Let’s Raise Funds To Send Dead Gambian Home


By Alhassan Darboe
A fundraising campaign has kicked into high gear to help repatriate the remains of a young Gambian migrant who lays dead at an Italian hospital in Napoli. Late Jatta is a recent Gambian migrant in Italy who made it to the shores of Europe by way of Libya. Mustapha Jatta AKA ‘Joofunding’ has been waiting on his Italian residency papers for a year until his untimely demise after losing a protracted battle with a stomach problem.
Late Mustapha left behind a grieving family struggling to come up with funds to ferry his body home to The Gambia in order to give him a befitting and decent Muslim burial at his native Kombo Gunjur. Donations are being sought from organizations and individuals to help transport his body home which costs thousands of Euros. For those wishing to help with the cost of ferrying his body back home, a GoFundMe account has been created to raise funds for this purpose, for those who want to be their brother’s keeper in life and in death and help repatriate his lifeless body laying at a hospital in a foreign land: https://www.gofundme.com/mustaphajatta .Late Mustapha’s sister who is based in Boston, USA can be reached on: 617-901-4100. A bank of America account is also available for those who want to help: 334018383331.For those in Gambia wishing to help, his father Tusa Jatta can be reached on+220-981-2326/+2202379720. Those in Germany can contact his uncle Buba Darboe on+49-1522-617-3156. In the same spirit those in UK can contact Buba Kasong Barrow on +44-7427-637-558. Those wishing to help in Italy can contact Musa Darboe on +393512020129.




  1. Richard in England

    Trying to help so went to https://www.gofundme.com/mustaphajatta

    … Campaign Not Found
    We’re sorry, but the campaign URL you entered cannot be found.

    Not helpful to the family!

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