What Lt. Col. Gano Fails To Write About!

Lt. Col. Gano was Jammeh’s enabler who is looking for cheap popularity. This man has witnessed so many atrocities in his tenure in the military and he has never said a word while he dined with the dictator. The dictator has personally sponsored Gano to do his masters degree program in the United Kingdom. This is why he has indicated that Jammeh has impacted his life positively. The diaspora should be very careful of such camouflage security personnel whose main goal is to seek attention. When Mr. Gano was the Army Public Relations Officer at the Defense headquarters in Banjul, there were many stories of disappearances, tortures, murders and corruption that took place. He sat down face to face with Jammeh without telling those crimes to Jammeh; he refused to acknowledge they existed when asked by journalists.

I know Gambians are desperate to remove Jammeh from office but we must be careful of those key players in Jammeh regime’s oppression. These include those who refused to answer basic questions when they were in office. Instead of doing what they are paid for, such people are today turning the tide simply because their personal interest is at stake. How can they convince us that they care about our country and her people, after all, they left us in the dark?

Like many of his colleagues, Gano has missed a huge opportunity to make difference when he was close to President Jammeh. He was selfishly looking after his position while countless number of Gambian families battled endless pains and sorrow. Let the media stop giving the likes of Gano cheap popularity. We need to focus on those genuine Gambians who have recognized dictatorship in every step of the way and not those who join the queue for their selfish interest. If Mr. Gano wants to be taken seriously, he must first condemn Jammeh’s human rights abuses, corruption and mismanagement. He must also denounce his past activities for not telling the Gambian people the truth about what he knew as a senior military officer. In any civilized society, people like Mr. Gano who repeatedly lied are considered liars and disingenuous persons. We shouldn’t fall for his cheap call for Jammeh to step down because it will not make any impact. Such a publication has served the writer’s desired intention to attract unnecessary and undeserved attention toward him. Before the online media publishes this type of article, the author should first be asked about what he knows about the atrocities meted out on defenceless Gambians and the role – if any – he had played in sustaining oppression.

There is a pattern to deflate our attention on real issues. Unfortunately, this has become a Gambian problem and it seems we are not taking note of it. It has become a trend that every six months a new person will emerge with an attention seeking strategy. Ironically, these bunch of dishonest and selfish people refuse to write or say anything about the skeleton in their cupboard. Their refusal to answer questions on their filthy past makes their stories irrelevant and not worth reading.

Mr Gano is another Gambian who has now realised the power of democracy. That is one of the beauties of living in the west. In our country, we do not have many decent and honest men who speak truth when they are in difficult period or position. What Mr. Gano is doing is exactly what General Saul Badjie will do when he falls out with the dictator he (Saul) has entrenched in power. His family will play victim card, forgetting about their role in the demise or discomfort of innocent families. This game of self exoneration is the most dishonest part of Gambian character. Nobody will take personal responsibility, especially when things go wrong and victims’ families desperately searching for answers. Mr Gano has a case to answer, period. Gambian journalists should dig into Gano’s past as the PRO and senior military officer and confront him to shed light on what he knows and the role he had played in the oppression. It is disappointing that no online newspaper is telling us why we should listen to Gano or what is his undisclosed motive to write now after so many years of being mute.

There is no single line in Gano’s article that mentions Jammeh’s poor human rights credentials, corruption and mismanagement of national resources. The article instead showcases the Jammeh regime’s positive impact on Gambians, which distorts the reality. Mr Gano is no different from NRMG [National Resistance Movement of the Gambia] members who also seek similar attention while they cowardly ran away from Jammeh. He should be ashamed of himself for not making the difference when he had an opportunity to do so. I don’t expect him to give us their belaboured excuse of “obeying” a stupid order from their boss.

I invite Gano and his types to come to Kairo News and debate with me.




  1. Mohamed Keita

    Gano is a joker who just want to laugh at the Gambian situation ,but history shall judge him .

    Mohamed Keita
    Basel ,Switzerland

  2. alhagie@yahoo.co.uk

    Well said, i cant agree more. He’s selfish,selfcentered and looking cheap popularity. A coward he is. He could have advice jammeh to stop abusing his power n unleasing terror against innocent peaceful Gambians, but he turn a blind eye selfish interest.

  3. thanks Max Gambian should not waste their time on Gano,(what a surname). I never had of this surname in the Gambia. Can some one tell me where in the Gambia this surname originated?

  4. Deyda Haidara

    Marx, I fully agree with you in your article, it is all true. In as much as we want more Gambians to support the struggle we should never forget that it is the army, the police, the NIA, Immigration, the judiciary, the APRC politicians, ministers and some civil servants who help Jammeh in his criminal enterprises.
    Let him tell us the TRUTH first then we will consider reconciliation with him.

  5. It is one.of those rare instances when I agree with Max…I.dont think this guy should even be considered part of the struggle or the Jammeh opposition in the diaspora…

    He is an apologist and how fitting he referred to Jammeh as the, “Godfather”, because that is exactly what he is: Godfather of a criminal regime.

  6. Ganos are as Gambian as anyone else. They are Fulas [Torodo stock] mostly settled in Jarra and Kiang. As a country we may be small but we have so many unnoticed family names. Diverse peoples with diverse cultures form Gambia.

  7. Lt .Col Gano, thanks for opening up and we need more substance from your intellect. Max is right, the people expect more from those formerly closed to Jammeh. Kuma!

  8. Lt col Gano has direct knowledge of some of the atrocities committed in The Gambia. As Army public relations officer who represented and acted as Dictator Jammeh’s mouthpiece , Mr Gano failed Gambian people for lack of truthfulness and integrity. For him, there was no crimes committed in The Gambia during and after his tenure at the military. If mr Gano’s relative or blood brother was killed by this regime (may God forbid) or one of his relatives disappeared, I am sure mr Gano won’t say that he has respected and admired Jammeh or even Mentioned that Jammeh has made tremendous positive impact in his life. In his myopic and selfish mind, he didn’t understand that Jammeh has used national resources as a tool to corrupt his mind and so many of his colleagues. This is the kind of officers we have in the military.
    We should give unconditional support to our opposition leaders who have recognized military dictatorship in our country since day one.

  9. Wonderful article! Max you really nail this one.

    Thanks for this brilliant reaction to Ex. Lt. Col. Gano’s pretentious propaganda.

