Jammeh Sacrifices Mustapha Carayol

Mustapha Carayol
IEC Chairman Mustapha Carayol at last fired

President Yahya Jammeh has finally got the muscle to fire the illegal occupant of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) leadership. Mustapha Carayol’s reported firing has been confirmed by  Kairo News sources.

Until his firing, the embattled IEC Chairman had been under pressure to vacate the position. Mr. Carayol knows his holding of the position is unconstitutional but he continues to turn a deaf ear to chorus of protests. Constitutionally, the IEC Chairman must not serve more than two five year terms in office.

Mr. Carayol’s firing followed the United Democratic Party’s filing of  a law suit at the Supreme Court on March 31st. The suit seeks to legal redress to Mr. Carayol’s illegal occupancy of the electoral commission seat. This also aims to get rid of a man being kept to continue bias refereeing in favour of President Jammeh.

Some legal commentators branded Mustapha Carayol as shameless and disgrace to The Gambia for his deliberate attitude toward common sense and failing to observing the supremacy of the Gambian constitution. Mustapha Carayol is said to be replaced by long time IEC employee Alieu Njie, another so-called compromised Jammeh associate.

There is yet to be official confirmation of Mustapha Carayol’s sacking. UDP sources said, they are monitoring the situation. Stay tune for further details of the developing story.



  1. I hope this well meaning legal action by UDP would give them the same strength to look beyond the person of Darboe and identify a constitutionally qualified individual as their flag bearer. This would make them seen to be respecting the same constitution they cite in this genuine case of caryol.

    I hope they won’t be blind to all the other provisions of the same rule.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju


    • Gambia, why not you focus on your party than trying very hard to focus on Darboe? Majority of the Gambian people care less about PDOIS programs or whatever they are trying sell. You all know that the age limit is wrong and unfair but it was meant to discriminate against experience people and no where in the world that law is allowed but only in The Gambia. PDOIS is very happy about it because it is not affecting Halipha. But it is the people who will make the choice who they want as their leader and the overwhelming majority favor Darboe regardless what the unconstitutional law says. Dictator Yaya Jammeh will change this bad law if he reaches the age of 65 years but right now his target are Darboe, OJ and the rest of the well known and experience politicians who the people knows.

  2. This should tell us that when Jammeh is challenged and confronted, he will change his ways. He will try everything possible to avoid any confrontation with UDP this time around. UDP should continue to challenge him in courts and look for any opportunity for popular uprising. I do not trust this Alieu Njie. He should be carefully monitored in every step of the way till the election and beyond. Electoral reform should now be the top agenda. A single issue like electoral reform should be a defining factor for all opposition leaders and supporters to come together to fight.

    • Max….You are committing an elemental error by jumping to conclusions, without all the facts about this removal and parting of ways..

      One possibility is that Jammeh has finally succumbed to pressure, but that is not the only possibility…Another could be that Mr Carayol has finally had enough and decided not to play the old game anymore…

      Or that he wants to play the same old game but not as far as Jammeh wants him to do, so someone must be found…

      In any case, it’s the same old team, so we should be cautious in our reactions…

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    You don’t see a mandinka been appointed as IEC Chairman. I suppose it’s the same for most senior positions in the Gambia today.

    • Very true Indeed….

    • Lafia, please mince your rhetoric!
      Priority should be reinstating a professional civil service, in which promotion is based on merits and qualifications. The current insecurity besetting the civil service and gov’t top jobs, serves no ethnic group nor disadvantages the Mandinka group. Such positions, in the current form, are not even desirable.

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        Kinteh, people like you don’t worth any response. You can’t even appreciate or acknowledge basis facts just because of political correctness. You are not wasting my time.


      • Very true Kinteh, I know highly qualified civil servants who do not want rise above assistant secretary for fear of having their heads chopped off once on the devil lime light. Very sad indeed.

