How Sheriff Bojang Misses The Point

Sheriff Bojang
Sheriff Bojng is dictator’s spin doctor!

By Bax

Mr Sheriff Bojang sounds like a very eloquent individual, but his approach to issues of concern raised against the government, shows him to be a person with little or no understanding of his role as a public official.

His choice of words, unfortunately, is not a “one off” and isolated incident, and is indicative of the mindset of this regime, as often, the same sort of approach can be seen from other officials of the regime (including Yaya Jammeh), when they are responding to criticism, expressions of concern, or queries about certain behaviour, actions or in actions of government.

Mr Bojang must surely know that, not only should citizens and other interested individuals/organisations be concerned about the repeated occurrence of death under state custody, but the death of a person with such a medical history in state custody, if indeed what he said is true, does raise some very serious questions about the health and safety of individuals under state custody, as well as, the processes and mechanisms in place, under our judicial system, to determine whether people are fit for detention in our prisons/detention centres.

The late Mr Dibba may have died from all these complications, but the state cannot escape blame because his condition and eventual death may have been aggravated by the actions of the state. Under such a condition, an official conscious of his/her duty to protect all citizens, would show concern, give assurance that the detention system will be looked at to pinpoint and resolve defects to avoid any such future incidents and express a bit of remorse, for yet, another death in state custody.

Instead, we see arrogance, triviality and open animosity and blatant lies against people who ask the government for answers. What human being can use the analogy of a “stray donkey dying on an island”, to respond to such a painful and tragic incident, as the death of Mr Dibba.?

Gambians and friends of Gambia must never be deterred from holding these people to account, today and wherever they may be tomorrow…We must also hope that the international community is taking note so that they (officials of this regime) will never be provided sanctuary to help them escape justice in The Gambia..

May Allah (swt) grant late Mr Dibba “Jannah” and give his family, friends and relatives the strength to bear this loss, in dignity, steadfastness and belief. Amiin…



  1. Bax , you very well speak for me this time . We must track these opportunistic individuals when they leave public office to face justices or accountable to Gambian people . A great piece. I hope you continue to speak like this . Thank you .

  2. It’s really Despicably Pathetic to equate fellow human life, captured by the kanilai DEVIL & Incarnates, who swore to “protect all humans within boundaries of Gambia”, & even beyond, wherever possible, to a marooned stray donkey….

    Sheriff must know the Indelible Ink of history is infinitely in record; criminal murder of humans, on divergence of opinion, on affairs state which is of concern all, is UNACCEPTABLE; equally culpable too, are collusive aid abet manipulative lies mongers like sheriff & the militias involved in arrests, detain & torture of victims….

    Always, as history teaches, oppressive dictatorships costs a people dearly, before they are unturned; with efforts together, Gambia too are getting there; sooner than we assume…

    The politicians MUST muster courage, garner our collective strength together, to dismantle an established Murderous syndola FIEFDOM; IF we are to avert plan B, which is MUST, beyond this election…