  10. Thank you Max for standing up for the truth. Mr. Gano should talk and stop bullshitting us.

  11. Thank you Julaba and janjanbureh for your contribution

  12. Bang on Max. You once again laid bare all what’s wrong with some Gambians. Many couldn’t care less the suffering of others as long as their bread is buttered. Some are so wrapped up in themselves that they couldn’t see past their nose (self importance). This is the reason we are where we are, Yaya Jammeh is only exploiting such weaknesses in us.Mr Gano is one of those who was dancing with the devil and now is telling us Yaya should not stand again. He more than anyone should know that dictators never relinquish power voluntarily, they are either forced out or through popular uprising. He made no apology for crimes committed under APRC regime instead he appeared to praise it in a sly way.There he is standing with a beaming smile with the devil, Mr Gano you cannot say you was blind to all the atrocities committed under his watch? Could does pictures be to show us all how high ranking and important a person you were in the Gambian Army? Me and many others are not impressed, you and him are birds of the same feather.

  13. Mr Gano it’s practically impossible to beat the drum and at the same scratching your ass….

  14. Lamin Samateh

    These second Republic soldiers are a waste of time. How can a professional soldier say our party. What a disgrace! He is part and parcel of the problem. the only positive thing is that at least he is talking now. There are very few good men of the Gambian Armed Forces and most of them are in exile such as Balangba Chongan.

    Lamin Samateh

  15. Personally, I don’t think L.t. colonel Lamin Gano is looking for cheap popularity in his article, that I have read, rather , he was drawing his red line for Yaya Jammeh that enough is enough! Do not stand for the coming election 2016, otherwise, he will join with those who oppose him, which is not a crime at all. I think we should be focussing on how to escape from this Kaninlai killer, which is almost certain, due to the growing numbers of the opposition on the ground. After the election, the next president of the new Gambia knows very well indeed that, Yaya Jammeh and some of his security forces have killed and tortured many Gambians, whose family members would like to see fair justice for their love ones, and i believe the next leader will be competent enough to provide justice for the victim’s family members without any doubt.Therefore, L.t. colonel Gano may end up in the struggle and spill the beans for the sake of unity. The Gambia belongs to all of us. We should therefore first put the burning fire down, and then investigate the cause of the fire, that’s our situation right now. May Allah, the Almighty guide and Bless the Gambia and her people.

  16. Yankuba Jobe , I disagree with your view about Lt col Gano drawing a red line . I don’t think you really understand English or his article . I would encourage you to have someone read it for you so that you can have better understanding of what he meant . In the article , Lt col Gano indicated that president has brought unprecedented development in The Gambia and Jammeh has positively impacted his life . He went further to indicate that he respected and admired Jammeh while he posted a picture of Himself with Jammeh smiling broadly .
    Yankuba Jobe , in any civilized society , if someone want to join any political party or movement , you first investigate his background so that you don’t have a criminal or terrorist in your movement . That is the smart move . This is what Jammeh needs to do avoid criminals in our government positions . It was also the same thing Gambians failed to do about the Jammeh’s background . In politics , in job application or whatever you do , you do background investigation about any individual you are interested to work with . Example , Today if I want to build a house in The Gambia , the smart thing I will do is to have telephone interview with all the workers who are interested to work for me so that I will be able to know the people who I will hire . This will help me to learn about their capabilities , previous experiences , their personality and integrity before I hire anyone . I will also go further to make calls to their previous employers or even send someone to investigate the house they have built . Does that make any sense to you ?
    No one is saying that Lt col Gano committed a crime by asking Jammeh not to stand for another election . People have been calling on Jammeh to step down and not to contest any election since day one but he never listen . So what impact is Lt col Gano going to make when we know that he still support Jammeh ? In the same article, he praised the dictator and called him godfather . He refused to acknowledge various crimes committed under his watch while at defense headquarters . I think you need to go over the article again.
    Thank you .

    • Maxs; “ I did not comment to get your permission to agree with me, instead, I did comment based on my understanding of Lamin Gano’s article, and if you did see it otherwise, I am not bothered! You are not a stranger to me, regarding your false predictions against people, maybe you are Miss/ ,Mrs/ Mr. perfect?
      But what made me laugh louder than ever, was your comparison of an employer and Lamin Gano’s case. If I were you, I would have asked Lt. colonel Gano’s contact details and ask him gently what he knew about those crimes you accused him to be part and parcel of them. The gentleman is still alive, he’s not dead yet! Lamin Gano has come over to the media to share his past and present with the Gambians, he has mentioned a very important conversation between him and the most coward Army commander in the Gambian History, which is Ndur Cham, he who started the coup and immediately heeled, left his colleagues in mess. Lt. colonel Gano was trying to spill the beans gradually, but thanks to the [Malang-Bulafeymaa] Maxs, who knows everything without proper investigation.
      [Maxs said, if I will build a house in the Gambia, I will pick up my phone and ask every employee about his/her capability for that particular work]. Yankuba Jobe would have done it differently! I will rather choose someone to supervise my building project, rather than calling every labourer about how capable they are, I think that will cost me time and money.
      Maxs, are you trying to tell me that, everyone working in Yaya Jammeh’s APRC Government are all criminals, including all the security forces? It is very hard for me to say this to you, but I have to be honest with you no matter who will defend you by insulting himself and everyone. You are the one looking for popularity or attention from the Gambians.
      Thank you, and may Allah Guide and Bless you.

