UDP Set For Congress In Basse

udp basse

Delegates of the main opposition United Democratic Party today leave for a three day Congress retreat in Basse.

Led by the party executive, delegates converged in Banjul before embarking on a journey to Basse. The party Secretary General Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s car was seen accompanied by a column of vehicles heading to the Upper River Region’s administrative capital.

In a message posted on its Facebook page, the party confirmed the delegates left for Basse as early as 1 PM.

“Each region has sent in their delegates. However, currently the amount of people expected to travel to Basse is beyond capacity. Since yesterday some people travelled from Niumi and Baddibou to cross over to Banjul. The Kombo organisers will take charge of Kombo North, East, South. We have our formidable Brikama team taking care of Central and surrounding. The whole of Serrekunda is divided between area chairmen and women. UDP acknowledged your determination to be at Basse. But any member is designated to be part of the welcoming, fall in line and abide by the instructions. We want an orderly procession to Basse. Baba Galleh Jallow and team will take charge of Kombo North and other areas. Safe journey crew. One Gambia, one people.”

UDP member preparing to leave this morning

The energy-filled entourage was excited to receive warm greetings in the Fonis. This is the first time people in the ruling party stronghold have shown open support for the opposition party that has been amassing momentum across the country.

At last check, the convoy crossed the Bremen Bridge at Kalagi without any obstruction or hindrance.  The convoy stopped at Jarra Soma bureau for mid-day prayers before proceeding.

The UDP’s goal is to direct energetic supporters around the party’s team building spirit and positive thinking. “We will depart in peace. However, any attempt by the regime to obstruct our movement will be met with firm resistance,” the party wrote, hoping Gambian security would not dare repeat last year’s Fass Njagga Choi style stand-off.  The police blockaded the party’s countrywide caravan tour, resulting to a standoff that generated great momentum for the UDP. The standoff deescalated and the opposition continued its tour without hiccups and blights.

The party thanked “all those who donated generously to this important party endeavours.” It especially extended gratefulness to Gambians in the Diaspora for making the much-awaited congress a reality.


  1. Thank you for the update Suntou. May Allah guide them all the way to my beloved Town of Basse Santo-Su. Fighting for your country and people should be the right thing to do and UDP is going an excellent job. Please continue to tell us what is going up. Wish them a successful congress.

  2. alhagie@yahoo.co.uk

    Our hearts and prayers are with you from the satanic kaninlai killer. Happy congress

  3. I hope this time around, the president will take The Gambians very seriously and consider stepping down before the presidential election-2016. None of us here and there want to witness civil unrest in the Gambia, and this must include the APRC supporters as well. 22 years of presidency was long enough, and a huge damage of social, economic and human right abuses had been already occurred. I hope the new leadership will be able to fix the 22 years of hardship without chaos. May Allah guide and bless the Gambia and her people.

  4. Beside the festivities and rhetoric, I think it is fair enough to expect constructive deliberations and a tangible outcome from the Congress. A concrete outcome should entail the selection of the flag bearer, who would then lead the coalition talks and depending on consensus be a candidate to lead such a coalition to the polls in December.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Kinteh, I don’t know why you are obsessed with this but let me tell you what the facts are – I am not arguing with you-;

      1. There will be no naming of a Udp flag bearer at this congress.

      2. All coalition negotiations will be led by the party leader


      • What..! The UDP Congress will not elect a new leader..? I don’t believe you because Congresses have (party) constitutional obligations, including electing new executives and the UDP’s is no exception, I hope…

        • Lafia Touray la Manju

          You need to go to spec savers. This is what I said:

          1. There will be no naming of a flag bearer in this congress. You have a problem understanding terms.