Senegal Help Oppressed Gambians

Thousands of Senegalese on Friday joined Gambians to protest against President Yahya Jammeh’s use of excessive force on innocent civilians. The protest, held in the Senegalese capital Dakar, provided an opportunity for protesters to display Dictator Jammeh’s tyranny, which include enforced disappearance and cold-blood murders of his opponents.
Placard holding Gambian protesters want Senegal to help them take care of their leader. They describe President Jammeh as a “bloodthirsty leader” who enjoys unleashing terror on his subjects. One protesters shown on Senegalese media explained how he wast arrested, detained and robbed of his wealth. Like many victim of Jammeh’s repression, he too fled the country.
Senegalese government officials listened to protesters as they explained the terror hanging over Gambians. Unlike in their home country where they would be killed for protesting peacefully, Gambians protested on the streets of Dakar without hindrance. No one questioned why they protested. That is why a former Gambian Foreign Minister thanked Senegal for not only guaranteeing security for them but also allowing them to protest and express their concerns to them. “This symbolises Senegal’s respect for the rule of law and brotherly relations with its Gambian brothers,” Dr. Momodou Lamin Sidat Jobe told Senego TV.
“Senegal did not say it will remove Yahya Jammeh from power but they have put truth on his face. He is told what he is doing is unlawful. Senegal will do all it takes to make sure there is peace and stability in the Gambia. Senegal has done everything it could to help Jammeh to succeed but he demonstrated his disrespect and arrogance,” Mr. Jobe said, blaming Jammeh for summoning Senegal at the ECOWAS Court when he disrespected the regional economic grouping after the last elections. “Jammeh didn’t want to listen to ECOWAS when he wanted to kill but he has the audacity to summon Senegal before the same body. That is why I said Yahya Jammeh has no logic.”
Mr. Jobe condemned Yahya Jammeh’s use of excessive force on peaceful protesters, including Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and his party’s leadership. Jobe said Senegal’s reaction has lifted their spirit to move forward with the fight to end tyranny and impunity in the Gambia.
Civil society activists who joined the Dakar protest asked President Jammeh to halt unleashing terror on innocent Gambians.


  1. Deyda Haidara

    If Gambians know what the Place de l’Obelisque symbolises in Senegal history, one will not take the granting of a permit to hold a demonstration in this venue lightly. This is the place that holds Senegal’s Independence Celebrations. Dr. Sedat Jobe was on 2STV on saturday with Pape Ale Niang ” Ca me dit mag” dissecting the ramifications of the historical relations of Senegambia. It was great and informative.
    I was there and could feel the wind of change of heart from ALL sections of senegalese societies and people. The most presence that made me happy, was the appearance of ALL the main political parties specially Hon. Moustapha Diakhate of the ruling APR party and majority leader of the House. This man clearly represented president Macky Sall and government. As in all diplomacy this man’s presence sends a CLEAR signal to Jammeh that Senegal is behind the Gambian people by saying enough is enough. If one watched the 4 April independence military procession one knows it was clearly meant to send a signal and show Jammeh that Senegal is mighty and ready on the military front too. Yes a republican army that NEVER made a coup d’etat against a democratic government no matter how hot the political situation is earns the respect of all democrats the world over.
    Yes, Senegal including the Transport Union in particular are ready to help Gambia come back to the democratic family fold, and have shown Jammeh that they are resolutely ready to make that happen sooner than later.
    Every god-fearing senegambian is fedup about Jammeh, who is nothing but a wild animal whose home is not amongst human beings but at the ZOO.
    It was SOLIDARITY of the highest order.

  2. This is true solidarity with The Gambian people…Hopefully, this will give Gambians the “heart” to come out in force and show their disagreement with the way the country is being run…

    Let people, at least, make Yaya Jammeh sit up and take notice…At the moment, and for the past two decades, it’s been very easy for him and that has emboldened him, more and more…

    This is not the time to play the blame games and create division and suspicion…We need the participation and support of everyone opposed to Jammeh’s rule of impunity..

    It is those who spread suspicion and false hopes and create division in the ranks, who are the actual enablers of the regime..

    • Gambians already got the heart. One must have to be blindfolded not to see that fact. Only the enablers are trying to point fingers, spreading doubt and cautioning people as if the masses are dumb and twistable around. You didn’t put a value to all the lives taken by the despot all the two decades long. It is simply because you think they are wasted.
      @Bax, I think someone needs to step out of his wolve’s clothing.

