UDP Leader Addresses Basse Congress


Mr. National President of the UDP, members of Central Committee, members of National Executive, representatives of Area Committees, representatives of sister political parties, ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor and pleasure that I address you all on the opening day of our party congress. A lot has happened to our party and to the country since our last congress in Soma and I would like to express my gratitude to all of you here present, and all others who have not been able to come yet wish they could be with us, for your devotion and dedication to the party. This year is election year and this gives our congress added importance. We look forward therefore to discuss not only the abysmal state of our country but we will together review the activities of the party and trace the way forward to the forthcoming elections and beyond. The congress will decide the team who would be entrusted with the running of the party at all levels for the next two years.

It is in the nature of our very existence as humans that from time to time, friends, colleagues and relatives leave us permanently in accordance with Allah’s will. This party has had its share of these tragic departures and with all representatives of our membership present here in Basse, we will remember them and pray for them as we have always done since they left us. WE remember some who were officials at the last congress – Alhaji Karamo Fatty Chairman North Bank Region Area Committee, Mustapha Joof, Chairman Banjul Area Committee, Sana Bojang, Chairman West Coast Region Area Committee, Baba Touray, Secretary Elders Committee, Momodou Lamin Shyngle Nyassi, National Organizing Secretary and the veritable face of our struggle, Boro Suso, Senior Executive Member, Alhaji Suntou Darboe, Chairman Upper Niumi Constituency, Babanding KK Daffeh Former National Assembly Member, Kiang Central Modou Jallow, Secretary Banjul Committee. They join scores of our devoted and dedicated members and officials who have passed away since the inception of our party. Let us pray for all of them.

The demise of some of our indefatigable officials has been trying and unfortunate but we will not be daunted in our resolve to continue the struggle to which these people and many more in the party have devoted their entire lives. We will therefore rededicate ourselves to continue executing our mission to liberate The Gambia.

The situation of our country is deplorable. This is due to the misguided policies of the Jammeh administration that continues to wreak havoc on the population. Prices of commodities, particularly our daily necessities, have gone up and this has not been accompanied by a commensurate rise in salaries and other income. As a result, the level of poverty has risen to the chagrin desolation of the average Gambian. The 2016 budget has seen unjustified increase in government expenditure, particularly in defence and office of the President whilst the social services such as health, education and agriculture benefitted from meagre increases.

The inability of the Jammeh administration to make satisfactory arrangements for the equitable and timely purchase of the groundnut produce, the lack of other production avenues for farmers, the non-existence of employment opportunities for youths, the gradual collapse of our private sector, the non-existence of viable small and medium scale enterprises, have all impoverished the country and make life extremely difficult for the average person.

Admittedly, we have learnt to live with the vicissitudes of politics but when outlandish developments are experienced within the body politic of the nation, there is absolute cause for alarm. The cankerworms that are crawling from within the body politic of this nation risk embroiling us all in a quagmire of constitutional and political crisis of proportions hitherto unknown. The incessant conflicts with Senegal, leading to the devastating border closure is not only disturbing but disastrous for our already tattered economy.

In December 2015 as the Christian community was preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ, the entire country, indeed the whole world was hit by President Jammeh’s declaration of the country as an Islamic State. The Gambia has always been a unique society whose citizens do not only believe in the values of peace, tolerance, justice and good neighbourliness but practice what they believe in without any hindrance. We have always been an example of inter religious harmony worthy of emulation. It is therefore a matter of regret that the President of The Gambia who took the oath to protect and defend the constitution of The Gambia and other laws will declare Gambia as an Islamic state. The secular status of The Gambia is not only spelt out in our Constitution but ensconced deeply in our way of life long before we became a Nation.

The President’s anti-religious pluralism declaration was made in the guise to fight imperialism but this is no justification for disturbing the peace and harmony built up in our country for centuries. This is a sinister attempt to distract the Gambian people from the real problems that they face daily. Problems such as the skyrocketing prices, collapsing economy, inadequate health service, poor education standard, mass exodus of youths to Europe by the back way, threats to the independence of the judiciary and dismissal of public servants on executive directives.

