Disappeared’ Gambian Journalist Sparks Concerns Over His Fate

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The ‘disappearance’ of ailing radio journalist Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay has sparked concerns and set off fears over a deadly fate.

“It is confusing as well as hard to believe that he escaped from hisvhospital bed. The government needs to come up with a more credible explanation if they want people to believe the story,” veteran Gambian journalist Demba Ali Jawo told this reporter.

The news that Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay is no more in State custody broke out during last Thursday’s court hearing in which a prison officer was quoted by local as saying that the radio journalist escaped while undergoing emergency treatment at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul. This follows reports suggesting that the Taranga FM manager allegedly succumbed to torture.

Mr. Jawo drew comparison to the case of former Director of the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) Daba Marenah who was reported on the run together with a group of soldiers linked with 2006 abortive coup d’Etat.

“This is similar to the case of Daba Marenah and co when they were said to have escaped 10 years ago and there is still no news of them,” he voiced out.

Sources cited by the Accra-based Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) have indicated that Ceesay was reportedly taken to hospital on April 12, 2016 and was reported missing from the hospital on April 20.

“While newspaper and official reports claim Ceesay has escaped from the hospital, many believe he has been killed,” said MFWA in a statement issued today.

A medical personnel in Banjul who spoke to this reporter under anonymity for fear of reprisals, debunked the information leaked in court by prison officers. “Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay was under constant surveillance and chances for him to escape were very little,” she said.

Over the past eight months, Ceesay has been standing trial at Banjul High Court. He was charged with sedition and false news. He was reportedly being subjected to torture and other degradating treatment by the NIA.



  1. This story is very confusing. Can kaironews confirm that he is released ? Jammeh is a criminal who could use NIA to confuse Gambians. I want somebody to come forward to confirm that Alagie is released.

    • We can confirm with certainty that Alhagie Ceesay has indeed escaped. His escape has nothing to do with Jammeh’s games or distraction tactics as some people might believe. It was well coordinated and planned but for security reasons, we can’t go into details. We know even those involved in the escape. How it happens should be off record. People are entitled to their opinions but it took us 48hours before we confirm the veracity of the story.

  2. Editor . Thank you very much for your clarification . This is an excellent news . I say big thank you to those patriotic security forces who helped Alagie . We are very proud of them . We also call on those security forces who killed Gambians for Yaya Jammeh to stop and recognize that their loyalty and support should be place on Gambian people and the constitution . No single Gambian should allow himself to be used by tyrant who will turn around and kill you . Yankuba Badjie and Saul Badjie , please tell your men to stop torturing and killing Gambians for an idiot who will turn around and kill you .

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