Dida Halake, Please Don’t Destroy Respects For Thee!!!

Dida HalakeBy Gambiano

Mr. Halake,

Your fantasies, or perhaps orgies really provoke a response. Without being uncharitable to neither your person, nor your compulsions, I choose to be terse with diction today. “5 Things Senegal will gain by toppling Jammeh” isn’t from a Gambia-lover who is wary of collateral damage, decades long hostility and suspicion, or setting a dangerous precedent with a gory domino-effect, not to mention the corollaries of such an unpredictable trajectory. I have always respected and felt a little sorry for Dida Halake until you came with this fetid mind, boding naught but bloodshed for innocent citizens of both Gambia and Senegal in the wake of any military engagement. Your provocateur may stir those Gambians and Senegalese who seldom converse with reasonable intellection. But there are those of us who understand the risk-to-benefit-ration of a military injury to both Senegal and Gambia.
You see, Mr Halake, I felt bad when you were at war with Suwaibou Conateh who offered a Mandinka translation and transliteration of your name—and it didn’t mean well at all. Ad hominems aren’t usually on my menu. But here you were, at war with Sherriff Bojang of “Brikama”, then (pun intended since Sheriff is now a Thane of Cawdor). Another African man in the UK cannoned an article about how you were a free-loader in his house when you had nowhere to go in UK. Again, I felt bad because he shouldn’t have annulled the meeds of his deeds thus. An American Car manufacturer came up with a certain model which meant something unpleasant in Spanish. The company later knew this was going to destroy sales in Mexico or among Spanish-speakers in the States. They cancelled the brand.
With a name quite peculiar to both Suwaibou, Sheriff, and most Gambians, here was Mr. Halake serving Jammeh, gung ho with the benefactor’s whims to an abyss. You would still have been milking from his herd if he didn’t burst your bubble. Of course you didn’t spot “5 things Senegal will gain by toppling Jammeh” then? You piped for Jammeh and sounded his timbrels to the heavens. You extolled him like he had resurrected the dead! Again, there were no “5 things Senegal will gain by toppling Jammeh” then. Instead, Jammeh was a Bellona’s Bridgeroom with keys to Africa’s millennial treasures. Instead, he invented Pan-Africanism and was en route to a Pax-Africana, at least in your lexicon. Like a phoenix, Jammeh was charging with might at those who rendered Africa poor and are still puppeteering its leaders, at least in apparitions you sequelled in.

Perish be my soul and all I strive for if it’s not my wish that Jammeh quits immediately. I have been one of the first to tell him to hand-over power. I declined his offers in polite ways—offers which even those looking for Jammeh’s aorta told me I “Should have honored.” I have not and will not. Jammeh’s fundamentalists kept playing the same music for a sway. Not just the Qur’aan, I’ve also read “A Man for All Seasons.” My readers know it’s far from my style talking about myself. But Dida, you would have jumped at the offers Jammeh and his apparatchiks dangled at my humble self.  I have never worked for Jammeh. So, unlike you, I’m at a vantage bearing to chide his ills. And Dida, I can easily set up my own online paper and leak extremely sensitive information no medium has scooped upon yet. Then why am I writing this? To show the difference between an opportunist on the verge and a student of wisdom.
Mr. Halake, it has been my belief that you love Gambia. But your article speaks something too different. Such article irrespective, I’ve been a great admirer of your language prompts. They won’t deprive me of the liberty to paint parables here to pique your honest thoughts. A surety pleases me that you will easily connect the puzzles. An old story tells of two women fighting over a baby and the king speaks of splitting the baby into two for them to share. Immediately, the real mother offers the baby to the lying woman just to save its life. The wise king immediately understands who the real mother was. Of course, you might have read this story! In context, that baby is Gambia and Senegal. The wicked, lying mother is those who pray for turmoil in tiny Gambia or Senegal. And the real mother is those who understand Jammeh’s wrongs, but due to the love and connection they have for Gambia, they pray for requisite peace. Of course, you’re not writing those articles from Syria or Gaza. Instead, you’re writing far from bullets and anarchy.

You are not angry at Jammeh more than many indigenous Gambians. My family suffered Jammeh’s heavy-handedness. Some of my friends died because of Jammeh. Jammeh has not spared even his relatives. But you don’t pour gasoline on your house and strike a match because there is a gaboon viper in it. A smart way is to kill or remove the venomous reptile without damage to neither the house, nor its occupants. Your article pokes at burning the entire house. Let’s say Senegal sends a secret mission to poison or kill Jammeh in a clandestine way—a sudden power vacuum will thrust the tiny nation into a civil war. I’m surprised you think the West wants Jammeh removed. It shows you don’t understand the West’s ways. If Gambia had the same border with Israel, Jammeh would have been a dead duck by now. If Gambia had oil not offshore, or some huge deposits of a coveted resource, Jammeh would have been a roasted Turkey. Gambia isn’t a geopolitical bull’s eye or even close.

Mr. Halake, the last name Jallow you adopted doesn’t make you indigenous. You don’t have the same historical affinity to Gambia like the natives do. This is why you could write such a dangerous piece with abandon. And it’s why America doesn’t let us immigrants run for president even with a U.S passport. Your bubble burst, you’ll easily relocate somewhere and leave the real Gambians to deal with consequences. And you’ve already rehearsed part of that even before a turmoil. Look, you can’t even face a job loss when Jammeh removed you. What a chutzpah to write about a Senegalese military involvement in Gambia. You might say, “Well, I only wrote about it. I never pray or recommended it.” Well, would that let me write, “5 Things Hell Will Gain by Burning Dida Halake” or “3 things to Gain When Dida Perishes”? Nooooo!!! Why? Because I care about your wellbeing! In Mandinka, “Halake” means “perish”. You already know that.

