Why Gambian Ministers Compete In Praise Singing Jammeh

Jammeh's ministers clapping for him for winning another fake award!
Slaves are clapping for their slavemaster!

For more than two decades Gambians have been searching for answers about their country’s appointed ministers have turned into stooges who compete in praise singing President Yahya Jammeh. They surrender even their own gains to the President and take the whip for Jammeh’s mess. But this write up below has provided vital clues as to why the likes of Sheriff Bojang have been corrupted and intoxicated to the extent of publicly taking down his uncle in public hence the old adage: “he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

If anyone wonders why appointed ministers compete in praise singing President Yahya Jammeh look no further than this fact: Immediately after appointing you, Jammeh will give you a big bunch of money, you have probably not earned in your life. Obviously the first reaction of the recipient is, waaw! President Jammeh is a very generous man. Give the little fool few days to discover the complete opposite nasty character of the benefactor whiles being fired if lucky, taken to NIA for rituals or to Mile 2 for a full disgrace episode.

So it is obvious, it’s all about money and Jammeh knows why they will still cry to be recycled again and again to come back to cabinet or government after a disgraceful exit.
Now those that are smart amongst the praise singers will not insult the opposition for fear of tomorrow. But the stupid ones will tow the red line and mortgage their future in post-Jammeh life.

Jammeh enjoys the drama of “money cum NIA=> miles2 game” whiles the sycophants compete in praise singing and insulting Jammeh’s enemies. The more you are fired, the more you praise sing pants down.

Deyda Hydara



  1. Hydara , you are among the few in this forum who has an idea why Jammeh continue to oppress Gambians . One thing Yaya Jammeh does very well he never quickly to get his victims which means he slowly trap them with positions , fame and money to ensure that they are comfortable before he eliminate them

  2. Yaya Jammeh ensure that his victims are comfortable by providing them money, fame and high positions. This was what he did to Baba Jobe when he gave him millions of dollars, high positions and acted as co-president before his elimination. Fake, Dr Njogu Bah was given underserved positions such as presidential affairs minister and Secretary General before his elimination. Momodou sabally was given numerous high positions (Secretary General and presidential affairs minister ,etc) and was given half a million dalasis by Jammeh when his step father passed away few months before he was arrested, Jammeh later frozen his account before his trial. Lang Tombong Tamba was given high positions and was celebrated as the most beloved military general celebrity before his downfall . Ordinary APRC supporters and some greedy opposition politicians are also treated the same way. Example, Sheriff mustapha Dibba was given about 2 million dalasis and high position before he disbanded his party, he was later eliminated when he was accused of being involved in 2006 coup plot. Lamin waa Juwara who is currently going to court in a land related cases was offered high ministerial positions before his fallout with Jammeh.
    Young Gambian girls and women who are raped by Jammeh are given high positions, thousands or millions of dalasis for Jammeh sexual satisfaction before He dumped them and look for new ones . Imagine you give a poor young beautiful girl half million dalasis for one night when she has never received one thousand dalasis of her own and later lied to her, you will marry her or provide her with scholarship? This is the kind of game this Barbarian evil leader is doing to our young beautiful girls. Even his beautiful ex- minister was sexually abused by Jammeh before his appointments. Neneh Macdoull was a big booty milf whose young face and sexual appeal appearance made Jammeh go crazy and would always like to have her on his side since 1999. Jammeh’s young protocol girls are sexually abused daily in statehouse as we speak. Even beautiful married women are not spared from Jammeh’s evil practice of revenge and sense of entitlement as long as he set his damn eyes on them.
    There are some crimes which are committed by Jammeh , if you tell Gambian people they would simply say you are lying because those crimes are beyond their imagination . This is why post Jammeh you will hear stories which will send some people to their graves.
    Jammeh is no different from leader of drug cartel . He is criminal thinker who has mastered his criminality . Majority of these ministers DO NOT know Jammeh because they only see his public appearance. Yaya Asombi Jammeh is the worst of all worst human being to be born in The Gambia ( if this is better way to say it). He is fake, deceptive, liar, evil and dangerous human being to be associated with .

    • Deyda Haidara

      Marx, all that you said is the absolute truth. Many Gambians know it because no body will dance to the tune of such a killer without material benefit. Jammeh was and is still able to make them donkey dance because of his drug trade dirty money. Now that the illicit trade is deeply curtailed by the US/EU patrol around the Gambia he resorts to dipping his dirty hands in our state coffers and parastatal purses to the point of bringing these institutions to their knees while they survive on bank loans and overdrafts.
      That is why when Jammeh talks about Allah it send shivers on me knowing how many families the world over have been devastated with his drug activities and other criminal activities, lies, deceptions and fraud.
      This is why now a days if someone swears to Allah, a slap should follow on his face knowing he is lying. As Allah is nowhere to be seen people abuse his noble name for temporal respite. True believers know Allah will deal with all who hide behind his name to commit crimes. It is a matter of time.
      Jammeh’s time has come to an end and one can see it in his 2016 independence statement where only a sick person on his sick bed will invoke so much Allah’s name knowing everything else is of no use to come his rescue. This is exactly how Allah operates He always deals with his enemies when all other doors are closed to them.
      This year we did not hear rantings like to hell with the West, don’t mind those diaspora Gambian dogs, I will deal with whoever crosses my line etc. There is a sign in this statement for those that reflect.
      I am confident Jammeh’s time is up.

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