Gambian Journalist Out Of Lion’s Den

We praise the Lord for saving another innocent Gambian soul from blood-feeding Dictator!

Gambian journalist who had been detained indefinitely has escaped from the lion’s den. Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, the manager of Teranga FM Radio, was admitted at the main referral hospital in Banjul for the third time. He had reportedly escaped from his sick bed some time after midnight last week.

For security reasons, Kairo News prefers not to go into detail as how the escape operation was executed, amid heavy security presence at the hospital.

Mr. Ceesay was smuggled out of the country. He is currently resident in the Senegalese capital Dakar, where he is recovering from sickness and trauma. On Friday, the Gambia government confirmed Ceesay’s escape from the intensive care unit of Edward Francis Small Teaching hospital.

The 25-year-old journalist spent more than 200 days in detention. He was admitted at the hospital several times. Like many Gambian detainees, Ceesay too was reportedly tortured. He was reported to be suffering from kidney disease, which requires urgent specialist attention.

Alhagie had been facing sedition charges. He was accused of publishing and sending a picture of President Yahya Jammeh being gun-pointed. Ceesay was arrested and detained briefly. He was again detained and remained so until last week, with the court denying him bail on several occasions. Trial judge Justice Simon Abi also overruled claims by Ceesay’s lawyer that his client was subjected to regular torture.

The journalist denied the charges. The two key prosecution witnesses in the case had earlier left the country. Zainab Koneh and Fatou Drammeh admitted being coerced to lie against Ceesay.



  1. Deyda Haidara

    The way Alhaji was extracted from state custody is the same way Yaya Jammeh will be extracted from the Gambia without bloodshed. Just mark my words.
    The Bissau Navy Admiral Bubu Na Tchucho who was lured and captured by the US Navy will soon have his friend and partner in crime Yaya Jammeh on his side for the trial to begin.

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bless him.

    When I was detained at Banjul Police HQ, my “tea boy”, a fellow detainee who always offered to make tea for “dad” said to me: “I am coming to Kanifing Court with you tomorrow”. “WHY? You have no hearing” I said.

    Later during the night he woke me up: “Dad, I think they are transferring me to Mile 2”. In the morning, as we were being taken into the police van, he disappeared into the Banjul morning crowd and was never seen again.

    Two weeks later, after I was released, I got a call: “Dad, I am in Dakar”. He was just low-level security at the Libyan Hotel in Banjul, but what a joy to know he was free.

    Good luck to Ceesay. May he regain his health, amen.

  3. It’s on Kaironews, so I believe it. Thank God Mr Ceesay is free. I wish him a speedy recovery and quick resettlement where that may be. God bless those who facilitated and executed his escape plan..

  4. Thanks very much Kairo News for confirming the fate of a comrade in positive, despite initial conflicting reports……

    The health complications you reportedly associated with him are scary; I hope & pray NOT, but they are signs also similar to symptoms of poisoning…..

    We pray for Alagy’s speedy recovery; & more positive reporting on the fates of all & anybody under the captivity of the illegal illegitimate Murderous Oppressive kanilai Fiefdom; until the eventual liberation of Gambians & friends….

    Long live the Gambia…..

  5. I am extremely happy that Alagie is released by Jammeh . Alagie Ceesay did not escaped as it was reported . Jammeh knows that there is a lot of pressure on him and his government , so as a smart criminal he released Alagie to distract our attention and also to discredit those who claimed that Alagie is dead . Jammeh always play good political strategy and he is ahead of us . The release of Alagie is also meant to give him good image . Jammeh has already done to Alagie what he needed to do , that is to destroy the young man . While we welcome his release , we must be very cautious . Jammeh has diverted our attention to Alagie while UDP leadership and supporters are in prison . Any decision taken by Jammeh is done for his selfish interest . We must be smart to understand Yaya Jammeh otherwise we will be fighting him for a long time before we will be successful . We are dealing with a criminal who has mastered the game of criminality .

    • @Max, as usual, others never think Jammeh is ahead of Gambians. His abuse of the state security forces are ahead of everything in the Gambia’s precarious state of affairs. This, one can believe, is the criminal order, base, and source of oppression of the people of the Gambia. Those members of the security forces who are not designates of the inner cirle of oppressors within, still serving for instance, like in the army, in my opinion, are paying a complacent approach to the evident abuse of oath of service of other personnels.
      Jammeh can’t be smarter. Perhaps a good adventurist.

  6. Alagie, I am very very happy for you and your family from your bold courageous move. Go direct to hospital in Dakar and recover yourself from this trauma and kangaroo gambia major hospital where there is no medicines except parasitamol. Dictator yahya Ajj jammeh, Insha Allah you will come to usa and meet us here ; you will be surprisingly disgrace with fierce protest. You blood sucker parasite ….you are not mental competent that’s why you are suffering gambians.

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