      • Yankuba Jobe, I have never made any false prediction about anyone. The reason why I gave you an example of employee background investigation is for you to understand that it is important to find out who work for the government or join opposition/the struggle.
        You have indicated that Col. Ndure was a coward who had put his colleagues in mess and left. I think you are not fair in your assessment because you heard from Lt. Col. Gano who had discussion with col Ndure Cham about the coup. Do you know whether Lt. Col. Gano has alerted Jammeh’s government or NIA about the coup since he objected to it when Col. Cham presented his case to him? The answer is no, because you have no idea what Lt. Col. Gano did after that discussion. Did Mr. Gano tell Gambians what he did after his discussion with col Cham? To best of my knowledge and what I read online, he never mentioned what transpired after that discussion. He went straight to the event.
        Yankuba Jobe, we have to have critical mind to analyze someone writing if we are going to learn something. I have challenged Lt. Col. Gano to come to kaironews and answer basic questions he refused to answer when he was army PRO. I hope he listen to my request for the sake of our nation.
        Yankuba, I want to make it clear to you or anyone that I have no personal grudge against those who are working in Jammeh’s regime and I do not consider everyone in his regime as criminals. I am not also against Jammeh’s military dictatorship because of being a direct victim, I have been against this criminal regime since 1994. I knew at the time, Jammeh and his bunch of semi-illiterates are liars, scumbags who came to enrich themselves. Today we are all witnessing that history. Your problem is that you failed to recognize that Jammeh is not alone in this criminal enterprise, he has Gambians who selfishly helped him to oppress our people. Some of them are dead, others are in exile and some in prison. The narrative you want to propaganda here is to put blame squarely on Jammeh while you failed to acknowledge that some Gambians have played huge role in atrocities committed in The Gambia. This is why you are on alliance with former military leaders such as NRMG who have cowardly entrenched Jammeh in The Gambia but today are looking for cheap popularity, though USA neutrality act have scared the hell out them to extend that their so called resistant movement is disintegrating. Those who truly care to liberate Gambia , have done so without making noise or looking for cheap popularity and they have sacrificed to defend the country . We are going to continue and fight to ensure that our people are finally free from dictatorship. We will not be deter by name calling, cheap propaganda, shifting blame or self exoneration. Everyone who has a role in oppression must answer questions and be accountable to Gambian people. It doesn’t matter whether it is Isatou Njie saidy or Lamin Gano. Even when you die, your legacy remains and Gambian people will judge you base on your legacy.

        • Maxs, Lamin Gano said the following: “Your Excellency, I am aware that you have just been nominated by our great party to run for a fifth term in office. However, in a world where two term presidential limits is very much the norm, I urge you to reject this nomination as it is not binding/mandatory on you. There is still adequate time for the party secretariat to nominate another candidate to lead our party while you preside over a free, fair and peaceful election in December and then to hand over power to whoever the Gambian people choose as their next president. I do believe that 22 years in power is more than enough for any individual to lead a country in this 21st Century.”
          Lamin Gano said in another article as follows: “I was having breakfast at the Defence Headquarters of the Gambia Armed Forces on Wednesday the 1st of March 2006 when Colonel Ndure Cham, the Chief of Defence Staff at that time, came in to the mess to smoke a cigarette. No sooner had he lighted up a cigarette than he started to talk to me about President Jammeh. He gave me a long list of wrong and bad things that the President has done and an equally lengthy list of good things that he has failed to do. The Colonel argued that Jammeh was not only a liability to the Gambia and her people but also a big problem for the West African sub region as well as an obstacle for the general progress of the African Continent. In his opinion, Jammeh had completely outlived his usefulness as a president and therefore had to leave power by all means necessary.
          When the Chief of Defence Staff finished talking, I responded: “Well, Sir, I agree to some extent on your assessment of Jammeh. However, I beg to differ on your concept of by all means necessary. But luckily for us, it is election year and I am sure that Gambians are well aware of the record of their President and they would therefore most certainly make the right decision in September on whether to renew his mandate or to change him. Col Cham lost his temper on me and threw a few profanities at me before adding:
          Question no: 1
          Maxs; What is your honest assessment to these two different statement above?
          Question no: 2
          Was Lamin Gano looking for cheap popularity, according to these two statements, or is he still believes the peaceful removal of Yaya Jammeh out of power? Or was he warning his boss about the consequences, if he stand for re-election in December 2016?
          Question no:3
          Who are now the criminals working with Yaya Jammeh, or financially helping the APRC Regime?:
          Example: Yaya Jammeh is the criminal number one and Isatou Njie Saidy, criminal number two, the list continues…. Now, name eight criminals for Gambians to identify them, I mean those who are still working with him!
          NRMG, yes, long live for NRMG! Although, I am neither an executive member of the NRMG nor did I ever attend their meetings, if there has been any, but based on my understanding about the Movement, they are not conquerors but Liberators.
          Once again, let me clarify my position to you when it comes APRC. I dropped my support for APRC since 1996.
          Maxs’s legacy! I don’t know which part of the planet are you living in, but certainly, USA, Canada, Europe had the worst legacy in the past than any other part of the world, if you can now reconcile yourself with the West and praise them for their so-called Democracy. Why for God sake, you wouldn’t do the same thing with your brothers and sisters back home?

          • Yankuba Jobe , I think you either need to be educated to understand simple English language or you just refuse to accept the truth I stated . In one of mr Gano blog you quoted above , you failed to quote him when he stated the following below:

            ” I have a lot of respect and admiration for your excellency and I recognize that you have made tremendous impact in the lives of many Gambians including my self and have brought about unprecedented developments/ improvements on various sectors of the country “.

            From above quotation , did president Jammeh made tremendous positive impact on your life, your family as well as majority of Gambians ? If the answer to this question is no , then it means mr Gano has distorted the facts , therefore he is untruthful , dishonest and outright looking for cheap popularity or seeking attention . Yankuba , you are on the record here accusing president Jammeh of doing nothing for Gambians . You claimed that it was the ideas of your late Brother Baba Jobe to build schools and other development projects in The Gambia . So now you are defending mr Gano who lied that president Jammeh has brought unprecedented developments in The Gambia and has positively impacted many Gambians including your family who have lost your loved one to terrorism of this brutal regime . You must have amnesia or you simply just want to discredit Maxs , which you cannot succeed .
            If mr Gano was a true patriot and honest person , he would have answered all the basic questions he was asked by journalists when he was in the defense headquarters . During mr Gano’s tenure as army PRO , there were so many disappearances , torture and other humans rights violations in The Gambia , he had an opportunity to express this view to the president Jammeh but he never did . Therefore those Gambians who are honest , decent and stand for the truth , will say to mr Gano you are part and parcel of oppression and they will condemn him for not speaking up to make differences in the lives of Gambians especially when he is praising the president at the same time calling on him to step down . The same thing can be said about you .you have never publicly condemn your brother or the dictator when mr Jobe was aiding and abetting the dictator , now that it is too late , you think Gambians will consider you as a genuine person who care about democracy and rule of law . I am not surprise to see you defending Lt col Gano because two of you falls under the same category because both of you refused to speak up when you have an opportunity to make diffferences .
            I do not need to list the criminals in Jammeh’s government . You should know them by now .
            What difference mr Gano’s call for Jammeh not to stand another election is going make ? Is Jammeh going to listen to him ?
            Yankuba Jobe , When I see the truth I will speak up my mind .
            The reason why there is democracy in the west , is because they accept their mistakes , accept the truth and treat their citizens with respect and dignity . This is why you are hiding in the west and they continue to give you economic and security environment which our own government denied its citizens .