Mr. President, comrades 2016 is a defining year for The Gambia. It marks over two decades of misrule. It is also the year in which the fourth cycle of elections in the Second Republic will be held. Our party, more than any other opposition party, has had more trials and tribulations. We have suffered arbitrary arrests, detentions, imprisonment, disappearance and death. The party has however always been resilient and has always emerged from these trials and tribulations fortified and more determined.

Since we are a grassroots party, present even in the smallest hamlet of this country, we have constantly engaged in and embarked upon permanent dialogue with the people. The Women’s Wing and the Youth Wing have been exceptionally active over the years and they deserve our gratitude and encouragement. The Youth Wing, under the dynamic leadership of Lamin Darboe, has organised dozens of very successful sensitisation tours throughout the length and breadth of the country. With him as leader of the Youth Wing he has shown the whole world that despite his visual impairment, one can with determination and sense of purpose, achieve wonders. We thank Lamin and team for a wonderful job. They have been the vanguard of the party’s political education and sensitisation.

It is during these trips that new members are recruited and hundreds of these are former members of the ruling party. WE welcome them all to the party of peace, justice and progress. We have no doubt that they have seen the difference between the two parties like night and day.The Youth Wing also satisfactorily spearheaded our participation in the recent voter registration exercise.

In April 2015 an event took place in Fass Ngagga Choye that brought an end to the unfair treatment our party receive from the Police in our requests for permits to use a public address system at rallies and other public meetings. A countrywide caravan led by members of the National Executive, including myself, was stopped at Fass Ngagga Choye village in Lower Niumi ostensibly because no permit was granted. The most remarkable standoff in the history the Second Republic took place. At the end of 4 days, the Police issued the permit and the tour continued. The Fass Njagga Choye standoff proved that with the determination and steadfastness, we can and will surmount all hurdles and obstacles put in our way to obstruct our efforts to meet and talk to the people of this nation. The standoff exposed the true nature of the United Democratic Party. The members of the UDP are not timid; they respect law and authority but fear no one whatever that person’s position is in the country.

At the international level, the Party has had its presence registered at various meetings in Africa, Europe and South America.These meetings were held under the auspices of the Socialist International, along with its affiliated Youth wing – the International Union of Socialist Youths.

In March 2015, I led a delegation to attend the very successful meeting of SI Africa Committee in Mali. The meeting was hosted by the Malian party member of SI – the ADEMA, and it brought together various socialist and social democratic parties in Africa. The UDP delegation, apart from participating fully in the deliberations, was able to consolidate relations with sister SI members and exchanged experiences particularly those parties that are, like the UDP, in opposition in their respective countries.

Earlier this year, I made a private visit to the UK and this provided me the opportunity to meet with officials of our counterpart party. I had discussions with the secretary general of the Socialist International, whose headquarters is in London. Several public meetings were organised by the UK Chapter of the UDP and I spoke to a large group of Gambians and non Gambians in Birmingham. Some of the attendees travelled from London, Coventry, Manchester and Nottingham. The meeting was very successful and I believe that the participants were better informed of the situation in our country and the state of politics in readiness for the impending elections.

With the widespread use of the internet and the media, particularly electronic – online newspapers and radios, have become easy to access and what is happening in the Gambia now becomes international information in minutes. Gambians have not lagged behind in following what is happening in their country and more and more of them are able to be making informed opinions and take decisions regarding their party and their country.

Our relations with our sister opposition parties have been neither up nor down. We have always nurtured friendly and respectful relations with each other but we have never been able to move to the desired plane of coming together to confront a common adversary. The failure of the parties for not coming together is not due to the lack of efforts to do so.

Mr. President, with the support and encouragement of the National Executive, I suggested to my colleagues the leaders of the other opposition parties the holding of joint rallies which I named GUC i.e. Gambians United for Change together with PPP and GMC. The GUC successfully organized rallies at the buffer zone and in Brikama.

