No Tribe Wins In Jammeh’s Gambia


Yahya Jammeh’s critics have always blamed him for championing the course of his minority ethnic Jola community. They cited how he had empowered and employed Jolas in almost every top ranking government position, including the security forces. All these have been done at the expense of qualified and competent members from other tribes.

But according to one Jola woman, no Gambian tribe is a winner in Yahya Jammeh’s Gambia. Jainaba Saneh who defected to the United Democratic Party said every Gambian is a loser except Yahya Jammeh. Even Mr. Jammeh’s relatives have become victims of his regime’s extra-judicial killing and disappearance. Jainaba and her group could no longer fit within the ranks of a party whose leader is self-centered and arrogant to the core. She has called on Jola women and youths to throw away fear and come out of darkness and support the UDP. Jainaba said  Ousainou Darboe’s love for the Gambia is unrivalled. She believes in a tribal-free politics. Jainaba Sanneh therefore warned Jolas to be wary of not tribalising politics for a leader who uses money, positions and empty promises as tools to destroy people. “Here is a President who appoints good people only to disgrace them with dismissal and incarceration,” she said. “Even those government officials he promotes are not spared his wrath.” She said it’s about time Gambian rallied behind the UDP to take back their country.

Also addressing the rally was Aja Nyokoi Njie who wanted President Jammeh to relinquish power soon. “Yahya Jammeh has failed everyone which is why no one honestly support him. He should step down and save the Gambia from hardship, pain and further suffering. People shouldn’t be enduring insults and contempt from Yahya Jammeh any longer.”


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  1. True words from the Mama.

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