made Darboe to react in this way. Remember when Yaya Jammeh’s Aunty died, he immediately embarked on the witch hunting crusade without permit or the House’s approval. Halifa Sallah was so mad because his witch voters were affected and he went into the streets to protest without permit, the rest is known.
    Secondly Bax you said:”Moreover, despite the successful political statement by Lawyer Darboe’s actions, he is now restricted and limited in what he can do because he is under custody and hence he needs people outside (prison) and free to act to use his statement to exert maximum pressure on the regime on all fronts. In that regard, what use would the other opposition leaders be to Lawyer Darboe if they were also locked up and helpless to act.” From your statement you must then accept that Lawyer Oussainou MANDELA Darboe is indeed the Mandela of the Gambia who went to prison and spark the fighting spirit of the rest of opposition leadership to use his bravery and political conviction for democracy to forge ahead, demand and press against impunity, torture, rape and demand for the right for peaceful demonstration and electoral reforms.
    It now behove on ALL opposition political parties to apply for permit to stage a massive peaceful march wether the permit is granted or not. Failing which cowardliness will continue to prevail and dictatorship will continue unchallenged to be the order of the day. Remember, Yaya Jammeh never applies for permit to converge and demonstrate against the EU…no to EU is fresh in our minds. Therefor “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.”
    Thanks for your understanding.

  10. @Bax just goes mad about who takes the credits at the end of the struggle. How comes you even joke about someone else to shut up?