Our party is the only party which since its inception has always participated in all the elections in alliance with other parties. Our record therefore is glaring for all to see. In the past every effort undertaken by the party to form a united front based on the true and tried principles of coalition building has fallen short on account of recalcitrance and intrigue from fringe politicians with few supporters but great capacity to feed cynicism and drive up apathy as less discerning citizens who just want to see a unified opposition lump all the parties together and blame them for what they perceive as politicians deliberately letting the country down. On the other hand, UDP as the largest opposition party has been looked upon by its membership and a preponderance of the population both within and outside of the country to bring together the other parties opposed to the regime to present a united front. WE will continue to spare no effort to explore all possibilities of working together to achieve our sacred objective. However, faced with a tyranny that is determined to use every means to thwart the capacity of the Gambian people to freely elect their leaders, the UDP will not be delayed by dysfunctional and unreliable allies in the opposition. Our country increasingly facing an existential threat, the UDP will therefore have no recourse but to chart a clear and achievable course that directly mobilizes all Gambians who wish to act affirmatively to end dictatorship.

Everybody knows that our party has the capacity to assert a muscular and defiant political strategy that can galvanize the whole nation which by all measure, want regime change. We will succeed if we make our intentions clear to the Gambian people, inspire them on the need for shared sacrifice to save the land of our ancestors from the clutches of this vile regime that has brought so much pain and misery to far too many households. Therefore our party because of its numerical strength, tested and proven over four generations of elections, its commitment to the principles and values of democracy and considering the very precarious state in which our country finds itself, has taken it upon itself to lead the struggle to rid this country of tyrannical rule. If we don’t, we will face the greater danger of conceding our country to merciless tyrant who has shed the blood and tears of our people for more than two decades and who is hell bent on perpetuating himself in power.

Mr. President, in the 2012, the UDP with five political parties did not participate in the National Assembly Elections held that year. UDP’s non participation in the 2012 elections was due to the refusal of the Independent Electoral Commission to reschedule the elections and allow time for all stakeholders to discuss the concerns raised by the opposition parties. The IEC’s refusal to reschedule the elections was based on the reason that the demands jointly made by the opposition parties was not made timely. Drawing experience from the IEC’s reaction to the joint opposition demands, the UDP invited all opposition parties to a meeting to examine the Elections Act and the provisions of the constitution that affect the conduct of elections and come out with a set of proposals and demands for consideration and implementation by the relevant authorities. My colleagues, leaders of the other opposition parties responded positively to the invitation and accorded me the honour of coordinating the activities of what has now come to be known as the G6 as far as electoral reforms matters are concerned. They demonstrated their absolute commitment to the creation of a level playing field, transparent, free, fair and credible elections. Let me acknowledge the leadership qualities shown throughout our discussions.

Finally let me say this.Today the vast majority of the Gambian people have now mustered courage and are speaking out openly against a government that has institutionalized corruption; betrayed the confidence of its people; continues to use deception to divide people through narrow fault lines of tribe and religion; and continually ignoring the plight of our farmers and youths. For the past year, the UDP has reorganized and started fruitful engagement with the Gambian people. As a result, we have now succeeded in overcoming the “fear syndrome” that has encompassed the life of ordinary Gambians for a long time.

The President and his party are indeed highly shaken by a rejuvenated UDP. The Gambian opposition are not demanding anything other than a free, fair and credible electoral process. With the obnoxious amendments recently passed by the APRC dominated National Assembly, President Jammeh has already, as he had done in the past, stacked the cards in his favour. We shall nonetheless continue our struggle to defeat him in the next polls. Gambians are now determined to put an end to a system that allows its leaders to perpetuate their autocratic rule through fraudulent and sham elections. We are therefore putting on notice the international community and indeed member countries of ECOWAS and AU that we will not accept any fraudulent results in the elections.

Comrades, I wish to express my gratitude for the constant support that you have given me and the Party in the past years, particularly in face of some of the most trying times ever experienced under the Jammeh administration. Admittedly, we have learnt to live with the vicissitudes of politics. But these must not and will not derail us in our determination to keep this country clear off the cankerworms of rash, unguarded utterances and decisions that are crawling from within the body politic of this nation risk embroiling us all in quagmire of constitutional, and political and international crisis of proportions hitherto unknown in this country since Independence in 1965. We have to be prepared to put a stop to this by making sure that the Jammeh and the APRC are not given another term in office.

I would like to thank our hosts the Upper River Region Committee for preparing and organising this important encounter. URR has always been in the forefront of our party’s activities and what I am able to see already shows that they are living to that reputation.