  17. Dear brothers, everyone has the right to write what he wants to write. Simply Gano wrote what he feel is good for the country and wrote what he wants to write so why are you acting as if you are his ALLAH or Father after all he is better than most of you who ran and seek shelter in America and Europe and have a loud winch mouths thinking that you got it all is a fake. GANO has all the rights to write what he wants to write come to the Gambia and face him why not.

  18. Eddie Kolley , no one is saying that Lt col Gano didn’t have right to write anything he want. It was good thing he stated his view about current situation in The Gambia but it was his hypocrisy and lack of truthfulness as well as his past relationship with Jammeh we are exposing here . His current view is hypocritical in the sense that when he was in the military , he has refused to answer basic questions while he served the dictator. Now he is telling us that African military coup cannot bring economic development and good governance at the same time he Claimed that Dictator Jammeh brought unprecedented development in The Gambia when he served him as spokeperson . Do you see his contradictory messages. People have right to leave the country if their lives are threaten . I suspect Lt col Gano left The Gambia for the same reason or if not he can go home and form his political party to challenge the Dictator . When he dined with the Dictator , he never asked him to step down .

  19. Gambia will one day be a failed country if jammeh is not in power.. You people are crazy really.. So you say that all the people who once work for Gambia will face the law if Jammeh is not in power? How many Gambians work under him from 1994 to 2014? Most of them they never say anything about him..

  20. @Eddie, you lack a democratic mindset so you, indeed, have a problem with tolerating other Gambians opinions. The best you can do in my opinion is, express how you agree with Gano.
    You must be that type amongst Gambian citizens whose success in life means to be seen as everybody’s father and sometimes are mad enough to think themselves to be Idols; because cannot be what Eddie wrote. Everybody including you benefit from those sheltered in the U.S, U.K and Europe in general. The regime is able to downsize their cash remittance home,in bogus CBG rates in plain day bloodsucking and people like you must be still out there hunting the BUWAS by night. You are sheepishly jealous and that type is an obstacle to Gambia’s welfare. Eat the rice dipped in steak sauce and drink cold water and don’t be bothered how.
    @Sulayman, people must definitely differentiate between, ‘work IN’ and ‘work FOR’.
    It is appropriate for citizen to consider themselves to be working IN their government instead of working FOR their government. In my opinion as far as these forums are concerned, the term, ‘working FOR the government’, especially in the African political scenario, cannot be better replaced with any other term than DICTATORS ENABLERS. Gambia is right now a failed country and fear of Gambia’s failure in the future is monumental failure of your state of mind.

  21. Ggapm said ” Gambia is right now a failed country and fear of Gambia’s failure in the future is monumental failure of your state of mind “.
    You have made my day Ggapm . Truly indeed some of these people have failures in their state of mind .

    • Maxs;-Here you are, once again, your false lying prediction against other Gambians. You are just a copy of Yaya Jammeh who will easily get irritate and mad, if anyone disagree with his non-making sense.
      Maxs, from the horse’s mouth: [ Yankuba , you are on the record here accusing president Jammeh of doing nothing for Gambians . You claimed that it was the ideas of your late Brother Baba Jobe to build schools and other development projects in The Gambia . So now you are defending mr Gano who lied that president Jammeh has brought unprecedented developments in The Gambia and has positively impacted many Gambians including your family who have lost your loved one to terrorism of this brutal regime . You must have amnesia or you simply just want to discredit Maxs , which you cannot succeed .] Maxs, Happy to read your recognition of Baba Jobe [RIP] being also a victim of the Kaninlai killer, but that would not stop me telling you to stay away from false predictions, it is a work of a Devil period!

      Whether Lamin Gano’s appeal to his boss will be accepted or not, at least, he did urge him to step down and not taking any part in the coming election December 2016, otherwise, he will consider to withdraw his support for his boss, I think, if he does drop his support for his boss, he may join the Opposition! Defections are the main tools to bring the Dictators down on their knees!
      You did mention on your previous comment that, what I have written about Ndure Cham was not fair. What is not fair about that? Ndure Cham worked for Yaya Jammeh until 2006, and all the previous killing of their own colleagues and innocent civilians, where was Ndure Cham by then? And those still financially or working for Yaya Jammeh;; example of them, Amadou Samba, Bala Jahumpa, Fatoumata Nbye and list goes on… What would be your honest assessment about the role of those people I have just mentioned above?
      Maxs said, Yankuba Jobe is defending Lamin Gano, laughable, very laughable, but my simple answer to that is no, I am not defending Lamin Gano, and if he requires a lawyer to defend him from your false prediction, he has every right to do so. But my intention is only to bring him on board!
      Maxs said, You must have amnesia referring to Yankuba Jobe? Haa-Haa- Haa, she/he has lost her/his temper again! I think, and as I have said it previously, you are the one who unknowingly carrying [ADHA] Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and many Gambians realised that from your attitude. You are identified!
      May Allah guide you.

  22. wawoo! what are you talking about? some of you i think you do not think before writing any comment. or is just doing it so that you can say, did you see my comment on the papers? Dear brothers, let us be honest to our consensus and be truthful once in our life time. The bottom line is that you are against the President because he is a JOLA. That is all.
    But what next are you saying then about Lt col Gano? HE DID A VERY SENSIBLE WORDINGS AND THAT IS THE FACT BROTHERS.

  23. Sorry Brothers but am a democrat for ever. I do not go against any one because of his Race or Religion but for some of you it is all about JOLA JOLA. But you will never come out of your heart and tell the truth about your hatred of Jolas in particular. Just be honest and say it.

    • Edressa, be mindful about your word! First of all, do you know the difference between Racism and tribalism?
      Race is about different colour, are we different than from Yaya Jammeh when it comes to colour? I guess, we are all Blacks!
      Many of us don’t care about who is a Jola and who is not, but the attitude of Yaya Jammeh is unacceptable!
      Just not even longer than a weeks or month, your so called leader went to his own [tribes] people and accused them of being witches! Are those witches are from Mandinkas, Fullas or any other tribes?
      Your president, Yaya Jammeh is an evil person, unfortunately he claimed to be a Jola, but the majority of Jolas are very good people.
      Please, find your facts and come up with sensible and meaningful ideas to share. Thank you.