At the bottom of your article, a comment from a very intelligent mind reasoned that not even the Casamance conflict provoked Senegal to engage Jammeh militarily. And that conflict garners a much higher Senegalese priority. If Senegal were to attack Jammeh, Mr. Halake, bullets don’t discriminate who is Jammeh and who is not. This is about the military of both countries at war. If you weren’t in Gambia in 1981, Senegal lost so many soldiers around Kembujeh forest in Brikama as they came down from their parachutes. Gambians didn’t know how to observe battle protocols then, and shot at every parachute before landing. So many neighbors of mine perished in cross fires, Mr. Halake. Later, Jawara imprisoned some parents of my classmates in Mile II till they died, thinking they were Kukoi sympathizers. Those classmates were four years old in 1981, fatherless thenceforth. Other kids ended up with PTSD. Until around 1984, I panicked whenever I saw a military uniform. An old man today, I still can’t stand military paraphernalia. And all these are very little ramifications of war and conflict. Such conflict will send both countries twenty-five years back. For years, what many “semesters” worked so hard to build in houses, businesses, etc. will all be destroyed in few hours or days. Above all, lives will perish. You don’t care about that because you neither have generations of blood relatives, nor property in Gambia.

You don’t want Jammeh gone more than myself, Ousainou Darboe and other opposition members do. But have you seen or heard any of them coming up with “5 things Senegal will gain by toppling Jammeh”? Like myself, Darboe and others have blood ties to Gambia. You don’t have that, Mr. Halake. Please don’t tell me marrying a Gambian pre-empts that argument. It doesn’t! There are so many foreigners marrying American citizens here, some with kids. But America refused to give them papers and they are deported or thrown in jail. Why? America thinks the ties they have to this country aren’t enough! Please talk Pan-Africanism. I always enjoy it when you do. If you have to dive in Gambia’s politics, please feel free to do so. But wear heavy coats of mail because any literature speaking of Gambia’s future gashes will invite responses from those who know that Jammeh must go, but without Gambia bleeding a dot. Asalaamu Alaikum!

“Convictions are worse enemies to truth than lies.” Nietzsche
“I prefer injustice to disorder.” Goethe
“Appearances to the mind are of four kinds. Things either are what they appear to be; or they neither are, nor appear to be; or they are, and do not appear to be; or they are not, and yet appear to be. Rightly to aim in all these cases is the wise man’s task.” Epictetus.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Lol! Gambiano grow up. The hyenas barking at this Ethiopian Jato bit the dust along time ago. You may recycle you idiotic fantasies and childishness in your idiotic mind, but leave it there.

    1. Address the “5 Things…” issues (not my person however much you and your hyenas may hate this Jato – see Lion King and crawl into your cave!).

    2. This is the first time we have seen the “Gambiano” name here since Solo died and Darboe and Co were jailed. Are you more driven with pettiness towards Dida Halake rather that the Great Sacrifice of those Great People????? I am surprised that KairoNews gave your idiocy space … more so at a time when Gambians are discussing momentous issues back home. What is the importance of this gibberish – more so when it doesn’t address the “5 Things …” issues raised?

    3. What puts it into your idiotic gutter-brain that you or any of the hyenas you associate with have any effect on “Dida Halake’s Respect”??? You are dog-shit and I am my own man! You think if I can write to Jammeh that I won’t work for him and he locks me up for 14 days I would care about threats from idiots like you???

    Crawl back into your gutter and shut-up if you have nothing to say about what has been happening in The Gambia recently.

    • Dida, it is sad how Jammeh has turn Gambians from caring and loving people to those that marvel in seeing only their interest in the national cake. Gambiano does not deserve your response. Thanks

    • Dida,

      You’re angry! Those words and phrases say it all: “idiotic gutter-brain”, “dog shit”, “shut up”, etc. The toughest guy isn’t one that beats people up or hurl curses. The toughest guy is the one that restrains anger and emotion. In fact, Allaah praises such men in the Qur’aan, “And those who restrain anger…” So please, go ahead and whiz insults at me. I’ll take them!

      “This is the first time we have seen the “Gambiano” name here since Solo died and Darboe and Co were jailed…” I’m disappointed such reasoning could come from you. So to you, none bears the right to say anything here if s/he didn’t do so before Solo and Darboe’s incident? If an Ethiopian or God-knows-whom could jump on Gambia’s wagon regardless of time, what thinketh thee of real Gambians? Of all the insults you uttered so far, this is biggest!

      Ethiopia and Eritrea had been bombing each other, with so many lives gone! Thanks to your hallucinations, you perhaps didn’t see such is what Gambia and Senegal need to circumvent. Besides, why not worry about your own backyard? And Dida, why not go to Gambia or Senegal and take up arms against Jammeh? Of course, talk is cheap! You’ll never offer to be at the vanguard if Senegal were to send any force to Gambia. You know this just like you know your finger-tips!

      Those Gambians cheering you lack wisdom, wollaahi! The prophet’s hadeeth says that “when chaos and anarchy are asleep, please wake them not!” To you and such idiots, Senegal owes it to the heavens to attack Gambia. But you’ll never join even a peaceful protest in The Gambia. You want lives to be lost. You want other people to do the dirty laundry while you run your mouth, Dida. You tell people, “Let’s grab a cobra, but I’ll grab the tail while all of you grab the head!” I call you “Kaybaa kuntango” or “Mag bu nyakk fayidah.” My philosophy has been unambiguous. Let Jammeh go! But let not Gambian’s “halake” in the event!

      You call yourself “Lion-King”. Of course you won’t deign dressing yourself in borrowed robes. I will! But remember, I’m from the land of Kunta Kinteh. He resisted the imperialists to put his mark on history! Today, the world doesn’t know much about Gambia. But it knows Kunta Kinteh, “Roots”, Mandinka warriors, and Booker T. Washington’s “Up from Slavery”. Go ahead and bask in your “lion-kingship”. My ancestors were lion hunters! Their descendants know how to hunt thee!

      To Lasana Manjang: You’re not the first to assume I’m Sheriff. I hope this is the last time I have to say this.For the Dickens, I’m not Sheriff! Sheriff finished high school when I was still in primary school. Sheriff read in England. I didn’t! I used to clean toilets and bathrooms to pay for tuition. Amadou Samba paid for Sheriff’s tuition. In Gambia, I used to sell firewood, ride donkeys, and sing songs for birds to spare our farm. And I don’t think Sheriff would brag about cleaning toilets and bathrooms. You see, we have different styles, personalities, and perhaps intellection.

      Please tell kaironews to display my IP address to vindicate Sheriff because your assumptions can put him in trouble. The last time I checked, Sheriff lived in The Gambia.

  2. Lasana Manjang

    Dida, is this shamed and disgraced Sherrif hiding behind pen name? His plight is a terrible tragedy. So sad a man whose writing I loved at high school stoop so low, in fact may be not surprised since he has always love the glitters and pump.