Mr. Chairman, fellow delegates, let me thank all of you present today for making the trip to Basse in the service of your party and your country. We all look forward to a very successful congress.

Long live the UDP
Long live the Gambia.



  1. Thank you Mr. Darboe for a fantastic speak. It is clear that the delegates will select the right people to the lead the party for the next two year. United Democratic Party is asking for a free and fair elections in the country anything short will be challenge to the fullest. My best advice for the UDP is to focus and put together a coalition of the willing to contest the next general elections. please don’t waste any valuable time in lengthy discussions that will not yield any fruits. We should know by now folks that are interested in uprooting the dictatorship and some who don’t seem to care. Thank you Basse people, you made me proud again.

  2. The speech highlighted that there are obstacles among opposition leaders , I think lawyer Darboe is right to call out those fringe oppositions leaders and their supporters who continue to spread cynicism and unwilling to compromise. This was a honest speech which showed our major problem nationally in term of regime’s human rights violations , corruption and economic mismanagement as well as Lack of unity among the opposition . The only disappointment in this speech is , I suspect UDP will put up their own candidate due to dysfunctional and unwilling allies in opposition if they fail to get coalitions . When such Scanerio happens , Jammeh will be handed victory . This is my concern and I hope UDP leadership will continue to act as responsible elders to bring together key players who are willing and sincere to bring about regime change . Fighting military dictatorship is very difficult task . Sometimes , disunity among opposition parties can be key factors to legitimize dictatorship , thus it is the key problem in The Gambia . Mr Darboe is also right about tested and proven coalition which UDP is advocating that is The biggest party should simply lead any meaningful coalition or united front because of its numerical strength . The speech overall shows the strength of UDP over the years and how the party has evolved into more defiant and willingness to sacrifice for the country. Mr Darboe’s language in terms of courage to confront the regime is what pdois is not showing .

    • Max…

      You are entitled to your views and support for UDP, but do not use PDOIS to distract from what is obviously, a disappointing speech, in terms of the direction that the UDP will take in government, and what will distinguush it from every party vying for that sacred responsibility, especially the ruling APRC, in every aspect of governance….

      Fair enough, a lot has been said about the struggles of the UDP from inception to date; about failed attempts to form alliance; and the fact of APRC rule….Nothing on UDP plans for the future if elected and that is disappointing but may be, it is left to the incoming flag bearer to spell out…

      Nevertheless, do not divert attention by dragging PDOIS here…This is about the UDP and I hope people don’t fall for your trickery..

      • Bax , I stated the facts Lawyer Darboe has indicated about the fringe politicians with few supporters who continue to be obstacles for opposition unity. Every Gambian knows pdois supporters and leadership are the main obstacles to opposition unity. Taking this forum as example, majority of commentators here want UDP party led coalition but fringe pdois few supporters like you, Yero, and kamalo continue to spread cynicism, false propaganda and unwilling to compromise; this is also the reflection of your party position and behaviors. Imagine three fringe pdois supporters like you guys making so much noise, polarization, and cynicism in this forum that we cannot agree on the tested, proven method UDP and the rest of country is advocating? This is the biggest problem we have. We continue to educate you that your party didn’t have the chance to win because you don’t have numerical strength that UDP has but you never listened.
        In terms of language spoken by mr Sallah or pdois, he never used courageous words in his speech. His letters to the dear leader look like he was writing to God, asking for forgiveness or blessing.
        In the recent efforts to bring all the oppositions and independent together held in tango, it was only pdois who are absent from that meeting. What is wrong with your party leadership? Why can’t your party leadership sit down with others to share ideas for the betterment of our country or compromise for the interest of the country? But no they will continue to go to media to spread cynicism, divisions , pretend they have the best policies, they know better than everybody. Everyone should listen to them, thinking all of us are dump. Bax, I know pdois because I used to follow them a lot but I found out they are not pragmatic politicians and mr sallah has the old belief that he has the best idea. Remember that when he started his politics, not many Gambians are educated in those days. If You have little knowledge we think you have PhDs. Today it is very different scenario. Even those who are not formally educated (schooled) understand issues nowadays. So mr sallah and pdois need to realize that and be more of listeners and compromise to work with others. This is my frustration with them. Compromise, compromise is what we need.