    • @Idrissa Eddie Colley, who cares if you want to be a ruthless dictator?? one thing for definite is that, nowadays, the search for democracy will haunt you forever in that public office.

      I heard from one wise brother of mine;
      -Least minded people talk of people and class.
      -Half-minds talk of individual material belongings and gains.
      -And greater minds discuss ideas for a greater purpose.(Gambia’s Need)

      People with an inferior complexion belong to no.1 and no.2 and who knows you belong right there too. Allah/God help the nation that is home to many different mindsets.

  24. Yankuba Jobe, Baba Jobe was a victim of very regime he helped to entrenched in power and this was why I recognized him as another victim . This recognition was done for you to see if you will accept that Jammeh has not positively impacted your life and majority of Gambians which is contrary to what mr Gano has stated . I think you need to look up the word ” prediction ” before you write online . I don’t know what you mean about that . If Jammeh has positively impacted your life , I am sure you won’t be here saying all kind of things about him .

    • Maxs, I’m glad that, you want to know the exact meaning of “PREDICTION”. It means to foretell the future without any certainty, and that’s exactly what you have been doing since 2014, and this is based on my personal experience with you on online media. You did falsely predict that Yankuba Jobe was working with Charles Tailor of Liberia. Didn’t you? What would you describe that? An assessment or lying to the Gambians? And exactly, the same thing you are trying to discredit Lamin Gano’s appeal to his boss to step down without any credible facts from your side. Aren’t you predicting what is in Lamin Gano’s mind? Have you ever spoken to Lamin Gano before? Did you know him in person? What is his background? If working with Yaya Jammeh will make someone a criminal, what about Amadou Samba?
      Now, tell me other meaning of prediction. Although, there are good predictions and False predictions, yours are all false predictions without no bases, and that’s why i always urge you to stop false predictions about other people.
      Thank you.

  25. Yankuba Jobe, I want to engage you to have intellectual and robust debate of the state of our nation affairs and what role did public officials play in moving our country in the right direction. Public officials are accountable to Gambian people because they are occupying the public offices. Therefore any Gambian whether it is Yaya Jammeh , Lt Gano , Baba Jobe or Yankuba Badjie are all accountable and answerable to Gambian people . This is why I asked a simple question why Lt col Gano refused to answer basic question when he was at defense headquarters ? I was asking mr Gano in his capacity as public official but not as private citizen. If mr Gano has never work for the military ( public entity ) , I would not bother to ask him because he did not occupy any office which is accountable to Gambians . Yankuba Jobe , another example , I know Yaya Jammeh has distance relatives who are not in public office , those relatives are not accountable to Gambians just like you are not accountable to Gambians because you are private citizen . So if I am criticizing Lt col Gano , Baba Jobe or Yaya Jammeh or any Gambians in public office , please do not take it personally. This is basic civic education I want you to understand . Remember , thousands of people are reading our comments and they are going to judge us on our level of understanding of democracy , citizen’s rights and responsibilities and good governance . Calling me all kind of names is not going to help anyone to have meaningful debate . I have right to question mr Gano’s past including anything related to his work . Mr Gano claimed that Jammeh has brought unprecedented developments which positively affect Gambian’s lives , such claims are bogus and outright false . Look at the cost of living , human rights violations , corruptions and political oppression which are all indicators of bad governance . If Yaya Jammeh has brought development in The Gambia as he claimed , why is he or Yankuba Jobe not in The Gambia ? Why the cost of living is so expensive that an ordinary Gambian cannot afford to have three decent square meals . Why thousands of young people dying in the high sea if there is unprecedented developments in our country ?
    I know all your efforts is to discredit me here but guess what I am talking about issues that matters to Gambian people . These issues are human rights , good governance and better economic policies which would move our country forward . My focus is greater than any individual Gambian , this is why I will continue to ask relevant questions and also to educate people like you who are politically deficit and have deficiency in civic education . This forum is basically created for that purpose , that is to enlighten those with prehistoric concept of government , democracy and lack basic understanding of human rights .
    Thank you .

  26. Maxs, Don’t worry about who is reading my comments and your comments, just keep focussing what you writing. We are almost there!
    Maxs wrote: “I know Yaya Jammeh has dstance relatves who are not n publc offce , those relatves are not accountable to Gambans just lke you are not accountable to Gambans because you are prvate ctzen . So f I am crtczng Lt col Gano , Baba Jobe or Yaya Jammeh or any Gambans n publc offce”.

    Yankuba Jobe asked, “So these three men are/were the only civil servants in the Gambia to be criticised? If your answer to this simple question is no, who are then, the rest? And if your answer is yes, my advice to you is to stay away from the Gambian politic, because you selectively attacking individuals, and that so called of your Democracy without a normal tolerance, would not be tolerated neither.
    Maxs wrote: “ If Yaya Jammeh has brought development n The Gamba as he clamed , why s he or Yankuba Jobe not n The Gamba ? Why the cost of lvng s so expensve that an ordnary Gamban”.

    Yankuba Jobe replied: “ I can’t answer for Lamin Gano in this case, but personally, I have no problem of going to the Gambia, I was there in 2011 and I left the Gambia maybe when Yaya Jammeh was in his first or second year in High school. Therefore, I’m not band from entering in my country. I am waiting for my pension!

    Maxs wrote: “I know all your efforts s to dscredt me here but guess what I am talkng about ssues that matters to Gamban people . These ssues are human rghts , good governance and better economc polces whch would move our country forward . My focus s greater than any ndvdual Gamban , ths s why I wll contnue to ask relevant questons and also to educate people lke you who are poltcally defct and have defcency n cvc educaton . Ths forum s bascally created for that purpose , that s to enlghten those wth prehstorc concept of government , democracy and lack basc understandng of human rghts .
    Thank you”.

    Yankuba Jobe replied: “Maxs, I am not trying to discredit you, I’m just learning from you, even though, I can teach you both English, Maths and physics to a reasonable level, I would not hesitate to read your comments with care and interest.
    Now my turn; What is the role of Amadou Samba in the APRC’S Government? Help me out please.
    Thank you.

