‘Jammeh Will Eventually Drown Us’

Ebrima Pessy Njie dressed in blue
     Ebrima Pessy Njie dressed in blue

An executive member of the opposition United Democratic Party is deeply concerned about The Gambia’s sate of affairs.

“The Gambia is in a big trouble,” Ebrima Pessy Njie told a Serekunda rally on Sunday. “The country is so hard that even the rivers have started to dry; there is no much fish for fishermen.” Mr. Njie said unless concerted efforts are done, “I’m afraid President Yahya Jammeh will eventually drown all of us, drown the country and drown himself.”

Mr. Njie has linked the country’s current problem to the open arm welcome Gambians have accorded to non-Gambians. He said since time immemorial Gambians have been known for being generous to non-citizens. Njie could not fathom why a country that has been known for being peaceful and accommodating to all would be ruled by a leader who does not care about citizens. Pessy described Mr. Jammeh as “a leader who inflicts whatever pains he desires on defenceless, innocent citizens.”

Mr. Njie, a former parliamentarian in the ousted Jawara government, said the problem lies with a leader whose background “until today remains blurred and unclear.” He said a president whose background is uncertain is equal to new arrivals into the country.

Njie said people with blurred background have been fanning division in The Gambia. He said a president with questionable heritage cannot be compared to Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the UDP leader whose background or family lineage is public knowledge.

Mr. Njie’s speech is a wake-up call for Gambians to be wary of who to elect into office because every election has a consequence.



  1. Pessy Njie exposing why Jammeh is ruthless against Gambians.

  2. Former APRC youth leader defects to UDP and sings a song

  3. True talk…

  4. Quote…”Njie said people with blurred background have been fanning division in The Gambia…”

    Comment…I don’t usually comment on UDP items, but I have to register my objection here because I object to this type of politics.

    If Mr Njie knows any such individuals, he should name and shame them, but generalised statements like this are dangerous; have the potential to create animosity and conflict, and therefore constitute dangerous and divisive politics…

    I hope enough people express disappointment (at least) at this type of politics…Let’s insist that political parties use their platforms to tell the people what they WANT to do and HOW they want to do it..

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      It is true. The tribal bigots especially the mandinkaphobics, usually have blurred backgrounds.

      • Bax, there nothing awkward in it when Mr. Njie says; ‘people with blurred background have been fanning division in the Gambia’. What he states here in my opinion, indicates Mr. Njie’s exemplary statesmanship and expresses his concern of the background of the Gambia’s leaders and the need for a check of the latter in the future though, @ La Manju as usual, is capable of blowing such issues out of proportion, especially when he comes with the Shaolin monk salute.

  5. Mansajang

    Well said Pessy. Dictator Jammeh’s background is unclear and he resent the good citizens of the Gambia. This is why he can never change or relent on his murderous tyranny.
    Jammeh relies on foreign elements such as mercenary judges and Lawyers to use the law in oppressing Gambians.
    We need to stop him. Zainab is a non-Gambian and her interest lies in looting our resources. Well said old boy.

  6. Kumba Daffeh

    Nice to see and hear my old friend Ebrima. Mr Njie has always been a tough cooky. I remember him busting NIA agents planted among UDP convoys. A smart fellow. Stay fit Ebrima.

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Nee rek la muna mell ndic AB NJIE moi baiyam. Well said Pesseh Njie.

  8. Jammeh’s background may be blurred but those who, either directly or indirectly, assisted in his “creation” are not of blurred background.

    Many in the GNA in 1994, especially the officer cadre, were not of blurred background and they allowed him to become the head of the junta…

    Many who mobilised and were mobilised to ask him to contest the election (1996) and remain in office, were not of blurred background : Dembo Santang Bojang and Ba-Kalifa Sanno are amongst these people…

    Many who went round the country with baskets of cola nuts, formally announcing Jammeh’s candidature were not of blurred background: the late Buba Baldeh and Muniru Darboe were amongst this group..

    The ministers who used their influence to protect him from dismissal for trouble making and unprofessional conduct, were not of blurred background: our very own OJ (according to some reports) and Alkali James Gaye were amongst this group..

    VP Njie-Saidy, perhaps his longest serving accomplice since 1996, is not of blurred background…

    Let’s stop blaming others for a problem of own making. If there are any “new arrivals” fanning division in the country, it’s only because they have found us already “divided” or open to division…… (and those who seek to lead, should know better..)

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      You are off topic again as usual.

      • Aren’t those with.”blurred background” the subject and object of blame here.. ? How I’m I off topic ?

      • I don’t think that bax is off topic by correlating the ascent to power of a person with “blurred” background, to the Culpability of a whole security services and part of the civil society at the time (Sanjally Bojang /Bakary Darboe etc).
        Where I would draw a red line, is when bax would imply or better project UDP leadership as a sort of nationalists sowing conflict. It is important that the mistake of 1994 is reappraised, accepting shame for certain individuals for their inglorious collaboration.

    • Yankuba Jobe

      Bax; Yaya Jammeh’s leadership position was a human error and a trial to the Gambians, but we can walk out of it smartly if we all keep focussing on our common objectives, which I personally believe is to get rid of Yaya Jammeh and replace him with a competent leader.

    • People who directly or indrectly assist in the creation of a dictatatorships, is a consequene of background blurred people seizing power by arms in a purely evolving democracy.

  9. Even the rivers are drying up. Learn how to swim if you don’t want to be drown. My dear, go get a job. That’s all I can say.

  10. Basainey

    Dictator Jammeh has mysterious background. the welcoming nature of Gambians have been abused under Jammeh. not only has he inflict contemptuous crimes against the citizens. he is ready and willing lock even religious leaders who question in hunger for private lands. the Land disputes all over Kombo involves new arrivals who use Jammeh’s open hostility to Gambians.Thanks Pessy.

    • I’m sorry, but this is dangerous and it is the kind of hate rhetoric that can gradually harden attitudes towards “new arrivals” (whoever they may be) and lead to Rwanda-like neighbour-on-neighbour conflict and violence…

      Land disputes (or other manifestations of human rivalry) have been a feature of our nation, as indeed of mankind, from time immemorial.. Stop spreading what is hate mongering against perceived “new arrivals” or those with “blurred background”…It will not solve the Jammeh conundrum for us….

      If anything, it will only help further entrench Jammeh because these groups might fear change and see their safety and security of their properties, linked to Jammeh’s continued stay in power..and thus continue to support and protect him..

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        If there is a pattern of people with blurred background exciting hatred and hurling insults against the mandingo tribe, the biggest in the country, I consider that to be a threat to national security. So it is right that Pesseh Njie voiced his concern about such people. I hope he continue doing it.


      • Bax, I think you misunderstand the message here. The main message is about the vetting and investigation of the background of Jammeh which I have been saying for years was not done by Gambian people. It is in the national security interest to find out the background of any future president but for Jammeh, I think Mr Njie is very right about Jammeh having a phony and fraud background which you have stated about his link with the rebel forces in Casamance. This is very important message Mr Njie put across. It has constitutional backing as well as economic and security interest. Today, majority of Jammeh’s top security apparatus, political appointees or green boys are people not natural born citizens or new arrivals. Our military is infiltrated with such people. So I think this is one the most important message I heard from the UDP meeting. The message is about vetting the president which unfortunately was never done by semi-illiterates soldiers and Gambian opposition leaders. This is historical mistake and national tragedy. We must never allow such individual with fraud and phony background to be even part of our security forces or presidency. It is sense of patriotism and nationalism to have such an idea in our nation’s psyche. We must allow those with decent character to be part of our society.

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