‘Islam Cares About Everyone’

Imam Ceesay with Flint ImamThe religion of Islam often captures headlines for negative reasons, which according to an erudite Gambian Muslim Cleric, has not helped paint the true picture of the religion.

20160201_1019221“Islam is a complete way of life,” the Resident Imam of Detroit Islamic Center said. “This way of life includes everything. It includes caring, sharing and understanding the feelings and problems of people, irrespective of their religion, race or colour,” Imam Momodou Ceesay said.

Imam Ceesay and his Center’s officials – Abdul Rasheed, Imam Council member and Siddiq, Distributor – handed over water bottles to Flint Imam Al-Amin Rasool for onward distribution.

For over a month, the Michigan city has been facing water crisis mainly caused by lead poisoningresulting from corrosive water pipes.

“My delegation came to show our solidarity and support to the people of Flint. As members of a big Islamic community, we deem it necessary to deliver water bottles to our Flint brothers as well as extend our greetings to them,” Imam Ceesay said.

“we are not looking for anything than extending humanitarian gesture to our already challenged brothers. We want to show you that we feel and understand what you are going through,” Imam Ceesay said, adding that the gesture forms part of the Center’s tradition.

“These waters are for everyone – Muslims and nonMuslims,” he said. Imam Ceesay quoted Allah’s saying that “giving life to one person is like giving life to the entire humanity.

Imam Ceesay’s Center provides food and clothing to homeless and needy people every Saturday. “The Center provides supports to everyone, irrespective of their religion, race or colour. The goal is to help people understand that Islam cares about everyone,” Imam Ceesay said, thanking Allah for “allowing us to stand side by side with our Flint brothers.



  1. This is Islam. The only religion that makes it obligatory on its follower to:

    Give the kin and poor their “share” from your wealth.

    Give Alms annually to the needy and give out charity as much as possible, even if it be a simple smile or a kind word.

    Protect and defend the weak, the oppressed and the vulnerable; The environment and nature.

    Protect live and property even if that of an enemy.

    Deal justly with people even if they wronged us.

    Enjoins forgiveness just as we want forgiveness from him our creator.

    Protect and support our families and children and would account us if we don’t raise them well with manners and values.

    Respect and protect our parents and pray for them even after their death.

    Avoid evil and mischief in all its forms and in all circumstances.

    On top of all these, believe and worship him alone

    Do our best each day of our live as that is the last day and opportunity for us to do good.

    These are the virtues of Islam.

    Who else can distort this message and the only remedy to the world’s problems.

  2. That’s a great job brother Imam Ceesay. Well done! May Allah [SWT] guide and Bless you all.