  4. This clearly shows that the Gambian people live and die by the constitution. The constitution clearly inscribed the terms of the electoral process including the chairman terms.

    I hope the UDP will respect and heed to the Constitution pertaining to the age limit. The readers will agree with me that Darboe is no longer qualify because of his age.

    We the peace loving Gambian people do not need chaos in this process. We have very capable and young Gambians who can lead this party to victory. Darboe should step aside for the benefit of the country.

    The constitution clearly state the age limit at 65. Darboe is 70 or 71. Am not sure.

    • Brother malang the age limit is not as relevant and you and I and every Gambian knows that.

      In our cultures we respect and cherish our good elders so an elderly state s man who is mentally sound, efficient and effective should always be welcomed.

      Let’s concentrate on the important issues mbading. Thanks

    • Scarlet Pimpernel

      Do we actually have a constitution? Maybe I’m from Mars. The one i know of is a toilet paper which Jammeh uses to wipe his behind.

      • Scarlet , I must say you have very well stated the problem we have in The Gambia . Toilet paper is even much better than Our constitution because you must have one in the bathroom . Jammeh has more respect for the toilet paper than our constitution . He didn’t care about our constitution.

        • Isn’t it strange that you are praising the efforts of the UDP to challenge Mr Caroyol’s legitimacy in the courts that are established by the same constitution you branded as, “toilet paper”…?

          Isn’t it.strange that you redicule every attempt of PDOIS to highlight the illegal occupation of office by Mr Caroyol, because the dictator will ignore them, but you are praising the UDP when they challenge the same dictator in the courts that he is supposed to have total control..?

          I am 100% certain that if the decision to remove Mr Caroyol on the back of a legal challenge by PDOIS, the observations and conclusions would.have been very different…

          Perhaps some would claimed that Jammeh took the decision to create the impression that the courts are free and independent or the more extreme anti-PDOIS fanatics may even conjure the imagination that it was to boost the image of PDOIS, who they claim, have always supported the dictatorship..

          In.any case, it is premature to sing anyone’s praises at this point in time…

          • Bax , we can still use his toilet paper to fight him . Every options must be used including his wife . If we can have access to his wife , we can get him through her and offer her amnesty . I hope pdois also engage in the same tactics and graduate from writing letters .

  5. Malang, a selective application(when and where it suits) of the constitution does not confer the moral authority on the incumbent, to expect full adherence to the constitution by other fellow citizens.

    Hence , I think the readers will expect first the true reasons behind Carayol’s dismissal before they hail the “new found love for our constitution” by the same gov’t, that has proclaimed the Gambia an islamic state blatantly violating the central tenets of that very constitution. You may quickly add that it is a mere proclamation and not yet a law. The mere proclamation itself, violates the spirit and essence of the constitution. That all within the borders of Gambia are equal before the laws and Gambia is a secular state.

    The elongated stay of Carayol in that position, despite expiry of his mandate, is a clear testimony that this constitution is already compromised- rendering it irrelevant.

    Beyond that and as I commented many times on this platform, the selection of a new flagbearer, is in UDP’s own interest.

    Firstly, to galvanise the voter apathy and take opportunity of the yearning for change so prevalent today in all corners of Gambia. A new vigorous, intelligent and courageous candidate, can translate this momentum into a tangible winning formula.

    Secondly, the mere selection of successor to Mr. Darboe will be a novum in Gambia’s contemporary history. A peaceful and orderly transfer of political leadership of this magnitude hasn’t happened yet since independence. It will also cement the UDP as “people’s party ” and it’s sustainability will be guaranteed for generations to come. I am confident that the UDP leadership will deliver on this premise.

