Hands Off Tribal Politics

Henry Gomez doesn't lnow that Gambia is one family!
Henry Gomez doesn’t understand that the small Gambia is one family! 

Mr. Henry Gomez’s remarks are unfortunate and regrettable. I hope he has apologized for the error in making such a remark.

However, this does not rise to the occasion where some call the Mandinkas to wake-up. The Mandinkas do not need to wake up for anything. There is nothing that they should wake-up to.

Yes, there is a political fight. This fight is mostly between the educated people in our different ethnic groupings. Those educated people who choose to involve in tribal politics. Other educated people choose not to involve in the politics of tribe.

For those educated people who choose to involve in the politics of tribe, keep the fight to yourselves. Do not extend it to other members of our ethnic groupings. They have no bone in the fights.

The least we can do is ask people to vote when we have elections. This is the only obligation the people owe to those who choose to get into politics.

Inciting and arousing tribal sentiments to appeal to people who share our ethnicity to help in our political fights is not only dangerous but selfish. This is how ethnic conflicts are started. Thank God the Gambian people are a different breed and will never succumb to such.




  1. Kairo News you should not put my posting as a new thread. You should leave it where it was posted. It is a reaction to a story pertaining to this issue.

  2. Thanks for your wise words and hope Mr Gomez is reading this for he was the one that went public with his narrow minded tribalist remarks about Mandinkas.

    I may assume rightly that Mr Gomez lives somewhere in the west and considers him self be educated and civilized. If he considers himself so, then it will be a Good thing to remind him that in his adapted civilized Western societies, when a public figure makes racist and tribalist statements, they apologise and resign for they are not fit for office any more.

    Mr Gomez is not fit to be president or hold any public office in the Gambia if democracy is what we aspire for, for a person should not lead a nation when you think that way about the minority let alone the .majority of the people.

    The Gambia has a much greater problem than evil Jammeh in the form of the many so called western educated citizens many of whom mistake living in the west, having a Western university certificate as being civilised/educated etc.

    Too much arrogance and shallowness amongst many Gambians many of whom thing they know it all, deserves to become any thing in that country only because they have been to school/West /university etc.

    Some may not like what I say, but That’s democracy. Express your self with respect and maturity is every body s right.

    I hope in the third republic, people aspiring for public office will be barred from doing so and even sent to jail for making nasty statements like shameless, clue less Gomez did. It will haunt him in future for sure.

    My humble opinion n peace.

  3. What did he say ??? ??? ???

  4. What did he say.? Can someone publish these please.?

    • Kamalo you’re just petty. What’s wrong with publishing a comment as an article? Well done Kairo News for giving us the space to give and take.


      Don’t you see what is wrong, Bakary? Why are people asking what did he say?

      A comment is a comment and when detached from its contextual basis it assumes another dimension with a different interpretation. It also looses its connectivity and logical inferences.

      That is why a comment should not be published as an article more so when it was not meant to be publish as such. If I want to write an article I will do so.

      The comment was a reaction to the statement that Mandinkas should wake-up. This statement was made on the story “Let Us Prepare Our Kids to Associate.” published by Kairo News.

      The comment was also a reaction to the remarks mentioned in the story that was attributed to Mr Gomez. It should not have been removed from the thread “Let Us Prepare Our Kids to Associate” where it was made. This is my point.

  5. Kamalo you’re just petty. What’s wrong with publishing a comment as an article? Well done Kairo News for giving us the space to give and take.

    • Bakary , kamalo is an indoctrinated disciple who has accidentally reacted in this manner . It is their party’s policy not to condemn those who made tribal vitriol . Example all the opposition leaders condemned Jammeh’s tribal vitriol against Mandinkas except pdois . This may be the slip of the tongue and this is why he is protesting about his comments being on a new thread.

  6. He mocked and ridiculed Mandinkaa saying Sosseh du sossal. You don’t expect such a rude comment from an opposition leader who should work hard to unite Gambians. We are all better than this polarising so-called an opposition leader. Shame on you Henry Gomez ,

  7. I have tried to listen to what Mr Gomez is alleged to have said on Freedom Radio, without success, so I am not in a position to criticise or absolve Mr Gomez from the “charges” against him…

    What I will say, however, is that we must not ignore CONTEXT, if we must derive the appropriate meaning from the content of what others have said…

    Personally, the use of the words, ” SOSSEH DU SOSAL KEN”, do not by themselves constitute anti-Mandinka sentiments..God knows how many such “sanawyaa/ kal” jokes exist in our various languages, about each other, and the Mandinkas are not lacking behind in coining such jokes about everyone…

    My own Fula tribe has got “betrayal” attributed to us by the Mandinkas, thus,”FULLO NING JANFAA”…(Meaning “Fulas and betrayal”)..I will be silly to accuse any speaker who said this in a speech, of anti-Fula sentiments, unless the context supports my allegation..

    For example, Mr.Hamat Bah has gone against everyone to contest elections…Any speaker can use the above joke about Fulas to criticise Mr Bah’s decision and that wouldn’t amount to anti-Fula sentiments….Definitely, not for me..

    I think we need to be vigilant about those who may wish to use tribe for political or other gains, but we must not be over sensitive about tribe because that would play into the hands of the bigots…