Jammeh’s Amnesty Will Be On Table

IMG-20160131-WA0001Most African leaders have trampled on the rights of their citizens so much that they are scared of leaving power. President Yahya Jammeh is no exception. But one of his main opponents said “Jammeh’s amnesty will be discussed if he does not pose his candidature for the December 2016 presidential elections.”

Dembo Bye Force Bojang, the National President of the United Democratic Party, told a Bakau rally on Sunday that his party would consider allowing Mr. Jammeh to live in peace if he has “honourably handed over power.”

President Jammeh has been in office since 1994 when he seized power by force. His government has been under the radar for its gross violations of human rights, bad governance and disrespect for the rule of law, among others. Gambian economy has not fared well under Jammeh either, as evidenced by record external and internal debts. Previous calls for Jammeh to resign have been greeted with deaf silence.

While it is not clear whether Yahya Jammeh will heed to Mr. Bojang’s advice, another opposition executive called on Bakau people never to blink in their “efforts to salvage The Gambia.” Kemeseng Jammeh, a former Jarra West  Lawmaker, said “Bakau is second to none in protecting and defending any attempt to destroy this country. The fate of The Gambia is in the hands of the Kombos,” he said.

Kemeseng said no one needs a lesson on why youths are abandoning the country.  He blamed hardship resulting from the Jammeh government’s bad policies as the culprit. He called on Gambian youths to give “at least half of their time to football time to politics, which shapes their future.” He emphasised the significant role of youths in bringing change in Senegal and Burkina Faso.

The President of UDP’s Female Wing showered praises on party leader. Aji Yam Secka thanked Darboe for his wise leadership since 1996. Secka is convinced that President Jammeh is beatable in an election. “If election cannot remover him, what else can remove him democratically?” she asked. She called on the women of all opposition patties to re-enforce UDP to remove Jammeh.

Mrs. Secka advised the electoral commission Chairman Mustapha Carayol to “resign or retire” and “avoid being used by Yahya Jammeh.”

For Pesse Njie, the only cancer the country has is “a leader who fails governance” and lacks respect among his colleagues. He said The Gambia is important but cannot realise its goals mainly due to bad leadership.

Lamin Jatta of Brikama said his problem with President Jammeh is his “failure to honour his promise to improve our livelihood. This is why he should do justice to himself and give up power.”

UDP Bakau Rally photos: A well attended event.

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  1. Deyda Hydara

    This is what you call TRUE militancy by CONVICTION. No one is paid to attend the meeting instead most of them contributed financially in their own means for the success of this UDP meeting. There is no foreigners in this meeting, it is 100% Gambian citizens.
    Love it or hate it the UDP is a dynamic party mobilizer, these pictures do not lie.
    Yes we can defeat the APRC party leader come December 2016. Inshallah.
    Let the Chief Witch join his invisible witches and leave the Gambia to Gambians.

    • “Love it or hate it the UDP is a dynamic party mobilizer, these pictures do not lie.”

      It is true that pictures “don’t lie” but they can.be misleading…Don’t be fooled by pictures, especially where there is fanfare: drumming, dancing, and young women…

      Drums and fanfare are a huge attraction to many people who may not all share the same reasons for gathering at one place…It is even.possible that a good number of young people that attend these occasions don’t even have voter’s cards…

      With the politics of fanfare, euphoria and adrenaline, the huge crowds don’t often translate into votes on elecrion day…We must be mindful of that and not be fooled into thinking that victory can be achieved by any single grouping…

      • Deyda Hydara

        PDOIS cannot pull this type of crowd even if superstar Youssou Ndure plays at the meeting.
        Bax STOP the jealousy, you are not doing justice to the opposition by downgrading them simply because you are a runner up to UDP.
        You are effectively and unconsciously campaigning for Jammeh by throwing stones in your own opposition family.
        Am really disappointed with your negative remarks.

        • Sorry for what seems negative to you, but it’s just a word of caution, least serious mistakes are made…I have heard and read sentiments which may suggest that there is a feeling amongst UDP supporters and fans that they can go it alone… This will be a mistake, in my view..

          You accused me of downgrading the opposition but you could not resist a jibe against PDOIS in.your very first line…And you always concur with Max when he picks on PDOIS…Does opposition mean only UDP ?

          I did not even criticise the UDP..Just made an observation about how pictures can be misleading..And please, don’t go down the route of “jealousy” when opinions differ..

          Trust me, the UDP will benefit more from.my word of caution, than from your blind support and endorsement…

        • Don’t mind Bax , he will soon join UDP .