  3. Now then, we can’t have in-laws speaking to each other like this…Where is DH and Yankuba Jobe…We need urgent mediation here…!

  4. Gambiano’s article is based on fear mongering and the same old song of advocating for peace when you never advocate for justice . That is a typical Gambian mindset . You speaking like an imam Ratib of Banjul who never care to speak aganist injustices in our country but prefer to live in disorder . I am not defending Dida because I have blasted him on many occasions because of his past relationship with a tyrant but I think he is right about Senegal strategic and national security interest to remove Jammeh from power . It would be foolish to think that Senegal will sit idly by and allow Jammeh to massacre Senegambian citizens without doing anything about it . If you prefer injustice to disorder , you don’t prefer nothing because lack of justice lead to disorder . This is why today majority of citizens are living in fear while others live in exile . It is also foolish to think that without war , Gambians are living in peace.
    We do not need peace preachers who never preach for justice . Let justice guide our actions towards the common good .
    A country where half of young population have fled through the backway cannot be claimed as peaceful nation . Whether we like it or not , there is nothing in The Gambia which can be considered as peace .
    While I commend mr Gambiano for not allowing himself to be used by a tyrant , he must acknowledge that justice is the key / necessary ingredient for peace . Senegal with partnership with Gambians can restore peace and justice in both countries . We do not need USA to restore democracy in The Gambia , USA will eventually be supportive of Gambia when Gambians start the fight and become victorious . This was what happened in USA itself in terms of civil right movement and South Africans struggle . USA government was the main oppressor or supporters of both systems . Restoration of democracy is our fight and our neighbor has immense and strategic interest in this fight .

    • Welcome to the new Gambia where citizens focus on personal issues rather than deal with the political impasse at hand

      They will write one thousand articles but won’t contribute a butute to the struggle financially

  5. Gambiano

    “when chaos & anarchy asleep wake them not”

    I believe the above quoted Hadith here, is misconstrued & misrepresented by you in this instance; particularly in the events since 1994; & in our case in current day Gambia…..

    The same Prophet said, “when faced & confronted with lies & injustices, remove them with your hands forthwith” which means physically in confrontations with actions….

    “If not, remove them with your tongues” which means speak against with utter condemnations…

    Or yet still, ” if you can’t, despise them in your hearts”; but that’s the weakest of the options; in the event you can’t do the first & second in their chronology…..

    Mohammed, (SAW), risen against idolatry, injustices & murders of the innocents when peoples were sacrificed to idols in Arabia, & daughters being buried alive for their low human values attached to them in those days…..

    When the ‘powers to be’ in Arabia threatened Mohammed & disciples in Mecca he tried migrating to Medina to continue the fight against injustices & lies…..

    The enemy went after his life even on the journey to Medina; he was left with no option but to fight back; & fight he did, indeed…..

    Since 1994, all the scenarios above come to happen in our small intertwined Gambia; in this modern day of the twenty first century….???

    Gambians are in this struggle to liberate the country & stop innocent lives being blatantly slaughtered; as in many a struggle before ours, & like ours, some lives will be lost regretfully, until successful liberation…

    Yaya jammeh is the aggressor; & you can’t afford not to agree, has forced the situation upon peaceful innocent Gambians & friends; hence we have no option when pushed to the edge but respond with all & any means necessary….

    Please do your obligated quota, if you will, in your own determined ability; & leave others to do theirs; the 1981 situation you quoted was also forced upon peaceful Gambians by Kukoi’s banditry against a legitimate constitutionally enthroned government; the aftermath was just like the domino effect you cited…..

    Thanking you very much

    • Bajaw,

      Wollaahi, maybe you fell short of digging into the archives. But I fulfilled the other parts of the Prophet’s hadeeth long since. I condemned Jammeh’s wrongs openly, secretly, with my health, time, mouth, hand etc. What I won’t do is what some of you want me to do: Hurl curses at Jammeh or his mother. To some of you, the best anti-Jammeh personality or writer is the one that curses Jammeh and pronounces his rot in hell.

      Unlike most of you claiming to be anti-Jammeh, I’ve spoken to Jammeh. I’ve spoken to Darboe, O.J, Femi Peters, the late Sheriff Dibba, Baba Jobe, MC Cham, and almost every politician in The Gambia. I’ve observed all of them like a soccer player has the chance to observe his opponents or team mates on a regular basis. Most of you have been failing against Jammeh because you don’t know him. One has to understand his enemy well. And why don’t you guys fail in that? Because you let anger and emotion eclipse your intellect!

      Most of you don’t understand Jammeh. The late Buba Baldeh was one of the few that described Jammeh very precisely. Wollaahi, Bajaw, sometimes Jammeh’s wrongs push me to the brink of screaming in my room!!! But Allaah has been calming me down with the Qur’aan. I wonder what you guys will do if you know what I know!!! Jammeh’s blood relatives are talking to me about things that will scorch your heart. But how will my anger help? Instead, I get my wisdom from Suratul Qasas where Allaah asked Moses to speak to Pharoah politely. Politely? Pharoah? The one who was slaughtering babies?

      • Gambiano , you know nothing about Jammeh that most of us don’t know . You are pretending to know Jammeh but I don’t believe that you know Jammeh . Jammeh’s relatives are not stupid to talk to you . They know the consequences . Stop talking like you are the smartest kid in the block when you are not . You sound like Donald Trump . The most important thing to us is to have information that will help Gambians to remove Jammeh from power but if you have information and you didn’t share with Gambians then it is useless and unpatriotic . You claimed that you can easily set up your online paper and leak the most sensitive information but you refused to do it due to your wisdom . I consider that as dumbness and unpatriotic . Who should then listen to your garbage when you have an opportunity to leak sensitive information but you refused to do it . Remember that as you write , your writing will be scrutinize and self righteous agenda will be dismiss and thrown into the garbage . You can do that in other forum where mediocres will give you free pass but here we talk about issues of national concern .

