UDP Peaceful Protest Trial: Family Members Speak

At the Gambia High court today, family members of detained and jailed peaceful protesters called for their immediate and unconditional release. In attendance today are large numbers of supporters and those offering solidarity. The Gambia High Court in Banjul is now a venue for resistances and chanting of songs of freedom. There is traffic jam heading to the capital is massive but that does not deter people from going to see their Heroes some of whose fate is yet to become public. Only cowards will commit a crime and use silence as strength. One eye witness said “the traffic is jammed all the way to Sitting Corner.” This is evident that gone are the days when the Brutal Dictator silence people at all cost. When oppressed people of a nation have been pushed to the brink, their mantra becomes “we will neither retreat, nor surrender.” This gives birth resistance, defiance and ultimately a change that sweeps the self-anointed Malakul Maut (Angel of Death). Then he knows he is nothing but a mortal being who uses the bathroom. Are we heading to that? We are on the road and Allah knows the minute, hour and day all peace-living (not transgressors) Gambians have been desperately waiting for.


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