  2. Yankuba Jobe

    Excellent proposal! Mr. Dembo Bye Force Bojang. Although, it will be very difficult to accept by many Gambians, not excluding myself, but saving more lives worth such a painful proposal. We shouldn’t go to war and then reconcile, instead, we should stop the war and reconcile. This amnesty proposal of the UDP to President Jammeh is a window of opportunity for the president to come up with compromises. What would be his advantages and disadvantages? We all want to see a peaceful change of Government in the Gambia, and I think this should be the first option; President Jammeh stepdown peacefully. It will benefit all of us, otherwise, self-defence would be justified. May Allah, the Almighty guide and Bless all those leaders on the ground trying to save the Gambia from civil war.

  3. Would Yaya Jammeh’s many victims be consulted before he can be granted this amnesty.? What form would this amnesty take.?

    What about the wealth he has amassed at our expense..? Will.he be allowed to “live in peace” with it.?

    How can the the UDP guarantee such a man, a life in peace, when he has offended so many, who may want to confront a retired Jammeh ?

    Would he be given personal guards around the clock, at state expense..? That would indeed be incomprehensible to many and constitute a.betrayal of the greatest magnitude to many, …

    Be mindful of what you promise in opposition because it may come back to haunt you in government…

  4. Absolutely Hydara . I know UDP is trying hard and these people are truly patriotic citizens . My frustration is about the media which I think they are not doing good job to expose Jammeh . Media needs to be on offensive by writing or publishing stories which has to put Jammeh and his regime on defensive mood at all times . I swear to God , if they start to write stories which deals with Jammeh’s personal life such as his corruption and sexual predatory behaviors on consistent basis , Jammeh will be finished . Gambian media is simply reactionary to news from statehouse , mostly about people who are fired , detain and illegally arrested , we have to go beyond those stories. For God sake , let them publish stories which directly talk about things Jammeh is hiding from the public . Example i have been reporting here for many times that Jammeh is having a counterfeit machine at the basement of statehouse which he used to print Gambian currency and Every night a top financial officer will come to statehouse to sign those Notes . This machine is known to chief cook Sanyang and Modou Jatta who are currently in trouble with the dictator . These people and also king PAPa are privacy to Jammeh’s sexual life . King papa is Jammeh’s personal protective officer who sleep in the room next to Jammeh’s bedroom . Now my question is which Gambian jorunalist will have this information ? Very few indeed or none .Those on ground in The Gambia , will confirm bad nature of our currency ( bank notes ). Most of the stories which deals with Jammeh personally can only be confirmed through his relatives who are protecting him and these people will never talk to any media . Only people who knows Jammeh very well are people who deals with him secretly and these people are not talking to media .
    Gambian media do not know the power they have. One thing I learned quickly about USA is their ability to use information to achieve anything . Example former president Bill Clinton nearly lost his presidency because of Monica lewinsky’s story and that story came out because of republicans operatives. Even today the story has an impact on Bill Clinton moral values and politics . Today Donald trump is leading the polls because he understand how social media and TV works , he is not spending a lot of money on advertisement because media is doing it for him . Jammeh is very smart criminal , those who are following him very well for the past 9 months when his sexual predatory life became our national discussion , he diverted public attention by engaging in unpredictable and controversial decisions so that we can react to them . These unpredictable and controversial decisions includes , prisoners release , Ban on FGM and declaration of Gambia as Islamic state . All these decisions are in his favor politically and makes him look as good leader. These decisions were all taken during the height of discussion on his sexual predatory life on Fatu radio and freedomnewspaper.
    I am saying all these because I know this is the big problem we have as Gambians . If you look at the all stories kaironews has published , you will noticed that my article on Baba Jobe has the highest rating because it is most talked about . Why can’t we write stories about Jammeh sexual life which might have ten times more rating than my article on Baba Jobe which was based on the truth . But the media keep telling us the stories we already knew . Please engage on propaganda to expose the regime . This propaganda has to be direct attack on president Jammeh himself , make him look like the worst human being ever to live on the planet . It was the same strategy used on Libyan dictator and saddam. It is only propaganda that we can weaken Jammeh to the extent that he becomes most hate and national liability . This strategy has to involve all the media houses including radios and online newspaper . They should be united and talk about the same thing in different times in each radio or newspaper . If they start that , you will see Jammeh on defensive and will result to reacting just like when they reacted to Fatu Camara by publishing her story on daily observer . Mr editor if you read my comment, please take note of my observation .

