List Of Arraigned Gambian Peaceful Protesters

Kairo News publishes below the list of peaceful Gambian protesters arraigned at the High Court in Banjul on Wednesday. The list includes Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, his family members and United Democratic Party leadership. Click the image to view the list of charged opposition protesters and their charge.



  1. This is bullshit. Someone should put a bullet in Yaya Jammeh mother fuckxxx ass. I encourage Gambian’s to call NIA headquarters, army headquarters and police headquarters to register their displeasure. Let those in diaspora lead this efforts. Buy a calling card and call the head of military and senior government officials. If you know the family of those who protect Jammeh, please help to publish their numbers online. We should start to call them and explain to them that their sons are killing their fellow citizens for Yaya Jammeh. It is time we play tick for tact. The families of those ministers, military leadership and Aprc leadership are all fair game. Please kaironews, help us to spread the news of getting the phones numbers of Aprc leadership and all those who help Jammeh to kill Gambians.

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Gambia’s own Rivonia Trial.

    They are on trial for the basic rights of their fellow citizens.

    God Bless Them.

  3. This is no trial. UDP being the party that Jammeh feared most, he is now starting a crack down on them. I am another party before, but I will now join them. Kill all these people if you feel that will save you. Fir Awn killed how many people and that did not save him. Yaya Jammeh, you are not wise. I think in this struggle we need to create an arm wing that will play a tactical game for us.

    • Kubbah , I think we need to have armed wing or create something similar to armed militant wing which target government ministers , senior military leadership and Aprc leadership . Gorrilla tactics which will involve in kidnapping of senior leadership . It is about time we change the tactic . Jammeh is using violent and we must use violent so that they will understand the language . If you have the numbers of military leadership , please share it online .