  6. Thanks Gambiano for your rationally thought provoking piece devoid of any emotions.
    And seriously just look at Halake’s response, it’s sooo emotional charged that it can set-off a dynamite. Rather than address Gambiano’s concerns he burst into rages better suited to a retarded three year old. You see, now Ive realise that the only thing between this bitter man’s confidence and his infallibility is his ignorance. Sometimes we are sooo full of hatred that it blind us from reality. Why would our hate for Jammeh calls for the total destruction of our country? The place some of us can only call home. The logic from Gambiano: “you don’t pour gasoline on your house and strike a match because there is a gaboon viper in it”. This fantasy of proxy liberators on behalf of a grateful population will remain just that! A fantasy. Regardless of Mr Halake’s motivation, we all know wars are usually ruinous: socially, economically, and politically. states not only deteriorate during civil war, but they are usually persistently worse – even after a decade of peace they do not recovered to their pre-war levels. The most common legacy is in fact, more war. Academic studies has shown that far from settling disputes, civil war typically doubles the risk of further war: and that about half of all post-conflict countries relapse into conflict within a decade. No Gambia loving person envision a Somalia type situation 20 years from now. And next time anyone want to propagate such self-serving foolishness just remember the decade long conflict from our closest neighbours: Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivory Coast where overwhelmingly over 65 percent of the causalities are non combatants and maybe with this realisation, common sense will kick-in. Thus in this Haleke V Gambiano claiming their love for Baby Gambia and me guided by the wisdom from that “old story of the king and the two fighting mothers over a baby” I have surely figured out who the real mother of Baby Gambia is. And it’s undoubtedly Gambiano for all intents and purposes!

    • Sutaykuta,

      In every society, there are only two kinds of people: Those who notice things, and those who don’t. Certainly, you belong to the group that notices things, especially danger. Look, here is a group of Gambians an Ethiopian has been advising to set their country on fire or trigger some bloodshed, and they are cheering him. If Jammeh has to go, we have to detonate grenades and set off RPGs on a population less than the Bronx or Seattle or Boston??? Is that the best and only way Jammeh must leave?

  7. I think mr Gambiano’s article is a garbage which didn’t worth to be published in headline section . I think he is one of those fake people who pretend to be anti-Jammeh but in fact he is pro-Jammeh .
    Talk about issues which concerns Gambians .

    • Maxs,

      That’s the dumbest comment so far!!! One nasty thing Jammeh has been doing is to stifle opinion, let alone dissent. You’ve asked Kaironews to do ditto! Have you been drinking?

  8. Gambiano , Your comments were not about issues Dida highlighted but it was purely personal attack . This is why I have indicated it was a garbage and I want to put some understanding in your thick skull . Initial your posting , you didn’t tell us why Senegal intervention wasn’t necessary but went on to Preach peace as if you are those hypocrites calling themselves imams who never preach justice and human rights in their mosques . You are no different from Jammeh because you are foolishly showing how peaceful and godly you are but never care to speak up against injustice in our country . That is a hypocrisy . Jammeh is using the same talking points you are using to distract . How foolish you become when you don’t care about the current issues but you can come here to dismiss good discussion . You are entitle to your silly and myopic view , but idiocy is not going to go unchallenged .

  9. Gambiano; & how did Moses ended up with the pharaoh?

    You see; anybody reading through you would notice, except for your pretence in disguise; you are indeed an enabler; your Aljazeera story said it all….

    I’d never have wasted time commenting, if you haven’t chosen to mucky God & Holy & noble prophets names in the mud for reasons be known to you; distorting the facts which are as clear as noon in Gambia….??

    Yaya jammeh is on record insulting our mothers, fathers & grandparents; the same yaya fell into fits when Falai & others’ called it’s mother names; is yaya better than anyone; it might be a DEVIL but is in human flesh & can feel pain like anyone else….

    You are just fear-mongering for the kanilai DEVIL; possibly induced with some of our blood -money; you can claim to speak to Sir Farmang Singhateh, P S Njie, Sir Dawda Jawara, down to anybody in present day politics; it makes no difference in helping Gambia from the clutches of tyranny….???

    United States & South Africa both went through struggles to regain freedom; you chose to ignore them both; & deliberately choose the others just for fear mongers ONLY…..

    The same tactical manoeuvres are being played in pages of Gambia Daily Observer; where it’s alleged a Burundian diplomat (reminding us of their scenario) & handful of ECOWAS member states ministerial meeting on trans-subregion highways heaped praises on our Murderous Oppressive KILLER-DEVIL; indicating the regional body’s complacent collusion with the Murderous Autocratic Murderer…..

    If you are in any doubt; you must be in daydream slumber party; to assume genuine Gambians will flinch & shirk our God given obligated responsibilities not to unturn any stones that stands in our way to total liberation & restoration of rules of law & justice back in the Gambia; even the Manipulative kanilai DEVIL’s disciples admittedly acknowledged there’s NO peace & stability ensured with yaya jammeh continuing in charge of our affairs of State……

    We have met your aid-abet likes in the services of the Murderous Oppressive kanilai DEVIL; & will continue to meet more; but don’t underrate or insult our intelligences & collective common resolve just for once….

    Meanwhile; you & your likes can choose to make meals out of our communal predicaments; whilst the freedom train moves on with or without you; it’s just matters of time but there’s NO relenting & NOTHING will stop us EXCEPT total liberation of Gambia for all; including you & your devilish-enabler likes…..

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Bajaw, if you know who “Gambiano” is you wouldn’t waste your time responding to him (except to call him the charlatan that all Gambia knows he is!).

      Of course he does know all the people he mentions: they fed him and he betrayed them. he also betrayed Baba Jobe who fed him by giving him a job with Speaker Sheriff Dibba – then he betrayed Speaker Dibba!!! And recently he betrayed his very own blood uncle. But enough of that – betrayal is a national pastime and Saul Saidykhan’s piece says it all.

      I am just surprised that KairoNews allowed this “Gambiano” to distract us with complete irrelevancies – knowing perfectly well who he is. He is also posting through friends under all these different cowardly pseudo-names (he is cunning – otherwise he would’t be where he is).

      • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

        By the way Bajaw/Max: Criminal Lying Mentality that called Darboe and Co. “Violent Demonstrators” on BBC is what you see from “Gambiano” here.

        “Gambiano” is practicing his shameless LYING and MISINFORMATION craft (apparently he is also lying about his “education” in UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

        The “5 Things …” from me was a “Comment” under the Senegal Army Movements story on KairoNews. It was KairoNews editor who decided to make my “Comment” into a story.

        I did NOT write a story calling for Senegal to “INVADE” The Gambia!!!