  5. Bax , I agree with you on these very important questions but it is smart strategy to get him out of power . Once he lost control of the military and the power , then the government in place will have upper hand and prosecute him for his crimes and corruption . Individual citizens and Senegal government can even take him to courts for his crimes . If Jammeh is out of power , he will be poor as church mouse and he will go back to eating “netatuu” which he knew very well .
    Jammeh will never take such proposal and I think it is desperation and frustration on the part of the opposition UDP leadership to offer such an amnesty . On the other hand , it is best deal for him personally if he do not want to be killed . Jammeh will never live peacefully in The Gambia after presidency because his hands is soaked with innocent blood . He has created so many enemies over the years . Sir Dawda is living peacefully in The Gambia because he has not killed a single Gambian during his tenure and today Gambians don’t have no business with him . Today thousand of Gambians are living in exile because of Jammeh , many families are shattered because of Jammeh , murders and disappearances are too common because of Jammeh .
    Yankuba Jobe , you are right about such decision will save the Country from civil war or conflict but I doubt he will take that opportunity or majority will agree with such decision . We have to see .,

    • Yankuba Jobe

      Maxs, I do agree with Bax, and he was right about the victim’s Families and the entire mismanagement of the APRC regime for the last 21 years. But with all that, if the president decides to stepdown and not participating in the coming election 2016, that would be the greatest achievement of the opposition parties on the ground. Maxs, I personally don’t think, UDP proposal to President Jammeh was just a strategy, if they are successful, they will do something different, that’s just a simple prediction. I have watched the video of the UDP leaders on the meeting, and believe it or not, they sound like very responsible leaders. Let’s give them chance and see what will happen next. The ball of peace is now on the other side.

  6. UDP haven’t won anything and not in winning position. The party has leadership crises and what made them convinced that Jammeh (a despotic leader) had enough of ruling, for them to start bargaining or blackmailing him to leave?

  7. Bax….thank you very much for your first posting. You definitely know the Gambian people more than many here on this wonderful forum.

    My village is the biggest in my district but believe me 70% of the eligible don’t have a voters id and are not planning to have one. My these very lovely villagers thinks that God does the voting for them.

    They will dance to the drums and stare at the fancy vehicles of either party. That’s it.

    Jammeh is winning again because the Gambian Obama is not here yet.

    • No Malang…I.dont agree that I know The Gambian people more than any Gambian, but we must be realistic about Gambian politics…

      Firstly, Incumbency in Gambian politics, apart from the advantages they enjoy for being the party in government, is attractive to many because they can generate the most fanfare…

      Fanfare is a pull factor of crowds, and where there are crowds of this nature, it will be a mistake to think that all are there for the same reasons…I have seen my own nieces and nephews following the APRC convoy to Banjul on foot and then realising that they had to get home but have no money…Some are now parents themselves but have never bothered to vote, as far as I know, but never miss APRC ocassions…

      Secondly, there has been, what seems to be, a huge interest of young people in politics, judging by the turn out at rallies (as per pictures we see), but this is not replicated at the registration centers currently in operation for supplementary registration….

      The IEC is lamenting the low turn out and lack of interest to acquire voter’s cards by (possibly) the same young people who inflate the ranks at these political gatherings…And I mean that is across the board and affecting all parties, APRC included..

      Those who want to rely on.pictures as proof of support can do so, but caution, especially for the opposition, must be exercised because pictures may not lie, but can be misleading…

  8. Janjanbureh

    Bax, I have a different point of view when it comes to Yaya Jammeh resigning and getting amnesty from any future government in The Gambia. It is all about saving lives and saving the country from total collapse. Giving him amnesty is the best thing any responsible and visionary leadership should do to remove him from power peacefully. But the individual victims and families still have all the rights to sue him in the court of law for all the injustices netted to them and their families. The reason why Dictator Yaya Jammeh is afraid to leave power, he worried about his faith after he leaves power. Therefore, giving him assurance that he will not be prosecuted by the government might make him leave power and save his future victims. Individual citizens can still go after him and seek justices for his brutality.
    For example, in the case of Ghana Flt Lt Jerry Rawlings was offered the same kind of pardon and he was able to step down peacefully since then democracy has prevailed in Ghana. Of course, he wasn’t as brutal as Yaya Jammeh and his regime but he also has committed crimes against innocent victims.