      • Bax, you are entitled to view point but in a democracy the majority view is what matter the most. Therefore, eat your heart out. We do not have time for distraction and pettiness. We are focus on the challenges ahead.

    • By the way, listen to PDOIS “Freedom songs” on YouTube and see whether they lack courage to express their message, whilst at the same time, reflecting daily realities on the ground…

      What Lawyer Darboe has said about hardship, unemployment, backway to Europe and many more are expressed in these beautiful and entertaining, but educative songs by ordinary women who are obviously very politically concious players…

      If you can speak and understand Mandinka, there is a very interesting one about “witches”.. (relating to Jammeh’s “witch” hunting). Listen to it to educate yourself about PDOIS because your ignorance of it is breathtaking..

      • Bax, just find a copy of the Foroyaa’s reporting of Ousman Koro Ceesay’s assassination and tell yourself we’ve had enough songs of freedom since Bob Marley. Rest in peace.
        The zigzagging and all must be dealt away with and that’s the truth. The Udp without the word SOCIALIST in its acronyms however, seems to have its stake in the SI [Socialist International] than the Pdois….

        • Why don’t you tell us about that report…? Saves us time, isn’t it.?

          And in case you don’t, songs are very good and cost effective ways of dessiminating information, and the way it is done by PDOIS women is incredibly powerful and beautiful…

          One needs a clear and “free” mind to appreciate beauty, but unfortunately, not many human beings are endowed with such a gift…

          The sad truth, unfortunately, is that the great Kaironews has its fair share of such insufficiently endowed humans on its “Bantaba”..

          Oh yes…! Socialist International.. What about it.? How does the UDP “seem to have its stake” in SI than PDOIS.? I want more info on that because it’s a bit unclear to me..All we know is that UDP attended SI conference in Bamako…

          So come again, if you wish…

          • Yeah Bax, and so I do time and again to express my agreement or disagreement to other citizens viewpoints, opinions or ideals they may put forward to the Gambia’s national discourse which some citizens tend or try to make unnecessarily diplomatic and academic.
            I can’t make available, from any source, a copy of the specific paper nor exact dates but, I swear by the importance all citizens put to the Gambia’s national discourse that a FOROYAA report on the late Ousman Koro Ceesay, did existed and claims in it, went as far as interviewing some Jambur residents some of whom according to the claims, heard a big BOOOM, the way any exploding car would have sounded, somewhere around a bridge in those neighbourhoods. I read matters of interest to understand them and not to memorise them by word structuring and I think this is a democratic value.
            I too think, the sad truth is, there is a part of the Gambia’s citizenry in the diaspora that has not learned much when it comes to tolerance and comportment within its
            process of democratic debates which in my opinion serves best the future generations.
            As far as ”beauty” is concerned, I have it in the eyes of my woman in the house. Beautiful is what I call the rest of the women especially in their colourful dresses singing and dancing because they know now that they have no reasons to be cowed by a ruthless oppressor.
            You were a bit out of air too, when Hon. Darboe attended a similar meeting of the Socialist International and you commented in queries the fact that the Udp leader is in a socialists’ meeting and there isn’t any socialism in its abbreviations, acronym or whatever. It is not my intention to forget what I write in the Kairo News forums because I am not joy writing, instead, I am writing from the state of my mind to the great Kairo News, liable to be opposed, or correced by responsible citizens which may not exclude yourself Bax. However sad you might be with what Kairo news entertains and what not, It is for me indeed, the online media that has convinced me the Gambia will be by much better hands in the future.
            Kairo, thank you for your kind editting but I insist in using ”the TRUE” in the place of ”the TRUTH”. Never mind if it sounds a bit streetwise. My democratic mindset tells me the ”truth” always lies in the public’s debates.
            Keep up efforts in demonstrating to the rest what the values of democracy are and how it works

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Yes Max. The obstacles is the recalcitrance and the intrigues of the fringe politicians; the Mr Big mouths with so such capacity to cause unnecessary and baseles polarisation and apathy. That’s all they are good at.

    I am urging udp to stick to their guns; a Udp led alliance with a candidate chosen by and from within the Udp or no coalition. They can write as many nonsense as they so wish later. That would be a matter for them.


