Women’s Right Violation Deters Progress

Kanjura MannehThe Chief Executive Officer of Their Voice Must Be Heard believed that violation of women’s right seriously deters world progress.

Mustapha Manneh, an active rights campaigner at Kartong village in Kombo South, said women’s rights must be respected, protected and guaranteed. His remarks were made in Kartong where his association organised an event marking the International Women’s Right Day.

Affectionately called Kanjura said girls and women too deserve to enjoy their God-given rights. “These rights must be violated by any mortal,” Manneh added, describing women as the “backbone of any society as they bring to life and nurture every human being on the surface of the earth, irrespective of their position or status.”

In Kanjura’s view, no country would develop if “its women are left in the wilderness of nature.”

Mr. Manneh also took a swipe on advocates of the banned Female Genital Mutilation or Circumcision. He thought salvation lies in understanding the dangers of the age-old practice. “Understanding of these dangers is seriously lacking,” he said. Manneh faulted the many reasons proponents of the practice use to defend it.

The vocal youth activist blamed some people who hide behind Islam to trample on the rights of people, especially women and girls. “Islam is a religion that guarantees the integrity of a human being – both in body and in spirit,” he said.

Mustapha Manneh is convinced that female genital cutting violates girls’ integrity.


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