  9. sanneh nyancho

    Yaya Jammeh will never rest in peace whether alive,death or given up the power which I think is very unlikely. Yaya jammeh knows very well that Gambians will never forgive him. He has been committing crime upon crime against Gambia people for the past 21 years.

  10. Janjanbureh

    Making that option available to dictator Jammeh is a way for him to handover power peacefully. The option is up to him to accept or reject. Over the years many of these dictators are giving many options some accepted one out of many, some flatly refused all the options and they were chased of power or killed along the way with their entire families.

  11. We definitely need good journalists like Maxs to come back and replicate what they are writing in kaironews. Many of our good journalists have ran away to America and Europe but the likes of Maxs can be a catalyst to change the bad reputation of the media in Gambia.
    ” I swear to God , if they start to write stories which deals with Jammeh’s personal life such as his corruption and sexual predatory behaviors on consistent basis , Jammeh will be finished . Gambian media is simply reactionary to news from statehouse , mostly about people who are fired , detain and illegally arrested , we have to go beyond those stories. For God sake , let them publish stories which directly talk about things Jammeh is hiding from the public,” said Maxs, a kaironews commentator.
    My comment is, only revolutionary journalists like Maxs can engage in such style of reporting not reactionary ones. So Maxs is right, we need reporters like him in Gambia, so please hurry.

    • Yero Ba , I am not a journalist but I understand the power of information to change people’s mind . Media needs to be completely involved in this fight to remove dictatorship . They have to be on offensive and talk about stories that are of interest to Gambian people . Anytime media write a story about illegal detention of Jammeh’s enablers , these people will use the same publication as soon as they are release to file Asylum in Europe or USA . Most of these people are involved in oppression of Gambian’s . Let us be honest to ourselves , how many of these journalist have good sources within the corridor of power in Banjul ? Very very few . I read almost all Gambian online newspapers daily plus the ones in the country but I have observe that they only reproduce expire news. Example kaironews and kibaaronews sometimes Publish expire news after a week . Example look at yesterday headline about UDP leader lawyer Darboe attempted dispel of change of leadership in his party . This rumour or propaganda was almost 4 days old before we saw it in on kaironews. Even freedomnewspaper did the same thing in more sensationalized manner . The point I am trying to make here is that let the media be on offensive and lead the narratives so that Jammeh will be on defensive . This will help the opposition party more and Gambian people will be more interest to read or listen to these newspapers . If they continue their reactionary journalism , people would not listen or read these papers . To Be fair to some of them , they want to publish accurate information for the public but the current political and military dictatorship is not calling for or allowing such Fair journalism to exist in the country . Therefore media needs to be able to publish any stories as long as it will not incite tribal or civil war but stories about Jammeh’s sexual life , his family and corruption are fair game . They do not need to verify such stories which expose Jammeh . They should remember that their worst enemy In The Gambia is Jammeh himself . I am appealing to kaironews in particular (I respect and admire their paper) to focus more on Jammeh himself and expose whatever he do personally . For me this fight is about Jammeh removal from power . Jammeh needs to be removed from power death or alive .

  12. Bakary Badjie

    Max, you need to apologise the online media for writing that they publish expired news. You need education here. Since each of them has their base they will sometimes publish later upon realising denying their base their right to be informed. Do you want to tell me that New African, one of widely respected magazines publish expired news? They too publish last what has been already covered by other media during the month. A story can only become stale when its usefulness dries out, which had not happened in the UDP case. Whatever the case I respect the courage and resilience of Kairo News and others who invest their time, resources and energy to maintain radio programs and feed websites. It is good to complain but we need to ask whether we can do what they are doing. Remember these people live in the West where they juggle between work, family life and running the media. Time management is a great challenge. It will be great if we dash these brave people with money to offset overhead cost rather than expecting a lot from them. Henceforth I will contact Kairo News for my own contribution.