    • Kinteh , I think you are right that UDP selection of successor to mr Darboe will be significant and historic . I believe UDP will make an excellent decision in that effort and such decision will also indicate that UDP not only respect the democractic process but it will also signify that UDP is a political institution which is here to stay in generations to come . UDP didn’t engage in letter writing business to legitimize dictatorship or engage in softball politics , UDP engage in hardball politics and realistic approach to our current situation . UDP stand off with the corrupt police force last year was the beginning of that realistic approach. It was the game changer in my view . Pdois should also emulate such a defiant approach and graduate from writing long , convoluted , unsummarized and professorial letter to the dear leader . NRP should also discard their sweet comedy or parody and engage in realistic approach . United confrontational approach is the best strategy to remove the tyrant . Dictators never leave power at their own will . Electoral reform should be used as a confrontational tool .

      • Maxs I agree with all your positions except that of changing Darboe. Darboe did not create the UDP so if the Congress decided to maintain him their leader, they must have good reasons to do so. I personally have trust on the political leadership of the UDP, they are on the ground, comprehend the situation better than us the online warriors and are the very ones that will confront the monster if need be.
        Since we are in an extraordinary situation we need extraordinary methods. Once we bring back democracy and the rule of law back in Gambia then we will look at the natural and democratic successions. the UDP have done good and powerful changes in the executive and for a good reason as well. Never underestimate the intelligence of the people on the ground, we the so-called cyber warriors do not know the terrain more than them.
        There are certain things we cannot say online but the future is bright.

        • I think you made very good point . If UDP maintain Darboe for extraordinary measures such as confrontational approach in retaliation to unconstitutional election act 2015 or failure of electoral reform , It might be good strategy . After all , we need to confront and challenge the dictator . I am in for every measure possible to get rid of Jammeh , this is why I believe all options must be explored to ensure that Jammeh is either capture alive , kill , exile or remove peacefully . However , kinteh is also right that selection of successor to lawyer Darboe will be significant and historic . In the normal democratic situation that would be my prefer choice but as you rightly indicated our situation needs extraordinary measures. I do consider Jammeh public enemy number one, so we have to cut off the head of the snake by any means .

      • The UDP position to stand their ground at Fass was applauded by many but it was a situation that was imposed on them by the regime and I am pretty sure that other parties, most certainly the PDOIS, would also have stood their ground, if confronted with a similar situation…

        So I don’t see what is unique and realistic about that..? PDOIS leadership had stood their ground at a period that was far more dictatorial, fearful and unpredictable than now…

        Compared to that period, when soldiers were still roaming the streets with guns and decrees were the instruments of governance, the UDP standoff is child’s play….No disrespect meant but that’s the truth and those who witnessed that era would probably admit so, if they are not prejudiced…

        This was a.period when former officials were either on the run, in hiding or in detention whilst opposition politicians, including the main NCP, decided to play it safe and vacate the scene on “holidays”..

        Civil and professional societies, including the Bar Association, either colluded with the dictatorship, through their members, or were also cowed into silence during those early difficult days, when the nation and the international community was still stunned by the swiftness of the demise of over a 30 years government and the uncertainties of the future…

        I am sure many will point to the role of Lawyer Darboe as defense attorney for many former ministers before the commissions, as an example of defiance, but that was no defiance because it took place in accordance with promulgated Decrees for the purpose..

        Moreover, the commissions came only after the jittery AFPRC was convinced that they had stabilised the situation, had consolidated their grip on government and can relax into the business of running the country…

        And when one considers the fact that the PDOIS leadership took the bold decision to stand up, after advising their members to suspend political activities until further notice and confronted the regime by selling and distributing the organ of the party themselves (which was banned by Decree No.4: a brain child of a member of the Bar Association), it thus amounts to absolute foolishness to accuse such people of cowardice today…

        Also, Mr Sallah took the decision, without waiting for any party militants, to personally intervene to stop the stupid witch hunting exercise…It is foolishness to think that such people are scared of confronting Yaya Jammeh…

        Please, let’s support the people we want to support but let’s do so with honesty and not through false insinuations, falsehood and illogical observations..

        • Thank GOD that you are still alive. How many brave sons have lost their lives in trying to remove dictatorship?
          ALL of us are equal in this fight, we should all come together and vote Jammeh OUT failing which there will more bloody attempts to get rid of him.