      • Please, concentrate your efforts on the issues at hand…Bax is not living in cloud 9, like the rest of you.

  3. The message is getting home louder & clearer; the Murderous kanilai KILLER-DEVIL is pushed to the brink; just matter of finishing off the job……

    The Murderous Oppressive kanilai BANDIT yaya jammeh is shitting in its pants at moment; it is considering to do one to Mauritania who offered it asylum; Gambians & friends must ensure it doesn’t get any escape route; yaya MURDERER jammeh is wanted DEAD or ALIVE…..

    Gambians will ensure to institute legal proceedings against ANY country who try to stand in our way of prosecuting DEVIL yaya jammeh & aid abet elements for crimes against humanity…

    Long live the Gambia……

  4. Gambians in diaspora especially those in USA should be ashamed of themselves for not coming out in large numbers to demonstrate. Senegalese people have demonstrated their awareness of political process and they showed complete solidarity with oppressed people of The Gambia. It is shameful our people refused to come out to protest.

    • You sound surprised and disappointed. That’s what happen when reality finally dawns. Welcome back to planet earth, from cloud 9.

      I am not lecturing you and brother DH, but I will tell you why the Senegalese defeated President’s Wade’s attempt to entrench himself and can come out in force to support Gambians.

      It is because the Senegalese citizenry was encouraged to actively participate and take interest in the affairs of their country, through the adoption of the slogan, “PAYEE DE DIALOGUE”, from the word go…Talking and acting is part of their political DNA and attempts to repress them will only embolden them.

      We travelled a route where public discussion was not encouraged and criticizing government was almost viewed as a TABOO…No Police, NSS or Field Force come for you when you criticise the PPP government, but you know better because of the implications. There was only ONE national broadcaster (Radio Gambia) that has no space for divergent views and newspapers were so few that one could say they were non existent. And this trend has not ceased in the 2nd republic, in addition to the reign of terror and brutality..

      This is the context in which the different reactions of the Senegalese and Gambians to political happenings in our various countries should be viewed. The emergence of the online Gambian media is giving Gambians an alternative view and this is bearing fruits, but it is a gradual process. That is why patience, which is a virtue, is required but we should NOT doubt that the trend towards Jammeh’s downfall, is irreversible.

      Unlike those who call for Senegal’s military intervention in Gambian political matters, I do not subscribe to that unless Senegalese sovereignty is violated in a manner that gives them the right, under international law, to respond. I think the best way Senegal can help is through the diplomatic route whilst granting Gambians the space they need on their territory, to put pressure on Yaya Jammeh.

  5. Well Max I had said the same thing “why Gambians betrayed Darboe and his people and refused to come out in solidarity”. I had said that those in the diaspora in particular refused to attend rallies in the west.

    Bax and I stand vindicated. We were never against Darboe’s actions nor Solo’s but rather the failure of citizens, supporters in particular to stand by them.

    • Gambia , did you attend any protest in any where .? I have attended . Please for God sake , stop your silly partisan politics . This is Gambian issue . Don’t tell me this UDP problem . If you cannot go out and protest as a Gambian then it is better you shut up .

      • Are you serious..? Who has been beating and is still beating the partisan drum…? Max, DH and the rest…No one on our side is attributing partisanship to these events on the ground. In fact, I have shown DH why it is erroneous to credit only the UDP with the demonstration for Electoral Reform at Westfield Junction…Even Lawyer Darboe has refused to give his procession a partisan identity by carrying a Gambian Flag, rather than a UDP one.

        It is only you guys who are unable to rise beyond partisan politics, but that is your prerogative. So carry on your divisive plots. Majority of Gambians know that this is beyond partisanship.

        • Where is your pdois leadership on this matter ? They sided with Dictator while some of you disciples are here to deliberately distract . You have been defending your boss since day one .
          Bax , even if Senegal want to remove Yaya Jammeh , you will never support it just like your boss will never support it . We don’t expect anything from you except to legitimize dictatorship . Haifa was Jammeh’s mentor and political Godfather .
          Yes I am disappointed that Gambian’s didn’t come out as we should but those of us who are very committed must continue to fight . If your boss has that sense of nationalism in him just like the Senegalese people , he would have mobilized his supporters to come out in large numbers to protest . Lawyer Darboe recognized that it was national issue and solo Sanderg recognized the same thing . You need to preach nationalism to pdois who are always after their partisan interest despite the fact that they are repudiated by Gambians . you guys love Jammeh more than UDP and Darboe .

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