  27. Yankuba Jobe, look at all those who commented on this topic here, you are the only one who is making false and irrelevant argument. I think it is completely waste of time to engage you in civilized debate because you are unreasonable or your contribution is completely irrelevant. You have been following me for two years and I try to put sense in you about Gambian politics but you never accept the truth . As I said to you many times , any Gambian who helped to oppress our people is fair game and will be criticized.
    As they said never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pigs like it. On that note , I don’t see any need to engage you since your focus is your personal interest. When your brother was terrorizing Gambians you happily sat unconcerned and careless about the general welfare of Gambians. Baba Jobe’s legacy is here to stay forever whether you like it or not. I am going to write a book which will highlight military dictatorship in the Gambia. All the key players from 1994 to date will be mentioned.

    • Maxs, I will be your first customer to buy your Book! Please update me when your so called a book is published! It’s going to be full of lies, because you never have any credible information about your accuse victims. You need Help! We shall never allow someone like you to educate our children with your speculations and nonsense. Be aware of that. Whether this forum belongs to you, I will keep commenting on it period!

      • Interesting reading, after going through the exchanges between Maxs and Yankuba, i come to the conclusion that the two are coming from different angles. Whilst Yankuba see the Lieutenant as someone who is now rethinking his position regarding Jammeh and his rule, Maxs is of the view that the Lieutenant has another motive different from what he actually expressed in his writeups, which is cheap popularity.
        What we Gambians must realise is that the two governments that have ruled the Gambia since Independence have used the Civil/public servants as their party functionaries. They have not explicitly demarcated the boundary between Party and State and as such many in the public service were and are still compelled to serve the leaders politically to maintain their jobs.
        However, those who have some conscience after leaving the service do take a stand regarding the state of affairs of their country especially if they are from harms way. Lt Gano is one of them who wants to show that even though he has served Jammeh and Gambia, he has come to a point where he feels that Gambia will be better of if Jammeh should step down and give way to another person.
        Whether we accept it or not, his call on Jammeh has some effect on those who read his demand. We must continue to encourage all those who are joining to add their voice to the call of change whether loudly or silently. Sooner or later, Jammeh will listen or the people will hear and take a stand to bring the change that we deserve.

        • Thank you Mr. Ba, I’m glad you have read my comments with care. I was struggling to explain exactly what you have just written above. Hopefully, many Gambians will now think little bit further than their noses. If we want to push everyone away from the struggle because of their historical alliances with the APRC Government? [Koto] Sedat Jobe would not have been chosen as the leader of their organisation, Let’s be factual, rather than hypocritical in this endless struggle. We need everyone on board, except Yaya Jammeh and his jungglers.

          • Honorable Sedat Jobe is a decent human being who felt that he cannot be used by the Dictator . He resigned graciously and preserve his dignity . You can’t said that about your brother Baba Jobe , Lt Tombong Tamba , Sana sabally , and many other Gambians who were used and dumped . Dr Janneh is another decent Gambian who worked with dictator but today he is doing tremendous job to ensure that Jammeh is gone . He has put his life on the line and paid the price for it . The struggle welcome everyone as long as those coming to join do not have criminal background or have not played a role in committing heinous crime .

        • The PPP regime was infested with elements of corruption all over and so was Senegal’s civilian governments of four democratic presidential mandates that we are seeing today as a flourishing African democracy.
          One thing many fail to do is to be attentive in these forums in order to have a clear idea, what other people’s opinions are with regards to a maturing democratic civilian governments and the indisciplined art of soldiers kicking off that process only to be replaced by another meticulous process of corruption, murder, political incarceration of people holding different view points and ideas, and the ignorant and rude intrusion into people’s private and daily livelihoods. I made a mention of Tiks earlier on and I think equally that most Gambians following these forums either know or heard about him. His real name was Sanna Manneh or Sanneh. His case during the Sir Dawda regime was a clear manisfestation that Gambia’s democracy will mature to heights by now if the military junta have not fixed its nose in its purely civil society affair. Sir Dawda tried to show us how democracy works and I think that was demonstrated when, according to claims, another elderly statesman snapped off his skull cap from his head in a meet the farmers tour somewhere around in the Gambia.in a good joke gesture……..People think he was too soft but that is how people should learn democracy with abusing the cool idea. So when we abused the democracy he thought we will understand, now we can compare his regime to the present regime of by force.

          • To write; ‘People think he was too soft but, that is how people should have learned the values of democracy WITHOUT abusing the cool idea of it.

          • I don’t really want to comment on Sir Dawda’s PPP, bUt to move on and rectify all the previous mistakes he had done in his30 years as an occupant of the state house, and with all due respect, I don’t think Sir Dawda was just too soft, but careless about the future of the Gambia. He wouldn’t deny that fact. I wish him a good health more years to come. He has been forgotten by many Gambians including my little self. Let’s call a spade a spade, nothing wrong about that. How on earth a competent leader would be removed twice by a tiny group of people without any resistance on the ground, that has spoken literally how incompetent leadership Gambia had for thirty years.

