Bruises Spotted On Detained Gambian Opposition Leader

imagesThe detained opposition leader of the United Democratic Party is nursing injuries, Kairo News Mile 2 sources confirmed.

“I can say with certainty that Lawyer Ousainou Darboe sustained injuries on his forehead and right shoulder,” said our source.

All our sources would not ascertain how the detained opposition leader had sustained the injuries. “All I can confirm is that Mr. Darboe has bruises on his forehead and that he is feeling pain on his right shoulder,” another source said.

Our sources, who believe Mr. Darboe might have sustained the said injuries during forceful arrest on Saturday, could not see injuries on other opposition leadership.

In fact, one source said the bruises were caused by teargas sprayed by arresting security forces.

It is not clear whether Mr. Darboe was given medical attention. No injuries were spotted on Lawyer Darboe before he took to the streets to protest against brutal torture inflicted on opposition who protested peacefully calling for electoral reforms. One of the tortured victims, Ebrima Solo Sandeng, died while two other women are in coma. Mr. Darboe said he was ready to take bullet so that Gambians regain their long seized liberty.

Mr. Darboe remains a determined leader with high spirits.

Kairo News will do its best to update readers on any development on the case of Mr. Darboe who had earlier turned down the government’s release offer. The lawyer politician said he would only go home with all the political detainees who included Mr. Darboe’s family members and party leadership.


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    yaya should be captured alive and killed televised for all Gambians to see

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