Lawyer Ousainou Darboe Iconic Image Of Lady justice


Alagi Yorro Jallow

I know Ousainou Darboe. I like lawyer Darboe. I don’t want to seem like a sycophant, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I admired him. I disagreed with much of what he said, sure, but I recognized he is a giant for justice and down-to earth human inspiration.

I’m touched and inspired by his latest statement “I’m ready to go the streets to demand justice for my children”, he added.“If they want to shoot, let the first bullet land on me.” Here  is a  man I trust more than I trust myself, a man who understood the  sufferings and conditions of  the Gambian people : Our idiosyncrasies, language, philosophies, spiritualism and our political demands.

Ousainou is a unique political figure at a unique moment in Gambian political history. Through his leadership and courage, he did not write his political obituary into the new era of politics characterized by dictatorship and tyranny. Darboe is being praised rightly for his inspirational ability to rise above the brutal dictatorship unlike other politicians and civil society activists who have written their political obituary and nailed their political ambition in the coffin.

If ousainou  Darboe has ever committed any political sin or blunder, his recent  actions have forgiven  him for the simple fact, he demonstrated  a source of inspiration to the oppressed people in the Gambia.Darboe made unparalleled  personal sacrifices .The indefatigable spirit which he demonstrated  throughout  his life  continue to inspire present and future generations.

Darboe will always be remembered and honored by all Gambians as one of the leaders.liberator, a wise, courageous and compassionate leader, and an icon of true democrat.

When history speaks of the very best examples of humanity, we will speak of lawyer Ousainou Darboe. His life is dedicated to greater good. He held strong beliefs and did not give up on his dreams to end tyranny in Gambia.

The art of great statesmanship entailed two qualities, “extraordinary devotion” to public good, and “wisdom in deliberating about it”. This tend to support wise judgment, which on the personal level would lead to intergrity and in the public sphere that lead to the promotion of political fraternity or “emphatic pluralism”. Darboe perhaps the most respected person in the legal profession. However, few have recognized that the values that Darboe put his life on the line for democracy, human rights and rule of law are the highest values of the legal profession, shared by many lawyers around the world. In all likelihood, Darboe’s life in law played a significant role in the formation of his character as a decent human being.

By focusing on providing legal representation to Gambian people who may have otherwise entered courts without proper representation, Darboe serves as a sort of legal aid and public defender wrapped into one, fulfilling the core mission of the legal profession by providing access to Justice.

Recognizing Darboe as the ideal lawyer is the type of reorientation that would highlight the real tangible goods that lawyers can contribute to society today, including the ability to help provide access to Justice and create civic cohesion. Ousainou Darboe’s image should replace image of the scales of lady justice as the iconic image of the legal profession.



  1. Lawyer Darboe simply exemplifies what humanity is all about that is being just, impartial, tolerance, care for the poor, respect fundamental human rights of all people and equally being diverse in every kind of aspect including his personal and political life. This is why he is exemplary to every Gambian and do not have a cell of tribal sentiment in his body. He is type of leader we need in our country. Diversity of his life is what stood out for me because we have so many tribalist lawyers in the country who feel that they are better than the poor or those who speak different language from them. We currently have a tribalist president with low self esteem and inferiority complex who will die as unhappy and bitter human being. Gambians should never be proud Yaya Jammeh because in his life and that of his family is base on unhappy and bitterness. Those who are observant will realize that Jammeh is not someone we should look up to because he lack everything that represent a good human being. I see Yaya Jammeh as a lonely, bitter, dangerous, arrogant, selfish, very idiotic and evil human being. Those who knows him well, have indicated his evilness and arrogant. The good news is that Yaya Jammeh does not have heir who will continue his brutality in The Gambia. Unlike other Dictators with huge family, Jammeh has one Down syndrome child and a daughter who will not have an opportunity to carry on his brutality. The best chance to avoid his extinction is to peacefully hand over the country, if he refuse there are indications that he will also follow the same fate as his mentor col Gaddafie who was killed along with many of his family.

  2. Maxs

    The selfishness of some people beggars believe; except for their ways only, the introverts will never give credit where due, & will do ANYTHING within their means, to enable continuity of the murderous status quo; such is why we have the Manipulative kanilai CANNIBAL & Devilish elements feeding on our bloods & souls for past 22 years….

    You can see how low some of them can stoop; insulting & ridiculing our innocent dead, who were murdered in cold blood for exercising their God given rights for the benefit of us all….???

    Yet drowned in their own hallow emptiness, can claim for moderation; a right they themselves breached in the first place…??

    You wonder, except for their own shallowness & pretence in delusional frame of mind, IF AT ALL they are ANY better than the kanilai Killer DEVIL….?

    Genuine patriotic Gambians will continue the struggle, & pass the batons, until total salvage liberation of Gambia; no amount of mules & devilish aid abets can stop us…..

    Long live the Gambia…..

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