        My comment, repeat comment, under somebody else’s story, repeat somebody else’s story, was “These are the 5 reasons why Senegal might want to invade”.

        What I have written about The Gambia all these years, and in my book, is THE PEACE IMPERATIVE. That was also published in the Daily Observer.

        If that PEACE is now in DANGER, it is 100% the responsibility of “Gambiano” the justifier of murder and oppression – and the people who are oppressing and murdering Gambians. That is the oppression and murder for which Lawyer Darboe is in jail today. That MURDER and OPPRESSION is what “Gambiano” should be addressing on THIS FORUM. But he won’t address that!!!!!!!!!! And we KNOW why!!!!!

        Now this LYING “Gambiano” has built a whole attack on me on a false premises – precisely what he has done with Darboe and the other demonstrators. He has justified the KILLING of Solo Sandeng and Co. on his LIES – that Solo Sandeng and Co wanted to “set The Gambia on fire”!!!! “Gambiano” and his friends are re-acting out of SHEER TERROR. For once they face a Gambia where people are standing up for their Rights WITHOUT FEAR and they don’t know what to do. “Gambiano” has SOLD HIS SOUL to the DEVIL … and he is now terrified of God’s Revenge for the Sinners.

        “Gambiano” is wallowing in SHEER EVIL. I once scared “Gambiano’s” GODFATHER so much that he also made up a similar lie about me in Kaniffing Magistrates Court in 2008 – but as many people read in FOROYAA, that nonsense was thrown out of court by Magistrate Jawo. As I walked in Serrekunda afterwards, STRANGERS shook my hand!

        Unfortunately, many Gambians were not so lucky and did not survive these EVIL LIES. I only did because I was a British Citizen and my High Commissioner and my Government fought for me.

        “Gambiano” may wish to know that I have long forward the Lawyer Darboe detention matter to my Government here – and we will do what we can to free Lawyer Darboe and colleagues.

      • Dida,

        You still think I’m sheriff??? Please keep hallucinating!

        I don’t care if your piece was inserted under the comments section. The crux is, it came from the bowels of your heart! It was an exhortation to stir Senegal. As for the British, their domestic problems galore, almost like new chartism will emerge. And if you think I read in England, again, keep smoking whatever it is you’re on.

        Call me any name you pick, but truth remains truth. You’re a prototypical Jammeh-enabler whose anti Jammeh rhetoric started only after losing your job. Truth hurts, serious truth hurts seriously!

        In your wildest masturbations, you now wish for turmoil in my motherland and expect Gambians to be dumb and throw you flowers. You must be sick, Mr. Halake.

      • Dida,

        You wrote “5 things Senegal will gain by toppling Jammeh.” Since you’re now in England, a free society, can you write, “5 things Hamas or Hezbollah will gain by toppling the Israeli gov’t”? Or “5 things NRA would gain by toppling the British gov’t”?

        Not in my wildest aspirations would I write anything like the above. It’s because I’m a normal human being averse to war or chaos. But it looks like you’ll. I challenge you to write to your British newspapers right now and see. That’s my challenge, and let all be judges between us for this debate!

        I’ve written numerous articles against Jammeh. I’ve called on him to handover power. I’ve vehemently criticized him! The archives here and other platforms attest to that. Cheerio!

  10. Bajaw and Max,
    Trying to have a talk with you is like trying to have a talk with a dining table. Again, people with your mind have an obsession with articles that shower curses on Jammeh. I’m not that kind of writer.

    I’ve written against Jammeh over and over. If you want, go ahead and die, but I won’t write just to placate you. I write for Gambia, period! Because of people like you, Africa hasn’t yet solved hunger let alone invent a marvel. It’s because you don’t think beyond angry words and mudslinging. For 20 years that’s been going on against Jammeh. Did it remove him? And your mind is telling you that I have to write angry words?

    Whether I talked to Jammeh’s family, Darboe, or OJ, Allaah knows it. And that’s enough. I wonder if you’re on some drugs, but do yourself a favor and dig through the archives and see what I’ve been writing about Jammeh’s wrongs in prose, drama, or even poetry.

    • P.S.
      And you call me a Jammeh enabler??? I mean seriously? Please tell me what I’ve done for Jammeh! Dida Halake would still have been working for Jammeh if he wasn’t fired. This man is talking about such a dangerous military engagement between Gambia and Senegal just because he’s angry at losing his job. He doesn’t care who perishes in such battle because he’s not Gambian. And just because I’m speaking against his demonic wishes, you label me a Jammeh enabler? There are more that only became anti-Jammeh only after he removed them from their comfort. My history is clean. I’ve never worked for Jammeh….ever! But that’s not even important. What’s important is how dumb you’re by thinking that an Ethiopian who calls for war between Gambia and Senegal loves you! It’s your choice to remain stupid and angry. And mark my words, any day Gambia sinks into chaos, please write to me and tell me if all your friends, family, and relatives are spared.

      It’s so difficult talking to a dumb head, more so an angry dumbo whose rational mind is no more.

      • OK. This is enough.. I mean, you can’t exchange such unpleasenatries with your in-law…I am honestly embarrassed by this unGambian treatment of an in-law or do I belong to the “wrong” generation.?

        You’ve made your points against war with Senegal and I agree with you, but it’s enough…You can talk to Max and Bajaw anyhow, but not our in-law please…Stop it..It’s embarrassing..

        Where is Suntu Bolongba, since DH and Yankuba Jobe have both gone AWOL..We need to stop this…

        • Bax,

          Dida is gutted because he still thinks I’m Sheriff. I have nothing to do with Sheriff. I’m a genuine and patriotic Gambian who won’t sit and watch an Ethiopian who can’t take care of his own backyard (Ethiopia/Eritrea war where so many lives perished) wish for a similar thing between Gambia and Senegal.

          Where are patriotic Gambians? Where are real Gambians that love the future of Gambia? My patriotism doesn’t stop at criticizing Jammeh. It extends to criticizing anyone who really doesn’t have Gambia at heart, but pretends. I bet Dida isn’t going to take my challenge to write in British newspapers: “5 things Hamas or Hezbollah will gain by toppling the Israeli gov’t.”

