Gambia Gov’t Versus Al-Jazeera

jammehJammeh And Al-Jazeera, Please Listen!!!

By Gambiano

Al-Jazeera was already in The Gambia around August/September of 2015 about to film. But they were asked to stop filming because their permit was revoked. And the subject of their mission, in the direct words of Journalist Catherine Soi? Simple! “To objectively report on issues that affect Gambians: human rights; why thousands of young people are risking their lives to take the perilous journey across the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe; government measures to empower and protect these young people; and an interview with Jammeh on his vision of transforming Gambia into a self- sustaining agricultural hub by 2016.

To Al-Jazeera: Why don’t you go to America and do the same for ordinary Americans groaning in credit card debt, losing their homes or already kicked out of them, and dying without healthcare? Aren’t there “issues that affect” Americans? Most Americans can’t go to college without paying a fortune to banks that control congress and politicians. Most students in America are in debt up to their neck. The gap between the rich and the poor is scary and continuously widening. If you fall sick in America, or have a small bruise, you pay a fortune to the hospital if you ever get care. The hospital will continue to send you bills with increment for the rest of your life.

Or here’s another one, Al-Jazeera, since you love to report “issues that affect” people: The so-called Arab Spring swept Arab countries, but not Saudi Arabia, the most corrupt and Zionist gulf state. Citizens of Saudi Arabia have no say, whatsoever, in the way they are governed. One family has been ruling Saudi forever! Why? Because it protects America’s interests! And if the House of Saud dares tell America “no” any day, they are gone! Before oil was discovered in Saudi in 1936, they were poorer than Gambia. Any imam that says a word against the royal family in Saudi today is thrown in Jail. There are many imams in jail in Saudi Arabia today. But you won’t see this on CNN or Al-Jazeera. Dissent is a sacrilege in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar (Al-Jazeera headquarters).

When the Arab Spring erupted, the Saudi Royal family was so rattled they started arresting innocent Saudis they feared would take to the streets. Also, the Saudis sent troops to Bahrain to make sure there is no protest there. Al-Jazeera, you know this more than I can ever relate! Here is another thing you know but won’t dare report: America’s Henry Kissinger forced the Saudis into an agreement in the 1970s that they would agree to sell oil only in U.S Dollars. Also, the Saudis will have to invest their profit in America. This is why the Saudi Tycoon Waleed Bin Talal owns shares in Citibank, ABC, Apple, and many more. Ordinary Saudis aren’t getting anything out of this Kissinger protocol. But America would make sure the Saudi Royal family keeps power.

Occupy Wall Street Arrests: Try any kind of protest in America against the 1% that enslaves the ordinary Americans with credit card and mortgage debt and see what happens. Tens of thousands of Occupy Wall street protesters were arrested. But CNN and Al-Jazeera said hundreds. And what do those protesters want? To end the enslavement of ordinary Americans by banks and Wall Street. But they are thrown in jail! Today, Wall Street, Banks, Pharmaceuticals and the top one-eight-of one percent is using Hillary Clinton against Bernie sanders. And educated fools can’t understand this! Al-Jazeera, why not report this like you have about your Gambia YouTube protests?

Yes, Jammeh must Quit, but…without bloodshed and serious injury to Gambians. Why do foreign press always want Africans to take to the streets for unrest, but never tell Americans or the British to do the same? You want us to destroy our nations by inciting ordinary citizens only to sit back and laugh at those same protesters. Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. know what I’m talking about.

To Yahya Jammeh: Yahya, please peacefully hand over power. You can do this! If not, you’re going against the very reasons for the 1994 coup. Overstaying is a very dangerous thing that has been destroying African countries. You know this very well, yet you’re doing it. Look, Prophet Muhammad did not overstay. As wonderful as he was, he was recalled by his Lord. And so were many exemplary leaders. You will never have a peace of mind as long as you hold onto power.

When one overstays in power, his family, friends, or inner circle associates are the ones that root their tentacles in many spheres of life. They consequently consolidate themselves in the areas of resource generation. This is why intelligent people came together in thought and brought about term limits. Today, one has to approach a key Yahya Jammeh associate to get a good position in the Gambia just like it was during PPPs tutelage.

The human nature gets fed up too quickly. Even if you pave Gambia’s roads with silver and gold, people still have that natural propensity to want a different leader. This is why many welcomed you when you ousted Jawara. Many asking you to step down today really marched for you in cheers when you first came to power. This is why wise men never seek power. But look at you today.

Those around you, Jammeh, are like the sycophants around Pharoah of Egypt. Pharoah surrounded himself with those who only told him what he loved to hear—even when he was killing babies. That’s sycophancy at its zenith! You can set a reconciliation committee upon relinquishing power. If South Africans could forget and forgive, Gambians can, I’m sure. If you refuse to heed, maybe you will wish you did, one day. Is power a poisonous dose to most Africans? When you came to power, I was in middle school. Now I consider myself an old man. That shows how time has flown and you’re still holding onto power, refusing to learn simple lessons.

I’m writing this because I love my Gambia—our Gambia. I don’t want the country to sink into chaos. Al-Jazeera wants exactly that. BBC wants exactly that. People who don’t understand Goethe’s “I prefer injustice to disorder” want exactly that. December 30th 2014 coup didn’t go through not because you’re great. It didn’t go through because Allaah knows Gambia is too tiny for a dangerous power vacuum for ego gladiators. You may think they failed because you are great or your marabouts are. But Yahya, please listen. I expect only two things from this: 1. You either listen or 2. One day you regret not listening. Asalaamu Alaikum!



  1. One terrible thing about almost all dictators is the fact that they lack an evident political ideology. Politics is what they will refer to as ‘dirty’, always demonstrating ignorance as a symbol of their nobility.
    This rabid man is likely to proclaim prophecy in the near future and should be of no surprise at all. Isn’t it inferiority complex makes most of the blabbering home parasites compare the Gambia’s state of NO-WHERE-NESS to the U.S.A.
    Hope the Gambia’s knows where it unemployment rates stand and hope one day, Gambian’s life standards even improve in such a sense like having access to credit cards.
    It is a story about a crowd of one thousand people of a certain country with too much anti-America rhetorics. The crowd was asked who among loves the U.S.A. To everybody’s surprise, no one raised a hand. But when the crowd was asked, who wants a visa to go to the U.S.A, everybody raised both hands making it two thousand hand up.
    No wonder it has all the freedom to accomodate and make available every human rights values even to the families of despots.

  2. Seedy Ahmed.

    A great piece of advice.

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