  28. Yero Ba, I do not think you really understand what I want to put across. First of all, Mr Gano has right to say that Jammeh should step down, people have been saying that since day one. Therefore I don’t think that is relevant in my view since it is not going to make any impact just like pdois numerous letters didn’t make any changes in terms of how Jammeh does his business. The point was trying to make is that, when mr Gano was in defense headquarters he refused to answer basic questions when asked by journalists. He had dined with the Dictator and never publicly asked him to step down or even address some of human rights abuses in The Gambia. His call would have been geniune when he had previously demonstrated that he care about democratic process in The Gambia, by calling for fair treatment of opposition, better human rights records and call on Jammeh to do reform but now that he is living in a safe environment and continue to manifest his support while he refused to acknowledge a single human rights abuses in his article is dishonesty . Mr Gano is praising Jammeh in his article and has indicated that Jammeh has brought in unprecedented developments in The Gambia.
    As for Yankuba Jobe continuous false argument, those who are familiar with him knows he is running on personal attacks, so I do enjoy his ranting as another failed attempts.
    Yero Ba, if you are from a party of honesty as you claimed , I think you should be concerned about what mr Gano has known about human rights violations in The Gambia and what was his role . Your leader has written about overstay in power , did Jammeh listen to him ? Your leader has written to Jammeh about recent election act 2015 , did Jammeh listen to him ? You can’t say you will Keep quite when in position of responsibility then when you are in safe environment you will speak up, that is hypocrisy and dishonesty. Mr Gano was not an ordinary solider, he was spokesman for the army, a huge responsibility. I remembered journalists asking him about illegal detention of his fellow soldiers, he denied any knowledge. Where is his credibility when he refused to answer basic questions. Tell me. If we are to have better system in our we must hold those in offices accountable. Today, Yankuba Jobe is doing the same thing because when his brother was terrorizing opposition leaders and their supporters, he never publicly condemned him or Jammeh but today he is relentless in his criticism about Jammeh. Do you see the hypocrisy and dishonesty ? If he was genuine like mr sallah or Darboe, he would call out his brother to change his ways but he never did. That self exoneration of Gambian characters is why we still have Jammeh. Let us stop the hypocrisy and call people out who have participated in oppression and be more open minded to understand that Gambia belongs to us, we shouldn’t criticize only when we are in safe zone but we must speak up and answer questions when we are in leadership position. I hate this government since 1994 because I knew jammeh was or is criminal. Mr Gano and Jobe, is too late for them. Blaming on the previous government is clear stupidity in my view because this government came to rectify their mistakes. So all the blames should be on Jammeh’s regime. For how long do we have to blame previous government on every problem this government caused. Did Jammeh not come to rectify the same problems. Displacement of blame is hypocritical. You only see this immature political behaviors in The Gambia alone. Senegalese do not sit down today and blame Wade for current problem, they hold current administration accountable. Present government should have learned from previous government and avoid repeating the same mistakes. The reason I bring this up is that whenever we have discussion on current issues, some will quickly bring the same problem done in previous government. Like Yankuba will always say, political violent which his brother engaged in, Was used as justifiable action for curent problem therefore we shouldn’t criticise him. He will simply say it is not new. Can’t we learn something and avoid the same nonsense. We are better off we hold every Gambian accountable.

  29. Maxs: [The reason I bring this up is that whenever we have discussion on current issues, some will quickly bring the same problem done in previous government. Like Yankuba will always say, political violent which his brother engaged in, Was used as justifiable action for curent problem therefore we shouldn’t criticise him. He will simply say it is not new. Can’t we learn something and avoid the same nonsense. We are better off we hold every Gambian accountable].

    Yankuba Jobe: Maxs; Honestly speaking, I haven’t got any single word to add to this unnecessary accusation against me, but simply call you a great liar or someone very confused and not knowing what she/he is doing. I have never justified any violence that took place neither previousily or recently. I always condemn violence against any human being. Please, ask people who knew me before assassinating your own character to the public. I feel sorry for you, rather than angry. May Allah Guide you.

  30. Maxs, I heard you well but the reality is you cannot hold public servants accountable for crimes committed by the state. You can hold the head of state and all those who are in public trust for failure to adhere to human rights issues. We must also know that it is futile to follow public servants accountable for political decisions. Gano and his likes in the service dare not reveal crimes to journalists while holding position in the Army. You yourself would not reveal anything negative while holding any such position in the Gambia if you are truthful to yourself. We must be reasonable and lay blame where blame is due and not unduly blame the wrong person. We all know that doing what you are suggesting is like committing suicide and that is definitely not reasonable at all. I laughed a lot when i hear you comparing the US to the Jammeh regime. Even there, what happened to officer Manning when he revealed the wrongs committed by the US army in Iraq? They said a soldier cannot be a whistle blower. Isnt it?
    Gano could have decided to keep quiet and follow Jammeh in secret but he decided to openly call on him to step down otherwise he would join his opponents to work towards bringing him down. You think that is an easy statement to do if a person actually wants to connive with a powerful person like Jammeh? Do you know what pushed Gano to arrive at this conclusion? He must have been doing a lot of soul searching and his conscience is pricking him. Let us read in between the lines and know if a person is speaking in diplomatic tone or not.

    • Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Case closed!

      • So they said.’a soldier cannot be a whistle blower’ though they can be liable to face charges or questionings when they connive in conspirations, especially one that has some political connections to it. For example; Oliver North’s Iran Arms Sales Scandal. US is got democracy and the Gambia has a Military/Police state.
        The real joke is trying to compare the U.S to the Gambia at any level of democracy or politics.

    • Yero Ba , One thing I want to tell you is that this forum is created to learn and exchange ideas base on facts and intelligent reasoning though those with ignorance belief and are willing to learn and want to have understanding about issues will gain knowledge . Expression of ignorance belief is not a crime but it should serve as motivating factor to learn . Though you claimed to be a supporter of pdois but after reading your comments and many Outlandish Claims you made in this forum , I conclude that your level of understanding about politics , governance or civic education is very very limited. The mere fact that you have indicated that public servants cannot be held accountable for the crimes committed by the state , is not only disturbing to me but it rather exposes ignorance and lack of understanding of the roles of public servants (which includes anyone working in the government or other public institutions such as army , police force , NIA , just to name few) . I want to believe that your view is share by many ignorance citizens who participated in human rights abuses or atrocities and corruption in The Gambia because such view help to embolden or serve as a License to commit crime since they have this ignorance belief that they are not accountable to the public or citizens . It is the same ignorance belief that Dictator Jammeh’s has which is why he has no regard to the constitution . It was the same ignorance belief that made Lt col Gano sat down at defense headquarters and refused to answer basic questions . It was the same ignorance belief , Baba Kajali Jobe engaged in political thuggery , intimidation and harassment . It was the same ignorance belief that emboldened dictator Jammeh , to order the military to murder 14 Gambian students with total impunity . It was the same ignorance belief that resulted to Binta Jarju, Deyda Hydara , koro Ceesay , Lt Ebou Ceesay , Daba marenah , Lt Barrow , sheriff Dibba and all those who are murdered in broad day . Having read your comment about public Servants not accountable for crimes committed by the state , I couldn’t understand why someone who claimed to be advocating for the most honest and aware political party which is aspiring to be next government will say such an ignorance statement . It is truly disturbing . I hope someone with a sound and intelligent mind and understanding , will write a special article to educate you and many others about the role of pubic servants , who they are accountable to and whose interest they should serve. This has nothing to do with individual political affiliation or belief .
      Yero ba, I would encourage you to visit pdois center in serekunda to get some education .