      • Gambiano, are you crazy or just want the suffering of Gambian people continue with is lunatic. The lives you are talking about is lost everyday with a government that don’t care about human life. Senegal has a moral right to intervene in The Gambia because we are one people separated by colonial boundaries. I am disappointed you are calling your self Gambiano as if you care about the pain and suffering of your fellow country men and women.

  11. Mandingo Prince Dida

    Please, waste your energy & time no more….

    The job is accomplished; the genuine Gambian fraternity & friends, & the general readership can separate truth from muck…

    Our energies deserve more pressing areas….

    Long live the Gambia…

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Lol Bajaw, you hear my in-law Bax? Just a short sweet battle and he is running to the Ref! Typical PDOIS! OK Bax, we will go to the Library and quietly read the Constitution!

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Bajaw, watch this video. A Jamaican RastaMan has promoted me to King of Ethiopia this morning!!! So I reject mere Mandingo Prince (LoL!) – unless you upgrade it!!.

      Copy this title on Utube:

      Notting Hill Rasta Man Greets King of Ethiopia! 29 april 2016

      Can’t orientate it properly on utube – but it is properly upright on the editing programme I use (VLC).

  12. Yes, Bax is doing what I will call the habitual ‘Gambianness’; which is a gene naturally found in most, if not all & every average Gambian; intervening & trying to save our friend’s face; in diffusing an embarrassing situation….

    The Gambian communal fraternity & the general readership have digested the deliberations; mission accomplished; time to move on…..

    • Bajaw , don’t mind Bax , a typical fake pdois supporter and that is why he sided with this lunatic called Gambiano . It is not a surprise to see him acted this way.
      Gambiano is a pretending to be anti – Jammeh just like Bax but they are pro-Jammeh who are here to distract . They are the DD , deliberate distractors .
      It is clear stupidity to see Gambiano compare our political situation to that of uk or any country because he failed to understand that in those countries , citizens have rights to protest without any violent from security forces . Gambiano has sold his soul to the devil . He is despicable and ignorance citizen who will always lie to hide his true agenda . Shame on him .

      • Oh.! Now, I’m a “fake PDOIS supporter”, but a “real Jammeh” supporter..Well, if there is one thing we know about Jammeh, it is that he is a KILLER.

        Anyone who advocates for war and violence must be closer to Jammeh, in that respect, than both Lawyer Darboe and Halifa Sallah because they will never advocate killing.

        So, Max you should.switch sides with the killer himself because you are a proponent of killing to achieve change or for revenge, alla tit-for-tat style.

        Bax, Darboe, Halifa and Gambiano (and many others) value Gambian lives and will not advocate wasting any to achieve change, when pieceful options exist.

        • Bax , you are a Jammeh supporter . Your actions and deeds all indicated that . I have been telling you that for very long time time . There is no method you support whether it is popular uprising as it just started , coalition of opposition party to remove the tyrant , military coup , Senegal intervention in case Jammeh has massacred senegambians or any method ., you seem to have a problem with everything . All you want is Jammeh to continue to kill our people on daily basis . You must be very closed to Yaya Jammeh in one way or the other . Try to come out and declare yourself clean . There is high probability that you are closed to Jammeh even in many aspects . You never support any geniune effort by any group but you are hiding behind the name of pdois to distract . My position is very clear , I support all options to get rid of Jammeh. Because I can not sit idly by and say I want specific method to get rid of him . It is the same believe that help UDP began the confrontation and late solo Sanderg and others called for electoral reforms . UDP and pdois didn’t have the same belief . Pdois is legitimizing dictatorship .Today we have daily protest in The Gambia thanks to UDP . You are an agent of dictatorship which is why you want the status quo to continue despite the fact that you foolishly pretend to be anti -Jammeh . You cannot be trusted and I told you that long time ago . I even trust Dida than you because he speak truth to power and condemned Jammeh sometimes . You are no different from those hypocrites who preach peace but never preach justice . That was what imam fatty and others did . Stop being a hypocrite , you can’t have it in both ways . In any liberation struggle, there are people like you who undermine the genuine efforts of others . It has happened to Nelson Mandela and Dr King . It is the same thing happening to Darboe when these cowards signed an agreement with the devil just to throw him and UDP under the bus . Nelson Mandela has used violent and non violent methods to achieve his goal . Therefore it is gutter ignorance and stupidity to suggest that those who used violent means to confront a tyrant and dictator are also killers . If that is the case , how about so many countries which send their military to intervene in conflict or other hotspot . You are on the record here foolishly and hypocritically supported such interventions in many African countries . In the time of oppression , it is undesirable and fake supporters like you who continue to be a pretentious sympathizer but in reality you simply want the oppression to continue.

        • Bax,

          You see how this Maxs thinks? It’s so difficult to converse with minds of his cognates. To maxs, to be anti-Jammeh means to hurl insults at Jammeh or pray for chaos in Gambia. Common sense and intelligent thinking isn’t on this type of person’s scale of preference.

          Whenever I write, I write with a heavy heart on account of Gambia’s present morass. It angers me that our dear mother-land is now a one-man-show. Even a GRTS journalist can be fired with orders from Jammeh.

          Let me make a revelation that will make Maxs chew me again. I once told a top Jammeh official something. That official was to Jammeh as Karl Rove was to President Bush. I told him it would be wise for Jammeh to step down, call a reconciliation committee, and ask Halifa or Sidia to lead Gambia with a serious term limit. Halifa and Sidia aren’t interested in a buoyed ego, or self-aggrandizement.

          I have never belonged to any political party. I’m a Pan-Africanist. But the closest to Pan-Africanist ideals has been PDOIS. Now Maxs, you can take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it! The problem with maxs is that he waits till he’s charged and angry and then jump in here expecting everyone to be vile. Wollaahi Gambia needs great thinkers, not those weakened by anger.

  13. Luntango Suun Gann Hu

    Indeed, an unnecessary distraction under which a line is drawn.

    I am now off into purdah for some intense para-legal work (pleadings, trial bundle, etc). Just hope all goes well for Darboe and Co. Chi Jaama.

  14. The best Senegalese military intervention in the Gambia’s precarious circumstances in my view is air-tightening the security of it’s courts of the southern border with the Gambia from Kartong to Koina with high-tec border surveillance equipment. Apart from that, in my humble opinion too, any Senegalese military intervntion otherwise, in the Gambia, can have a longer lasting averse effect on the Gambia’s reversed state of independence during the two decades of despotism. Our favorite readings are usually our quotings so it depends on which writers poems or philosophies you endorse as stepping pads in one life. @Gambiano, pan-Africanists need know very well the writers and philosophers for their cause.

