Watoo Forti (Time Is Up)

JuldehPlease allow me the space to share these few words with the Gambian people and the world at large.

It is overdue for the Alliance of People Recognised as Criminals (APRC) government to be dumped in mid sea to perish. The people of The Gambia had suffered for so long in the hands of these criminals.

As we speak, many Gambians are going to bed hungry; others are dying in the hospital because there is no medicine; hard working civil servants are going home without pay for more than a month; fear is being instilled in public which is even killing people silently; people are disappearing without trace, just to mention few. People can’t even make a meaningful suggestion or decide anything beneficial to the Gambian people just because of these criminals, masquerading themselves as pioneers of development in our country.

Despite the catchphrase “transparency, accountability and probity”, the APRC government is so corrupt that, if they were to be a piece of cloth, there will be no washing machine in this world that would be able to wash it clean.

All they brought to the Gambian people is division within the society, destruction of the entire infrastructure that was in place, and the closure of many institutions. One example of the closure of [Gambia Public Transport Corporation] GPTC which has created huge increase in unemployment and deficiency in transportation.

Here we go 2016, it is election time Gambians, let us not allow the same mistake to occur over and over again, enough is enough. There are many reasons for us not to vote for the APRC as I mentioned earlier. There are so many unfulfilled promises that they have said before and I know, they have already printed a 2016 election Promise book to unveil to the public in few months to come.

My plea to Gambians is to go out there and vote the APRC government out on election day.


Juldeh Baldeh


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