  31. Yero Ba said “the reality is you cannot hold public servants accountable for crimes committed by the state, you can hold the head of state and all those who are in the public trust for failure to adhere to human rights issues.”
    Yero Ba, Truly speaking I finally know that you are very ignorance person who is completely indoctrinated. First of all, is head of state and all those who are in public trust or occupy a public office, not a public servant ? you are indeed too ignorance about who is a public servant. A public servant is any one who hold or occupy public office and they are accountable to the public or the people. if public servants cannot be accountable for the crimes they have or state have committed then why your leaders is constantly criticizing jammeh , why do you we have courts or laws in the first place. is the public servants not working for the state ? Dont you know that each public servant who work for the state or government has responsibility to do his job in accordance with the law and is accountable to Gambian people. No doubt, ignorance people like you claiming to be part of the most aware political party, continue to display your ignorance and outlandish claim. I hope your fellow disciples will come to your aid and educate you about what is public services and who are public servants, who they are accountable to ? YAya Jammeh and last person in his government and other public entities are all answerable and accountable to Gambian people. Any person who committed a crimes whether individually or as a group in his capacity for working for the state or was given illegal orders and committed a crime , is accountable to the law of the land and the Gambia eople. Yero Ba, no doubt The Gambia is in mess because of loud and ignorance mouth like you who refused to get education but continue to propagate your ignorance. From today onward, i KNOW you are completely ignorance. please go and educate yourself first.

  32. Maxs, i know that you are a very intelligent and super educated person but your problem is that you always read everything out of context.

    “A public servant is any one who hold or occupy public office and they are accountable to the public or the people. if public servants cannot be accountable for the crimes they have or state have committed then why your leaders is constantly criticizing jammeh,” Maxs.
    Everyone knows the meaning of public servant and that the president and all those who work for the state are generally referred to as public servants, but they are in different categories.
    What is in dispute is whether Civil/public servants should be accountable for political decisions that are crimes against humanity.
    Maxs, you will be surprised to know that according to Gambia constitution, the president and his Cabinet ministers are not considered Civil/Public servants. They are considered political leaders and should be accountable for political decisions that tantamount to crimes against the people.
    For example, if a political leader has ordered the killing of someone and the public servant (soldier) is ordered to carry out the act, he/she should be held accountable for the crime because the action carried out is an illegal act. However, if he/she could prove that he was ordered by a superior officer while on duty, then the superior officer should be liable for the order. However, where the president as the commander of the Gambia Armed Forces is the one who ordered the troops to fire at the students demonstrating for their grievances, that order if carried out is an illegal order and he and his government should be held accountable for that human rights violation. This is why soldiers who fired on the students could not be prosecuted because they were ordered to do so and any attempt to prosecute them would tantamount to indicting the political leaders who gave the order in the first place. This is why they were given amnesty so that they are prosecuted.
    However, if another government comes, they could remove the immunity and investigate the crime and eventually prosecute the political leader responsible for the order and ultimately for the crime committed as a result of his decision.
    As i said there must be a boundary where the powers of the public servant starts and stops and in that case any wrong doing committed by a public servant in that sphere, she/he must be liable. No one is saying that public servants must not be liable if they should commit crimes but crimes deliberately orchestrated and committed for political reasons etc are in the dormain of the political leaders. This is why the ICC is following the political leaders in Kenya who might have played key role in the killings of innocent people through their supposed negligent orders.
    If the law in the US says torture is legal when dealing with cases of terrorist suspects, then forces that engage in torture at Quantanamo for example would not be liable for any wrong doing, but if torture is illegal and they still engage in it, then they have committed a crime. So these are the demarcations we should look at.
    This is why i said we must be reasonable and lay blame where blame is due and not unduly blame the wrong persons.PDOIS knows where to blame Jammeh and when not to blame him, they are aware of the boundaries of responsibility, but i will still go to peoples center to get some education.

    • I have never considered myself super educated as you claimed and I am not . I think that kind of praise should be directed to president Jammeh who always claimed titles he didn’t deserve. I read every sentence or statements into details and look at its meaning in the context . I think your problem is that you just like to argue and state outlandish claims . Every citizen is accountable to the law of the land whether he or she is a political leader or civil servant or private citizen . No one is above the law and we are equal before the law . Those who broke the law should be accountable . The constitution is the guiding principle which every citizen and non citizens alike who reside in The Gambia should follow and up hold . The law did not give any immunity to any political leaders or anyone . It is wrong to assume that if public servants follow illegal orders from political leaders or anyone , they are immune from prosecution as you suggested . You are totally wrong about the reason why those soliders who killed 14 students were not prosecuted . They were not prosecuted because the Gambia National Assembly passed a law which gave them immunity , it was called indemnity bill . It was self-serving bill and it was foundation for various crimes committed in the country .Cabinet ministers and Vice President are all political appointees but they are accountable to the public and the law of the land . This is why almost majority of Jammeh’s political appointees were prosecuted since 1994 because they occupied public office . Even those who are not political appointees face similar fate. Therefore anyone who commit a crime (human rights abuse , economic crime or any crime) whether he or she is given illegal order must be accountable . Example the jugulars who participated in the killing of Deyda Hydara will face justice when the next government comes in . Today they are walking Scot free because the leadership is protecting them and refused to use the law of the land to prosecute them .

      Here is what Gambia’s constitution say about political rights of citizens in relation to public office :

      According to Gambian’s constitution (1997) on political Rights (26): Every citizen of The Gambia of full age and capacity shall have the right , without unreasonable restrictions-
      (A) to take part in the conduct of public affairs , directly or through freely chosen representatives ;
      ( b) to vote and stand for election at geniune periodic elections for public office , which election shall be by universal and equal suffrage and be held by secret ballot
      ( c) to have access , on general terms of equality , to public service in The Gambia .

      Yero Ba , from above constitutional provisions , our political leaders are occupying public office and therefore they are accountable to the public and the law of the land . Are you implying that our political leaders are not accountable to the public , therefore they can do anything they want ?
      The reason why we have public services distinguish from political position / political leaders is to ensure fairness and independent when public servants are doing their job. Example public enterprise should be impartial in carrying their responsibilities . Another Example the security forces are also public institutions . military should be independent, impartial and fair in their duties toward citizens and shouldn’t be Involved in political process unless they resign from their position .
      Stop giving misleading statements and making outlandish claims .
      The fact that you stated that public servants cannot be held accountable for the crime committed by the state is misleading and dangerous . I hope you stop giving such a dangerous statement.

  33. “This is why they were given amnesty so that they are prosecuted”. This sentence should have read so that they are not prosecuted.