    • Ggamp,

      It was due to Pan-Africanism I’ve been an avid reader of Western Civilization. Another problem with Jammeh is that his ego is bigger than his understanding of history. But there are so many Gambians not quite interested in reading. Unless a significant number of us are intellectually-curious with others technically or vocationally-curious, Africa won’t be able to solve hunger, muddy/dusty roads, let alone invent something to put a mark on history.

      This has been my obsession, and that’s why I think Jammeh has been a serious problem. But he’s just a symptom of the bigger problem. He has overstayed and needs to go right now! But his marabouts are fooling him. A real Pan-Affricanist who didn’t just talk the talk, but also walked the walk was William E.B Dubois. Marcus Garvey was the first and only Pan-African entrepreneur who was able to mobilize such a huge capital in business, a multitude of Blacks with a successful shipping line, etc. The West saw his growing influence and devised their plots. Nkrumah saw this. He understood electricity is key to Africa’s progress. The West not only worked against his Akosombo Dam, but had the CIA coup him.

      As for Lumumba, the CIA and the Belgians recently revealed where they killed and burnt him. He grave was never seen before. And what was the crime of all these people I’ve mentioned? Just one thing: They want Africa to progress. Is that a crime? Those Gambians crying to the West help remove Jammeh don’t understand this! Qaddafi was paying the bills of so many African countries. He was the only Arab leader that dressed like a black African.

      He was working on a single African currency and a satellite for all Africa. Listen, if that came through, we can all call our families in Africa as cheap as Americans can call England cheap. But AT&T and other western telecom companies who benefit from Africa’s poverty never want that. So they used Hillary Clinton to trigger chaos in Libya. That’s why I came heavy on Dida. Libya had free college and university. America never has that.

      Libya had free healthcare. America never had that. In Libya, if you wanted to marry and you couldn’t afford it, the government would help you with money. They turned the desert into cultivable land. The Libyan government built free apartments for Libyans. Libya was the only country that didn’t owe the IMF a dime. Now look at Libya today as you read this. Is it a good idea to allow Gambia to follow suit? A real Pan-Africanist has to read widely!

      • Gambiano , you have the same characteristics as Jammeh . You see , you are coming on gradually to make your position clear . You are another confused idiot who never think for himself . You are using a typical Jammeh’s play book or talking points which is pan-Africanism , anti-western diatribe and conspiracy theories to Make your dishonest and mischievous agenda . You are a Jammeh supporter because you have taken his mentor and god father as true leader of Africa . If you admire Former Libyan dictator then I finally know that you are another supporter of our killer president Jammeh . This is why you foolishly hide behind the name of preaching peace so that the status quo can continue . You don’t care how many people die in our country because you have the same mindset as Bax and all those idiots who called themselves pdois supporters . You don’t care about recent events in The Gambia and you don’t even mention it in any of your damn comments. Shame on you for hiding your true political support and you are another liar hiding behind the name of pdois to spin for Jammeh . Your Hypocrisy is truly displayed here . You are an agent of dictatorship . You are indeed an agent of propaganda for Jammeh like Bax .

      • If Libya had free healthcare , education , bride price or free Stuffs , why can’t you go there instead of living in USA or west where there is no free healthcare or nothing is free . You see your hypocrisy and stupidity has been exposed here . You simply want freedom and rule of law as well as economic well being that is why you came to USA . Why can’t you pack your things and go to Libya since there was free stuff ? I am sure you will regret why you were born in the first place when you do that . You careless about the destruction of Africa done by former Libyan dictator .

      • Thanks @Gambiano for highlighting William E.B Dubois and Hon Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Yes, I agree Gambia needs some amount of intellect in its national discourse to bring about the change we yearn for. The need to read the western histories and cultures is indisputable but one’s concerns arises from that fact when the most ruthless African dictators of our contemporary rely on the wrong side of those histories and cultures, as a justication and a perfect law of nature to oppress and terrorise African nations’ predominantly un-alphabetised and impoverished citizenries. Ghaddafi fell from hero and crumbled into zero for the love of the fantasy, in the thought of himself being that God sent man to golden-spoon feed libyans. I agree with the ex-Gna lieutenant, whose name I don’t really recall, when he made the quoting in an article that, (the African elites or leaders don’t let prosperity out of their sight and reach, they provide opportunity within their own cycle to continually give them prosperity.) You can’t say Ghaddafi’s name in the street of Tripoli during his regime, something I have done many times in the Gambia with Sir Dawda Jawara’s name though you will need a bit of caution and respect in doing so because there was an NSS or something like that.
        I saw in a long time picture, Patrice Lumumba near his death, but was not surrounded by Cia personnel, indeed by armed and red-eyed then Zaire citizens, some of them tugging at his hair and you can see the sorrow in his eyes that he must have been feeling with respect to Africa’s future. With all this that Africans have withnessed in their political evolutions, they still stay put in blaming the west and not themselves for the shots they fired on each other but rather blaming the caller. I think the in future, our leaderships bilateral retionships with the west be laid straight instead of claiming for what had been done wrong in history. You don’t really know what free health care and marriage subsidies and all those rubbish means. It means to accept Mu’ammar Ghaddafi one’s father and also father of one’s father and to be in his army, because it was all belonging to him or you won’t be entitled to such incentives.
        In a nutshell, I think the unintelligent dictators of Africa brought about a much greater havoc in the continent than the usual evident mockery in most of the Western country’s policies in African states. I am disheartened by anyone trying to tell me that one like Yaya Jammeh is like one of those intelligent African leaders of history who knows exactly what he is doing for the Gambia and Africa and that should be a good reason for him to be considered an enemy by the west…. He is not anywhere near that category of of African statesmen because I guess some contributors and participants out here in the Kairo forums read a bit more than him. Jammeh perhaps lack a know how in most walks of life.

        • Ggapm,

          Wollaahi, I agree with you in everything you stated above. Qaddaffi overstayed just like Jammeh is doing. Do you know why Allaah hasn’t given the power of manufacturing planes, guns, bombs, cars, etc to Africans? Because they’ll destroy this world. Africans lack restraint and maturity.