    • That type of language does no one any good…Parties will only be part of what they agree with and nothing else..Being insulting and disrespectful will not change that.

      There is no automatic right to lead in The Gambia, regardless of what anyone says…What is required is to find a workable arrangement in which everyone has confidence..

      In my view, this was an opportunity for the UDP to clearly spell out what it was offering its partners in coalition, so that there are no ambiguities, but nothing…Instead, some very unhelpful language from a top politician, directed at “allies in opposition”, and that is also very disappointing..

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        The language is appropriate given that this nonsense has been going on for decades. I wish he had gone further than this.

  4. I think personally, President Jammeh should listen to the voices of the Gambians for change, at least for the first time in his entire life to be called a good listener! He couldn’t do anything good that he hadn’t done for the last 22 years in his presidency, pity enough! Mr Darboe’s speech in Base was very encouraging one. The damage is being done and it need to be fixed now, rather than later.

  5. alhagie@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks MR Darboe for your speech. You and UDP has refused to buggle under the face of tyranny. Please continue to called for coalition if not jammeh will be handed a victory which will be devastating for the entire Gambia. Gambia can no longer withstand the weight of jammeh’s tyranny.

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju
    April 1, 2016 at 8:14 PM

    Yes Max. The obstacles is the recalcitrance and the intrigues of the fringe politicians; the Mr Big mouths with so such capacity to cause unnecessary and baseles polarisation and apathy. That’s all they are good at.

    I am urging udp to stick to their guns; a Udp led alliance with a candidate chosen by and from within the Udp or no coalition. They can write as many nonsense as they so wish later. That would be a matter for them.


    “In the past every effort undertaken by the party to form a united front based on the true and tried principles of coalition building has fallen short on account of recalcitrance and intrigue from fringe politicians with few supporters but great capacity to feed cynicism and drive up apathy as less discerning citizens who just want to see a unified opposition lump all the parties together and blame them for what they perceive as politicians deliberately letting the country down.”

    It is interesting that one of your favorite words to describe PDOIS is in the speech: recalcitrance.

    It is also interesting that one of your famous expressions, “principles of coalition building” is also in the speech. What may have been absent is the second part of the expression ” as practiced all over the world.”

    The word and the quotation has been your mantra against PDOIS and against any other form of coalition besides a party-led coalition over the years.

    You should now do us a favor and define what are the “principles of coalition building” not even to talk about being practiced all over the world.

    If this is the kind of language that can create the enabling environment for opposition leaders to come together in good faith and talk about coalition, I don’t think it is helpful. We want to be optimistic. But now I have my doubts and serious reservations.

    I hope what you are urging the UDP to do is not the position of the party. If this is the case then I see the opposition political parties battling it out with the incumbent either singularly or forming alliances with other opposition parties as before.

  7. Max…

    I am not the least bothered by your categorisation of those who support PDOIS or express agreement with their position (on coalition) here….That’s your opinion…

    The issue for discussion here (I hope) is the speech of the UDP leader (or the outgoing leader) before its highest decision making body: Congress…Let’s address ourselves to that and nothing else because it gives us an idea of what to expect from the party when it gets into office…I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities to talk about PDOIS..

    From my personal view point, this speech is both disappointing and worrying because, not only has it failed to mention key policies that will address all areas of concern to the nation (political, economic & social), the language directed at the other opposition parties is improper and unacceptable….

    We are all living witnesses to the draconian and anti-democratic amendments of the electoral laws and the justification for it under the APRC, all because it has no respect for the opposition and views itself as the “devinely chosen heirs” to the precious dispensation …

    The question that begs to be asked, is whether the UDP, if it dominates and controls the National Assembly (as it certainly will if it wins the Presidential Elections) will introduce legislation to make “dysfunctional” parties functional, as ensuring that National Institutions are “functional” and working, is also the role of government…and political parties are National Institutions… That is something we all have to now begin to contemplate, in view of the position of the UDP, with regards to these “dysfunctional” parties in the opposition…

    I hold the view, which I have stated before, that any party that shies away from public debates whist in opposition, will unlikely encourage it if in government and the likelihood of such a party using its new found powers in government to (at least) stifle public debate, is far greater than the opposite…

    Perhaps, I should now add that any party that show disrespect to its partners in opposition, whilst in opposition, will have no reason to treat them differently, when in government, unless they tow the line..

