Kairo Launches Financial Empowerment

Kemo Barrow
Barrow’s goal is to empower people to attain financial independence!

In its efforts to empower Gambians with knowledge in all sectors, Kairo News/Radio management has added a new program to its line up. Financial Empowerment, which hits the airwaves today, comes on air alongside The Spectrum and its sister Jamano (a weekly news and current affairs bulletin broadcast in English and Mandinka] every Monday.  

Anchored by Musa Saidykhan, Financial Empowerment will have an erudite Gambian financial expert, Kemo Barrow as its resource person. Mr. Barrow, a native of Jarra Barrow Kunda in Lower River Region, has been resident in Detroit, Michigan for over 20 years. The former well trained employee of Indigenous Business Advisory Services (IBAS) and Cooperative Union studied at Pan Afrique Institute in Cameroon and Italy. He also attended several training courses at home and abroad. This included a month’s study tour in Philippines where he studied community rural banking.

Mr. Barrow’s thirst for knowledge pushed him to travel to the United States. “I came here in August 1995 with the hope of going to achieving my educational goals,” Kemo Barrow told Kairo Radio. “But the United States had broadened my thinking on knowledge, which is acquired through several means, including travelling.”

Barrow specialised in offering financial services after his goals to build a sound footing in the real estate industry had failed. “I went into real estate with the ultimate goal of helping people, particularly Gambians to achieve their American Dream of buying homes. I went to school, acquired real estate license and worked in the industry.’

Unfortunately, Kemo Barrow could not help majority of Gambians who did not at the time have good credit score, a key requirement in the home buying process. “I did my best but things didn’t work out the way I expected. If they work out as expected, I would have been the Donald Trump of Africans,” he said. Mr. Barrow decided to shift his passion to financial services. It takes a college guest lecturer’s presentation to embolden Kemo’s spirits. Soon Barrow started arming himself with knowledge so as to tap into available opportunities.

Mr. Barrow has since been helping people identify investment opportunities, effectively manage their finances, among others. “I am grateful to be invited for this program, which is in line with my goals to empower people with the knowledge  and experience I have acquired over the years,” Mr. Barrow said. “I believe and cherish the power of knowledge; it is the only solution to our problems. Believe me, with knowledge we can empower our people to become financially independent. The opportunities are abundant but we have to discover, explore and take advantage of them.”

Barrow is grooming up future millionaires by conducting weekly financial literacy classes for 20 children in Detroit. “I started the program with my children. But my eldest child asked me to involve her colleagues at the Arabic school. I am delighted to be helping these children who now get the understanding of the financial world,” Kemo said.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    What a progressive initiative! Well done Kairo management! We need people who are creative – people who think out of the box.

  2. Baboucarr Samba

    This is fabulous. I love it. So timely!

  3. Very good initiative..I hope people can take advantage of such a valuable service.. Thank you Kaironews…