          If one African nation has a nuclear station just for electricity, one stupid, lazy-minded African will organize “Ataya” next to it and blow it up! We lack humility, restraint, and maturity with everything, including power. Jammeh is abusing that power today! It’s almost like giving a box of crayon to a 2-year old and s/he makes a mess on the wall, couch, etc.

          • Janko Camara

            Gambiano, you statement below is disappointing, to say the least.

            “Africans lack restraint and maturity”

            This is the sort of generalisation we must avoid. I consider the statement very insulting and you should withdraw it. I am a proud African and I do not belong to the category of Africans you mentioned above. I also know there are many decent Africans (including your very self) who do not belong to this category of Africans.

            I assume you read European History in your days in the Sixth Form. Therefore, you know very well that until the late Seventies all the major wars (that attracted global audience) in this world were engineered and fought by the Whiteman and, in some instances, forcefully recruiting Africans to fight their wars. They have gone through severe transformation stages before becoming what they are today. Africans, even when we had empires, never fought wars that reached global proportions. We do not have to go through that same sordid experience and that is why Any African, the likes of Yahya Jammeh, who wants to take us to those days of barbarity must be uprooted.

          • Gambiano , you continue to show your stupidity , indecency and dishonesty to people here . You lack sympathy and ability to understand issue at hand . Making generalization to insult people is clear stupidity to say the least . If you are decent and truthful , you would realize that there are many decent Gambians who stood against dictatorship in The Gambia since day one and they continue to do so . There are many other decent citizens who made worked with this regime but they never committed any crime . We welcome those Gambians onboard . We do not need hypocrisy and dishonesty you are displaying here . You should be ashamed of yourself for not caring about those protesters .

  15. Gambiano, please let us try and focus on Gambia at this moment because we have a mess going on.The dictator has killed, tortured and imprisoned many of our fellow citizens and you are business trying to preach to us about 50 years ago history. If you are a Pan- Africanist like you said, you should be focusing on fighting for the release of all these innocent citizens killed or imprisoned. I am not impressed at all.

  16. Fellow compatriots, at this material time I don’t have time & energy for such a debate for now……

    But how on earth can we successfully take the Gambia out of a murderous manipulative banditry without responding with ‘like for likes’ when evidently necessary as it is….?

    Yaya jammeh have been, & continue to turn guns purchased by our money & meant for our safeties, on us; & hiring foreign mercenary elements in all strata of Gambian governing machinery, blatantly oppressing, maiming & killing innocent people meant to be protected & defended; whose taxes, revenues, loans & grants were being used to entrench & sustain the Murderous Autocratic kanilai Fiefdom…??

    Here is a scenario for example:

    If one sends your children shopping for the family food; the children periodically gets attacked without any provocations; got stabbed & wounded or killed by some street gangsters or trigger-happy thugs under some evil commands; that the police sides with & can’t do anything about; & whom the police themselves sometimes join in the evilness, under some coercive instructions; & you & fellow citizens must continue to go out for shopping, as the families must have to eat; are you going to continue to leave you & your families’ fates to these devilish treason committing criminals & their DEVIL master; or find guns & exploit any means necessary, to face & confront the murderous oppressor & devilish elements; to ensure for continuing the hitherto peaceful coexistence, justice & rules of law…????

    The Gambians must wake up from our slumber; & stop prescribing painkilling paracetamol for mere headache, to mean for infectious diseases, where antibiotics are to be required & used…..

    April 2000 & 2016 demonstrating students & electoral reform civilians never took up any arms; the fellow compatriots kidnapped, molested, incarnated, tortured, maimed, disappeared & killed never done anything except for opining on Gambian affairs of State, which are of concerns for all as Gambians….???

    Just how could the habitual Gambians “musllaha” be arbitration for our liberation which can only alternatively serve for facilitating humanity crimes entrenchments in the motherland…..?

    I’m aware of selfish Gambians who are below UDP politically in the pecking order; who for individualism or partisan gains will continue to scarecrow, twist tales, & do anything within their means to make sure the status quo continues; as UDP appears to them as the perceive real enemy standing between them & the targeted loot; since we all know, for certain; it’s just matter of time but the Murderous Oppressive kanilai Autocratic KILLER-DEVIL will soon be history….

    The truth is; Gambians will exploit ALL & ANY avenues in the liberation struggle books & under the sun; to ensure the current status quo is exterminated successfully; we all have parts to play & can continue contributing in our quotas in our own determined ways; but there’s NOTHING stopping genuine patriotic Gambians until total liberation of Gambia….

  17. That is why I have always been convinced @Gambiano, that Ghaddafi’s Africa dreams are nothing but his sheer madness in an act of conspiration to continentally quench his power thirst, in something like, ‘ a satellite for Africa. Who knows his Africa satellite proposal was his intention and desire that, the children of the fifty four African states or so, to learn and memorise the songs that praise his name………….
    For that being my opinion, I think the most stupidity the moderate African citizen have realised in the African states’ political processes it the hijacking of various African states’ unsophisticated civil democratic processes by, in most cases, unsohisticated and undisciplined militaries. Contrary to Goethe’s ‘I prefer injustice to disorder’, I will say, ‘I prefer a civil society to milk and honey’, regarding Ghaddafi’s free health care, education and incentives to marry. In his regime, people with an experience of Libya will tell you that every Libyan has the law in his hands as long as you have a picture of Baba Muammar hanging on the wall of your living room, shop, factory etc. Dictatorships and despotisms are retrogressive to the welfare of the Gambia’s future generations and therefore in my opinion, it is very unfair to me if the fellow citizens the laymen had to rely on to bring about the change in their country are using their intellect in emboldening despots; meaning complacency as well to their cruelties.

  18. So-called Gambiano; for your enlightenment, South Africa is one African country with nuclear ammunition….

    They are yet to use it on another sovereign state though; much more on fellow African nations & ordinary indigenous citizens…

    You claim to be a “widely read knowledgeable Pan-Africanist”…..?

    You must’ve graduated from Idol Worshiping classes in the manipulative Kanilai syndola university…..

    Yet you always ‘swear & attest God to be your witness’ “wollahi”, whenever you are uttering blatant fabricated lies like you always do…??

    Do you really know the repercussions of lying; much more to mucky God & His Noble Prophets’ Names on lies mongering….???

    May God help cure your madness before too late….