    The equation/elevation of the political ambitions of the UDP to what seems to be a “devinely proclaimed duty” to free The Gambia from “bondage”, coupled with the dismissal of the role of the other opposition parties as “insignificant” in this equation (unless if it helps), and deserving to be viewed as obstacles to “delay” the UDP from fulfilling its “devinely ordained” duty, should equally be a cause for concern to all…

    We have come from one era of self perpetuation; are dealing with another destructive one; unfortunately, statements like these do not give assurances of a different future….

    Since you continue talking about “compromise”, you should tell us what concessions have been made to reach this compromise…

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The intransigence of the fringe politicians is the obstacle to unity. This time around UDP will not waste much time on coalition talks. The discussion will only continue with those who agree with a UDP-led alliance. The rest can go their way and we go our way. As simple as that. The nonsense will no longer be tolerated.

  9. There is another rude awakening that awaits you in 2016. It is unfortunate that the intransigence you have showed in this public discourses as far as coalition is concerned, has now been reiterated as the official position of the UDP. You are doing a great disservice to the party.

  10. Kamalo, Lafia is a mere supporter of the UDP and I refuse to take his views as equal to the party line. For example he castigated Mrs Jallow- Tambajang for initiating coalition talks while Darboe accepted the invitation on behalf of the party.
    Accordingly, I will place his views on the same footing as that of party affiliates like Yerro for pdois. I think it would be a great disservice to the UDP, if his views, on this platform, are to be consciously considered and used as a weapon against the UDP leadership. The UDP leadership has no leverage nor culpable for views expressed on this platform. Hence I consider your tantamounting Lafia’s views as “official position of the party” to be cynical and a distortion.

    • Kinteh….Please read the speech again and pay attention to what has been said about “allies in opposition”…I’m.afraid, Lafia’s position is not very far away from the UDP official position..

  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The fringe parties will always be happy to see jammeh win rather than Udp led alliance. They are hopeless themselves.


  12. “Kamalo, Lafia is a mere supporter of the UDP and I refuse to take his views as equal to the party line. For example he castigated Mrs Jallow- Tambajang for initiating coalition talks while Darboe accepted the invitation on behalf of the party.”

    Kinteh, you are free to make your own judgment. For me, it is too much of a coincidence that Lafia writes authoritatively about the UDP, and the views he publicly expresses about the party mirrors much of what has been stated in the speech.

    It is a very important speech. The reason why other stakeholders in the democratic process are reacting with disquiet.

    “Accordingly, I will place his views on the same footing as that of party affiliates like Yerro for pdois. I think it would be a great disservice to the UDP, if his views, on this platform, are to be consciously considered and used as a weapon against the UDP leadership.”

    There is a difference though. Lafia writes authoritatively about the UDP. Yerro only reiterates PDOIS’s position, their commitments and agenda, which most often is public knowledge.

    Most of the views that Yorro expresses about PDOIS either has been stated in a press release, public statement or dilated in the various agendas that are part of the public discourse.

    Nobody is using Lafia’s views on this platform consciously as a weapon against the UDP leadership. The UDP leadership has never been an issue of discussion on this platform. Not one that I have participated in.

    However, this speech on the party’s Congress delivered by its Secretary General and party leader, reflects the official position of the party on any given issue.

    It is a disserve to the party, I agree, if Lafia’s views on this platform finds expression in the speech. Therefore, I am not the one using his views as a weapon. His views are a weapon used in the speech. The reason why most find it regrettable and disappointing.

    “The UDP leadership has no leverage nor culpable for views expressed on this platform. Hence I consider your tantamounting Lafia’s views as “official position of the party” to be cynical and a distortion.”

    If Lafia is writing authoritatively about the UDP on this platform, and the UDP leadership has no leverage nor culpable for the views that he expresses, who then can be accused of distortion?

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Pathetic soul

      • What is “eating” you Lafia..? The “fringe” parties are too insignificant to have any serious impact on your devine call to rule…Don’t let them delay you please…Just carry on and wish you.all the best and good luck..