    • Bakary , I do not need to apologize to kaironews or any media when I stated that sometimes they published expire news . This is a fact you can’t deny . Let’s look at current letter from pdois , is that not a expire news ? Secondly , I have observed that our online media sometimes engaged in reactionary journalism by reacting to stories from statehouse which are usually expire news . As an observer , I have right to state my view so that they can continue on their good work . I have high respect and admiration for some of them for their outstanding work and my suggestion was made with good intention . I totally agree with you about the need to support them financially and morally .
      Abdou Karim , I am only making an observation . Any genuine media or organization will always have contributors , customers , or people who closely follow their work and to ask them “about how they are doing” so that they can improve on their work . This is exactly what I did . But as Gambians , this is our weak point , we do not want to speak mind or observation fearing that we are going to offend others. what I did here is exactly what readerships or viewers will do to any TV , newspaper or organization . It is the same thing professors will do at the end of each semester or quarter at college so that students can give feedback as to how they feel about the course or professor way of presentation . It is the same way healthcare workers will ask the patients how they feel each day during hospitalization or at the time of discharge to various homes . This is the culture we don’t have in The Gambia where Public servants ask the public About the feedback regarding their work . Have you ever seen any member of parliament to ask voters how they feel about his or her representation of their constituency ? Have you ever seen a doctor or nurse to ask the patients about how they feel about their care during hospitalization ? No , we do not have that culture in our country or society . Abdou Karim , if you are used to be feed information without having ability to give ideas then you will never understand my observation . This is the kind of observation I made about pdois and I continue to have debate with their supporters . Please be open minded .

      Malang Njie , my contribution in this forum is to get education and to challenge any misinformation especially in our politics , culture and social life . Please do not worry about my English language , I am learning very day to improve it . If you feel offended by punctuations , know that I don’t have much time to edit because most of the time I am at work typing. Thank God I have a smart phone which I can use to write anytime I want . I am sure those who are smart will understand my message . I am indeed stand to be corrected about my language if you have better command of English language .

    • Hey Bakary Badjie and Karim , I read an interesting piece on foroya newspaper about FGM. Even Dr Jah at the university of The Gambia have indicated in the artice that FGM was not mention in the holy Quran and he himself grew up in a community where people are very religious but they never practice it . How is your take on that ? Are you guys still with prehistoric belief that it is mention in the Quran . I brought this topic because I am surprise to see your comments on politics or media . I think it is interesting read and if you have time just check it out and let me know your feedback .

    • Bakary, we do not need online media to have a particular base on reporting or publishing news. This is kind of irresponsible mentality and discriminatory way and segregation among Gambians . As journalists , they should be focus on the interest of wider Gambian society but not their individual political ,economic and tribal agenda . I hope you withdraw such a disgraceful statement to justify your criticism of my observation .
      Thank you .

  13. Anonymous

    Max, PDOIS has done some good political work, however, as you opined, the message has not resonate with Gambians voters. For some of us who were within the party, the one thing that question our loyalty was the fact that after years of closer association with the party. When it comes to nominating us for parliament elections, the party is unwilling to sponsor us as candidates. They will rather encourage us to contest as independent candidate.
    We wondered why that is the case. The messages and meticulousness of Halifa’s high sounding words is attractive, but on closer scrutiny, his words does not match his conduct. The number of young people who wish to contest under PDOIS ticket and they are let down is numerous. Why make your supporters contest under independent ticket is suspect.
    Was it funding? Is it that they knew we will not be able to convince voters under the party colours or what? Anyway, the party is more comfortable with writing, at least that is a strength, but with rise in social media and interactive news, other parties are out there as well.
    But i think it is a waste of time to assume that you can convince PDOIS.
    Rather than self examine, the party has become expert in examining others..but with many young graduates, they need to change that trend. But they will not.
    As Deyda said, it is not a good strategy for the opposition to be battling among themselves, let them join forces and battle Jammeh.

    • Thank you Anonymous for your observation , I hope pdois members, leadership and supporters will listen to your observation . I share some of your views particularly their unwillingness to change strategy and lack of self evaluation after 40 years in politics . I know it is going to be hard to convince them but I will continue to engage them in respectful debate and to dispel some of their false propaganda to hijack the truth . Thank you for your contribution

  14. Abdul Karim

    Leave this Max to rave and rant until he is exhausted. Then he will know he runs out of steam. If he wants to call the shots in what should and should not be published, then he should be given the chance to be an editor at Kairo or Kibaaro. As a society, we can only do better when we give credit where it is due. The online media editors deserve our support. They are working tirelessly to provide news to us when our very government that is run by our tax dalasi has denied us that right. Kudos to the Patriotic Gambians. I salute you for making the dictator unstable. I sometimes think whether you people have time for other stuff. Bakary, I agree with you that we have complained enough. It is time to dig into our pockets and support the online media.

  15. Malang Njie

    I like this page but sometimes the likes of Max tend to grow horn. How can you bite the finger that feeds you? Please spare the online media for your venom. Or volunteer your time for them if you think you can do a better than job than them. But first improve on placing your punctuation marks which are place two spaces. It’s not about the amount of articles they write but how they impact people’s lives. The Gambian online media has given us courage and endurance to stand tall.

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