          • You are right…Let’s come together but let’s not distort the contribution of those who were the very first in the society, to oppose the Junta that metarmophosed into the dictatorship…

            And we certainly should not ascribe cowardice and paper politics to them..That would amount to false narration and gross injustice…

            And Yes, I thank God to be alive because people stood up for us when it really mattered and sent an early signal to Yaya Jammeh that they (the Junta) will not have it all their way..

  6. Lafia why are you always bringing tribalism into any topic? What’s the difference between you and Jammeh when it comes to tribalism? The editors here shouldn’t accept this!

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      I do not bring any tribalism. I am talking about the marginalisation of the Mandingo people in the Gambia today, which is a fact.


    • I agree with you Lang. In as much as we know Jammeh is monster tribalist to the core, we should not condone the same.

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        Well nobody is attacking or demeaning any particular tribe here. I will continue to raise concern about the marginalisation and the constant threats always directed against the Mandinkas/Mandekalou in the Gambia. It is a serious concern as it is a threat to national security and peace co-existance. Some people just hate hearings mandingo voice.


        • Look Lafia, we all know Jammeh’s hate against the Mande people. But also factor in that there are lot of mandinkas who helped and continue to help Jammeh destroy the Gambia, top amongst which late Baba Jobe…oups! I attracted the brother all over me..LOL

          • Lafia Touray la Manju

            Yahya Jammeh is a head of state. Therefore, his expression of disdain and threats against the Mandinkas should always be taken seriously. And people need to speak against it before it turns into national calamity.


        • Calm down!
          You are not more mandinka (both in upbringing or appreciation of one’s culture), than the majority of fellow citizens of Mandinka offspring, who are pursuing a better Gambia for all.

          • He probably sees you as a “Mandinka Judas”, being a “Kinteh” who is not beating the Mandinka drum he’s made…

            Be careful before you get the “Mandinkaphobic” tag…(lol)..My old “friend” has an obsession in this regard..

  7. For me I do not believe that the change of heart has much to do with any legal challenge or about Jammeh’s respect for the constitution. Rather I think because Jammeh may have identify new stooges who are as capable as Carayol in stealing the elections for him. Therefore this must not be seen as victory for the opposition. Instead it should be a stepping stone for opposition to unite their efforts and demand more constitutional and electoral reforms through street protests as this is now a necessity.

  8. Folks what lanfia said about mandinkas been marginalized under tragic yaya jammeh is neither tribalist nor untrue nor insensitive, devisive not even demeaning of the collective suffering of the Gambian masses.

    His statement was simply calling a spade a spade. Imagine the condemnation a mandinka president could have been faced with if he/she did to another tribe what jammeh has done to Mandinkas in particular for the past 20 years!!!!!!

    The fact that some mandinkas did help in the marginalization of their folk is not new in human history and will not change the fact that jammeh tried his hardest in marginalizing Mandinkas in particular.

    When a person or persons are offended and treated unfairly, they have the right to protest. So I say lanfia, abarika deh. Allah ma e seemayala Touray e Touray….

    • Why don’t we see any injustice against Mandinkas, as injustice against Gambians, so that tribe is taken out of our discourse completely…

      We have more than enough grievances against Yaya Jammeh to use in our fight for sensible government, without using the tribal card…That is the point many people are making here…

      There is no doubt that Yaya Jammeh has unfairly singled out Mandinkas for his evil and wicked attention, but we are better than him (I suppose) and can wage our “war” without giving prominence to his nasty and uncivilised behaviour…

  9. Bax, it is the absence of convincing alternative program and message to win political support which compel them to resort to transferring their frustrations and aggression to opponents and give a scenario of what appears an exclusive tribal problem to curry favour and sympathy from that tribe. It will not work in the Gambia of today. Sorry,we are alert, will just be a waste of time.