Imam Tells Gambians “Stop Blaming Allah”

Imam CeesayThe Imam of Detroit Islamic Center has blamed Gambians for leaving almost everything in the hands of Allah. Imam Momodou Ceesay said it’s Islamically correct to act and solve your problems when you can.

Imam Ceesay was responding to a question on Kairo Radio’s question and answer program. He said Allah has enjoined Muslims to act whenever they can. This means they only leave their grievances in Allah’s hands when they run out of options.

The cleric argues that such a mentality is not a true reflection of Islamic teachings. “Anyone whose rights have been infringed upon must strive to act,” he said. “Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] fought heavily when infidels attacked him. It’s falsehood and cowardice to leave everything in Allah’s hands when you can act. That is exactly what is happening in The Gambia where relatives of murdered victims fold their hands expecting others to do their fight.”

The holy Quran, he says, clearly states that “whoever kills deliberately must also die. But the relatives of the dead person should stand firm and demand for justice. This is what is not happening in The Gambia. Unfortunately, religious leaders are not helping either.”

The resident Imam asked why people who blamed Allah for their incarceration did not go to the mosque to pray upon release. “We have seen religious leaders telling pardoned prisoners that their imprisonment was ordained by Allah. If that is the case, then why didn’t they go to the mosque instead of bowing down before a mortal being? It’s hypocritical to say that Allah imprisons and a human pardons.”

Imam Ceesay advises clerics to stay away from leaders who often feed on forbidden wealth. “They squander and feed on what belongs to everyone. If the clerics want to maintain their respect and avoid leading their followers astray, they must work and feed on their sweat.”



  1. True talk. Islam is about peace and justice. Those Gambians who continue to blame God for their problems are simply ignorant of Islam. It is such ignorance which lead to their obsessive Islamic syndrome

  2. Sadaqta ya Imam!

  3. There is hope as long as truth telling clerics like Imam Ceesay exist. May Allah bless and protect you.

  4. Only truth shall set us free. The nonsense and bigotry of these sellout religious cannot be tolerated any more. Jammeh bribe them so they twist words of Allah for him. Allah and His Angels are anxiously waiting for those who twist the truth to breed bateela.

  5. Truthful words indeed, Imam Ceesay. Thank you Sir, for this breath of fresh air.

  6. When the teacher speaks, the student must listen to gain knowledge, and that’s what I’m precisely doing. Thank you teacher, and wish you long life with good health. Our creator which is Allah, is just and He loves justice.

  7. Thank you Imam Ceesay for hitting the nail on the head. We need more of this type of preaching to free our people from mis-education. How many Hadiths are there telling us Muslims TO TAKE OUR DESTINY INTO OUR OWN HANDS? But the main problem with Gambians is we want to leave everything in Allah’s hand. We must take the bull by the horns not only to accept the TRUTH but to be committed and devoted to its implementation. Many would accept truth in words and say ‘this is the truth’ but when it comes to doing it they would not act. Truth cannot do its own work, human beings must carry out the truth. For example, when rainy season comes, farmers have to decipher or separate bad seeds from good seeds and go and sow the good seeds, tend them until they mature to produce nuts etc. So must we painstakingly do the same when it comes to selecting our leaders so that we have good leaders through the help of Allah. But to sit and fold our hands and follow our personal interest in making selection even though we are aware that such a decision is not to the interest of the country is pretending to fake God WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE. sO Imam, these words are indeed wise.

  8. Thank you Imam Ceesay, the truth is indivisible.
    May Allah inspire us to vote Jammeh out in December 2016. Amen!

  9. Quite a good insight by Imam Ceesay with regards to religion and religious leaders and their suppose relation with political misrule and impunity. It is a fact in my view point too, that religious leaders of Islam for this matter, in and outside Gambia, should not demonstrate any kind of complacency to the latter however, doesn’t necessarily oblige them to be political activist on the ground.
    Imam just told us what we need to know about Islam and its relationship with politics in any country. Most Gambian indisputably have the wrong idea of faith in Allah.
    People belonging to faiths in any country, are misguided politically if, they do not really have a profound understanding of those faiths and Gambia is no exception. While Imam Ceesay deserves all the thanks giving for an inspiring article as such, we Gambians should inculcate this knowledge in our Islamic awareness and attitudes towards achieving an enlightened citizenry and a democratic civil society.

    • Ggapm, I am in line with you about the distortion of islam for political gains – Gambia indisputably afflicted by this malaise of religious misuse. I think we were on that trajectory of awareness until July 22nd, 1994. Then came soldiers disguising themselves as true sons of the land and yearning for quick acceptance, hijacked our religious moderation and gave platform to religious zealots disguised as SIC [Supreme Islam Council].
      I believe that the future looks bright for religious tolerance once Gambia regain itself from this self inflicted paralysis.

  10. Absolutely right (Ya) Imam…An example of knowledge guided by wisdom…Our current Islamic scholars (SIC) have knowledge, but lack wisdom…

  11. Amongst the current ranks of opposition politicians, political party leaders and militants; this is the right place to seek for wisdom. Imam, I have taken seriously what you said and urge the politicians to seek for wisdom they badly needed for so long.
    I agree too with Kinteh when he said, Jammeh has the fire power’, and. I guess that was from July 22, 1994.
    Thank you kairo for your wise editting of my previous comment. It sounds quite tasty now!……l